Best Motorbike in The World - Suzuki 1000cc GSX-R 2003-2004

  • Published on Sep 12, 2018
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  • Lex Riordan
    Lex Riordan 3 days ago

    Weed hrave not hrad grilyfreinds luv brikes

  • Gr3enV1sion
    Gr3enV1sion 9 days ago +1

    FOR SALE: Suziki GSX-R 2003-2004, used once.

  • zach trensey
    zach trensey 10 days ago

    This is what would happen to just about any bike lmao if not less on a cbr1k

  • PrumSet
    PrumSet 11 days ago

    BMW S1000rr still better

  • TheMattc999
    TheMattc999 12 days ago

    I rode a 2003 gsxr1000 as my only transportation for years, and I'll never forget the first time I got caught in the snow with it. I was on the highway and literally went from dry pavement to 4 inches of snow in an instant. My initial thought was "Oh shit...." but it turns out it handled it better than most cars I have driven. I still miss that bike, even after seeing it for a newer model.

    THEIRISHAXE 13 days ago

    What about the h2r?

  • He Was Dead When I Got There

    04 to 06 r1 would disagree

  • Amun Anubis
    Amun Anubis 15 days ago

    Not Suzuki fan boys? Hmm:)

  • John Smithllc
    John Smithllc 16 days ago +3

    Gsxr 1000, the best bike in the world hands down and you know this man

  • John Smithllc
    John Smithllc 16 days ago

    F*** yeah I knew that m*********** was going to start again. Is it still running these days I was just kind of wondering if there was any long-term effects? Also I got a question for you. I bet you guys know those bikes inside and out more than anybody with all the testing you do on them. Mine keeps blowing the f****** turn signal kickstand relay. I went through the whole wiring harness turn signals we're not hooked up in the guy got it from Adam just in there arking out. Which is what I was sure was the reason it blew the relay the first time but I went through the whole thing there's no wires are grounding out . Even bypassed that f****** kickstand sensor s***. I through in the new relay relay number 3. Turn the key and nothing then I jumped it at the starter relay and it started right up . buttoned it all up. Thought I was going to get to go for a ride finally again. I turn the key again the f****** relay started smoking. You guys have any idea what it could be? I know there's a kickstand sensor of rollover sensor a clutch sensor and I think if fuel pump is on that relay also the 7-pin relay. what do you think my friends? Also if you guys ever come to America you let me know I usually live in San Diego but I'm in Albuquerque working on the movies now but I'd love to meet up with you guys you guys seem like you're crazier than I am or maybe the same crazy

  • John Smithllc
    John Smithllc 16 days ago

    How about a 2001 GSXR1000 K1?

  • alex Ferrell
    alex Ferrell 18 days ago

    Check out my RU-clip channel

    JRGAMING2K18 18 days ago

    My jet ski sank and it had full engine re build and new everything took 8 days but it’s fucked how can you even ride a bike on water bruh it’s a snow track not a water jet😂

  • BassStudent4life
    BassStudent4life 19 days ago

    You'd have the same result with any of the 4 jap brands.

  • Emanuil Seykov
    Emanuil Seykov 19 days ago

    I have the same bike and I'm happy

  • Luc Verhoeven
    Luc Verhoeven 19 days ago

    Suzuki is the best brand period

  • dominick253
    dominick253 20 days ago

    Aks are less reliable than m16s 🤣😂🤣 bad comparison I think.

  • Tom detto Biondo
    Tom detto Biondo 20 days ago

    does this apply to newer gsx-r s, too?

  • Stevo Rider
    Stevo Rider 21 day ago

    Uses only one bike and claims it's the best bike in the world... hmmm.
    Still an awesome video tho.

    • AstroRV
      AstroRV 15 days ago

      Stevo Rider true and true lol sold me tho that bike rips

  • Joshy Leuer
    Joshy Leuer 21 day ago

    My dad has the chassie of this bike but a Aprila 250 engine

  • Chase Null
    Chase Null 22 days ago

    nothing like a susuki one tousand

  • ꧁ jT ꧂
    ꧁ jT ꧂ 22 days ago

    They just should've put it in rice...

  • Oscar Flyer
    Oscar Flyer 26 days ago

    Kawasaki is as good as Suzies.

  • peer25275
    peer25275 28 days ago


  • Zachary Pollack
    Zachary Pollack 29 days ago

    Id retorque exhaust pipes and rapid cool kill spark plugs

  • Zachary Pollack
    Zachary Pollack 29 days ago

    Clean ignition wiring clip...

  • Zachary Pollack
    Zachary Pollack 29 days ago

    Oil pump chain if not backfiring when you let off not timing chain. Probly oil pump chain little dinky. If you know what i mean...

  • Miro Hiltunen
    Miro Hiltunen Month ago

    Vähä niiku toyota hilux vai mikä olikaa

  • AMN O-Jay
    AMN O-Jay Month ago

    Very impressive

  • robert nagy
    robert nagy Month ago

    You should try a Honda CBR 600 F 2!Small,powerfull,reliable engine!There is no(the best)!

  • exist in the now
    exist in the now Month ago

    You guys are bad asses

  • Si Jelek Story
    Si Jelek Story Month ago

    Apa daya ku yang hanya punya GSX R150 😁

  • iridocyclitis
    iridocyclitis Month ago +1

    "EEEI VITTU!!!!"
    *in calm voice* : and that means that everything didn't go so well.

  • Jon Eirik Martinsen

    I want this engine in my Smart car ;)

  • Jessie Barrington
    Jessie Barrington Month ago

    I like the gxr1000...but I will stick with my busa

  • micah reeves
    micah reeves Month ago

    I have a 03 and love it owned it for over 10 years . Will ride it till one of us dies

  • cloud chaser
    cloud chaser Month ago

    Amazing. Good job getting that bike running.

  • Sjoerd de jonge
    Sjoerd de jonge Month ago

    I always sad it i owned one to

  • Shawn Jerome
    Shawn Jerome Month ago

    I want to use some 2-stroke oil

  • Adam Jordan
    Adam Jordan Month ago

    Suzuki motors are tanks

  • gsxrkz
    gsxrkz Month ago +3

    K5 to k8 is considered the best GSXR ever made until the new model 2017

  • Mas Pras Channel
    Mas Pras Channel Month ago +1

    The best GSXR design so far.

  • Callum Evans
    Callum Evans Month ago +2

    *swears profusely*
    "that means that everything didn't go so well"

  • Roy May
    Roy May Month ago

    We had a TVR Tuscan engine fill with water on the dyno because the headgasket blew. We took the plugs out and turned it over and it was like a super size water cannon. The engine ran again in 2hrs.

  • Bart Davis
    Bart Davis Month ago +1

    The Gixxer Elixir !
    Party on Garth !

  • Jeff Fowler
    Jeff Fowler Month ago

    Isopropyl alchohol removes water

  • noavgjoe
    noavgjoe Month ago +1

    I sure miss mine. Way to stir up the memories!

  • dovahkiin vakii
    dovahkiin vakii Month ago

    Maybe you should everytime sink a new bike to the bottom of a lake, pull it out, dry it and then it runs first properly 😁 probably it thinks if i don't run fine now they throw me again in this disgusting lake 😁😂😁😉

  • JMC5
    JMC5 Month ago

    People do this all the time on all kinds of motorcycles. I personally have had to do this 3 times in my life and all 3 of them started again and lived on. The gsxr 1000 is a great engine but I dont think this necessarily proves that.

  • Delajuan El Bey
    Delajuan El Bey Month ago

    I would like to know what type of stunt cage bar is on this bike right here 0:46

  • Rick Bates
    Rick Bates Month ago

    Might want to put some flotation devices on that thing for future lake runs ... like deployable life rafts with gas cylinder to deploy. That thing would make a good weapon for the military to deploy marines onto beaches. Especially an electric version that was silent.

  • Anthony Nixon
    Anthony Nixon Month ago

    Gsxr baby🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  • Ryn Wolfeh
    Ryn Wolfeh Month ago

    Can't beat the KLR650 though

  • William Jenssen
    William Jenssen Month ago +1

    Is the gsxr600 as bulletproof? 1000cc is a bit too much for most😳

    • kayhoww
      kayhoww Month ago +1

      William Jenssen not as much in my opinion, (i’ve owned 2)

  • tim kiely
    tim kiely Month ago

    Brilliant just brill guys

  • kyle limmer
    kyle limmer Month ago

    fuckinggg gayyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Logan Scottys
    Logan Scottys Month ago

    K6 liter all day!

  • 2001wj
    2001wj Month ago +7

    the dry plug, valves were closed on that cylinder when he shut it off

  • Kevin Ghifari
    Kevin Ghifari Month ago

    personally never own a big bike from suzuki
    but i have a 2004 scooter matic125cc single cylinder and ooh boy that thing is tough.. i had crash it like 5 times and 3 of them was a big one(above 60 kmh) and the bike just fine. couple of scratches here and there but the sub frame and the engine is just like a tank,

  • Seye Oladejo
    Seye Oladejo Month ago

    You guys are crazy!!