4 hours Peaceful & Relaxing Instrumental Music-Long Playlist

  • Published on Feb 5, 2014
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    4 hours of soothing background music for rest & relaxation.
    Beautiful Mind-Travis A.King
    No Time Like Now-Utopian Sounds 4:32
    Angel Dust-Duke Starwalker (Kamoto Remix) 7:45
    Laced In Love-(Stripped Mix)Travis A.King 10:55
    Indigo-Travis A.King 14:17
    Creation-Travis A.King 17:12
    Utopia-Duke Starwalker 21:28
    In Heaven-Duke Starwalker 28:38
    You Are An Angel-Duke Starwalker 36:12
    Release-Utopian Sounds 41:03
    Mosaic-Duke Starwalker 51:14
    Tropical Getaway-Duke Starwalker 56:11
    Journey To Source-Duke Starwalker 1:38:03
    Fantasy Island-Duke Starwalker 1:53:42
    Angel Dust-Duke Starwalker 2:52:33
    Jungle Lullaby-Duke Starwalker 3:29:00
    Spindles-Utopian Sounds 3:44:25
    Paradox-Utopian Sounds 3:54:00

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  • Family Adventure
    Family Adventure Day ago +1

    Pace muic

  • Михаил Поплев

    I had a wonderful teacher in Year 3 and 4 of primary school and I loved her so much. She was like a big sister or a second mum to me. She always played this music when we were working. Towards the end of Year 4 she was diagnosed with cancer. One day, I went home after school after saying "Goodbye, see you tomorrow!" to my teacher and I never saw her again. When I said goodbye that day I didn't think it was forever and now I miss her so much but I know that she is now in a happy place with angels where she belongs

  • Dahnaria Roblox
    Dahnaria Roblox Day ago +1

    When I was in first grade my teacher but this on when we did test 4 years ago...I’m a pre teen now and I’m still listening to this.. I got a baby sister and when I put her to sleep we listen to this

  • The redcrafter
    The redcrafter Day ago


  • Jett Ryan
    Jett Ryan Day ago +1

    PEACEFUL!! don't u think like if u think so too!

  • hasni afoua hasni afoua

    i like this music

  • Arturo Ayala
    Arturo Ayala 5 days ago

    Me agrada esta musica es muy relajante

  • Ivy Daniels
    Ivy Daniels 6 days ago

    Thank you. My mother died to this music, it was so peaceful!

  • McLlama Llama
    McLlama Llama 6 days ago

    I was listening to this in 2014 n stuff and I used to sleep to this all the time. I've comeback because of a few sleepless nights. Here's hoping I can fall asleep again :)

  • syuhadah
    syuhadah 6 days ago +4

    Started to listen to this 5 months ago when I first diagnosed with very severe anxiety and depression. It helped me to calm my mind and shield me from unwanted thoughts that never seem to leave me. Sleeps at night was a difficult thing to do, but this music has eventually made it easier. Still listening to it from days to days, reminding myself how strong I was to be able to pass through those depressive moments.

  • Peter Sampson
    Peter Sampson 6 days ago

    I apologize for my feelings and uncertainty. Please grant me verbal/ physical help God? Thank you so very much for my awesome friends.

  • Codey
    Codey 6 days ago

    so cute!

  • Soroush Shohani
    Soroush Shohani 7 days ago

    (Take it every where I go)

  • Soroush Shohani
    Soroush Shohani 7 days ago

    I have I pad so I can’t take any where but if I had a phone I would probably...

    0-0 that is classified

  • Anayah Rucker
    Anayah Rucker 7 days ago +2

    I could never get enough sleep or fall asleep until like 4 in the morning now I get great sleep thanks so much😁

  • Juthsna Begum
    Juthsna Begum 8 days ago

    The best💖💗💜❤

  • Emily Smith
    Emily Smith 8 days ago

    So chill and calm

  • Mansur 66
    Mansur 66 8 days ago

    bro ive listened to this like 1000 times GOOD WORK!

  • *BE* *positive*
    *BE* *positive* 9 days ago +3

    *When I was a kid, I'd listen to his alot frequently in a row* ......henceforth,accordingly I just Wanna be an eternal/Evgreen preacher!
    Aspire to inspire others, b4 I expire
    Frequent, consecutive, in a row!!
    ★wanna achieve/thrive the things that's beyond imagination!

  • Videh Binjrajka
    Videh Binjrajka 9 days ago

    What's the first song called

  • Psicologiツ
    Psicologiツ 9 days ago +1

    i listen to it while i am playing fortnite ez brotha

  • TheNewOneWeeklyGaming
    TheNewOneWeeklyGaming 10 days ago +1

    Who else thinks some of this music would be in a bandinamco of Bethesda game
    Like if agree
    Dislike if not

  • skyler poole
    skyler poole 11 days ago +1

    5 years still just as relaxing

  • Gladosbuster
    Gladosbuster 11 days ago +5

    I'm not *sniff*crying I just have something in my *sniff* eye

  • Gladosbuster
    Gladosbuster 11 days ago

    Thanks this is beautiful when people hate on the internet it is because they haven't seen this side of the internet

  • Daniella Lewis
    Daniella Lewis 11 days ago

    I'm still enjoying this little put together playlist years later I have all the individual songs on my phone but I just like this particular version together. So soothing for the mind. It's raining outside and I love it makes me appreciate life.

  • ScorpiusHD
    ScorpiusHD 13 days ago +1


  • Polarz_BearZ un1te
    Polarz_BearZ un1te 13 days ago +2

    There's no other music video that can replace this its a piece of art☺

  • Admire M
    Admire M 14 days ago +1

    this video gives me nostalgia i’m really young and only 13 but like when i was 6 i would play this every night til i was 7 ish and from 6-7 i wanted to be a mermaid and this gave me mermaid vibes when i would sleep 😂 and i just love this and it has a special place in my heart tbh

  • Spot23 Rolly
    Spot23 Rolly 15 days ago

    I’m not gonna lie, this song always plays every restless night of high school. From the start of high school to the end. I don’t know what is up with this song but it just pours my soul into the world and reconnects me to everything I failed to listen to before. Who ever made this god bless you. I’ve sung along to these melodies in cold bathes late at night wondering what life has in store for me.

  • NGH
    NGH 15 days ago

    This is my favourite study music since I started high school 6 years ago. The night before my first maths exam I listened to this and was so relaxed, I got a lot of work done and the next day I did really good in my exam. Even since then I occasionally listen to this just before an exam because it's so soothing and gets rid of any stress. This playlist has also helped me get through so much stuff over the last 6 years, not just with school work but if I ever feel sad or anything this music cheers me up and makes me think how everything is temporary, good and bad will come and go, so just enjoy life. I guess I just wanted to say thank you to utopiansounds and everyone in the comments who is positive and uplifting, you have really helped me and probably millions of others without even knowing it. Tomorrow I take my final high school exam and its maths as well, wish me luck and to anyone reading this I also wish you the best.

  • Sahana Islam
    Sahana Islam 16 days ago

    music instrmental nice

  • Window to the Nature
    Window to the Nature 16 days ago

    Simply beautiful 😍

  • Kevin Bromfield
    Kevin Bromfield 16 days ago


  • peter cullen
    peter cullen 16 days ago

    this is some calm music it maked meh fall asleep lol

  • JorgeDrips
    JorgeDrips 18 days ago

    2020 anyone?

  • Brielle Farris
    Brielle Farris 18 days ago

    it is so calming

  • Sazzad Ahmed
    Sazzad Ahmed 18 days ago

    I don't know why suddenly I became sad because Game of Thrones ends 😖😖😖😖...

  • Niki Skok
    Niki Skok 18 days ago


  • utopiansounds
    utopiansounds  19 days ago +2

    Dear listeners! I challenged myself to write a super simple song mixed with rain to create that feeling of staying in on a rainy day ☔️ I would love to know what you think about it! ru-clip.com/video/2LlvNwVBh1Q/video.html

  • Ewelina Puda
    Ewelina Puda 20 days ago +1

    So much funny

  • Dkessie 01
    Dkessie 01 21 day ago

    I feel songs Good od corsa my Lil się tournee it Office a few to es to Wake me up but thx

  • Ethnically Leo
    Ethnically Leo 21 day ago

    best thing in the middle of the night

  • Itz_Spring
    Itz_Spring 21 day ago

    The first song iv known for years, its the first song iv listened to, and i love it!

  • The Teamwork Gacha Team!


  • Gacha Goddess
    Gacha Goddess 22 days ago +1

    why is this feel sad?well my uncles past away when I was not born so I never got to see them Im going to cry...…..

  • Ur mum hay lul
    Ur mum hay lul 23 days ago

    The reason i listen to this is to remind me im ok but my dad got deported so this music lets me know that im good and god is with us Amen

  • Mohd Fikri
    Mohd Fikri 23 days ago

    i start listen to this playlist since 2014 during my work at office, really made me feel calm and relax from work stress, now going end of 2019 still listening .

    JOSE SANTOS Malte 23 days ago

    por favor traducir los comentarios

  • Esther Masih
    Esther Masih 23 days ago

    Love having this playing in the back whilst sinking into a deep book ❤️

  • Ali Jomaa
    Ali Jomaa 24 days ago +6

    I love this song, it reminds me of a bright summer day with the owls chirping and the wind blowing in my hair. I get sad walking to the bus every morning but when i play this song in my headphones I feel isolated from the world and feel so comfortable walking to my classes. It makes me happy. very happy. let me know how you feel!

  • Nora Yumer
    Nora Yumer 25 days ago

    6 years ago i started school and i was so excited and nervous about that. Then i listened to this music and i was later that really happy. Now i'm 12 years old and i remembred this music. I think its fantastic how music changes our live.😊

  • Lps Stellka 14
    Lps Stellka 14 27 days ago

    Ahhhh.......... 😌😌😌 i love this❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Deea Bayan
    Deea Bayan 28 days ago


  • leon hillhkb
    leon hillhkb 28 days ago

    Leon Hill kayson

  • Manoj Panchal
    Manoj Panchal 28 days ago +2

    I remember my teacher would play this music in order to keep the class quiet.But that was for only 4 years before we all seperated into different schools...

  • June Crawford
    June Crawford 28 days ago

    This link will make your day: ru-clip.com/video/QeX4IULJK0U/video.html

  • Thomas Jackson
    Thomas Jackson 28 days ago

    this music is so GOOD! (i like classical music)

  • Relaxing Heaven
    Relaxing Heaven 29 days ago

    hi guys please chek my relaxing video ru-clip.com/video/dHjuDHoA4sM/video.html