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  • Published on Mar 27, 2021

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  • Datazs
    Datazs Year ago +8

    Kids expectations: a great dad with high responsibility

  • 0G
    0G Year ago +2

    If people listened to their parents there would only be 3 available Jobs today.

  • Dig1tal
    Dig1tal Year ago +1

    Dad: "son how old are you?"

  • s4l0m3_G
    s4l0m3_G Year ago +5

    Father: A tiktoker

  • Amariya Polk
    Amariya Polk Year ago +325

    The wannabe rapper part was funny look how he was rapping 😂😂

  • Sunni Dang
    Sunni Dang Year ago +105

    It’s Rocky sleeping with the chip still in his mouth for me 😂 😂 😂

  • TikTok Video Compilations

    The way the wannabe rapper be rapping is like don’t listen to your dad continue to listen to your music

  • Duck
    Duck Year ago +279

    “So often children are punished for being human, children are not allowed to have grumpy moods, bad attitudes, disrespectful tones or bad days, yet we adults have them all the time. None of us are perfect, and we must stop holding children to a higher standard of perfection than we can ourselves.” -Anonymous

  • valvogue
    valvogue Year ago +71

    White parents : Be yourself

  • Giovanny De Jesus
    Giovanny De Jesus Year ago +117

    Rapper= sound editor

  • Tonal XP
    Tonal XP Year ago +154

    its so weird how parents automatically want their kids to play a high role in society and not just live a happy fulfilling life

  • Kaijin
    Kaijin Year ago +11

    If I become a parent I won’t set high expectations for my kids, because if I’m the father it wouldn’t be possible.

  • ThatSkyOwlet
    ThatSkyOwlet Year ago +4

    When your parents aren’t successful but they get mad at you for not being successful- Edit: One I never thought so many people would reply. And two I should have mentioned, they tell their kids to be successful but when they say they want to have a job that isn’t as high paying, they call you a failure and a disgrace. They pressure you to do something you do not enjoy. Parents do want you to be better than them I completely understand that! But it doesn’t mean they have to put you on such high expectations. It can affect the child to overwork because they want their parents to be proud of them. You shouldn’t have to try hard for something just so that your parents appreciate you. If they don’t love you while your struggling they don’t love you at all. You shouldn’t have to succeed at great lengths just to feel that you matter.

  • theyluv._her3
    theyluv._her3 Year ago

    the fact that this is some slow sad music the dad is so aggressive 😭✨

  • LC
    LC Year ago

    My mum wants to be a doctor but she said its just what she thinks is best but i can be what I want and she’ll support me all the way.She’s so kind and supportive tbh

  • Lavender Potato
    Lavender Potato Year ago +2

    Parents really should stop having such high expectations in their children. No offense but some of us can’t handle some of those expectations and personally, whenever i don’t meet the high expectations of my family it makes me wanna curl up and cry because I’m my mind, I’m a failure child because of my anxiety and stress

  • Izzy💗

    This gives the same vibes as when you plan a conversation beforehand and the other person doesn't follow the script

  • Adio
    Adio Year ago +1

    Bro that hand pistol from the rapper had me dying lol😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • FocusFailing
    FocusFailing Year ago +1

    What i wanted my dad to be : caring and loving, what he turned out to be : making fun of his children on tik tok to get clout

  • Zainab
    Zainab Year ago +2

    This so awesome 😍 May God always protect this LOVABLE family..