Locked in My Art Room for 24 Hours

  • Published on Sep 13, 2019
  • Hey Guys! Today I'm doing a fun(?) little experiment. Locking myself in my art/craft room for 24 hours. Now, I realize that this is NOT that intense LOL. I had a lot of space to work with, food, an air mattress.....it was a pretty cushy set up. BUT the point of this wasn't really to be super intense or crazy, i really just wanted to see how much stuff I could make, being trapped in a room full of art and craft supplies, in 24 hours. Ummmmmmm. It didn't exaclty go according to plan. I know I was SUPER tired in the video especially toward the end. SORRY!!!! i hope you guys will still be entertained by it 😊
    This is the kind of lame version of the 24 hour challenge 😂
    If you like this, maybe I can do it again. BUT I'll step it up a notch. Maybe i'll actually keep to just one room. Not allow outside food. ban myself from the internet. Sleep on the floor. IDK, there are many things I could deprive myself of 😂
    I did get some fun little projects done. I tested a couple small craft kits. DIY squishy kits (decorate me squeezables and smushy mushy decorate your own squishy kit). PLUS a kit from 5 below with those little squishy, mochi, rubbery things. ALSO, I did get it together and finish a colored pencil drawing in my sketchbook for you guys at the end. I hope you cats and cupcakes!
    MERCH STORE: moriah-elizabeth.teespring.com/
    The pickle shirt is no longer available. BUT, I just released brand new DECALS!!!! We have a limited quantity and I won't be announcing this in a video until next week. So I'm posting on community, instagram and in this description as an opportunity to purchase before they get sold out!
    HERE'S THE LINK: me-merch.myshopify.com/collections/die-cut-stickers?page=1

    Every Friday at 4:00pm ET: Alternating Squishy Makeovers, Thrift Makeovers, Craft Kit Reviews, Create This Book, Mail Openings and Miscellaneous crafts and DIYs



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  • Anna Marie
    Anna Marie 38 minutes ago

    Lol know one new u had extended hair

  • Emily Bediako
    Emily Bediako Hour ago +1

    Why didn't she just sleep on the couch

  • Paul Komen
    Paul Komen 4 hours ago

    your cat cupcake is so cute

  • samridhi kc
    samridhi kc 5 hours ago

    Please let me know

  • samridhi kc
    samridhi kc 5 hours ago

    can we get your merch in Nepal

  • だMoonxstar
    だMoonxstar 6 hours ago

    LEFTIE❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I’m a leftie

  • JaminZung J
    JaminZung J 6 hours ago

    Btw i love your new hairstyle!!!

  • Felicia Wills
    Felicia Wills 7 hours ago

    I love your hair Moriah😍

  • Pastel Gacha
    Pastel Gacha 9 hours ago

    Maybe On Your Sketchbook You Should Do Like A Animal/Food And Then A Food Afterwords ♡ Btw Love Your Vids..!

  • Roland Denegri
    Roland Denegri 10 hours ago

    Moriah I almost cried when you said that you donated your hair cause I got cancer when I was 1 year old

  • Rossy Manjarrez
    Rossy Manjarrez 11 hours ago

    do you speak spanish

  • tom young
    tom young 11 hours ago

    I love your vids

  • Meghan_ Potatoqueen
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  • Meghan_ Potatoqueen
    Meghan_ Potatoqueen 11 hours ago +1

    No hate but why didn’t she sleep on the couch

  • Katie Kelly
    Katie Kelly 11 hours ago +1

    👩🏼 this is Mia
    👚 how many likes
    👖 this gets
    👟 is how old Mia is

  • Luigui Ditroit
    Luigui Ditroit 12 hours ago

    i love it

  • W Kolterman
    W Kolterman 12 hours ago

    Did anyone notice that she got a new phone?🤔😉🙃

  • Sup Bra
    Sup Bra 13 hours ago

    1:54 about killed me

  • Lizzy LetsGo1
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  • Lizzy LetsGo1
    Lizzy LetsGo1 14 hours ago

    #NEVERGIVEUP Go Mopey #idontknowhowtospellhisname

  • Little miss_ B r ø k ë n

    Me:*Draws something* hey this is pretty good! I actually like this
    *Sees Moriah’s drawing
    Also me: *Shreds drawing stomps on it and burys it*

  • Meredith Dudley
    Meredith Dudley 14 hours ago

    You could've taken a shower

  • Kelsey Bailey
    Kelsey Bailey 15 hours ago

    =~= =___= >~

  • ImNot FamousYo
    ImNot FamousYo 15 hours ago

    It’s 72 degrees in there and she’s cold bruh in Scotland you’ll see people out with vests and shorts at 11degrees

  • Hanna Prutsman
    Hanna Prutsman 15 hours ago

    What app I do you use to ya edit

  • It's Emily
    It's Emily 16 hours ago


  • Brian Ross
    Brian Ross 16 hours ago

    piz do more of 24hr videos

  • DiamondZee E
    DiamondZee E 16 hours ago

    2:37 Me when I’m out of pizza rolls 💔😢

  • Serenity O'Connor
    Serenity O'Connor 17 hours ago +1

    it's opiey in a cupcake

  • Camille Mann
    Camille Mann 17 hours ago

    Do a escape room

  • Jessica Reyes
    Jessica Reyes 17 hours ago

    Pickle* hai guys!

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  • Galexy Bloxs
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  • mia vasquez
    mia vasquez 18 hours ago

    Can you draw mr. Hot chocolate

  • Guste P
    Guste P 19 hours ago +1

    Your drawings are the BEST!!!

  • Nataly Moses
    Nataly Moses 19 hours ago

    And at whenshewas painting her nails she has a blanket and at the end she went to sleep she said she didnt have a blanket

  • Julie Delaway
    Julie Delaway 19 hours ago

    This is like the only non clickbait 24 hour challenge 😂

  • Nataly Moses
    Nataly Moses 19 hours ago +1

    To 4:05 to 4:14 it has the new intro

  • *Aame Fox*
    *Aame Fox* 19 hours ago +1

    I have to be in the car for 10 hrs so I’m just binge watching every video you made

  • Ester Moor
    Ester Moor 19 hours ago

    I have insta what’s your name?

  • Sean Christy
    Sean Christy 19 hours ago

    YouR soooOooO FunNy HahaAaaaA

  • Bryan Davis
    Bryan Davis 19 hours ago

    Moriah Elizabeth:Im going to Draw now! you:... Moriah Elizabeth (Goes onto Phone) you:WAT THATS NOT DRAWING!

  • Cootie 999
    Cootie 999 19 hours ago

    Cats: Meow
    Dogs: Bark
    Idiots: wHo iS bEtTeR? mOrIaH: likE (random youtuber): cOmMeNt

  • Lexi Mcelroy
    Lexi Mcelroy 20 hours ago

    Get off your phone

  • KK’s ASMR
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    Sarah Pottage 22 hours ago

    Stop moaning

  • Panda Ponda
    Panda Ponda 22 hours ago

    At 13:10 it is a cupcat

  • Nicole Benjamin
    Nicole Benjamin 22 hours ago

    Make one of your drawings into a squishy

  • Artur Kaz
    Artur Kaz 23 hours ago

    Her:oppy come in
    Oppy:yass girl hayyyaaa
    Her:ahhhhhhhhh 😱

  • V P Singh
    V P Singh 23 hours ago +2


  • V P Singh
    V P Singh 23 hours ago +2

    I really miss your hair they were so nice and beautiful

  • Letitia Rhodes
    Letitia Rhodes Day ago

    Your drawings are sooooo good

  • Rainbow56 Videos
    Rainbow56 Videos Day ago +1

    This was entertaining in so many ways

  • Laura Bowman
    Laura Bowman Day ago

    Me in dance class 4:12
    Im a bad dancer but dang she is a good dancer
    Jk well she is a great dancer but the cupcake drawing is amazing I can’t even draw a perfect line without a ruler 😐😑

  • Olivia Rose
    Olivia Rose Day ago

    hi moriah! I was wondering if you have a ticktock cause I saw an @officialmoriahelizabeth on ticktock and i was wondering if it was really you. i love you and your vids so much, one time i had 5 minute laughing fit because of your videos were you bake your squishes in real life. You are so funny and artsy! hope you see this ;)

  • Just Josh
    Just Josh Day ago

    And so a new intro was born

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    nicholas bain Day ago

    You are so good at drawing from Ryda

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    Anastasia Yan Day ago

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    Opie is cute but mean.

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