What Gay Conversion Therapy Is Really Like

  • Published on Nov 9, 2018
  • WARNING: This video contains language about sexual assault.
    The new movie "Boy Erased" tells the true story of Garrard Conley - the son of a Baptist pastor who, after being outed to his parents at 19, was sent to a two-week long "gay conversion therapy" program. Conley talked about what the experience was really like, and discussed his efforts to make the practice of conversion therapy on minors illegal. It is currently legal to practice conversion therapy on minors in 36 states. Conley was joined by his mother Martha, who experienced a change of heart while Garrard was in the conversion therapy program and removed him before it was complete. "Boy Erased" arrives in theaters on Friday November 9.
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    What Gay Conversion Therapy Is Really Like

Comments • 7 949

  • Twiggy ZigZag
    Twiggy ZigZag 6 hours ago

    Oh my gosh. Im stunned (and partially not) that the conversion therapist that ran that place for 22 years was also gay.

  • Ju Galoo
    Ju Galoo 15 hours ago

    Anyone else think gods kinda missed the point?

  • holy
    holy 21 hour ago

    Let’s put homophobic people into conversion therapy, how would they like it then 😠

  • Sponge Boobs
    Sponge Boobs 22 hours ago

    Okay but in actuality it’s called therapy according to those homophobics

  • Would that be enough?
    Would that be enough? 23 hours ago


  • DR Mc
    DR Mc 23 hours ago

    I am GAY and I am a Child of the risen King, I will never give up being a Christian and I will never stop being gay. Thanks for your movie.

  • Chicken Nugget
    Chicken Nugget Day ago +1

    So what these people are saying is that an estimated 3,000 year old book that isn’t even a reliable source is definitely correct and not wrong whatsoever

  • that one guy
    that one guy Day ago

    Looks like a good way to meet some cute guys

  • Xenajen
    Xenajen Day ago


  • Alex TM
    Alex TM Day ago

    My ex got taken out of public school by their transphobic parents. I know they've put them in conversion therapy, but there's nothing I can do about it anymore. Even though I'm now in a different relationship, I still think about them from time to time.
    You'll never see this, but I hope you're doing okay and I Truly hope you find a way out of that toxic environment. Think of this as the last note in the long list of letters we'd secretly pass to each other. What we had is dead & I've gotten over you, but that's not a bad thing. I hope you find happiness with whoever you're meant to be with, just like I have. Stay strong, T.G.
    - A.S.

  • silentlore
    silentlore Day ago

    Just be straight

    I'm obviously joking

  • Ricky E.
    Ricky E. Day ago

    Some things just can't be fixed people. Leviticus 20:13 doesn't say send them to conversion therapy camp, it says stone these freaks to death.

  • Reincarnated Sin
    Reincarnated Sin 2 days ago

    I no longer know how certain states works....but, I'm quiet sure this kind of stuff is illegal and shouldn't be allowed

  • Meave Louise
    Meave Louise 2 days ago +5


  • Hayama Kaily
    Hayama Kaily 2 days ago +2

    I would rather go to hell and cook with Satan than to go to heaven and be with people who don't accept who I am (and maybe the God that says gay is bad). I would rather that if I was gay but I'm not...I still want to go.

  • Flying Flanker
    Flying Flanker 2 days ago +3

    Jesus: hey love is good
    Bad Christians: yeah no
    Jesus: *surprised pikachu face*

  • Flying Flanker
    Flying Flanker 2 days ago +1

    His mom is a pretty gud person now

  • Amanda Ribeiro Silva

    Okay so wait, you use conversion camps to change us YET in those camps you rape the gay people there? SO WHAT IS THE ACTUAL LESSON HERE?

  • koala cakao
    koala cakao 2 days ago

    deadass thought it was shawn mendes on the thumbnail

  • Reina Arana
    Reina Arana 2 days ago

    Love is not a choice- panic at the disco

  • Reina Arana
    Reina Arana 2 days ago

    God definitely doesn't like this
    He just wants everyone to get along and love each other

  • Reina Arana
    Reina Arana 2 days ago

    No where in the Bible does it say being gay is bad
    All it says is a man and women should love each other
    Again it doesn't say anything about being homosexual or gay

  • Reina Arana
    Reina Arana 2 days ago

    Why can't people just mind their own business
    If someone is gay or bi it's obviously not your business

  • Firewolfcaves
    Firewolfcaves 2 days ago +1

    It should be illegal to torture people like that, the suffering and trauma from it is awful :(


    I was raised in a religious sect. I left the church when I was 43 at 44 failed in love for the first time with somebody of my own sex. Is sad to be told that God doesn't approve your behavior and you are going to hell because you are in love with somebody of your own sex. Loving God you try to be somebody you are not but that doesn't work. We are not a mistake. I pray that one day everybody learns to respect other people's ways, feelings and ways of thinking. As long it doesn't hurt other people.

  • aubrey alvarez
    aubrey alvarez 2 days ago

    You know the world would be an amazing place if people would do one simple thing. MIND YOUR BUSINESS.

  • Security Possum
    Security Possum 2 days ago +3

    LMAO that’s not therapy that’s a Hydra base.

  • wearing sunglasses inside the house

    God isn't real

  • Clementine
    Clementine 3 days ago +3

    i’m bisexual and way too afraid to come out, i’m scared people will make fun of me

  • chloe benton
    chloe benton 3 days ago

    who else lives in akransas and supports lgbtqia+??

  • The fox
    The fox 3 days ago +1

    I'm gay, so I won't have this come across homophobic. However, John Smid (a gay man) was allowed to brainwash and mentally abuse children over there sexuality. Then go and live happily ever after with his husband and make furniture. What a f****** joke that is. How does one sleep at night knowing that children, who are suffering the same neglect and isolation you have are now suffering even greater because of the vial bulls*** you forced on them. Where is the Justice🙄.
    Then they call him an advocate for LGBTQ rights? We don't want you John. You better hope your god does.

  • Lars Erik
    Lars Erik 3 days ago +2

    All dislikes are from people, who hate this therapy.

  • Windy Hawkins
    Windy Hawkins 3 days ago

    I mean I don’t believe in all this gay stuff, it’s just now how I was raised, but I think that this “therapy” is absolutely terrible! Nobody should ever have to go through that!

    • Windy Hawkins
      Windy Hawkins 2 days ago

      I’m a Christian and I don’t really believe that it’s good to be gay. It’s just what I believe.
      I would never go as far as to put someone down or make someone feel less of them selves for being gay. People can do what the want to do

      ᏔᎻᎪᎢ ᏆᏚ ᎻᎪᏢᏢᎬNᏆNᏩ 2 days ago

      Windy Hawkins I’m confused. Won’t don’t you believe?

  • PaperTowel
    PaperTowel 3 days ago

    Dude for the thing about saying your sexual fantasies, I would probably make up the dumbes, grossest stuff I could think just to be stupid lol.

  • A V
    A V 3 days ago

    If homophobia didn't exist there would probably be an equal amount of bi/gay couples walking around as straight couples. It's sad, really.

  • Abby Reaves
    Abby Reaves 3 days ago +1

    As Methodists (a branch of Christianity), my church and I believe that all you have to do to get into Heaven is believe that Jesus was the son of God and that he died for our sins, and ask for forgiveness from God for all that you know you have done wrong. The word “homosexuality” is not in the Bible once, but the extremely specific the phrase “love your neighbor as yourself” is in it eight times. The word “love” also occurs in the Bible about 310 times overall. In conclusion, we don’t know what God thinks about homosexuality (although it doesn’t make sense that he would make gays like that just to hate them 🤷‍♀️), but we do know what God thinks about love: He wants us to love each other whole heartedly and equally. Happy Pride everyone 💞🏳️‍🌈✝️🙏

  • Brenton Thrasher
    Brenton Thrasher 4 days ago +1

    First off, Christianity is against gays and religion is some dumb ass stuff, so... Yeah.

  • Cody W
    Cody W 4 days ago

    Good on his mom. I wish more more people could admit that they did something wrong when they do something wrong

  • the Pink Kitty
    the Pink Kitty 4 days ago

    What went wrong with christianity? I'm a Jew and I have never heard homophobia in synagogues in my life.

    • Buddha-Dharma-Sangha
      Buddha-Dharma-Sangha Day ago +1

      @the Pink Kitty Orthodox Judaism is relatively against homosexuality. However, as Judaism as a whole is changing it seems homosexuality has been accepted by a good amount. It's interesting because Reform Judaism was working for homosexual equality prior to most of America which boomed during Obama's presidency. I guess there is a huge perception shift from Judaism to Christianity. It's quite funny that Christianity is the one with a stick up it's ass

    • the Pink Kitty
      the Pink Kitty 2 days ago

      @W,I ,H,T yes but that doesn't explain why there is less hypocrisy in Judaism

    • W,I ,H,T
      W,I ,H,T 2 days ago +2

      the problem is people, the bible is a big book and if you look long enough there will be something that agrees with you on just about any argument so if a preacher hates gays they find a verse that fits that, or if some verses say slavery is acceptable racism is harder to abolish

  • Creepy Candy
    Creepy Candy 4 days ago

    If I ever come out to my parents they would send me to conversion therapy and I’m scared that one day they will find out

  • Milli Pete
    Milli Pete 4 days ago +3

    That’s like me, a heterosexual, imagining to be with the same sex. I can’t imagine myself being with a female (it makes me feel very uncomfortable.) I’m pretty sure those people in “therapy” felt the same or close to that about the idea of being straight. It’s not a choice to be uncomfortable dating the same or opposite sex.

  • Amitis Koobasi
    Amitis Koobasi 4 days ago +2

    Where I lived we had a gay pastor there too. He got kicked out. Y’all the true god is Flying Spaghetti Monster/FSM.

  • Aurora James
    Aurora James 5 days ago

    We've all been brainwashed one way or another

  • Huy Thai
    Huy Thai 5 days ago +2

    Hate does not come from religion, it comes from fear.

    • Huy Thai
      Huy Thai 4 days ago +4

      Ole Hart to control people.

    • Ole Hart
      Ole Hart 4 days ago +4

      And many religions use fear.

  • Brendan Leitch
    Brendan Leitch 5 days ago

    Thank god I didn't grow up in fuckin Arkansas

  • Emma Jensen
    Emma Jensen 5 days ago

    Jesus: love thy neighbor
    Those weird af pastors: tell your father you hate him
    Jesus: ...did...did you not just hear me?

  • Nikita Combs
    Nikita Combs 5 days ago

    I was sent to straight cam at 12 when i first came out

  • Parker Beidleman
    Parker Beidleman 6 days ago +1

    Why is conversion therapy even legal??

  • Basil Bread
    Basil Bread 6 days ago

    Poor guy :( he has to go threw with the trama of being raped and then being outed and thrown in that horrible place.

  • Ineed Hamburger
    Ineed Hamburger 6 days ago

    How do I come out to my parents as bisexual?


    Peace be upon you, as a descent people that have no intention of harms, you absolutely need to listen to me, I just want to say that:-
    1. Humanity is about as long as we bring ourselves to loves someone else, no matter what color, no matter what race, no matter what religion, and no matter what gender. Humanity just want us to be loved, and to be able to love somebody back.
    2. Religion is about Peace and Mercy of God.
    3. Nobody should ever feel belittled for whoever they love.
    4. I believe that God will please, and embraces with ours' kind and loving spirits.
    5. And in God's eyes kindness and love are what it’s all about.

  • becky g
    becky g 7 days ago

    The Bible doesn’t even mention anything about homosexuality. All it says is that God created Adam and Eve to be together as one implying that man and woman are naturally made to be together (also for the purpose of reproduction). The reason why the Christian faith is against homosexuality is because gays are unable to form as one (penis and vagina together) which, when given vocation to marry, is the closest thing to God you can receive next to the Eucharist. To be married with someone there is also purpose of reproduction, life giving (excluding those who are infertile, of course). So it’s so much simpler than homophobia make it out to be. Granted that yes some have good intentions to do God’s will but God’s will is never to punish by your own standards. It is always through His way to love. God is literally love. This type of “therapy” isn’t it. Being gay does not make you a sin. They view the action as a sin (goes against traditional natural law) not you, when taught properly.

  • Chloe Allen
    Chloe Allen 7 days ago +2

    *"Gay is a trend"*
    *Has been around since the 19th century*

    • W,I ,H,T
      W,I ,H,T 2 days ago +2

      "they will give up soon enough" survives hollocaust
      "we can get the police to go against them too" stone wall riots happen
      we wont give in to hate

    • AliceInWindowLand
      AliceInWindowLand 4 days ago

      Since at least Ancient Greece/Rome.

    • Gas0line.mp4
      Gas0line.mp4 6 days ago +3

      *since forever

  • Samantha Nickells
    Samantha Nickells 7 days ago

    1:24 - 1:27 *pulls out rainbow flag* haha i don't give a shit

  • Amazing! {wEiRdOwS}
    Amazing! {wEiRdOwS} 7 days ago +2

    Man i cant believe how crueling this could be, my brother wanted me to get gender therapy so i can change back to "normal". Im ftm transgender and he wanted me back to my suicidal self. My parents didn't send me so im so glad im not getting tortured for being who i wanna be but realising how cruel this is...i wish this never existed..

  • Aleesha Rose
    Aleesha Rose 7 days ago

    It’s very sad and hypocritical how the guy the ran this gay conversion program turned out to be gay himself and was hiding behind a lie while affecting so many young men

  • Ellie Gem
    Ellie Gem 8 days ago +3

    Jesus said he loves everyone

    yet people who are in the LGBTQ+ are exempt?
    doesn't add up

  • Jullian & Jason Imvu

    Sorry dude I feel sorry for you but I would not be able to even look at her again without disgust

  • Kaytie
    Kaytie 8 days ago +18

    I love the mother, we need people like her.

    "She put him in there in the first place."

    Yes but you need to understand.

    1.She was raised, and I guess you could say brainwashed while growing up that its wrong.
    2. In her day and age theres no ifs or buts or standing out about it.
    3. She married a pastor which made it worse and enforced it.
    4. She did research.
    5.She admitted her wrongs, and is obviously very emotional about it.
    6. Her son has forgiven her.
    7. Shes not standing up against it.
    8. Shes speaking out and making people aware.

  • BTS Are Kings
    BTS Are Kings 8 days ago

    What's wrong with humanity 😔

  • Seungji Lee
    Seungji Lee 8 days ago +1

    What if in the future, homophobs and people who run those things are going to have a special school for it.

  • FantomFrenzy
    FantomFrenzy 8 days ago

    I saw that movie! Loved it, it starts a conversation we all need to have!

  • anu 1
    anu 1 9 days ago +2

    this women is really pretty😋😋

  • Kinlee Wilson
    Kinlee Wilson 9 days ago +2

    damn I’m going through these comments and why can’t we all just love each other? Your religion is YOUR choice. You should never force that onto somebody else. Even if you are only trying to help them, you could be hurting them even more. It’s not hurting you, its just love. Just let people love.

  • 滑继续
    滑继续 9 days ago +1

    I was already against gay conversion therapy before this, but now that I’ve found out what they really do in there, man, I wanna start a riot to take them all down

    • 滑继续
      滑继续 7 days ago

      Kaytie I mean take down gay conversion therapies not take down straight people lmao

    • Kaytie
      Kaytie 8 days ago

      Who exactly, is this my fault a straight girl thats done nothing but support?

  • 滑继续
    滑继续 9 days ago +3

    Imagine people trying to convert heterosexuals into homosexuals. Imagine the riot that would cause yet no one cares about gay conversion therapy because it doesn’t effect people other than homosexuals.

  • Code G.I.R.L
    Code G.I.R.L 9 days ago +1

    God gave us something very important and that is freedom of choice, you can choose whatever path you want in life. God wants us to make our own choice to follow him, instead of being pressured.

    • Åsa S
      Åsa S 3 days ago

      If somebody tells you that you have the choice to either follow him or he´ll make sure that you will be tortured, would you really call that a choice?
      I would say that treathening someone with torture, and throwing people " into the blazing furnace, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth." as Jesus threatens people with in Matthew 13:41 (New Testament) isn´t exactly "not pressuring people", but quite the opposite.
      If it had been a politician acting the same way, saying "follow me, or burn", would that be someone you would like root for, vote for or follow? Would you feel that you had a real choice?

  • Kiki the Dork
    Kiki the Dork 9 days ago +2

    I live in California, and I'm bisexual. My Grandma and Uncle are CRAZY religious, and if they ever found out, there is a very large chance that they might take my to that awful place...

  • Olympia Phoenix
    Olympia Phoenix 9 days ago +4

    The amount of Homophobia in the comments is disgusting

    • W,I ,H,T
      W,I ,H,T 2 days ago

      *first time meme
      edit: theyre under every LGBT video

  • Bryan Michael
    Bryan Michael 9 days ago

    Mr.Smid.. glad you abandoned this internalized homophobia which helped you find yourself and your partner.. and even after you stole from people and lied, you gave back to the community, you are now part of. It’s a tough love but welcome. Continue to help this community we need all the support we can get. It’s all love fellow humans.. good vibes to all~

  • Kitty Craddock
    Kitty Craddock 10 days ago +3

    As an lgbt Christian this breaks my heart . Christianity is about LOVING but older (extremely traditional) Christians are going against love and being homophobic which is HATEFUL . :(

  • Adrian_ Zombturtle
    Adrian_ Zombturtle 10 days ago

    5:00 well that's an understatement of a 180

  • Adrian_ Zombturtle
    Adrian_ Zombturtle 10 days ago +1

    Hey they copied that episode of southpark

  • The lazy Artist
    The lazy Artist 10 days ago +1

    I read his book
    Honestly 10/10 would recommend it's great

  • __
    __ 10 days ago +1

    I came out to my extremely Christian family and they still hate me being apart of the lgbtq to this day. I’m 90% sure my mom wants to send me to a camp like this. Just so I can be like me sister. So I can quit being a disappointment to our family

  • Nigel Cymon
    Nigel Cymon 10 days ago +3

    Religion is a plague

  • iliketurturles fanpage
    iliketurturles fanpage 11 days ago +1

    I'm pansexual and my parents are Catholics I live in Illinois *chuckles I'm in danger*

    • GamingLegend344
      GamingLegend344 10 days ago +1

      iliketurturles fanpage Illinois is one of the state that have laws against conversion therapy for minors

  • Lunachu Chan
    Lunachu Chan 11 days ago +2

    I mean c'mon do homophobics ever imagine what would it be like in our place?
    Because there's a lot of people that aren't hetero. But we are scared. In my school the kids that aren't hetero, form a group, that no one knows about. Because we are scared that we'll be judged by someone, who doesn't have the right to judge us.
    I wish people could be more inteligent and get together instead of tearing humanity to peaces

  • Yanasoo Sibarah
    Yanasoo Sibarah 11 days ago +1

    It's amazing how the correlation between sexual assault/molestation and homosexuality is so vigorously ignored in mainstream conversation -may not be the cause everytime, but certainly a high percentage. Whole research projects are funded to detect an underlying biological culprit (i.e. gene) and always come back inconclusive, yet something in widespread observance as this consistently receives a lack of attention. This is what is meant by an "agenda." We advocate that gayness is found in nature, yet when has behaving like an animal ever been something to aspire to? Are we forgetting that animals too rape? I do not support this conversion therapy, but do see queerness as a mental affliction -a perversion on human nature. I could never encourage this; regardless, help is needed.

    • bl_vr
      bl_vr 16 hours ago

      Yanasoo Sibarah I’m sorry you don’t have the ability to read anything that goes against your bigoted conservative thinking.

    • Yanasoo Sibarah
      Yanasoo Sibarah 21 hour ago

      @bl_vr you've presented zero argument -most of your sentences don't even make sense. Learn to form coherent thoughts first before responding

    • bl_vr
      bl_vr 23 hours ago

      @Yanasoo Sibarah Completely denying the fact that a natural instinct completely dismisses it of being unnatural clearly shows your lack of competence. There is NOT a "huge correlation between abuse and homosexuality", unless by abuse you mean the complete abandonment of a child just because of their sexuality. Are you seriously going to imply that homosexuals strictly follow a dom/sub behavior? It's sad, even the LGBTQ community makes fun of this claim. It seems that the male/male compatibility with body parts exists too. Penetration still occurs, although reproduction cannot. What this does mean, however, is that homosexuality is a form of natural selection. Emphasis on natural. You can't get help for having an attraction to another human.

    • Noah Kangley
      Noah Kangley 8 days ago +3

      The correlation between sexual assault and homosexual is ignored in mainstream conversation because it doesn’t exist. You can’t be turned gay by being sexually assaulted. If a person is gay, they were born gay.

  • • Windmillie •
    • Windmillie • 11 days ago

    There should be somewhere where kids go to "conversion therapy" and really just get love and happiness and somewhere to go and help them. Somewhere where gay kids can go without being signed up and get free therapy for homophobic parents and have a little center where they all can just meet and dance.

  • Strawberry Molk
    Strawberry Molk 11 days ago

    My mom saw the movie because of me. She knew I would be interested so she checked it out. She did warn me about the explicit scenes but she won’t put it into detail.

  • Bookish Nymph85
    Bookish Nymph85 12 days ago

    "None of them had higher then a high school education" No shit . . .

  • s o a r i n m y m i n d
    s o a r i n m y m i n d 12 days ago +2

    The fact people use there religion as a justification to judge others because a book said so is beyond me. Look, I'm all for do what you like, worship what you want, all for that liberating bullshit but at some point, you have to realize the Bible is a contradiction. Now, if you really sit down and think about why? Because the Bible is based on perception. There are two 'Gods' persented in that book. You have the ability to distinguish right from wrong. But, if you wanna believe something else which you are entitled to don't push it upon others and then have the audacity to say 'I love you'. I'm proud that the mother realized her wrong and stands firmly by her son's side.

  • Robert Moran
    Robert Moran 12 days ago +1

    So you know how men say they love Jesus,Jesus is a man.That means they gayyy

  • Jaime Herrera
    Jaime Herrera 12 days ago +4

    It’s really funny how some straight or homophobic people think we all of a sudden decided to be gay. If you don’t know what it’s like don’t stick your noses in someone else’s sexual preference.

  • Greta M
    Greta M 12 days ago +1

    I don’t know how he can forgive his mom after he told his parents he was raped the only thing they cared about is that he’s gay.

  • Love Simon
    Love Simon 12 days ago +1

    I live in Arkansas as well as go to a Bautista church and I'm very scared to come out as bisexual

  • Toe Bee
    Toe Bee 12 days ago +1

    Thought it said surprising gays with conversion therapy

  • Millie Lach
    Millie Lach 13 days ago +1

    He looks like Shawn Mendes a bit

  • Keya Rawat
    Keya Rawat 13 days ago

    Wait can someone explain me what he meant at 1:06? I’m confused

    • xJesssicax
      xJesssicax 12 days ago

      In some states, it is not legal to put minors through conversion therapy. But in all states, religious organizations can set up programs for adult conversion therapy and charge for entry. In those states where ct for minors is legal, they can also set up programs for minors.

  • harry potter lover -0-0-
    harry potter lover -0-0- 13 days ago +2

    I think what people need to understand is the bible was written thousands of years ago in a very old language that has been translated many times.
    Not everything that the bible says is 100% what it originally was and the phrase ' man should not lie beside man' was originally 'man should not lie beside boy'.
    And also as a Christian myself I was raised believing that God loves everyone unconditionally and he made us who we are so why would he make us 'sinners' in the first place.
    Also God is said to have knowledge beyond humankind and I believe that sexual preference and gender does not matter to him because God is God and we are his children.
    Christian homophobes always concentrate on how being part of the lgbt community is 'sinning' but they don't concentrate on the parts such as 'no sex before marriage' or 'cutting your hair is a sin' etc
    All I'm saying is being homophobic isn't being loving and caring like God and the bible tries to tell us its hating on people which is technically sinning.

  • Cear Rose
    Cear Rose 13 days ago

    And I oop-

  • Yeet•Bean Gets me
    Yeet•Bean Gets me 13 days ago

    I met him, his story was very inspiring

  • Zion Chambers-Young
    Zion Chambers-Young 13 days ago +2

    please tell me the guy who raped him and a 14 teen year old got imprisoned??

  • Zohar Tsameret
    Zohar Tsameret 13 days ago

    So I’m a Jew, and because of that I grew up knowing that LGBTQ wasn’t something to fear, I couldn’t imagine losing the privilege of deciding for myself that I was straight and not have people telling me I was

  • shipyourself Iris
    shipyourself Iris 13 days ago

    I actually cried

  • John Smith
    John Smith 13 days ago +1

    I never really understood how what Jesus went through was a sacrifice. Sure, he was tortured for a couple days, but in the end he ascended to godhood and eternal paradise, and he knew how that was going to end. Now, if you don't blindly follow him, you are tortured quite literally for all eternity and that somehow is justified just because he went through a couple days of pain and discomfort knowing that it was all going to be okay in the end.

  • Hallie Todd
    Hallie Todd 14 days ago

    I’m from Arkansas and I’m horrified that we have a place for that. Being a Christian does mean I have views but having friends that are homosexual, I don’t have resentment for that. I am very involved in my church but trying to change how they are made in awful and should never be done. Yes, people from the southern are very very hurtful but I think that how people feel is their business. As Christians we are to accept and love one another, not to shove the Bible down their throat.

  • Colisan Pixel
    Colisan Pixel 14 days ago +1

    I'm very proud of the mum and ex-leader of the foundation for actually stepping down and changing their ways. Good on them. Not many will do that

  • Lona Kugelschreiber
    Lona Kugelschreiber 14 days ago

    I got chills all over. I, myself, am a part of the LGBTQ+ and just imagining going through something this tough... is unimaginable. I’m so sad to hear what they went through, but so happy that they “survived” and have learned