What RUINED Hanna-Barbera?

  • Published on Mar 22, 2019
  • Hanna-Barbera is a company that ruled televised animation for decades. There was a time when they controlled over 80% of the market but then it came crashing down. How did this happen? How did this studio fall so far from grace?
    "What RUINED/What's RUINING..." is a video series where Saber researches a topic, presents its history, and how it is or was presumably ruined: ru-clip.com/p/PLrtmY8lRImW_58wGRjcJFUDFwFmHhtu1n
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    Why was Hanna-Barbera dissolved?
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  • Saberspark
    Saberspark  3 months ago +2093

    This video is still getting traffic so I just wanted to update on something! I made a handful of mistakes in the video. For example, I call the 'Ruff and Reddy Show' the 'Ruff and TEDDY Show' by mistake. I try my best to make sure that my sources are accurate for my videos but the occasional error happens. Just wanted to address that! Thanks for watching the video and for the support!

    • Abraham Soto
      Abraham Soto 13 hours ago

      @ Saberspark this is a great video

    • Alexandra Velasco
      Alexandra Velasco 5 days ago

      Saberspark bruh

    • Cookies Cakes Pies Oh My
      Cookies Cakes Pies Oh My 7 days ago

      I thought I was crazy when you said Teddy. I second guessed myself lol.

    • Colin Alberto
      Colin Alberto 18 days ago

      Great video thanks! If you find more interesting information and unknown facts please make a new second part video! We'd like to know more about Warner animation and the fate of all the collectibles! And if the Warner Studio Tour has HB content! Thanks!

  • chuck cap
    chuck cap 7 hours ago

    German class...spring 1963. Teacher started out with, "The German ballerina is heavier than the average..." I IMMEDIATELY jumped in with "BEAR!" 56 years later, I have never approached that kind of timing.

  • Abraham Soto
    Abraham Soto 13 hours ago

    I still love the classic Hanna-Barbera cartoons I'll don't I'll even outgrow them

  • Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez Day ago

    liberals ofc :v they are cancer.

  • John Rigali
    John Rigali Day ago

    In my humble opinion, HB’s best artwork and animation were in the 1940s (mostly Tom & Jerry) and its best concepts and scripting were approximately from 1966 to 1970 (e.g. Johnny Quest, Space Ghost, the Herculoids, Birdman, etc., culminating with Scooby Doo, Where Are You?).

  • MzNaeture MzNaeBae

    Ooooh Josie & the Pussycaaats 🤗❤ that was my jawn yo

  • MzNaeture MzNaeBae

    Keywords 'controlled', 'dominated' & 'essentially unchallenged' programming... Connected much 🤔

  • Ariel Ruh
    Ariel Ruh Day ago

    I loved Scooby Doo and the original series I think teen Titans Go ruined it

  • railspony
    railspony 2 days ago

    What ruined Hanna-Barbera? Cheetara started taking all the picnic baskets, and then they got Smurfed by Ted Turner.

  • ChriIva Brunner
    ChriIva Brunner 3 days ago


  • Shades Below
    Shades Below 3 days ago

    This here is the REAL reason that Hanna-Barbera went downhill: everything they produced after 1970 was, for the most part, a blatant ripoff of the Scooby-Doo formula and setup. Read this article. You've seen these cartoons and suffered through them, and wondered why they seemed like Scooby-Doo show(s)...they were *all* bad rip-offs!

  • Jim Harvey
    Jim Harvey 3 days ago

    Oh hell... I'm going to pile on too.. It's SUB SIDI ARY not SUB SIDI RARY Just sayin...Very interesting and thorough video (see? Sweet AND Sour).

  • Devoris Bright
    Devoris Bright 3 days ago

    The were no blacks in Stone Age or in the Future The Flintstones & The Jetsons = Make America Great Again

  • Kelly theSinger
    Kelly theSinger 3 days ago

    Has anyone Even mention Astro Boy and Kimba? social relevant story lines during the hippy revolution, That's what Wiped out Hanna Barbera !!!

  • Kelly theSinger
    Kelly theSinger 3 days ago

    What Ruined Hanna Barbera and all American saturday morning TV Cartoons was greed .the Japanese Animation Wiped out Hanna Barrera..as kids became more aware of the world around them, silly story lines and almost stick drawings Japanese story lines were deeper, and the animation was much more creative. what children wanted.The lack of detail by "creating animation on the Cheap" is what Killed Saturday morning Cartoons..Just like America car companies telling americans to buy patriotic while making more and more crappy cars in the latter 70's American TV and Movie animation studios, left the door wide open for Japanese Animators inspired by Disney's early animation creations to produce better quality animation and stories.... Astro Boy Kimba the White Lion and Miya The Bee Story lines were far superior to children. And that's what wiped out Hanna-Barera..and Saturday Morning TV for American children.

  • E Grffin
    E Grffin 3 days ago +1

    I will never forget nor regret my fond memories of being brought up in the Hanna Barbara era, i still remember with fondness and awe my favorite cartoons and how they all made me feel for two decades. Nothing has ever been close to replacing that feeling from my childhood.

  • Robert Elkins
    Robert Elkins 3 days ago

    That whole WWE/Flintstones crossover stuff looked... cringey.

  • Mr. Robbins
    Mr. Robbins 4 days ago +3

    Who wants a SWAT Kats revival on HBO Max for 13 episodes in 2020?

  • Backyard Stranger
    Backyard Stranger 4 days ago

    They are the reason I became an adult while needing to grow throughout childhood. 🙏 🙏 🙏

  • Croak Planter
    Croak Planter 4 days ago

    ruff and teddy

  • Snoo Lee
    Snoo Lee 4 days ago

    US television cartoon animation went all to Hell with the advent of Scooby Doo. Nowhere do you mention the prior competition of Warner Bros and HB. Warner Brothers was the boss, the dark genius of whiskey drinking acerbic animators doing the Bugs Bunny Road Runner Hour. Artistically, Scooby Doo was such a huge step down.

  • Snoo Lee
    Snoo Lee 4 days ago

    you said Ruff and Teddy, in place of Ruff and Reddy. whups

  • Lazt
    Lazt 4 days ago

    Their animation. Japanese animation & story telling makes them look like hot garbage, even back then.

  • oregonpoop
    oregonpoop 4 days ago

    Scooby-Doo is a pimp!
    Grateful for the vide👍

  • Pave Stiletto
    Pave Stiletto 4 days ago

    Fifteen minutes in and I'm STILL wondering what the big "shake-up is

  • OJ Productions
    OJ Productions 4 days ago

    what about boomerang

  • Andrew Hall
    Andrew Hall 5 days ago +1

    Amazing documentary of my Saturday mornings growing up in the 70’s…

  • kevdone w
    kevdone w 5 days ago

    without those classic cartoons us kids of the sixties and seventies wouldn't have had great memories thankS H AND B

  • Nikhchan's Gaming
    Nikhchan's Gaming 5 days ago

    How long before DISNEY swallows them up?

  • misio87
    misio87 5 days ago

    Shut YO! mouth. Yo Yogi! was dope.

  • Don Ja
    Don Ja 5 days ago +1

    Johnny Quest was my favorite when cartoon network started up

  • Bloo The_dog
    Bloo The_dog 5 days ago

    Why not take a break from narrating the whole thing at once? That's what it sounds like. For example, you add unnatural pauses at almost every new line on the page instead of at the end of a sentence. Also why not clear up your mistakes before you publish?

  • Miguel Rio
    Miguel Rio 5 days ago

    Another cost cutting method used by Hanna Barbera is outsourcing its animation. Some of these cartoons were animated in the Philippines.

  • Kelvin G
    Kelvin G 6 days ago

    Over saturation and low quality

  • Jason Schultz
    Jason Schultz 6 days ago

    You'er a male Velma Dinkley?

  • Igor Rodrigues
    Igor Rodrigues 6 days ago

    Why is the narrator so weird, almost like a machine talking?

  • Mike Knight
    Mike Knight 6 days ago

    😂😂😂.. those cigarette ads

  • Destiny Myers / sun flower Super myers family team

    And then there is the banana split horror movie

  • Giran 0
    Giran 0 6 days ago +1

    Godzilla was a good cartoon (execpet for Pete)

  • Jerepasaurus
    Jerepasaurus 7 days ago

    Gotta be honest, but when I was a kid, every time most Hanna-Barbera cartoons came on, I desperately wanted to change the channel.
    Now, ss an artist myself, I absolutely respect the name they made for themselves in becoming legends of animation. But, young (and admittedly, older me) still thought the art was dull/repetitive/static, the characters all annoyed me, and the laugh tracks made me cringe hard. Just about any other studio was okay by me though.
    One of my biggest exceptions of many of the shows listed though, was Pirates of Dark Water, and it's a huge shame it didn't last.

  • Cameron Cowan
    Cameron Cowan 7 days ago

    And don't forget those really awful TV movies that made throughout the 80s like the Spruce Goose and those truly awful/awesome christmas specials.

  • Katherine Hall
    Katherine Hall 7 days ago

    A pup named Scooby Doo was my shit as a kid

  • Cookies Cakes Pies Oh My

    I wouldn't say low budget and low quality, I'd say it was simple. ❤

  • Hammer Bruh
    Hammer Bruh 7 days ago

    When they died things just went to shit the classics are the best classic scooby doo is best dooby and classic Tom and jerry now it’s just missing their touch of humor

  • Jay Boi
    Jay Boi 7 days ago +1

    You know what else ruined Hanna Barbera


  • Woomy Is cute
    Woomy Is cute 8 days ago

    3 words. Banana splits movie

  • Slytherinsprincess1
    Slytherinsprincess1 8 days ago

    And ugh; did you have to remind me of 2 Stupid Dogs? I HATED that show!

  • Slytherinsprincess1
    Slytherinsprincess1 8 days ago

    Anybody remember the old Boomerang channel? It had a light blue capital ‘B’ that swung out towards the screen and slammed back into place, while making a swishing sound the whole time. Then you heard a voice say “Boomerang: it’s all coming back to you.” I grew up on only Boomerang channel cartoons so kids at school had NO clue what I was talking about, nor I them.

  • Slytherinsprincess1
    Slytherinsprincess1 8 days ago +1

    I loved Swat Kats and Thunder Cats. “Thunder Cats, Thunder Cats HO!” I also loved The Flintstones, The Jetsons, Quick Draw McGraw, Foghorn Leghorn, Droopy Dog & many others! (Not sure if they’re the ones who did Gargoyles, but I loved them too.) I own the complete seasons of The Flintstones & The Jetsons, and have plans to buy the others soon.

  • Kernal Yeeman
    Kernal Yeeman 8 days ago

    I think the Banana Split horror is the final nail in the coffin.

  • cannonball666
    cannonball666 8 days ago +1

    I used to spank it to Jose and the Pussycats and Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

  • Scott P.
    Scott P. 8 days ago

    They should've used their influence from the 80% of the children's market they controlled to form an army of the night (not too late though, because most of the soldiers are scared of the dark) to conquer Disneyland. Mickey and pals would never have seen it coming. The streets of Its a Small World Way would've been drenched in the blood of working class dwarves, blue genies, and countless princesses. After the massacre the Jetsons flying car would have been used to transport the dead bodies from all four corners of the park to toss them into a big pile and light them on fire (using this fire to spark up the victory joints passed out by the crew from the Mystery Machine).

  • Scott P.
    Scott P. 8 days ago +2

    Hanna said "I am bigger then Yogi," so Barbera slapped the shit out of him... Patrice O'Neal @ The Roast of Charlie Sheen.

  • ᴊᴏßɪɴ
    ᴊᴏßɪɴ 8 days ago +1

    Tom and Jerry

  • LynnRC1957
    LynnRC1957 8 days ago +3

    I am 62 years old I lived on these Gems....loved until GIJoe ...

  • Vaylon Kenadell
    Vaylon Kenadell 9 days ago

    Ted Turner founded Cartoon Network?! I didn't know that.
    Ted Turner -- the Mouth of the South! The mad genius of television, god bless him.

    WAIFUNUGGET 9 days ago

    nice save with dic 11:36

  • Maegan Byerley
    Maegan Byerley 9 days ago +1

    My 11 year old and 8 year old LOVE watching old Hannah Barbera cartoons. They love The Flintstones, & The 13 Ghosts of Scooby Doo. The Cartoon Network (CN) actually still plays quite a few Hannah Barbera cartoons.

  • Aquatically
    Aquatically 9 days ago +1

    9:04 King K.Rool in a nutshell

  • Mr. Smith
    Mr. Smith 9 days ago

    Ruh Roh!

  • Tyson Franswah
    Tyson Franswah 9 days ago

    Top cat was shit... Everything else was da bomb 😍 not one worthy cartoon nowadays

  • Carol Bittle
    Carol Bittle 10 days ago +1

    Great Documentary, Loved it. Going to watch your other vids.

  • Jason Crook
    Jason Crook 10 days ago +3

    Father Time is what ruined Hanna Barbara. It catches up to every person on earth sooner or later. Rest in peace to Hanna and Barbara.

  • Miken Ayers
    Miken Ayers 10 days ago

    Saberspark’s bitching ruined Hanna-Barbera.
    I kid

  • bojack40
    bojack40 10 days ago

    It was popular, but it was never high quality. There was nothing to ruin

  • Matt Williams
    Matt Williams 10 days ago

    They were ruined by their own repulsively shitty cartoons. Poorly drawn, poorly written garbage. EVERY SINGLE EPISODE of scooby dodo was a "monster" who turned out to be a human in disguise. Just awful.

  • Arené Lomax
    Arené Lomax 10 days ago

    The things people "dislike" on RU-clip..

  • laser koala
    laser koala 10 days ago

    Love your videos, subscribed!

  • generic youtube name
    generic youtube name 11 days ago +1

    My favorite things Hanna made were the banana splits and godzilla

  • BloomingOnion
    BloomingOnion 11 days ago

    Are you trying to sound like Casey Kasem as narrator? The premise for this video sounds like an epic college final paper.

  • BloomingOnion
    BloomingOnion 11 days ago

    Are you trying to sound like Casey Kasem as narrator? The premise for this video sounds like an epic college final paper.

  • Gaston Phalange
    Gaston Phalange 11 days ago

    90's Cartoons Network was the best. 90s Tv Was the best.

    Edited: says the guy with the Dexter Avatar

  • atlazking1986
    atlazking1986 11 days ago

    That was a cool video

  • Whichistheanykey PSN
    Whichistheanykey PSN 11 days ago

    Hey it's Billionaire Ted! I didn't know he had Cartoon Network!

  • Whichistheanykey PSN
    Whichistheanykey PSN 11 days ago

    11:20 - Oops!

  • John Dohn
    John Dohn 11 days ago

    SJWs ruined it

  • Wence Peralta
    Wence Peralta 12 days ago +1

    All my childhood in one video. Thank you for making this.

  • Sppooky y
    Sppooky y 12 days ago +2

    Lets be real though, when we were kids we thought hanna-barbera was a girl

  • Rosie John
    Rosie John 12 days ago

    Tom and Jerry have been merged into other movies eg. Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory and The Wizard of Oz.
    How successful this has been depends on who you talk to.

  • Low Rez
    Low Rez 12 days ago


  • Felicia Hitch
    Felicia Hitch 12 days ago

    Very interesting video! I’m 31 and still love animation. Very nostalgic. I subscribed!

  • James The pikachu lover

    CARTOONS yaaaaaahooooooo my favourite thing in the world!

  • James The pikachu lover

    13:12 This show for me is Nostalgic somehow, I remeber that song

  • Hey! Arnold Lama
    Hey! Arnold Lama 12 days ago

    The fugacious nature of these kinds of videos make me sad.

  • kyla mingo-grant
    kyla mingo-grant 12 days ago

    Sorry but nothing beats Warner Bros

  • Marcus Moutra
    Marcus Moutra 13 days ago


  • ccricers
    ccricers 13 days ago

    I remember watching the movie The Jetsons Meet the Flintstones. Getting a crossover cartoon was pretty hype for its time.

  • Midas Welby
    Midas Welby 13 days ago

    Who remembers Kings Dominion-a whole Theme Park for Hannah Barbera?

  • Chels Murphy
    Chels Murphy 13 days ago

    Hanna-Barbera was my childhood loved every cartoon they made

  • spacededman
    spacededman 13 days ago

    Great video but let’s not forget Space Ghost Coast to Coast the first Cartoon Network original show :) still great video dude!

  • Benny Moonwalker
    Benny Moonwalker 13 days ago +4

    Tom's yell was recorded by William hanna?? #mindblown

  • Master Robotnik
    Master Robotnik 13 days ago



  • Leola
    Leola 14 days ago

    I miss the old cartoons

  • Nora Brandt
    Nora Brandt 14 days ago

    What's up with the narrator's voice?

  • QueenStylin
    QueenStylin 14 days ago +2

    Lol. I didn't know it was ruined.
    Guess I just got older and quit watching it.

  • Shawn Christensen
    Shawn Christensen 14 days ago

    I liked Hanna-Barbera cartoons I miss them.

  • fedos
    fedos 14 days ago

    I always thought Goober and the Ghost Chasers was a parody.

  • Scott W
    Scott W 14 days ago

    Can they start competition in the movies against MARVEL??

    SABREWULF 14 days ago

    I heated Yogi, flinstons and top cat it was so fucking boring

  • SilverstripesSpeedpaints
    SilverstripesSpeedpaints 14 days ago +1

    I loved watching Swat Cats! It makes me sad that no one really talks about it much.

    • ccricers
      ccricers 13 days ago

      The Swat Cats intro is so hype.