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Sorting $20,000 Worth of Green and Purple Sapphires!

  • Published on May 24, 2022

Comments • 344

  • careXfree1

    Humans literally found these shiny rocks and decided they were worth thousands 😤😂

  • Guy
    Guy  +900

    You ever get a little hungry at work and eat a couple 😋😋

  • Edward
    Edward  +120

    Have you guys ever spilled like a tray of those and they just went everywhere?

  • Brodi
    Brodi  +2

    Still some in there lol

  • Zoom VII
    Zoom VII  +453

    Every time they do this they always miss a couple damn diamonds I’m like wtf

  • Proto-Via

    This dude is probably the most skilled person at what he does on Earth.

  • Carter Ryan

    Diamonds are one of the only things we hold at high value that doesn't have any real value other than what we are willing to pay for it

  • Yvonne Mariane

    the fact that it's in a simple lil' baggy and looks like glitter makes me nervous lol

  • Marc Sabol

    Oh my god, as a gemstone cutter watching this I'm horrified to think that thats actually $20k of stones. U only treat crappy accent stones like that.

  • 4ron

    "That's that good shit"

  • Nathaniel Mcdougall

    Employee: Damn, I accidentally dropped one.

  • Alberto Clemente

    20,000$ 😂 this whole Diamond scheme is crazy

  • border jumper • 29 years ago

    Pov: you're sweeping the floor

  • Jan Tschierschky

    helps that those are smaller, if same size you be doing picking by hand

  • heather

    Fantastic l have learned much here

  • Minyalotls

    The start straight up sounded like the Kengan ashura intro 😳

  • Carmen ocon

    How Glamorous :)

  • Lewis
    Lewis  +1

    U always leave some in there and never manage to get them all back up with that stupid scooper

  • Mr. Puel rally

    Imagine sneezing while you do this

  • Dreamlink
    Dreamlink  +64

    The rest you left in there go in your pocket while customer paid for all of them i assume?