Casually Explained: Back In My Day

  • Published on May 23, 2016
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 1 654

  • Brad Fifield
    Brad Fifield 19 hours ago

    Part 2?

  • Taco_Man
    Taco_Man 20 hours ago

    Bob Tucker = real

  • Nobody Likes me
    Nobody Likes me Day ago

    Patrolling the Mojave almost makes me wish for a nuclear winter

  • Muhammad Ahmed
    Muhammad Ahmed 10 days ago

    Only nuclear winter bruh

  • L H
    L H 20 days ago

    *10,000 Mongolians*

  • fulcrum 29
    fulcrum 29 22 days ago

    Back in me days

  • Josh Gabriel
    Josh Gabriel 26 days ago

    your full of poop dad

  • savvy Andre
    savvy Andre 29 days ago

    The dad is full of shit coz he used to gobble corrupted 🍻

  • David Wu
    David Wu 29 days ago +1

    Dogs are colorblind and the dog story is in color smh

    PBO_FRESH Month ago

    The part when he said "I'll be damned if it wasn't 10,000 Mongolians" and then it just cuts off had me dead af. but i also love history so thats probably why.

  • sans
    sans Month ago

    * ...when this came out, i showed it to my pop.

  • ObjectManiacLewis 27
    ObjectManiacLewis 27 Month ago +1

    He was on WebMD.

  • ZeKilla
    ZeKilla Month ago +1

    Pause, click 1:29 read whats on the phone lol

  • Ele Kappa
    Ele Kappa Month ago

    Only false part about this video is ur dad's accent, James. We all know you're Australian.

  • [GMD] MarioSonic4life

    back in my day...

    we didnt have the internet.

  • So Groovy
    So Groovy Month ago +1

    Why is your dad so old if you still live with him

  • InfinityFox _ YT
    InfinityFox _ YT Month ago +1

    Back in my day they’re was rascism

  • Kaleb Bruwer
    Kaleb Bruwer 2 months ago

    Back in my day, you could buy a new car with a stick shift. Wait, I'm still a student. Well, I guess it's just America that doesn't have that.

  • EnergyShock
    EnergyShock 2 months ago +1

    Back in my day we didn’t have flashbacks... those were the days...

    SHERIFF ZAKARIAA 2 months ago

    you got daddy's issues

  • FunnythudGaming26
    FunnythudGaming26 2 months ago

    Only nuclear winter

  • memeyy
    memeyy 2 months ago

    Sean/Shawn/whatever has megablocks.

    END ENGINEER 2 months ago

    i came from life noggin hello i luv ur vids

  • jumphawk88
    jumphawk88 2 months ago

    1:29 I'm subscribing

  • Can’t think of a channel name

    10,000 Mongoli-


  • Mr Oof
    Mr Oof 3 months ago

    Back in my day we didnt breath like you millennials.

  • JustAnotherOneOfThoseHumans

    The things on the phone say, in order:
    You're fucked
    Tindr FAQ
    Can you lower the difficulty?
    Disposing of a hydraulic press while making it look like an accident
    Casually explained 1 mill subs nudes reveal

  • Justin Vankirk
    Justin Vankirk 3 months ago

    Can you lower the difficulty? 😂😂 Read the phone screen when he is on the couch!

  • AwesomeGuy 198
    AwesomeGuy 198 3 months ago

    There is this guy named Surge BaZz who took this video and didn't give you any credit. Just telling you.

  • Lord Klefedron
    Lord Klefedron 3 months ago

    shawn is like 4 and his dad is over 70.... what?

  • Swam
    Swam 3 months ago

    and also the government was less corrupt and beer tasted better.

  • Hyperdrifter20
    Hyperdrifter20 3 months ago

    back in my day we didn't have n jxihf other him hill opus chili wet more vermin fulljkrfkjht?lirc, ?ofe
    CGOut puo

  • SharondaH at Lagniappe
    SharondaH at Lagniappe 3 months ago

    Smiles, free, unless you’re a minority! LMAO! Nice to sneak that in there!

  • Mike-Daddy
    Mike-Daddy 3 months ago +2

    Literally was rofling

  • IAmTheBigZ
    IAmTheBigZ 3 months ago +1

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Nick Panciuk
    Nick Panciuk 3 months ago +1

    2:48 *Ninja intensifies* YOU LITTLE SHIT

  • Bill Gates
    Bill Gates 4 months ago +2

    *Back in my day we didn’t have rain*

  • Conrad Andrew
    Conrad Andrew 4 months ago +1

    Had to walk uphill both ways 😂😂

  • KoolGuardrailBoy
    KoolGuardrailBoy 4 months ago

    back in my day we used to prepare little boys like there was no twomorrow

  • achanwahn
    achanwahn 4 months ago +1

    Lol. When the color changed while taking to the dog. That's classic

  • Jett Newton
    Jett Newton 4 months ago

    Pfft back in my day water didn't exist.

  • Simon bastin
    Simon bastin 4 months ago

    So... those nudes you promised at 1:27 ?

  • Martin S.
    Martin S. 4 months ago

    You're f***ed

  • operation r6
    operation r6 4 months ago

    10,000 mongolies 😂😂👌

  • Quackers Bronie Boy
    Quackers Bronie Boy 4 months ago


  • Zack Howell
    Zack Howell 4 months ago

    This was perfect

  • The Steadfast Duelist
    The Steadfast Duelist 4 months ago +1

    *Back in my day phones didn't had Internet*

    • The mask of masks
      The mask of masks 4 months ago

      Seen you around 8 times now
      Good luck being a commenter
      Hopefully ill see you again

  • Qwerty Keyboard
    Qwerty Keyboard 5 months ago

    Back in my day, youtube videos were 2 seconds long, not 3 minutes.

  • A literal cancer
    A literal cancer 5 months ago

    Lol yeet

  • Eli's games and stuff
    Eli's games and stuff 6 months ago

    My dad be like we had to walk 4 miles every day to get on the bus to go to school. The bus ride was 2 hours long we had to wake up at 3 in the morning to milk cows before school and was only getting paid a nickle and hour. The wind was also blowing at a minimum of 70 mph and it never stopped raining.

  • Bo bo
    Bo bo 6 months ago

    Back in my day *WE DIDN'T HAVE WIFI*

  • that guy off the interwebs 0

    This totally reminds me of my dad.

  • Lantern
    Lantern 6 months ago +1

    Back in my day we had grade a under a

  • Douken
    Douken 6 months ago +1

    Sounds like Usopp telling a story.

  • Izuki 101
    Izuki 101 6 months ago

    This video killed me way more than it should've, I could not keep a straight face while hearing the guy talk

  • Noah Sabin
    Noah Sabin 6 months ago

    When I were a lad we had to wake up first thing in the morning at 10PM harf an hour before I went to bed

  • Abhinav Gupta
    Abhinav Gupta 6 months ago

    You're 20? When I was your age back in my day, I was 21.

  • bengalifob2
    bengalifob2 6 months ago +1

    Tinder FAQ: Can you lower the difficulty?

  • Damitz85
    Damitz85 6 months ago

    Dude, how have I not heard of you? Couldn't stop laughing. Time to binge.

  • bmarshy2303
    bmarshy2303 7 months ago

    Sounds about right

  • Kelkiiii
    Kelkiiii 7 months ago

    Absolutely fucking hilarious

  • Sandy Panchpal
    Sandy Panchpal 7 months ago

    Is your dad black.? Or did he live in a black dominant neighbourhood?

  • Hydra Jamm
    Hydra Jamm 7 months ago

    I was his friend sounds pretty accurate

  • Sérgio Alves
    Sérgio Alves 7 months ago

    Walked uphill both ways XD

  • Rachel B.
    Rachel B. 7 months ago

    back in my day humans didn't exist

  • Trojan35
    Trojan35 8 months ago

    “You’re god dam right”

  • omar rabiee
    omar rabiee 8 months ago

    why i feel like dad speaks the same as kevin spacey in house of cards

  • Bry 117
    Bry 117 8 months ago

    Thank you this will help from American English studies class

  • simsilvery
    simsilvery 8 months ago

    Back in my day we had this payload delivered already

  • Jesse Hopper
    Jesse Hopper 8 months ago

    Of all of your vids this might be my favourite.

  • Stunts5 ,
    Stunts5 , 8 months ago

    This was so fucking good

  • I’m already Sans Undertale

    Wow so old

  • MrErhyie
    MrErhyie 8 months ago

    I deadass thought everthing was Black and White back In The days when i was Young

    MAN_ON_WHEELZ 8 months ago

    Sounds like dad was doing a lot of drugs back then...

  • Rasta
    Rasta 8 months ago

    Ahahahha the comedic timing was perfect the entire video! on point

  • Jak Divinci
    Jak Divinci 8 months ago

    Oh I get it, it's a metaphor.

  • jelaninoel
    jelaninoel 8 months ago

    Never forget my friend’s dad complaining about him wanting new shoes after i got some, saying (in a thick African accent) “yu always want di nu shoos. Ive neva wonce axd fa nu shoos. In fact, bak in mai dey, we had no feet”. And u know what, i believed him 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • The Hash Slinging Slasher

    Where are the nudes?

  • Hello i has big peepee
    Hello i has big peepee 8 months ago

    back in my day I was a child

  • Maddox 475
    Maddox 475 9 months ago

    Plot twist he was telling the truth

  • JiFF Bubble_Nugget
    JiFF Bubble_Nugget 9 months ago

    "Only nuclear fallout"

  • KGB
    KGB 9 months ago

    *bAcK iN mY dAy*

  • DOHC
    DOHC 9 months ago

    good ole rooby

  • Kayleigh
    Kayleigh 9 months ago

    That's so funny!!!

  • 5upremists
    5upremists 9 months ago +1

  • ExPumps FR
    ExPumps FR 9 months ago

    casually explainded

    explain why candy is 1$ now insteead of 1/8th of a pennie :(

  • Phi
    Phi 9 months ago

    Color wasn't invented yet xD

  • Glenn W
    Glenn W 9 months ago

    Dag nabbit...

  • JackMac Productions
    JackMac Productions 9 months ago

    He sounds like Eugene from the walking dead

  • Throwback Gamer
    Throwback Gamer 10 months ago

    Put captions on

  • SarahJ3w3l
    SarahJ3w3l 10 months ago +2

    "Also the government was less corrupt and beer tasted better" xD

  • Adam .W.
    Adam .W. 10 months ago +1

    "Back in my day we didn't have Oxygen"
    Also this is probably the funniest casually explained video.

  • Uh what
    Uh what 10 months ago

    then he waddled away, waddle, waddle

    turn on the captions

  • Faketendo swatch
    Faketendo swatch 10 months ago +2

    Me in 2018: back in my day we would play Pokemon and play tag it was so much better back then
    Some guy in 2046: back in my day we would dab and use fidget spinners it was so much better back then

  • bouncingbeebles
    bouncingbeebles 10 months ago

    "And then he waddled away..." xD

  • I.Am.Lasagna
    I.Am.Lasagna 10 months ago

    I cant even finish the first minute without laughing. great job

  • Ty Johnson
    Ty Johnson 10 months ago +1

    Am I the only one that's still waiting for the nudes to be revealed?

  • Xolerys
    Xolerys 10 months ago

    Mega blocks😂