Vatican sex abuse summit: Pope Francis says it's not enough to just condemn the issue

  • Published on Feb 21, 2019
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Comments • 7

  • Mudassir Shariff
    Mudassir Shariff 2 months ago


  • Ardent Fan
    Ardent Fan 2 months ago

    It is truly ludicrous that the roman catholic church has been for decades coming up with "best practices and protocols " for tackling pedophilia committed by their priests, and they are still working at it today. Even the man in the street can tell you what needs to be done......(1) hand over all pedophile priests to the police to charge them in courts and jail them in prisons for their crimes........(2) hand over all roman catholic church records to the authorities to conduct investigation and root out all pedophiles for the crimes they committed...........(3) hand over to the police all clergy who covered up for the pedophile crimes of priests to be charged in court as accessories to a crime and have them jailed for their criminal actions. It took me only 5 minutes to type out these measures that should immediately be taken by the roman catholic church if they want the world to take them seriously as a responsible religious institution. You don't need a 4 day conference to come out with such straight forward measures unless you are planning another PR stunt to hoodwink the world again.

  • Rasco Rivas
    Rasco Rivas 2 months ago

    Sick, the pope. Is the first one they are really sickkkkkkk😁

  • SHEEPY 14842
    SHEEPY 14842 2 months ago

    I love Krishna :D

  • N
    N 2 months ago +1

    They are like a shadow world government

  • david gregory
    david gregory 2 months ago +4

    The church has lost all credibility.
    Too many year of lies, abuse and corruption.
    Own your wreckage.
    Exhaust your riches for the benefit of the poor.