Mode:Tryhard now boys [MonoBlue]

  • Published on Jan 24, 2019
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    Mode:Tryhard now boys [MonoBlue]
    Making educational Artifact gameplay videos while simultaneously following none of my own advice.
    I post videos daily for Artifact. I also stream 6 hours a day. This is what I've decided is the best thing to do with my 20's. Stay in school.

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Comments • 35

  • The Law
    The Law Year ago +1

    Finally someone competent at the game.

  • Michał Maciej
    Michał Maciej Year ago

    d e a d g a m e

  • Master Yoda
    Master Yoda Year ago +1

    I miss you😢...

  • x x
    x x Year ago

    i just remembered swim while i was watching videos on how dead artifact is. Kinda sad i hope he can keep growing on youtube i know how changing your standard content can be a big risk for any youtuber

  • raul pacheco
    raul pacheco Year ago +2

    People still play this game?

    • raul pacheco
      raul pacheco Year ago

      @Lewen The Fox I guess.....
      Valve's Artifact Tanks, Loses 97.5% of Players 2 Months After Launch

    • Lewen The Fox
      Lewen The Fox Year ago +1

      raul pacheco yes and it is fun

  • CrackedDota
    CrackedDota Year ago +1

    Ok, I'm gonna need you to go full beard if you keep using that photo in the thumbnails

  • Big Daddy Delta
    Big Daddy Delta Year ago

    FYI Artifact is dead.....

  • Phil Rodriguez
    Phil Rodriguez Year ago +2

    Go to MTGA already. You could easily be getting like 20 times as many views a day. Why waste your talents here where nobody cares? Follow Mogwai's lead. He cut his losses and is doing well now on MTGA. Merchant almost has 100K subscribers and pulls in like 50K views a day. There's still hope for you. It's not too late to abandon the sinking ship that is Artifact and "Swim" away to success. Ha! See what I did there?

    • Michał Maciej
      Michał Maciej Year ago +1

      agree. i dont hate swim but artifact is a piece of rotting garbage thats about to decompose

  • five
    five Year ago +2

    your narration is super helpful to learn from tysm!!

  • Mosty
    Mosty Year ago +5

    I remember days when Swim played Gwent, and laughter could be heard from the Twitch chat!

  • TFWandyzilla
    TFWandyzilla Year ago

    Oh man, the views on this vid and on Artifect overall... Bad game, gotta unsub, sorry. Haven't watched more than 3-4 vids on this anyway, sorry

    • abusethesun
      abusethesun Year ago +4

      @TFWandyzilla *watches vid within hours of posting* "I swear im unsubing now"

    • TFWandyzilla
      TFWandyzilla Year ago

      @DerHinsetzmann You do, since you bothered to reply :D Kisses.

    • DerHinsetzmann
      DerHinsetzmann Year ago +1

      Do you honestly believe anyone cares? Nice blog, crybaby.

  • Mario Augusto
    Mario Augusto Year ago +4

    imagine playing a dead game omegalul

    • matteo ricci
      matteo ricci Year ago +1

      yeah, I've met quite a few, most of them are completely unaware, image that

    • Flanky
      Flanky Year ago +1

      @matteo ricci Yeah I'm sure you know very well what a witless twat acts like from experience, huh Matteo ;)

    • matteo ricci
      matteo ricci Year ago

      lol, the iq argument is always the last defence of the witless twat

    • Flanky
      Flanky Year ago

      @matteo ricci Interesting. A lot of people in third world countries seem to like it so I guess that makes sense. I'm sure it's a great game for people with low IQ!

    • matteo ricci
      matteo ricci Year ago

      ahahah gwent currently is pulling in 4-5 times the artifact viewers on twitch, try again fam

  • Scott Cameron
    Scott Cameron Year ago +3

    Game needs more cards

  • Jason Jia
    Jason Jia Year ago +11

    God this game has so many haters. 3 downvotes on you for absolutely no reason within an hour of posting lol...

    • Jason Jia
      Jason Jia Year ago +3

      @Ayat Soltani so let me get this straight- people are angry that this game is dying, so that explains why they go on a video made for people who still enjoy the game and downvote it?
      as an owner/player of the game, even if I were angry that it's not doing as well as I had hoped, I would either (a) keep playing anyway because I enjoy it, or (b) just stop playing it and not bother engaging with those who still play it. I definitely wouldn't go out and find Artifact videos and downvote or post negative comments. Care to respond bud?

    • Jason Jia
      Jason Jia Year ago

      @Harrison Wade fair enough

    • Kristóf Mészáros
      Kristóf Mészáros Year ago +2

      @sherwin okuyama and also because its "cool" to point out the player number and ded gaem bandwagon

    • Ayat Soltani
      Ayat Soltani Year ago +2

      Because the game is dying, owners are not happy and no one in their right mind will pay to play this game right now. There is no news of any updates coming and the community on the whole is very frustrated. Are these enough reasons or do you need more?

    • Tree 45
      Tree 45 Year ago +1

      @Harrison Wade good reason as any tbh

  • John Smith
    John Smith Year ago +5

    Hey Swim! 🍄