ASMR with SNL Host Scarlett Johansson

  • Published on Dec 13, 2019
  • Scarlett Johansson hosts Saturday Night Live on December 14, 2019 with musical guest Niall Horan.
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Comments • 586

  • sophia_da_ first
    sophia_da_ first 6 hours ago

    Bless you ?

  • wayy nt
    wayy nt 11 hours ago

    Ive been waiting for Scarlett Johansson to do asmr my whole life

  • moni qui
    moni qui 15 hours ago


  • Fulci&Chill
    Fulci&Chill Day ago

    On one hand it's Scarlett who is my biggest celeb crush. Ever.
    On the other hand why is it common practice to mock and make fun of the ASMR community. I've got PTSD, anxiety so bad I feel myself suffocating. I have trouble sleeping etc.
    You all might not understand it. But it DOES help me find peace and calm in my every day life.

  • ThothHeart Maat
    ThothHeart Maat Day ago

    Do this on my bedside.. it's my birthday..

  • Panda Power
    Panda Power 2 days ago

    she doesnt have a calming voice, as an asmr junkie i dont go for voices like hers

  • Kiki Martin
    Kiki Martin 2 days ago

    I want more of this! That’s my girl crush 😍

  • Weteperepe
    Weteperepe 3 days ago

    Perfect way to acknowledge our community, respectful and fun at the same time, thank you SNL and thank you Scarlett!!! ❤️

  • Word
    Word 4 days ago

    This video is so relaxing.......


  • Shooter Mcgavin
    Shooter Mcgavin 6 days ago

    I can happily say for one time in my life I was ahead of the trend.

  • Vanessa Narváez
    Vanessa Narváez 8 days ago


  • Jenn
    Jenn 9 days ago

    w magazine should get her to do a longer asmr video

  • William Nagore
    William Nagore 10 days ago +3

    There’s and SNL sketch where Ariana Grande is playing Scarlett Johansson on this game show hosted by Steve Harvey. And Ariana does a surprisingly good impression of Scarlett Johansson

  • phosgene2
    phosgene2 11 days ago

    you tube needs something like this, i.e. asmr done with top tier hardware and world class audio engineering which is what i assume they have there at nbc 30 rock. the only other example i can think of is the super bowl commercial with zoe kravitz. that was probably some no expense spared asmr.....

  • Hudaef Cares?
    Hudaef Cares? 12 days ago

    I usually hate asmr, but... I actually liked this. I actually went 'oh yeah'.😬🤦‍♂️ Maybe I like asmr if I like the one doing it. I happen to like Scarlett very much.🤔

  • i cant think of anything

    I thought this was a skit, lol.

  • IchigoMait
    IchigoMait 16 days ago

    Trust in me.

  • Bill Murray from The Man Who Knew Too Little

    Oh fuck, I got a boner.

  • Marcel Halat
    Marcel Halat 17 days ago +2

    Is this scarlett Johansson? Or os is really Kate from snl

  • BlackJohnSmith
    BlackJohnSmith 18 days ago

    That was too good

  • Mr. Marvel ASMR
    Mr. Marvel ASMR 18 days ago

    Why hasn't she done W magazine ASMR?!?

  • Diego M-A
    Diego M-A 19 days ago


  • Brooksy
    Brooksy 19 days ago

    Subscribe to me. Cheers if you do

  • skyjago777
    skyjago777 20 days ago

    mono audio FeelsWeirdMan

  • Elsie Shi
    Elsie Shi 22 days ago

    Is it the whole asmr video??? One minute???

  • skotty leal
    skotty leal 23 days ago

    Well I’m officially a one minute man now... lol 😍

  • Frozen Burrito
    Frozen Burrito 25 days ago

    That was incredible. I could _definitely_ fall asleep to that!

  • HugoBoss
    HugoBoss 26 days ago

    I’d pay for this

  • New King
    New King 26 days ago

    I've always thought asmr was very gross and only extreme pervs like it. And to think of of someone wanting Scarlett Johansson to do it, made me mad. I felt like if someone really wanted her to make it real ASMR video, they they would insulting her. And I still think it would be insulting toward her because of it being perverted. But being from SNL, I went ahead and listened. And her first words just made me melt LOL. I think it's just her voice lol!

  • Nayops 19
    Nayops 19 27 days ago +1

    Well this was unexpected to say the least....

  • Ari Jung
    Ari Jung 27 days ago

    She makes everything sexy-

  • Gian Louis
    Gian Louis 28 days ago +1

    It’s amazing how she’s getting recognition from real asmrtists here on RU-clip like ASMRDarling. She’s one of my favorite asmrtists and I was hoping she would comment on this and she actually did and it makes me really happy😊 I just hope Scarlett Johansson will consider making an asmr video that is at least 10-15 minutes long. Just one video and I can die in peace and I will be the happiest man on earth.

  • eilish the eyelash
    eilish the eyelash 29 days ago +2

    Her voice is so calminggggg though

  • A. Ericsson Mantilla

    Holy hell. I think i died and went to heaven. Thanks, NBC. The best blessing i’ve ever received. We need more of this.

  • Don Wdx
    Don Wdx Month ago


  • omar alarcon
    omar alarcon Month ago

    Too bad this isnt even binaural microphone

  • Angel Skyes
    Angel Skyes Month ago

    Xq solo un minuto 😴😢

  • Son of Martha
    Son of Martha Month ago

    Mah left ear is blessed

  • Son of Martha
    Son of Martha Month ago

    I would definitely watch this weeks snl if does an one asmr video

  • YesIamCaden _
    YesIamCaden _ Month ago

    Fell asleep faster than gamora on vormeir

  • wise elizabeth
    wise elizabeth Month ago

    Oh thank god I thought they were gonna roast people who like asmr but instead it was a treat

  • Son of Martha
    Son of Martha Month ago

    This is the best thing happened in this decade for me

  • Aaron Telander
    Aaron Telander Month ago +2

    This was actually her audition tape for “Her”

  • Max Payne
    Max Payne Month ago +7

    0:55 there goes my hearing

  • Max Payne
    Max Payne Month ago

    No offence scarlett but terrible asmr skill

  • KingTray
    KingTray Month ago

    not going to lie, this got my penis hard

  • Catmario
    Catmario Month ago

    why mono mix :(

  • athews1976
    athews1976 Month ago

    She's not doing it right. This isn't working for me.

  • Luis T. De La Torre
    Luis T. De La Torre Month ago +1

    Yo I’m not going to lie but this was amazing

  • scope this
    scope this Month ago

    She shoulda wore a navy jacket for war.

  • The Big LeeBowski
    The Big LeeBowski Month ago

    Is this the teaser for Her 2?

  • Rad Foxx
    Rad Foxx Month ago

    A pair of c100's for ASMR ..thatll be the day 🐸🕵

  • Rogelio Espinoza
    Rogelio Espinoza Month ago

    Dat jump scare 😖

  • Jared B
    Jared B Month ago

    i find this so sexy idk why LOL

  • SophiePix1
    SophiePix1 Month ago

    finally!! she did ASMR! JESUS IS REAL.

  • 20Mike Masimalo
    20Mike Masimalo Month ago +3

    "She can do ASMR"
    Cardi entered the chat!

  • Colonel Angus
    Colonel Angus Month ago +1

    I have seen the top of the ASMR mountain.... and it is good. We need way more of this

  • Mass Effected
    Mass Effected Month ago +2

    1 minute 9 seconds, challenge excepted..

  • A Sidhu
    A Sidhu Month ago +1


    SUPERMAN MIKE Month ago +1

    Ppl who enjoy this type of shit with headphones on needs to seek help😂