Psychosis or Spiritual Awakening: Phil Borges at TEDxUMKC

  • Published on Feb 23, 2014
  • Phil Borges, filmmaker and photographer, has been documenting indigenous and tribal cultures for over 25 years. His work is exhibited in museums and galleries worldwide and his award winning books have been published in four languages. Phil's recent project, Inner Worlds, explores cultural differences with respect to consciousness and mental illness.
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  • Adolfito
    Adolfito 51 minute ago

    Whomever filmed this failed in my book for only recording the speaker and not realizing that there were slides as part of the presentation... (eye roll)

  • Tuscani J
    Tuscani J 16 hours ago

    I’m not a weed smoker, but I would wanna go visit Kush Mountains too lol

  • Tuscani J
    Tuscani J 16 hours ago

    Do Patreon donators get to see the pictures on the screen? >.

  • Ruby G Edwards
    Ruby G Edwards 20 hours ago

    This is such an amazing story but why has the cameraman cut the pictures out of frame 🖼 ?!? We can’t see the pictures ☹️

  • Domerciful
    Domerciful Day ago

    Amazing talk, thank you!

  • sabzSoul
    sabzSoul 2 days ago +1

    I bet you those pictures on the slideshow are BEAUTIFUL. wow. We don’t even deserve to see them.

  • Janet Civiero
    Janet Civiero 3 days ago +1

    Great talk! I would have loved to see the photographs that were not visible throughout.

  • Tamara Jessup
    Tamara Jessup 3 days ago +4

    It would have been nice if the cameraman had pulled back so we could see the photos.

  • John Reid
    John Reid 4 days ago +1

    Apparently the camera man had a fixed focal length as well.

  • Mumar Kafafi
    Mumar Kafafi 4 days ago

    Been through this, it will try to kill you whatever is. Embrace it then close the tap. Sounds crazy right, but is not. My belief system doesn’t allow for this non sense, but it’s real. Experienced some scary stuff with people witnessing it as well. Needless to say, we just explain everything way with, we sure there is a rational explanation.

  • Carl Herr
    Carl Herr 4 days ago

    Poor video. This guy is all over the place...physically and verbally. Not to mention the camera work was horrible. The screen he was projecting onto is cut off. I feel dumber after watching this.
    Negative 2 stars 👎🏼

  • Alvaro Alvs
    Alvaro Alvs 4 days ago

    Unassertive assumption ...

  • colin crisp
    colin crisp 5 days ago


  • A millz
    A millz 7 days ago +3

    I’m a personal trainer n health outreach program to “mentally ill” most are schizophrenia n in homes . But nothing is wrong with these people they are just different from squares in western society . They are genius n many great ideas and inventions n art they have are being taken away by the medication they are on . It’s a big big big mess this America’. I’m glad I’m getting older n on my way out . I feel bad for the kids now
    Good luck with this disaster

  • May yahweh bless you Lord

    Can they put blockages In your body so energy can’t run through. Forceful energy trying to go up one leg and there’s a block. It’s really uncomfortable... I had a dream I had some alien implant on the very same leg.

  • Isaac Prosper
    Isaac Prosper 7 days ago +1

    So much wrong information when people think of Africa

  • Laura Lee Underwood
    Laura Lee Underwood 8 days ago

    I use Tarot.

  • Kelly Spencer
    Kelly Spencer 9 days ago

    If I hear of one more friend or family member doing a Counselors Degree I am going to scream!

  • Nicole Buttigieg
    Nicole Buttigieg 9 days ago

    It would have been nice to see the slides

  • Emboslice S
    Emboslice S 10 days ago

    Ive been wanting to help others...but everyone thinks im crazy just by the way i vibe.
    I see a therapist but ive kept my spiritual business to myself. I know how i feel and what i believe and whats happened to me. I know others wouldnt understand so i dont mention it. I've been alone doing this and im so different mentally... I feeling another level or something is going to happen soon

    • Clvrkz
      Clvrkz 7 days ago

      Emboslice S don’t change just because of how others see you, know you’re one of the good ones and be determined to make a positive difference. The enlightened minority have to be strong & level headed without succumbing to society’s expectations. Hope you figure things out, peace x

  • Emboslice S
    Emboslice S 10 days ago

    This has been me for the past few years...i can't believe it. This is what I've been trying to explain, to express. I have so much inside. I know things i feel things i can hear others thoughts sometimes...buzzing, auras, energy, love, compassion, there is so much.

  • D Hardy
    D Hardy 11 days ago

    This guy is just a dope. Who booked him for a TED talk? He can find indiginous people in trances on the streets of Detroit raising communal children.

  • Cassy Goring
    Cassy Goring 11 days ago

    I enjoyed your talk Phil, just wish I could have seen your photos too. Thank you

  • Bryan Sturgeon
    Bryan Sturgeon 12 days ago +1

    Great storyline but sorry dude more waffling than fact

  • carefulcarpenter
    carefulcarpenter 12 days ago

    *synchronistic mathematics* A rabbit hole to the soul.

  • Andrea of Kepler 62f
    Andrea of Kepler 62f 13 days ago

    Fascinating ! Great talk! 👍🙏✨💚✨

    GOKU BLANCO 13 days ago

    I feel like the comment section is gonna be full of schizophrenics lol

  • טל Art
    טל Art 13 days ago

    אין לי כוח להקליד באנגלית. פסיכיאטריה זה קשקוש המבייש את המדע ואת נפש האדם. חלק ניכר ממה שמכונה שיגעון או שלל אבחנות של "מחלות נפש" זה בעצם סימפטומים של תהליכים תודעתיים או מיסטיים. יש קיימויות ללא גוף והן מוצאות קשר אל חלק מבני האדם... בשלל דרכים. בימים עברו זה כונה "דיבוקים" וכיו"צ. באשר לתהליך השמאן זה בעצם סאטורי, חווית התעוררות התודעה, כמו זו שחוה הבודהה, ישוע ושאר סלבריטאים רוחניים מהעבר.

  • guitaryoder1
    guitaryoder1 14 days ago +2

    Been eating LSD the last couple of years. It only opens the mind if you open your mind. The drug itself does nothing for spiritual awareness.

  • Mikko S.
    Mikko S. 16 days ago

    I've got experience as a mental care patient with several doctors and nurses and know experiences of other patients, and what they 95% of the time do, is give you a label like psychotic or bipolar, and put you on meds. I did my own research on how to live with psychosis without medicines, and guess what, there's a lot of stuff doctors aren't telling you, probably because they dont know or are not allowed to, I dont know why. Stuff like getting ear protectors if you hear disturbing voices, getting used to the voices, learning to know the signs with which you can tell the difference between a real voice and a voice from your head or wherever, handling the trauma that caused you to become psychotic because psychosis is usually triggered by severe stress, and having a respectful and thoughtful talk with the voices, asking them things like "why do you say this" and so on.

    Mental health medicines have always side-effects, ones that many people dont notice until they read about them, like loss of emotions and motivation, loss of libido, because we're already living asexual emotionless lives where we just try to cope with everyday things and that's it, having grown accustomed to suppressing our real yearnings. Some people prefer to live with meds even after they realize all the side-effects they're having and believe there's a medicine which causes them minimal if any side-effects, but some like me realize you're better off without them if there's another way, and there usually is.

    Depression can be treated with cold exposure sessions of at least 10 minutes, like cold baths. Cannabis is often enough good for bipolar. ADHD can be treated with diet if I recall right. Western medicine usually treats the symptoms, not the root causes, which is inherently flawed approach because it always introduces new symptoms with the medicines it uses to treat the old ones. You need to make lasting changes with minimal side-effects if you want to live a fulfilling life.

  • katie kinsey
    katie kinsey 17 days ago

    Very fascinating I just need a little bit of clarity as to the one young man's drug use... are you saying he was abusing drugs ??or they were giving him drugs .like his team of doctors? it was just a little hazy and that one area as to what you meant there..

  • Kaz Kaz
    Kaz Kaz 17 days ago

    Just the waking time in my life to gravitate towards this energy ⛮

    • Kaz Kaz
      Kaz Kaz 17 days ago

      Ps-kind thanks ♥

  • Abiyah Rina
    Abiyah Rina 17 days ago

    The first time that I ever heard voice(s), I was 6 years old. My family and I had gone to the beach. My Father got me onto his back and took me out in the water. When he puts me in front of him, he let me go and I could see him start to leave me. I start trying to keep my head above water. My feet can't touch the bottom. Then I hear a voice from the sky, "Let the waves carry you back". As I hear this voice I feel myself lift up about shoulder length in the water and turned towards the shore. And the waves carried me back.

  • PaZuZu 666
    PaZuZu 666 17 days ago

    "WE" do not need to up our spirituality...It's the Worlds' Leaders who need to get some shred of spirituality...not Religous Dogma !!!

  • Trumble Research
    Trumble Research 18 days ago

    Annoyingly quieter over time. Can't hear it by the end

  • Robert Mayeaux
    Robert Mayeaux 19 days ago

    You are everything, every being, every emotion, every event, every situation, in every second and moment in time! Marcus Aurelius said- For there is one universe made up of all things and one God who pervades all things and one substance and one law and one reason. Be still and know that I am God!!!

  • Adam Hansen
    Adam Hansen 20 days ago

    I've been having a deeply profound experience for the last few days and it all began when I started willing out fear and shame and judgement and envy and pride, all the things that lead to bad thoughts. Then I began to observe the intuition. I laughed and cried and realized I don't want the bad thoughts to come back. now this intuition is telling me to do things and they're all positive and completely out of my character. I keep seeing the number 11 and I don't want this intuition to leave. So I figured out the easiest way to keep it is to share it with others. I hope people don't think I'm crazy, but if they do it's out of my control. I don't want to call it the G word because I think there's a scientific explanation for it. Now I can't be false to myself. I have a history of anxiety, but I'm not that kind of crazy. WTF is this thing.

  • Thefaceoftheword crook and flail

    Ever see the videos of people “shapeshifting” those are those ghostly remnants of reptoids and other beings who lost their lives here on Earth as well of these dark negative humans still here on Earth

  • Thefaceoftheword crook and flail

    Because they get to experience it while still here on Earth

  • Thefaceoftheword crook and flail

    Those people who have experienced these things they know what the afterlife is like

  • Thefaceoftheword crook and flail

    Those who are experiencing a psychosis are really existing in different dimensions while still in the physical realm when comes to hallucinations of the 5 senses and actually their 6th sense becomes fully engage so they are not imagining anything it’s real. Those voices are not made up voices at all those are people who passed on and are still here on Earth causing mischief some of the voices can be people who are trying to help against the other ghostly spirits attacking the person. Drugs are no good they trigger and open up these realms and then opens up a person to a full spiritual attack

  • Thefaceoftheword crook and flail

    It’s kinda of hilarious 😂 how so called mental health professionals mock those who think mental disorders are demonic possession and things of that nature. In reality they are making a mockery of themselves by mocking those who relate these issues to a more spiritual Biblical or religious way.
    They have no clue whatsoever ever they are programmed and severely indoctrinated.
    Medications do work sometimes to bring someone out of those dimensional paradoxes that the “mentally ill” suffer but they lack a true understanding of what’s really going.

  • Bob Big Bad
    Bob Big Bad 23 days ago

    Thanks for posting this,helped me alot.

  • Kaz Van Der Vaart
    Kaz Van Der Vaart 23 days ago

    Interesting Indeed

  • Hellena Rose
    Hellena Rose 23 days ago +1

    None of us are psychotic. We are the product of our own genetic predispositions and environments.

  • gayatri sankar
    gayatri sankar 24 days ago +3

    I have been always alone in this process . Happy to see there are people like me and I am not alone. I have been told that i am mad or i think and exaggerate stuffs. It's hard to struggle when u don't know what u are.

  • Cory Sassin
    Cory Sassin 24 days ago

    Be nice if we could see the slides!

  • Charon Ferryman
    Charon Ferryman 24 days ago

    going through it now!!! had an awakening last year, wow , just wow , The Creator builds the best puzzles! but now , alas , i am the now weirder , blacker sheep , my wife and kids think i'm going insane, ha ha , (blbkbkbl) dribbles lips....

  • Merci' Art
    Merci' Art 25 days ago

    Funny guy. Great message.

  • Lucie Liénard
    Lucie Liénard 25 days ago

    It can be both. If you are not grounded, spiritual awakening can send you into psychosis. Grow roots, be in your body, be in the moment, before you start opening your third eye!

  • T Rex
    T Rex 25 days ago +1

    As a person with schizoaffective disorder i am glad i am taking antipsychotics and mood stabilizers. Psychosis are simply horrible, will not go into detail about my visual and auditorial hallucinations, just happy that i do not have them anymore

  • Nancy Robinson
    Nancy Robinson 25 days ago

    Ever hear if Cora Richmond?

  • Denise Johnson
    Denise Johnson 26 days ago

    Why didn't they show his pics?

  • sub.
    sub. 26 days ago

    How is this not banned?

  • zSuperCrazyz
    zSuperCrazyz 26 days ago

    why he stand and sound like he's pissed drunk :D

  • AltPotus
    AltPotus 27 days ago +1

    One of my brothers was diagnosed as bi-polar. In ancient times, he would have been hailed as a prophet. Instead, he died broken.

  • B Smoke
    B Smoke 28 days ago +1

    These “mentally disabled people” in ancient times were called shamans and priest who served a very real and powerful purpose, modern philosophy has been diluted by centuries of false preconceptions based off seeing the world at face value. We think that we know what’s going on but in reality we’ve only grown farther from the truth in this age of consumerism.

  • F.R.E.S.H. ひ
    F.R.E.S.H. ひ 28 days ago +14

    I feel like the word pyschosis is just a way to downplay the spiritual awakening

    • susan ivy
      susan ivy 21 day ago

      NO! There really is a medical psychosis. Please don't confuse true spiritualism with actual mental illness. A paranoid schizophrenic will not be helped with meditation. I feel YOU are downplaying mental illness and brushing it off as a spiritual awakening. Damn, have you done the slightest bit of research on psychosis? I doubt would have to know how to spell it correctly first.

  • Tessa Logan
    Tessa Logan 28 days ago +5

    Psychosis is defianetly a spiritual awakening, once you learn to live with it and except it then it becomes a blessing in disguise ,i have a psychosis, i go in and out of psychosis , it's simply a coping mechanism, a dream like way of existing, when your brain collapses it goes into psychosis ,simple as that (: surround yourself with love & light

    • James Hirsch
      James Hirsch 11 days ago

      this is a really wise comment, thanks

  • ELLY Dion
    ELLY Dion 28 days ago +1

    It is Spiritual awaking! It took me 2 failed marriages ("failed" as society call it, and I was convinced they were in those days. Not now, it was my education process in the university of life). I was ashamed for the severe depression I've been through for decades although I never stopped searching for answers. I've been a lab mouse tested with numerous anti-depressants and similar meds. The psychological crises was very tough, many times I wanted to end it all. When I was at a breaking point, consciously decided I have to change and move out from a desperate situation I was in - a slow, arduous but euphoric change took place a bit at a time showing me that invisible and powerful part of us all, the spiritual part of life that's always been there. I started nourishing it by learning meditations, I explored the net/books to find spiritual teachings that suit my needs. First and foremost was to learn how to truly love myself, then things started to fall in the right places for me. I am grateful for all the pain of the challenges in my past.

  • Michael Wargo
    Michael Wargo 29 days ago

    Why no pictures ???? Was the camera guy / girl off this day ??????

  • Silas Murphy
    Silas Murphy 29 days ago

    That's cute how your name these people that's shimon's are mediums, but the RU-clip views can't see these pictures, so are you once again being accused of hiding

  • Che Che La femme
    Che Che La femme Month ago

    We can not see your pictures on the screen. It’s too high up. Please adjust. I’m sure we all want to see. Thank u

  • Jack Ocean
    Jack Ocean Month ago

    I feel like what he's talking about is what I've taken on. I found myself about a month ago. I've been able to predict events before they happen. I have been going into trances since I was a boy, and every so often I talk to things in the room which I believe are spirits. I don't know what they tell me means, usually I trust the figure without knowing what it is or who they are so I wonder if they are my ancestors. I feel the need to speak with someone who can explain what's been happening to me. I've never told anyone about this except for my friends who tell me that I have healing qualities. If anyone can give me advice on who to talk to, I would appreciate it.

  • Christian Mckinney
    Christian Mckinney Month ago

    He’s a got damn weird dude

  • bluedragonfly
    bluedragonfly Month ago +22

    if you can get through the process, it is a very beautiful thing. the experience is actually quite painful because it is triggered by the most traumatic experience to your being, and yes, it feels like going into psychosis - even death. a lot of people don't make it and leads to some form of permanent mental health disability. it is heavy, heavy stuff. sufficed to say, a lot of people are asleep and have no clue what real living is or means. i don't connect with a lot of people now because i don't identify with my former self, and trying to find soulful connections can be difficult. having a spiritual based conversation with most people may land you in the hospital formed or they just think you are totally off your rocker. and yes, my abilities are more fine-tuned and sharper than ever. everyday i am a work in progress to learn more about myself and the universe.

  • CanndyDrive Gaming
    CanndyDrive Gaming Month ago

    Yep you will not get a new job

  • CanndyDrive Gaming
    CanndyDrive Gaming Month ago +1

    I hate hospitals and
    There medication it doesn’t help
    And it’s made to make u weak say
    U have this disorder

  • CanndyDrive Gaming
    CanndyDrive Gaming Month ago

    Everything is now a disorder these days
    The ones who calling us this
    Have no disorder there perfect

  • Fair j
    Fair j Month ago

    Learned alot - thank you

  • RAv3 B
    RAv3 B Month ago

    Me and my friend took a pill of mdma like a week ago. He had very strong demons hallucinations but I was just fine. But the days after he felt so lost in this world. He was not the same. He’s been scared and shocked. I think that the pill has awakened him but on the hard way. He wants to read now and do sports. He wants to meditate. What a strange experience.

    • RAv3 B
      RAv3 B Month ago

      I was feeling a bit lost as well but I know I was already awake maybe since I was a kid. I remember when I was a kid, like 5-6-7 maybe, I have had a period of few day of huge temperature and hallucinations just like Waters from Pink Floyd says in Comfortably numb- my hands felt just like 2 balloons. And after that I always questioned the nature of life and become interested and loving towards the nature and kind of more compassionate. Anyway, this pill did moved me a bit as well.

  • Spirituality and Shit

    Love this

  • Patrick Porco
    Patrick Porco Month ago +2

    How do you know this isnt demon possession....that you might be encouraging people to open themselves up to dark forces that they may never escape

  • donny holman
    donny holman Month ago

    I feel I know what they feel..It's eerie how well I know

  • Balancing Life
    Balancing Life Month ago

    Wow... This really made me cry. I can relate to this on the deepest.. Deepest.. Level.. 💯

  • Marco Alanis
    Marco Alanis Month ago


  • Nathan Roy
    Nathan Roy Month ago +1

    If psychosis is your spiritual awakening, I'd like to introduce you to the antichrist

  • Dee8Bee
    Dee8Bee Month ago

    Thank you. That was interesting. I have some minor border psychosis. Something gets distorted once in awhile. Usually when I’m sad and upset. I thought it was due to too much stress.

  • Sita Rainbow
    Sita Rainbow Month ago

    OMG, I loved his ending. Truly, The Matrix trap we've long been in is a mind-hack, so it doesn't imprison us - who we truly are - just the mind. That makes it not so hard to escape, to find our freedom, which has always been there, staring us in the face.
    Hey, the mind-hack is quite powerful - but only when we identify with the ego-mind or the body-mind; not when we discover the Self as Source-in-form, wearing the costume of the 3D form for our role in the drama. :D This shamanistic experience he describes may just be the short-cut to awakening, the awakening available to one & all. No one is better than anyone else, not in the One that is all there is.

  • Sita Rainbow
    Sita Rainbow Month ago +1

    Surprising that the cameraperson didn't think the images were part of the presentation. Good talk, but we didn't really get the whole of it. Pictures are not just images - they carry the energy of the beings being photographed. When we're in Heart, we can read that energy so it would have really added something to see them. ;)
    Glad the speaker was sufficiently open to get over his Western prejudices & go deeper into the indigenous cultures. We think we know so very much, LOL. There's *always* room for more.

  • Kimberly Ann
    Kimberly Ann Month ago +2

    Great context, shame the photos were cut off , wouldve loved to see his work.

  • Lucy T
    Lucy T Month ago

    Poor animals, protect the animals!!!! We are constantly transcending....healing...

  • Omertà DocTones
    Omertà DocTones Month ago

    Joe Rogan needs to get this guy on the podcast soon

  • Dav Nuss
    Dav Nuss Month ago +1

    Wow ! This guy is dangerous !!! And obviously has some sort of ego issues, or some other obstacle that he has not conquered yet. Universe didn't speak to me until I turned 47. The experience that his young freind has is the standard, but everyone has variations of thier perceptions being all of a sudden altered to have a wider frequency where your able see more deeper into this constructed reality. Its so liberating, but unfortunately fades with time. What a shame he fell into thier " psychological trap " heavy meds 2. !!! Which were designed to turn our pineal gland into a frosted flake instantly.

  • Katie Johnson
    Katie Johnson Month ago

    Those people were lucky to have people who understood what they were going through, and to guide them. Our society knows nothing about that stuff. We're usually just handed drugs, which is just awful.

  • Hersimone
    Hersimone Month ago +1

    Would be good to be able to see the pictures he's referencing

  • HuitZ! KonkaXhilA!
    HuitZ! KonkaXhilA! Month ago

    To Thine Own Self Be True.

  • frédérique bertin

    How can we get a mentor ???

  • Cat Sat
    Cat Sat Month ago

    Please get a hold of me for I am borderline bipolar ptsd fybromaliga and with a birth defeat of esophagilatrisa till today I suffer but I-am still hear and I know my God and how He has guided me hear for He is truth in all things and I can explain in Jesus name I pray for the Fathers truth and not my known

  • White Eagle
    White Eagle Month ago +1

    Hindu KUSH Mountains - that's my kind of mountain :P

  • missy
    missy Month ago +70

    I had a spiritual awakening due to narcissist abuse.. A psychological breakdown was actually a breakthrough.. I lost my mind and found my soul. From there my psychic abilities awakened and I became more aware and wiser for it. It was a gift.
    Those who are labelled crazy are in fact far from it. It's those who label that are in fact the crazy ones

    • This week's edition
      This week's edition 3 days ago +1

      How beautiful! You are a survivor of one of the most vicious forms of trauma out there. Fellow narc survivor myself :)

    • Sam Weston
      Sam Weston 8 days ago +2

      It's through psychosis that I have found a relationship to God.

    • Emboslice S
      Emboslice S 10 days ago +2

      This is exactly how i came to my awakening. Its funny how everyone thinks we're crazy now but we see things that they don't. I personally think they're the crazy ones but what you haven't been through you can never understand. I love my self and the things I've been through. It is hard sometimes but only the strong make it through. And we have a connection to something amazing

    • Alison Harala
      Alison Harala 13 days ago

      missy I’m going through this currently. I would love to talk with you about it.

    • Alison Harala
      Alison Harala 13 days ago +2

      I’m going through it now too. It’s lonely and I’m struggling with people that are trying to just write it off as mental illness. I was with an abusive man for many years and I know I had an amazing spiritual awakening but now I’m doubting myself. Thanks for whoever is listening and sharing your own experience so I’m able to better understand this.

  • Kim S
    Kim S Month ago

    I guess I'm the oddball I never had a mentor when I started hearing voices years ago. It's been rough and scary, but I think I've made a good difference in the evolution of myself, and the evolution of all beings on this planet.

  • Seth Smith
    Seth Smith Month ago

    Well he can. But I'm going through this now and it's satanic compared to who I used to be.

  • Seth Smith
    Seth Smith Month ago

    It's the spirit of Antichrist. Wake up. I'm not declaring how to worship him. But the only way to God is through Christ. And he doesn't make us go crazy Satan does.

  • Yasam Farooq
    Yasam Farooq Month ago

    Connect to the God of All the universes, prophets, Angels, demonkinds, day of judgement ....... this is true spirituality.

  • Zack Wright
    Zack Wright Month ago

    Hi everyone. May peace be upon you in these trying times. I'll see you tomorrow, as the sun does still rise.

  • james mack
    james mack Month ago

    our greatest addiction as humans is experience. Yet we never look at who it is that is experiencing.when that belief, that we are the subject goes, there is understanding of your TRUE nature. enlightenment is definetly NOT an experience.

  • Iam Y0u
    Iam Y0u Month ago +1


  • IrisMK
    IrisMK Month ago

    Who is the girl he mentioned who was getting over her assault while in college...I went through a similar experience and would love to hear her tell her story.

  • Belind a
    Belind a 2 months ago

    Definitely true about the voices too ... I don’t hear voices I hear my own thoughts that are trying to resolve my issues ... it’s shame about Adam though let’s hope he gets out of that situation to something better