We Found a 150 year old Abandoned Town Hidden in the Arizona Mountains.

  • Published on Feb 28, 2018
  • This was probably my favorite place to explore ever. Hidden in the Arizona mountains sets Ruby, AZ the most well preserved ghost towns to exist.Also i hate that i must say this however the town was abandoned in the 40's but it was founded over 150 years ago making a 200 + year old town. So before you comment understand that.
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  • Exploration Unknown
    Exploration Unknown  Year ago +339

    Just to clear up my mistake I had gotten my facts mixed up this town was founded in the 1870s and ended in 1940s sorry for the mixup.

    • Vickie Hardman
      Vickie Hardman Day ago

      Exploration Unknown things happen still interesting

    • jedi mind!
      jedi mind! 4 days ago

      If it ended in the 40's how come there's 1960's readers digest books there?....🤔

    • TheGeol13
      TheGeol13 9 days ago +1

      Louder, please...….

    • basant vimal sharma
      basant vimal sharma 27 days ago

      +Oldspeed66 Oldspeed66 they plant poppy in this place

    • basant vimal sharma
      basant vimal sharma 27 days ago

      You people are planting Ganja in this abandoned place I know

  • Ashley Moreno
    Ashley Moreno Hour ago

    So awesome. I love to get out and explore also. 😎 1870s wow. Great vlog Jon

  • Ty Olson - Cobalt, Ontario adventures!

    That's not 900'... maybe the one that is capped is. But not the one he tossed a rock and brick down. Go back with a weight on a hip chain and I bet its closer to 200-250'

  • Steven Slaughter

    The shallow pit was a scales for weight of ore going out

  • Vickie Hardman
    Vickie Hardman Day ago

    Ohhhhh loved you video

  • Rosemarie
    Rosemarie 2 days ago

    sound too low, I'm struggling to hear your soft voice.

  • Sandy morrow
    Sandy morrow 3 days ago

    what's the name of the town?

  • Esteban We don’t need no stinking badges

    What’s with the dramatics music💩

  • Christine Oshima-McKinnon

    Love ur accent.. I'm in AZ ...n never heard of this town.. thank you :)

  • Sibyl Cook
    Sibyl Cook 5 days ago


  • Sibyl Cook
    Sibyl Cook 5 days ago

    Wow. Love this video.

  • Sibyl Cook
    Sibyl Cook 5 days ago

    Very interesting!

  • Money Mike
    Money Mike 5 days ago

    10:22 they didn't raise wimps back then, only the strong survived.

  • Anna Beckett
    Anna Beckett 6 days ago

    That's along way down wow hey Tim great video do some more very enjoyable thanks peace

  • lyllian pilcher
    lyllian pilcher 7 days ago

    I thought I heard one note from the piano right before you go inside the school

  • Angelle hull
    Angelle hull 7 days ago +1

    This is so heartbreaking to see all that trash left behind. I come from a culture that believes in the motto..."leave only your footprints behind", my mom who is now 85 has lived by this and so did her dad. I live in a mining town (gold) where I once worked, one mine closed around 12 years ago, the agreement that the mine owners had with the surrounding Native American reservations (mines are located on traditional hunting grounds) that when these mines closed, everything would be removed right down to chemicals or spills and they held true to those promises...but, how can we ever really know the truth what was left underground, through environmental assessments and public consultations with their environmental engineers, their reports made promis that anything that may poison the earth, ground water or environment was thoroughly cleaned, as in heavy machinery, including giant rock trucks, diamond drills, scoops, etc., apparently it was cheaper to leave all that equipment u der ground than to haul it back up, we are talking at least 5-7 miles underground, that consists of many many tunnels (I've seen the maps and photos of what was left)....though they (owners) stuck true to their promises, what was left behind wasn't only foot prints, but much much more.....getting back to this mine or ghost town, it is shocking to see trash, oils, furniture, plastics, etc., all left behind. As a First Nations person, and a full blooded Native American from the Ojibway tribe, it's disheartening to see these once beautiful lands spoilt and poisoned all for the love of money. Maybe if every person followed our motto..."leave only foot prints" , Mother Earth won't be in the shape that she's in and it's only going to get worst. We as native Americans protect our land, but most importantly we protect the waters, not just where we live, but wherever there is water, we do it for next generations and all generations to come, we do it for the animals, for the birds and the bees, literally..lol....(for without bees, our planet will die, humans will die...think about that, but that's a different story) and yes, I am a tree hugger/aka environmentalist if you will...and a vegetarian...lol....
    LETS ALL DO OUR PART...DO YOUR PART...."leave only foot prints behind"...

  • L.T.C. T.C.
    L.T.C. T.C. 7 days ago +1

    piano? 10:06

  • Brad Mills
    Brad Mills 9 days ago


  • Jim Coulter
    Jim Coulter 9 days ago

    There were old mining towns all over Arizona, but the BLm tore out the roads leading to them because in the 60's the Hippies were moving in and destroying them. I do have an old map with the old roads, hiking trils and old water holes marked on the map from the 30's

  • Mic-1 Enterprises
    Mic-1 Enterprises 10 days ago +5

    move all the homeless people their and make them make it back into a town to live in

  • Douglas McMaster
    Douglas McMaster 11 days ago


  • Clare Degroff
    Clare Degroff 11 days ago

    I would love there plenty of fertilizer, water, sun,

  • brian massey
    brian massey 11 days ago

    Hey big guy. I'm a clairvoyant that can feel energies. I'm at the eleven minute mark watching you walk through that room/building and I can sense that there is something beneath the building that your in. I don't know what it is I just know that there is something there. It's something from the heritage of the building it's self so it could be anything. I'm just hopeing it's something significant soo the next time you look there you can look below the foundation of the building or underneith the floor boards to find it. There is something in that building though I can sense the energy of it. Also if it's legal take a metal detector through there I'm senseing alot of old coins in that area.

  • Josef Venport
    Josef Venport 11 days ago

    Those books were not there when people lived in that town.

  • Rodger Kinney
    Rodger Kinney 11 days ago

    I have been

  • gennifer rhoads
    gennifer rhoads 12 days ago

    This was once indigenious land

  • Adammartini
    Adammartini 12 days ago

    That crawl space thing, idk what it was exactly but definitely has some heating tubes like a giant radiator... was keeping something warm...

  • Acquanetta Kommenus
    Acquanetta Kommenus 12 days ago

    Very interesting ~ I get to places I'll never get to visit. Thank you ~

  • Dell Johnson
    Dell Johnson 13 days ago +3

    HIDDEN from what? the roads are clear. theres vehicles there mining towm😊

  • Jackie Turner
    Jackie Turner 13 days ago

    Loved visiting the ghost town with you. I'm 65 and unable to explore far from home. Thank you for sharing!

  • Kathleen Newman
    Kathleen Newman 13 days ago

    Please cover up holes so animals don't fall in.

  • Cornering Fun YepYouKnowMe

    Very cool!! Thanks for post!

    ADAM ANTMAN 14 days ago


  • Sirios Star
    Sirios Star 15 days ago +2

    " We found " Ruby arizona . What a load of crap . Click bait title and trash video. Ruby is a popular tourist attraction for those interested in old mining towns . You didn't " find" 💩.

  • Jeffrey Kein
    Jeffrey Kein 18 days ago

    Maybe crazy bawdy beatnicks from the 60's brought the hot tub.

  • igloo productions
    igloo productions 20 days ago +1

    So you guys found Picado on Miramar.

  • dane kelly
    dane kelly 20 days ago

    How much for the property?

  • Odi Sennin
    Odi Sennin 22 days ago +2

    Its PUBG city

  • Central California Bipedal Trails

    That whole little valley looks to be good dog man habitat...

  • Central California Bipedal Trails

    Why do they call it "Ruby"? Was it a ruby or gem mining town?

  • Nick Staffer
    Nick Staffer 23 days ago

    What's a "ter-lit"?

  • Billy Vang
    Billy Vang 23 days ago

    What’s the music title in the beginning ?

  • Cin Coy
    Cin Coy 23 days ago

    The Irish did all that work. . But l can tell you they where not poisoners they where slaves . Irish knows the truth. They died all of them for years there kids just went to work when dad died. They could not leave they just told everyone they where prisoner. Only the first ones where. Then they went wow they work hard. It’s so sad how history lie about everything. I’m Irish and my family came from being a slave l can’t even find out about them. Like l don’t have a DNA. They make sure you can’t find out. But all l know is they where slaves. Ok by what they say bad people. Not.

  • Jon Symmonds
    Jon Symmonds 23 days ago

    Neat place. My wife and I were there about 15-20 years ago when we did a "ghost town vacation". Some of it looks the same as I remember it, other parts not so much.

  • Nikolai Brunni
    Nikolai Brunni 24 days ago

    I saw another video of this place, but your video is better than his.

  • John Culver
    John Culver 24 days ago

    Abandoned in the 40s' and yet a blue plastic water jug in the "suicide" house. They didn't have that type of plastic then.

    • K
      K 23 days ago

      yeah i believe this video is one big piece of click bait.

  • BearsEarsRanch
    BearsEarsRanch 24 days ago

    If people live there, it isn't abandoned or forgotten.

  • Val Willman
    Val Willman 25 days ago

    Great and beautiful peaceful looking place to get away from city living. Fix it up a bit, hmm, a little off grid, love 🏡🏠🏡🏠🏡🏠🏡this!!❤

  • carol leigh
    carol leigh 26 days ago +2

    Very interesting explore. Great job.

  • Tina Mitchell
    Tina Mitchell 26 days ago

    thank you

  • Judith Jongewaard
    Judith Jongewaard 27 days ago

    Nice to see without that " creepy " stuff! It isn't, and it just makes you sound like a fool!

  • Bryan Sarrell
    Bryan Sarrell 29 days ago

    that weird thing in the house is a water heater. the pipe was connected to the fireplace.

  • JamesKnoxDarkcommo
    JamesKnoxDarkcommo Month ago

    Bodie, CA --- LOOK IT UP!!! DO NOT TAKE ANYTHING(CURSED- no shit!!!). Most well preserved in the US. Very interesting place.

    MAD MAX Month ago

    What the hell is a "Turlet"?

  • The War on Dad Bod
    The War on Dad Bod Month ago +1

    I was wondering the age of it cause there was a alot of pretty modern things, like the Grill. The grill looks post 1980s

  • Mark Snider
    Mark Snider Month ago

    Cool place to camp for few days😎

  • Your Friend
    Your Friend Month ago

    10:06 School Bell

  • Wolfgang Kovac
    Wolfgang Kovac Month ago

    Dis dur turlet

  • Jess Julian
    Jess Julian Month ago

    I subscribed. I love this stuff. Thanks for sharing.

  • Jess Julian
    Jess Julian Month ago

    What I would give for some of that wood. Beautiful stuff.

  • ray kemry
    ray kemry Month ago

    Try a little slower on camera, makes us dizzy when ya can't focus on what you are taping. Cool video neat pal e thanks for showing us around.

  • Justin Gallagher
    Justin Gallagher Month ago +1

    the coolest part about this is the fact knowing all those buildings saw and was in the "wild west" if all those walls could talk...

  • Max65
    Max65 Month ago

    Just to see and no touch .👍

  • Unlimited Blasting NJ
    Unlimited Blasting NJ Month ago +1

    Hey, check the video out at 10:07! it sounded like a piano key being played. This Might even be a haunted town. What do you think?

    • aslsmm 00
      aslsmm 00 Month ago

      Well since ghost and spirits and after life's don't exist... ....no it's not haunted. Thumbs down.

  • eNe chito
    eNe chito Month ago

    Record the bats where are u at

  • tzuten
    tzuten Month ago +6

    This is the town of Ruby.. It's somewhat of a park and requires an entrance fee to explore. It's maintained thus why it isn't tagged up or overly vandalized. While most people did leave in the 40s, it had residents up until the 80s.

    • aslsmm 00
      aslsmm 00 Month ago +1

      No. Haven't you been reading the comments? It's a haunted old mining town that's super mysterious! Do your research and Google something would ya.....

  • Rick Miller
    Rick Miller Month ago

    More video and less fade please, makes it hard to want to watch. I love the content but there is more fade than video in some segments.

  • Tim Henry
    Tim Henry Month ago

    Caretaker? Wow.

  • Ed Pardy
    Ed Pardy Month ago +3

    Here in Newfoundland , they resettled many small outports during the 1960’s . Beautiful areas worth exploring .

    DAVE GREEN Month ago

    did anyone else hear the piano key at 10:07

  • Jason Wion
    Jason Wion Month ago +1

    Abandoned in the 40s but books from tye 60s. Lol more click bait.

    • Oldenweery
      Oldenweery 29 days ago

      I Goggled it. The mine shut down in 1940. It may have taken years for it to finally be completely deserted, though. There are always some die-hards, clinging to what's left.

  • Dakotadarkwolf
    Dakotadarkwolf Month ago

    I prefer the exploring without all the talking.. Least I made it to two minutes and seventeen seconds in, until dude started talking. I just want to explore and see! Not hear someone who loves to hear themselves talk.. Some of these people do more talking then showing and have a real hard time getting to the POINT! Bye!

  • cgrcowboy
    cgrcowboy Month ago

    Soon to be vandalized and covered in graffiti; you shouldn't have broadcast it's location.

    • Kimberly F
      Kimberly F 11 days ago

      I’m a AZ native. This place is well know about. Remember being taught about this town in Jr High in the mid 80’s in AZ History class.

  • Mayer Roscar
    Mayer Roscar Month ago


  • Carl Roberts
    Carl Roberts Month ago

    If you have not went to Bodie California and you need to go to Bodie California

  • north shore
    north shore Month ago

    Looks like a Movie set

  • dylan vasey
    dylan vasey Month ago +7

    Er....Your title says you ''found'' a ghost town. You didn't, you knew it was there. All you did was travel to it!

  • David G
    David G Month ago

    So I guess you just ignored the no trespassing and no dumping signs on nearly every road and pathway to that area. It's all private property your trespassing.

  • Houston Cranford
    Houston Cranford Month ago

    Hot dang, I’ll tell ya what!

  • Tom Fuller
    Tom Fuller Month ago

    I read that two Mexicans came over the border, robbed the store and killed the owners. The wife had gold teeth, so they busted them out with the butt of their guns and took them, too. They got caught and hanged, pronto. Adios.

  • Tom Fuller
    Tom Fuller Month ago

    Porcelain terlets?

  • rhi gel
    rhi gel Month ago

    Border Patrol does drive through the area constantly. Surprised that you didn't them.

  • Winston BeLisle
    Winston BeLisle Month ago +4

    Seems the architecture of the structures, appears to be in the early 60's or late 50's.

  • Kaya Zickler
    Kaya Zickler Month ago +1

    its year 2019, they started in 1870, so really the town is 149 years old, but its still amazing. I would love to camp there.

  • Felix Soto
    Felix Soto Month ago

    Should of lowered a camera n lights down shaft

  • KFStreich
    KFStreich Month ago

    One point three million views. Sounds like ya nailed it.

  • Paul Condie
    Paul Condie Month ago

    You hit some old miner 49er in the head with the rocks! Lol Neat place for sure

  • _
    _ Month ago


  • Darrell Barton
    Darrell Barton Month ago

    Enjoyed the video from oklahoma.

  • Randy Westfall
    Randy Westfall Month ago +1

    That hot tub tells me that it has been occupied at least in the '70s

  • Everett Wilson
    Everett Wilson Month ago +1

    A complete waste of time.

  • Barbara Finley
    Barbara Finley Month ago

    Ahaha you make me smile there is no r in toilets they are not terlets

  • jannis joplin
    jannis joplin Month ago


  • GREG J
    GREG J Month ago


  • Exploring and More with Toni Lynn White

    Where did you guys sleep

  • Devin Shumway
    Devin Shumway Month ago

    I heard a piano sound

  • martin joseph
    martin joseph Month ago


  • David Sparks
    David Sparks Month ago +1

    Great find...my friend lives North of Bell Road in Phx, AZ and he loves stuff like this as he owned Jeep 4X4...take me...Hi Buddy...

  • Not Available
    Not Available Month ago

    Interesting video thanks. I want to tour all the remote abandoned/ghost towns from the Pioneer and mining days. This is on my bucket list

    • Dianna Bowen
      Dianna Bowen Month ago

      if you're interested...check out the town of Garnet in Montana. Although I SAY I don't believe in ghosts, there is DEFINITELY something going on in Garnet...and it's a great old mining town...but impossible to get to in the winter...

  • Jim Hannon
    Jim Hannon Month ago

    This video would have been great with the "Dueling Banjo's" music playing in the background .. But, I'd start running if you'd hear someone yell "SQUEAL LIKE A PIG .. SQUEAL LIKE A PIG"