Adam Ruins Everything - Why Extreme Diets Don't Work | truTV

  • Published on Jul 12, 2017
  • Losing weight at a rapid rate can actually make it harder for you to stay thin in the long-term.
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    Adam Ruins Everything - Why Extreme Diets Don't Work | truTV
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  • MetalSonicReject
    MetalSonicReject 4 days ago

    I heard that occasional cheat days help your metabolism adjust to the extreme diets. Is that true?

  • MAnDelvium
    MAnDelvium 10 days ago

    Anyone can lose weight

  • Bonnie Jane
    Bonnie Jane 15 days ago

    Don’t make it seem like being fat is ok. It’s incredible unhealthy. People can loose weight and be healthy.

    DJ DEATHDDOUG 26 days ago

    Why not edit DNA to make us be thin

  • QOne
    QOne 28 days ago

    Alot of people can misunderstand this and put all their reasoning for not able to lose weight on 'genetics'. The choices we make do matter to our health and waistline; our actions do have consequence. They should clarify that this is extreme dieting.

  • F T
    F T Month ago

    Want to loose weight and get paid for it? Well there is a solution:

  • Pretty Athiest
    Pretty Athiest Month ago

    losing weight doesn't “damage” your metabolism. But because of theadaptations your body undergoes in response to fat loss (to prevent that fat loss, in fact), 'energy out' for those who have lost significant weight will always be lower than for people who were always lean. -quote from percision nutrition i got. Can someone tell me if this is correct or not?

  • daniele one
    daniele one Month ago

    Wow this is triggering for eating disorders 😂

  • Charles Calthrop
    Charles Calthrop Month ago

    Tom Hanks got diabetes from the weight he lost.

  • Tristan Yelin
    Tristan Yelin 2 months ago

    This is wrong, sorry

  • Cuber Shil
    Cuber Shil 2 months ago

    what about muscle mass to increase metabolism

  • Robin Lillian
    Robin Lillian 3 months ago

    Calorie restriction doesn't work--even if you lose the weight slowly. You will still gain it back. The best thing to do is to eliminate processed food, cut down to 100 grams or less carbs/DAY (equivalent of 4 slices of toast or less), fatty meat & butter are good for you, unlimited vegetables, and cut down on sugar. Above all, don't starve yourself. Fruit juice has almost as much sugar as soda, and too much sweet fruit is bad news if you tend to gain weight. You should not be eating more than six teaspoons of added sugar per day tops, and probably less than that. Exercise is good for you, but won't necessarily make you lose weight. Fat people who exercise live longer than thin people who don't.
    That Sugar Film:

  • Will Lyon
    Will Lyon 3 months ago

    0:04 That photoshop is so unrealistic

  • Joshua Rosen
    Joshua Rosen 3 months ago

    so crisper is the key to the perfect plan and some of us in addition to our control and pysical activity are just lucky well i fell less but still criticatl of others

  • L T
    L T 3 months ago

    Great video! Have a nice day!

  • Cheeki Breeki Gopnik
    Cheeki Breeki Gopnik 3 months ago

    But I wanna be fat

  • Dauntlessly There
    Dauntlessly There 3 months ago

    If you work hard you can raise your metabolism

  • Muhammad Usama
    Muhammad Usama 4 months ago

    "Genetics" - yeah, metabolic difference definitely can't be offset by muscle mass and adjustment of stress and hunger hormones. That statement wasn't wrong, just extremely misleading. I know dozens of people who lost weight years ago and didn't regain back because they track their macros (which is easy).

  • Jonathan Stewart
    Jonathan Stewart 4 months ago

    now you know kids it your mom and dad fault your fat

  • Canine Broccoli
    Canine Broccoli 4 months ago

    And this is why my mom always calls us( my family) to dinner so we run up the stairs for excersize

  • Deeth Irteen
    Deeth Irteen 4 months ago

    You can't spell Diet without DIE.

  • Marcello C
    Marcello C 4 months ago

    "unrealistic" why?
    if you don't eat enough eventually will loose weight. Period

    • Vitralify
      Vitralify Month ago

      Extreme Diets. Did you watch the video? Exercising like a Navy Seal and eating nothing is very unrealistic

  • Armen Topchyan
    Armen Topchyan 4 months ago

    He studied the obese, hardly your typical population. Other studies point to metabolic adaptation too but it differs from person to person, and your avg joe isn’t adapting a crazy amount that cant be overcome. Not everyone can be thin, but most can be thinner than they are now.

  • 前田先生のYouTube新幹線教育クラス

    but... what about those people who fat genetically ?

  • Paradigm & Erico
    Paradigm & Erico 5 months ago

    What's the source on "Research has shown genetics explains most of the weight differences between people" ?

  • Maestrul Gamer
    Maestrul Gamer 5 months ago

    Poor Sam.He will be fat forever.

  • 8 eyed guy
    8 eyed guy 5 months ago

    Try this terrible idea: slowly eat more calories and sugars within a month then how back to your original diet for a week and you should lose weight

  • MrMannky
    MrMannky 5 months ago

    Wanna get slim? Start Smoking weed and wait half a year lol

  • KirkLand Subscribe to me pls

    Because Adam says so

  • Alan Luevano
    Alan Luevano 5 months ago

    That dude looks like trap

  • Rhyperior Ranger
    Rhyperior Ranger 5 months ago

    Remember the old saying folks, slow and steady wins the race.

  • Mattpat Don’t judge me

    I eat most of what I burn, it keeps a high motasium.

  • Sir Maggotbone
    Sir Maggotbone 5 months ago

    not everyone can have a model like body, but pretty much everyone can lose weight and keep it off. just stop eating sugar, bread, and pasta. you will lose weight. lazy fucks.

  • Frank Chen
    Frank Chen 5 months ago

    Jeff Cavaliere wants to know your location.

  • sebastep
    sebastep 6 months ago

    Yeah, no! You cannot gain weight if you do not overeat and exercise. It's thermodynamics. You cannot create mass out of thin air. So what if your metabolic rate drops (by the way 2000 calories/day is not low, it's normal). Just don't eat more than that. So it IS about willpower. I don't care if you drop to 1500 just don't eat more than that. Oh, it's hard, I know, that's where willpower comes in.

  • Jarod Farrant
    Jarod Farrant 6 months ago

    Jsut diet and exercise in a moderately way isn’t hard ok it is but it’s worth it.

  • kratosmaycry
    kratosmaycry 6 months ago

    Just so everyone knows, I'm assuming this is ONLY referring to losing weight too fast thorough extreme diets. If you lose weight slowly, u can achieve your goals.
    That line at the end about generics REALLY makes it seem like you should just give up, but you should not

  • Jordan the Shitlord
    Jordan the Shitlord 6 months ago

    changing your diet is gonna do much more to help you lose weight than exercise will. you can eat whatever you want and be healthy; the key is how much of those fatty and sugary foods you eat. keep track of nutrients and that'll help you most.

  • Ramyar Abdullah
    Ramyar Abdullah 7 months ago

    This haul got is a complete idiot. Not getting thin because of your genetics. This is ridiculous, anyone can lose with the proper lifestyle, nutrition and training.

  • FoxyPinkGirl
    FoxyPinkGirl 7 months ago

    The entire episode sounded very discouraging like there is no hope :( either you have a great metabolism or great genetics or you are screwed.

  • The Enchilada
    The Enchilada 7 months ago

    Funny for me, lost 30 pounds from eating once a day in 9 months. In whch when i started losing weight. I gradually eat a bit more than one meal a day.

  • Dr Kent
    Dr Kent 7 months ago

    Now I know why I’m fat

  • Robert Silvers
    Robert Silvers 7 months ago

    Adam picked the wrong expert for this episode. I would really like to see him bat a perfect "always correct" but this episode weakened his streak.

  • Robert Silvers
    Robert Silvers 7 months ago

    This MD is generally wrong. Once you reach your target weight, you do not need to continue the extreme activity and low calories because you can end your deficit and go into a higher amount of calories that maintain your weight. Is this fewer calories than before? Sure, but you are so much smaller that you don't need as many calories to be full.
    He also said most of the difference in people's weight is genetic. That is also obviously not true because people were not generally fat until the 1970s. That proves it is diet based - mostly how much sugar you eat in convenience foods.
    If you put a thin person's brain into a fat person, they would lose weight and keep it off. It is all about choices.

  • Christian Villar
    Christian Villar 8 months ago

    Then I the doctor said I was obese. I can loose it if I regain it.

  • firedreamer hellopanda0909

    Thick is life

  • Charlie Williams
    Charlie Williams 8 months ago +1

    Choose a life long eating lifestyle that moderately healthy. You gain weight back by old habits.

  • Andrew Hubiak Lynn
    Andrew Hubiak Lynn 8 months ago


  • Leet Production
    Leet Production 8 months ago

    Weight or mass

  • Bradley Weeks
    Bradley Weeks 8 months ago

    Subscribeto pewdiepie

  • ninjahX
    ninjahX 9 months ago

    You know what they say "Slow and steady wins the race"

  • p6 exe
    p6 exe 9 months ago +1

    Ill change my genetics with will power

  • Emma Robert
    Emma Robert 9 months ago

    Why can't I gain weight

  • Faldy66
    Faldy66 9 months ago +1


  • Marek Sison
    Marek Sison 9 months ago

    How cool would it be to have Avatar Korra as your personal trainer

  • WhittyWhitts
    WhittyWhitts 9 months ago

    Kids this is why we have liposuction.

  • Pastel Princess Gracie
    Pastel Princess Gracie 9 months ago

    Please stop lying. Everyone can be thin but its about loosing weight healthy and changing what you eat. You can't go on the biggest looser loose weight and than go back to big macs. Also less than 3% of people are affected by genetics im weight loss. It's parenting, a child's diet reflects their parents.

  • john Stark
    john Stark 9 months ago +1

    WRONG!!!! What about OMAD.

  • Abhijith S
    Abhijith S 10 months ago

    The guy 'Dr Kevin hall' looks like mark ruffallo
    Wonder when he is gonna be hulk

  • kagamutora
    kagamutora 10 months ago

    So weight loss is pointless more or less

  • Adarsh
    Adarsh 10 months ago

    One word answer : powerlift

  • Punmaster
    Punmaster 10 months ago

    I'm already knew this

  • GYMHEAD210
    GYMHEAD210 10 months ago

    Wtf This is So uninspiring... LAME

  • Nicholas LaDieu
    Nicholas LaDieu 10 months ago +1

    Everyone can be thin if they lose it slowly and sustainably.

  • Carlton Wright
    Carlton Wright 10 months ago

    I wish they had the full episodes so you could see at the end of this episode they explained you shouldn't exercise for results that aren't feasible and should exercise and eat right because it makes you feel better and improves your quality of life in general.

  • Dartian
    Dartian 11 months ago

    I totally understand why people want to look great. But a long as your healthy your doing great. Exercising daily is really the best way to lose wait. But you have to do it over time

  • Tara and Tommy
    Tara and Tommy 11 months ago

    Ill runin you its beacuse i cant gain weight and im slighty underweight

  • Demo 0
    Demo 0 11 months ago +1

    genetics aint going to be much of an issue i 10 years seriously all they scientists have to do is find a way to increase peoples metabalism

  • Russell Branjord
    Russell Branjord 11 months ago

    Anyone who has truly struggled with obesity and dieting understands what he's saying. It's redeeming to know that there was a reason beyond will-power of why my dieting failed. I'm going on 15 years of my transformation by eating at a deficit for 6 days a week with a surplus of calories the other day. What this does is deplete glycogen and force fat to be burned for energy and then re-stores glycogen before leptin is affected and begins to de-regulate my metabolism.

  • End my suffering please
    End my suffering please 11 months ago +1

    The study done about the show 'the biggest loser' was so flawed that it can't be used as any sort of proof other than 'you CAN lose wieght'. The majority of the contestants go back to their old eating and exorcise habits, but those who kept the diet, exercise up and regularly weighed themselves didn't gain the wieght back because they didn't go back to eating like pigs. Like this whole episode isn't helping anyone

  • George R. Carmichael
    George R. Carmichael 11 months ago


  • Jeffrey Rodriguez
    Jeffrey Rodriguez 11 months ago

    Same thing with gyms, muscle mass is highly genetic, and those strong men in protein shakes you buy are either genetic or use steroids.


    And now you can pay thousand of dollars to have a thin persons bacteria put into you and will help lose weight without physically cutting out the fat

  • sairenx
    sairenx Year ago

    Of the 14 contestants, 80% did...
    So 11.2??

  • liam McKenna
    liam McKenna Year ago +2

    By maintaining a high protein intake, proper portioning (to caloric need) and following an appropriate workout regiment anyone can become fit and healthy. Ref Dr. Kim university of Toronto, protein synthesis and athlete protein intake review study.
    You can't change your body type, but physique and health can almost always be changed for the better. What this video is saying is that the extreme dieting seen on the biggest losing doesn't work, the human body is an amazing machine, if you treat it right amazing things will happen.

  • Swole Thor
    Swole Thor Year ago +1

    In a different episode Adam said, “Sugar makes you fat.” Hmmmmmm

  • Fordragon
    Fordragon Year ago

    You see kids, genetics explains most weight differences between people. This is why we had the same obesity rates 100 years ago that we have today. You know those pictures of "circus freak" world's fattest men from the early 1900s that just look like average Americans today? That's just propaganda paid for by the fitness industry. We've always been this fat. Calories in versus calories out is a lie and you should just give up.

  • LargerOyster !
    LargerOyster ! Year ago

    If you don’t believe this look at retired wrestlers, boxers and other weight system sports

  • Corsuwey
    Corsuwey Year ago

    The only thing that will really help those who have certain "genes" would be to move to an area of the world where food is relatively hard to come by... and sugary, fatty processed foods are nonexistent.

  • Cardi B Needs to explain life

    Who thought the doctor was Andy Cohen

  • Alice Graham
    Alice Graham Year ago

    why not just do it at a healthy rate, cut back sugar, include fruits and veggies, work out an hour a day, and don't eat too much before bed time? Everyone's different and it may take longer due to various body issues and you may not shed pounds like a snake, but you at least will have more energy and your organs will be healthier.

  • Marina Gaughtblattz

    Fatty Melt sounds like a sandwich on a Denny’s menu. 😂

  • Eric R
    Eric R Year ago

    Then there's the people having problem with gaining weight. My sister and I have powerful metabolism's.
    For example, she ate four whole pizza's [ not slices, whole pizza's ] and was still hungry. Didn't gain anything from that.
    People look at that and say "Oh you're so lucky to have that" but it's not as great as people think.
    For the average person's grocery bill where I live, they spend $200 at most a month on food.
    My sister and I spend $600 AT LEAST on food a month. That's not together either, that's $600 each and the sad part is, my sister is actually losing weight still. She's so thin you can see her rib bones.

  • Nom du Clavier
    Nom du Clavier Year ago

    But you can be healthier. Focus on that.

  • Hilo People
    Hilo People Year ago +2

    Does anyone know any good way to become fat if your metabolism is really high and you're a picky eater?

    • Pastel Princess Gracie
      Pastel Princess Gracie 9 months ago

      Hilo People I had a similiar problem. I found that having someone who I trust to blindfold me and wear nose plugs to try foods that to me didn't lool very good. Also try exercising, I gained a lot of mussle and now healthier. Also mussle weighs more than fat

  • MR_ Skull
    MR_ Skull Year ago

    Amazing episode

  • ZanesFacebook
    ZanesFacebook Year ago

    so why is 50% of the US population "genetically different" than the rest of the world?
    when that same 50% only makes up about 2% of the earth's total population
    I guess that's the next question to answer

  • Lauren Perfetto
    Lauren Perfetto Year ago

    I got a McDonald’s ad before this

  • -FK-
    -FK- Year ago

    You can cycle, you eat what the amount of calories your diet says, and then after some time, it could be every 3 days, or once a week, you eat what you would normally eat, it keeps your metabolism from slowing down, it doesnt completely reset it, but in long term you will lose weight and it will be easier to maintain.

  • Nolan Johnson
    Nolan Johnson Year ago +1

    The only reason they regained it was due to how quickly they lost it, just go slowly and gradually like I did and you will lose and maintain a lower weight.

  • NAGGER wassup
    NAGGER wassup Year ago +1

    But you can increase metabolsm now by some foods like bell pepper and stuff, green tea is good too, fiber food etc

  • Divorced Father of 8

    *Fat acceptance movement*

    SIDDEVILTVA Year ago

    My mom just wants to lose weight, she’s not extreme at all.

  • Mary McKenzie
    Mary McKenzie Year ago +1

    So basically do t slowly so your body an adjust

  • Big_Stupid_Wolf
    Big_Stupid_Wolf Year ago +1

    dont mind me im just putting this on my "Why im fat list"

  • Joao Da Costa
    Joao Da Costa Year ago

    Thin doesn't mean you are healthy

  • Adam Herrera
    Adam Herrera Year ago +1

    My thought is this. You wouldn't feed your pets a lot of table scraps or treats, right? Why would you, the individual, feed yourself nothing but junk food? I encourage eating to fuel the body. Eat to live, but don't live to eat.

  • Bilguitei Buyankhishig

    well. his point is right. i have been training for 8 years and in order to be in a shape that i want i must have to be on diet and do that exercise. so 18 hours training per day. no one can live like that. no wonder why they gained their weight back. in my case when i stop training and eat whatever like only 20 days. i already start losing my muscle and having belly.

  • Nina Welch
    Nina Welch Year ago +1

    My mom and dad have been on something called a Keto diet for about two months. My mom has lost 25 pounds and my dad has lost 30, and you are going to tell me that dieting dorsn't work!!!!

  • William Hamilton
    William Hamilton Year ago

    talk about depressing... You work out all the time and you will still be fat!! Genetics is the key, not your willpower or your diet.