Ronaldo and Real Madrid: Who needs whom more? Plus, an Ajax deep dive | Extra Time

  • Published on Apr 17, 2019
  • Dan Thomas, Alejandro Moreno, Shaka Hislop and Gab Marcotti head to ESPN FC Extra Time to answer fan questions, including (0:42) the difference in progress between Ajax and Manchester United since their 2017 UEFA Europa League final (the Dutch side won 2-1 vs. Juventus in the UEFA Champions League quarterfinals, while United lost vs. Barcelona and Lionel Messi); (2:33) why Gab "hates" Matthijs De Ligt; (3:45) whether United should sell Paul Pogba due to his recent struggles; (4:45) whether Cristiano Ronaldo needs Real Madrid more than the inverse; (5:43) if United could have had a chance if Drake took a selfie with Messi; (6:06) whether Ajax is No. 1 in Shaka's Power Rankings; (6:46) whether Ajax winning UCL 2019 would be a bigger deal than Leicester City winning the Premier League in 2015-16; and (7:19) Shaka's experience at The Masters.
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Comments • 739

  • Death Hack
    Death Hack 10 days ago +1

    Still the GOAT

  • metal garurumon
    metal garurumon 19 days ago +1

    Both. Sadly both are arrogant

  • M W
    M W 20 days ago

    Jesus christ that continuous back ground music

  • Pepijn Casper
    Pepijn Casper 24 days ago

    Sinkgraven was not a record signing. Ajax gambled 16.25m on Miralem Sulejmani back in 2008 already

  • dumi ngwenya
    dumi ngwenya 26 days ago

    When Craig Burley and Stevie Nicol are absent the show can actually be taken more seriously

  • Bayzel Boswell
    Bayzel Boswell 29 days ago

    Everyone needs the best ever. Go home to United and win 4 more CL's. Juve suck. You did it all. You even won the cup vs milan. Go to Barca. Let the 2 best play and dominate. Make Pep spend 250 mil on u so he can win a CL.

  • Kali Pakam
    Kali Pakam Month ago

    Look at the face of this pundits especially the middle one.... they are very happy...because Ronaldo out of CL

  • jake phride
    jake phride Month ago

    At this point in time they need each other

  • 90minutenlangvooronzeclub

    IF IF IF! If my aunty had a big dick it would be my? ..... fact is this year AJAX fucked real and juve! And now they have big chance to go to FINAL CL!

  • Toufiq iCE
    Toufiq iCE Month ago

    sack gab and shaka. dumb-ass

  • Rogier7305
    Rogier7305 Month ago

    Sorry, but Bosz was already a much more household name than Ten Hag was in Holland!

  • I am Boxing, you will see, just wait

    This fat GUY talking about football is really stupid. Stick to talking about the NFL. Saying that de Ligt is overrated, russel Westbrook is overrated

  • Purusharth Bhardwaj

    How happy they r tht Ronaldo lost

  • Abraham Kidane
    Abraham Kidane Month ago

    Real Madrid football club needs more to Ronaldo. B/se Juve we saw without he for the last 3 years. even 2017 had final.

  • H!VLTG 3
    H!VLTG 3 Month ago

    Ronaldo doesn't need Madrid for shit. He'd have a hall of fame career even if he never joined Madrid. 3 PLs, a UCL and a euro. That'll do.

    And Madrid don't need Ronaldo long term either. They will always be one of the best but this current real madrid squad... they need ronaldo. They can't win anything without him.

  • Meinda Ignácz
    Meinda Ignácz Month ago

    Hala Madrid and Ramos courtois

  • Sayn Stan
    Sayn Stan Month ago +1

    Someone threw excuse that Real Madrid lost because Ronaldo wasn't there. Now what happened to Ronaldo? LOL

    • Sa sori
      Sa sori Month ago

      It was the defense not the attackers fault

  • Zahid Mustafa
    Zahid Mustafa Month ago

    Ronaldo need Madrid, No Madrid no Ronaldo... and Madrid need Zidane

  • Sadi Rahman
    Sadi Rahman Month ago

    "This madrid team" lol .. way better than "that juventus team" shithead shaka :3

  • Caleb Hogue
    Caleb Hogue Month ago +2

    Lol I really hope Ogden doesn’t really think that about De Ligt. The kid is amazing he has the possibility of being better than Van Dijk

  • Emmanuel Chuks
    Emmanuel Chuks Month ago +4

    He has nothing to prove . His still the legend of this competition!!

    • Abu Qital
      Abu Qital 16 days ago

      Emmanuel Chuks And the cry baby

  • jdoe
    jdoe Month ago +13

    VAR fked em up. No more diving and penalty kicks.

    • Bayzel Boswell
      Bayzel Boswell 16 days ago +1

      No you are Abu, you Muslim rat 🐀

    • Abu Qital
      Abu Qital 16 days ago +2

      Bayzel Boswell Is Ronaldo your girlfriend or what?

    • The Don
      The Don 29 days ago +4

      Bayzel Boswell who hurt you bro?

    • Bayzel Boswell
      Bayzel Boswell 29 days ago +1

      Dives? Bro, watch highlight reels of this savage. You watch the sport. Dudes a beast at 34. Whats that midget big game no show messi gonna do when his skills drop a bit? M-L-S

  • Val
    Val Month ago +4


  • RDG
    RDG Month ago +5

    What a disrespect to Peter Bosz. His phylosophie matches perfect with Ajax and many fans wished he was still the manager. He just didn't have a good relationship with the Board of Director's. And another note, Sinkgraven didn't join Ajax on a transferrecord deal.

  • Wolves 2.0
    Wolves 2.0 Month ago +8

    If juve had Ronaldo in 2017 when they made that final I'm pretty sure they would've won with how good the chiellini, bonucci, and barzagli partnership. That was probably the best juve side under allegri

  • Tauqeer Ahmad
    Tauqeer Ahmad Month ago +4

    He hates De Ligt 😂😂🙌🏻🙌🏻

  • Hell Hale
    Hell Hale Month ago

    The next season ronaldo not winning the ucl and people will be like who the fuck is that guy?? Did we even knew him at all?? Because nobody fucks seria A it’s nothing nothing nothing and hopefully not becoming anything in next few years as long as Messi is playing

  • Hell Hale
    Hell Hale Month ago

    Karma is a bitch... isn’t it?? Ask Ronaldo for better answer

  • Sean Dolan
    Sean Dolan Month ago

    Madrid have done nothing without Ronaldo compared to last season.
    Ronaldo single handedly saved Juve against athletico and then scored against Ajax, I’m pretty sure the answer is clear if you consider how dominant Juve have been in their own league too.

    • Benny blanco
      Benny blanco Month ago

      Sean Dolan juventus has won their league last 7 years straight lol VAR exposed penaldo and Vardrid

  • abhilash bommoju
    abhilash bommoju Month ago +2

    Barcelona has best chance to win cl this year now or never for MESSI because Mr champion league have left League

  • Abraham Ezeh
    Abraham Ezeh Month ago

    With ronaldo out of champions league I think messi will win the ballon d'or

    • Abraham Ezeh
      Abraham Ezeh Month ago

      +mohamed ali yea

    • mohamed ali
      mohamed ali Month ago

      thats for sure, even if he dont win the champions League

  • Abraham Ezeh
    Abraham Ezeh Month ago

    A player can not make a club but clubs create players. Basically what I want to say is real Madrid needs ronaldo more than they need la liga(and this is from a barca fan)

  • Arman Hovhannisyan
    Arman Hovhannisyan Month ago +3

    Real Madrid and Ronaldo need the refs.

  • Neem Carry
    Neem Carry Month ago

    The only important thing is that Juve should buy some good midfielder n winger. I dont know y they r stuck with dybala(doesnt even get a place in argentina squad). Khedira n emre can should be replaced too

  • Saaheb Singh Machra

    How does Gab work with these Idiots day in day out?

  • Dong Luc
    Dong Luc Month ago

    Swap Ronaldo for Sanchez

  • Stazi
    Stazi Month ago

    De Ligt dunked on 2 guys for that header but some fat fuck will tell you he’s not athletic lmaooo

  • Basic C
    Basic C Month ago

    Mark Ogden is the type of guy that overestimates the EPL and the english pleyers. If De Ligt would have played in EPL he would be saying that he is one of the grates. fuck off

  • Mmapara Pilusa
    Mmapara Pilusa Month ago +1

    Ronaldo just needs a decent team that doesn't play shit...

  • Dr Dirty
    Dr Dirty Month ago

    If the whole of Man U play bad is pogba gonna play well he needs better players around him

  • MrEmil227
    MrEmil227 Month ago

    Is that black fella related to Ronaldo or some shit?

  • Babajide Odusanya
    Babajide Odusanya Month ago

    Duck GABitch

  • Josfur Gaming
    Josfur Gaming Month ago

    ofcourse barca will be their n1 team this is a bunch of messi fanboys... why dont they just put is name tag on their own foreheads. what a bunch of losers hahaha......

  • vicli vlog
    vicli vlog Month ago +2

    Ronaldo needs real Madrid and real Madrid neem cr7. With Ronaldo in Juventus they play different. And Juventus just dont flow and send the ball in like real Madrid. Sure, Ronaldo might come back stronger, Juventus might buy more players. But Ronaldo and real Madrid just fit so well.

    • Benny blanco
      Benny blanco Month ago

      vicli vlog penaldo and madrid needs refs and not VAR

    • Rodrigo Fernandes
      Rodrigo Fernandes Month ago +4

      He scored 5 goals in 4 knockout games for Juve, how does Ronaldo need Real Madrid?

  • K4 Josiah
    K4 Josiah Month ago +1

    Ajax eliminated madrid and it's talisman, honestly they deserve the trophy.

    • Kazuro Jinzo
      Kazuro Jinzo Month ago

      +Zersetzung People need to stop using the term "bottle" all the time. The predictions of Ajax beating Madrid and Juventus were very low. Them making it this far is incredible, they might run out of steam or perform badly in the next rounds, but they surely wouldn't of bottled it either way. Can't perform every game no matter what, whether you're Barcelona, Madrid, Man City, Liverpool, Juventus etc.

    • K4 Josiah
      K4 Josiah Month ago

      +Zersetzung who knows, they play like well experienced veterans, I can't see ten hag failing in a final.

    • Zersetzung
      Zersetzung Month ago

      being a young team i think they'll bottle it. if they get to the final they'll play garbage.

  • Footballophile in aeternum

    *Before his arrival Juve at least had the domestic double.*
    *Now they don't even have that.*

    PETER LUCKY Month ago +24

    My worry is

    Why Spanish teams keeps on tormenting English teams in European competitions ??

    • Destiny david
      Destiny david Month ago

      +mohamed ali we'll see

    • Destiny david
      Destiny david Month ago

      +mohamed ali if you think after this shit season that all of a sudden they're going to be challenging Barca for the league and the champions league, then good luck.

    • mohamed ali
      mohamed ali Month ago

      +Destiny david no they dont, they have alot of talent out on loan and in the team, they just have to mix that with new player and sell few of the old players, i have been following real for 16 years , I know what am talkin about

  • Angelus Marcarita
    Angelus Marcarita Month ago

    Thats happen when you have new players with dreams and passion in your team, old finished Juventus players were exposed. Easy like that, United, and Chelsea need that, no more david luiz or fat sanchez winning money for do nothing.

    FOOTBALL KING Month ago +10


    • Ahoy ツ
      Ahoy ツ Month ago

      FOOTBALL KING lmao ronaldo doesn’t understand Juve at all. Lazy allegris tactics are just give the ball to CR7 and pray. He relies too much on that gay old man. Ronaldo ruins the team.

  • AFCADaan9
    AFCADaan9 Month ago

    1.Sinkgraven wasn’t Ajax’ record signing
    2. De Ligt is an insane athlete
    3. Get that fucking guy out of here please

  • desi vlogs
    desi vlogs Month ago +4

    Sinkgraven wasn't the record signing for ajax... it was Sulejmani like 10 years ago. 17'5 million

    • desi vlogs
      desi vlogs Month ago

      +Surajnwk 0 yeah, my mistake. I think you're right indeed!

    • Surajnwk 0
      Surajnwk 0 Month ago


  • Veck
    Veck Month ago +7

    Ronaldo doesn't need Real Madrid specifically, just a team that features creative midfielders capable of picking passes for him. Juventus' midfield outside of Pjanic doesn't suit Ronaldo at all, Matuidi has a great work rate but even so doesn't seem to cover as much ground as a Kanté or even Sissoko despite being the same type of player. Emre Can and/or Khedira are very plain players without anything that they're particularly good at.
    Overall Juventus needs to change the way the team plays if they're going to take advantage of Ronaldo's twilight years, if you give him the chances he'll give you the goals.

    • Kyle Chambers
      Kyle Chambers Month ago +2

      Are people this stupid? They expect a 34 year old to run around the whole pitch and create his own goals?

    • Ahoy ツ
      Ahoy ツ Month ago

      4thandspring so true that’s why Messi is the best in the world and miles ahead of CR7 - from a Juve fan

    • roberto5red5rocky
      roberto5red5rocky Month ago

      Only one player in history didnt need help you prick. Diego!

    • roberto5red5rocky
      roberto5red5rocky Month ago

      I mean surely we have seen Messi win without Iniesta, Xavi, Suarez or Neymar right? all Ballon D'or finalist. The one finalist Ronaldo played with ( Modric) is being called the worst Ballon D'or winner in history, haha. But yes i see your point Ronaldo is the worst player in the world. you must work for NASA, what a brilliant mind. +Alex Vega

    • roberto5red5rocky
      roberto5red5rocky Month ago

      Your right, Ronaldo is trash, Never scores without help, Never wins individual or team awards, Never scores from distance or wins aerials no one else can,Never won a International trophy while leading the team in goals. Yes your right hes had a terrible career. Totally overrated... +Alex Vega

  • Nahom
    Nahom Month ago +51

    Im a real fan but Ronaldo doesn’t need us he’s fine in Turin. This Ajax team is just as legendary as 16-17 Monaco team. Deserve respect im rooting for Ajax rest of the tourney 👌

    • T. de Goeij
      T. de Goeij Month ago

      Cheers mate!

    • K4 Josiah
      K4 Josiah Month ago +3

      And ajax still hasn't released huntelaar on any teams, theyll be shook

    • AFCADaan9
      AFCADaan9 Month ago +20

      Nahom it’s way more impressive then monaco, monaco had 60 mil to spend at a player like falcao, Ajax doesn’t have that money.

  • Viral Videos
    Viral Videos Month ago +5

    Messi fan boys salty because Messi will never win 3 champions league in a row Barka could never 🖕☺🤣

    • Marem Warkhungam
      Marem Warkhungam Month ago

      +Viral Videos You are gonna eat your words,i'll be back here when Barca wins the semi against Liverpool or Porto

    • Keavon Johnson
      Keavon Johnson Month ago +3

      No 1 cares about 3 champions league back to back all we barca fans want to win is the treple this season something Ronaldo has never done

    • chrisL02
      chrisL02 Month ago

      +Viral Videos lol you are really that stupid... Football is played with 11 Players Just in case you missed it

    • Viral Videos
      Viral Videos Month ago

      +chrisL02 If Messi is so good why didn't he win in 3 years in a row? And calm down you guys only won against United and Lyon LMAO you will get eliminated in the next stage

    • chrisL02
      chrisL02 Month ago +1

      +Viral Videos so what? if ronaldo is so fucking good why didn't he win yesterday on his own? haha stay with cricket bro.

  • Kim Yung ill
    Kim Yung ill Month ago +16

    Ajax got it's revenge of 95-96. Juventus was full of steroids. Their medical team was the same team that provided roids to cyclers. Revenge is sweet. Ajax forever!

    • silloweet
      silloweet 25 days ago

      +Alfredo Oliveira Ajax isn't bigger 😂 Ajax did win fairly but they got referees favor on 50/50 challenges, and those drugs were in 1996 let it go

    • Alfredo Oliveira
      Alfredo Oliveira 26 days ago

      +silloweet In a way it's revenge. In addition, Ajax is much bigger than Juventus and has won all its titles without depending on the help of referees or drugs.

    • amosa mwig
      amosa mwig Month ago +1

      +Teufel Hunden oooh don't underestimate roids, they have a *great* impact when it comes to endurance for 90 minutes, the best impact on its fullest is when your opponent is already tired around the 70th minute.

    • silloweet
      silloweet Month ago +2

      +Kim Yung ill It seems like you're the one crying, because I said it isn't revenge. I doubt you're even an ajax fan 😂

  • Football Made Simple

    Hi guys. I got a full tactical review of the match last night on my channel. Check it out

  • Lion Not Human
    Lion Not Human Month ago +17

    Give ronaldo another year to adapt and trust me he’ll reach the finals next year

    • Pranav Ss
      Pranav Ss Month ago

      +Hamzie Plays whaaaaaaaaat

    • Benny blanco
      Benny blanco Month ago

      Kaay Zii champions leqgue he went from 16 goals to 5 lol no more offside goals

    • Emmanuel Chuks
      Emmanuel Chuks Month ago

      Hamzie Plays he’s the top scorer for juventus. Do u even watch football?

    • Kaay Zii
      Kaay Zii Month ago

      Quantum PT I disagree, Allegri’s tactic’s is consistent enough. On the team this time around imo.

    • Kaay Zii
      Kaay Zii Month ago

      Benny blanco tbh, VAR exposed madrid more than CR7. Ronaldo is still scoring 😂

  • Johni Wellington
    Johni Wellington Month ago +6

    Ronaldo needs real Madrid more because real plays the ball more faster and smarter.

    • Rodrigo Fernandes
      Rodrigo Fernandes Month ago +1

      Ronaldo scored 3 against Atletico and 2 against Ajax, you think he would have scored more if he played for Real?

  • Gracious Kasunda
    Gracious Kasunda Month ago +1

    3:39 hahahahahaah ohh Gab

  • Chika L
    Chika L Month ago

    How is Shaka a football pundit? Everything he says is wrong

  • Slavic Soldier
    Slavic Soldier Month ago +38

    Ronaldo downgraded himself from Real Madrid to Juve. After all the battles now Messi is gonna get the CL, the golden boot and the Ballon d`or. He`ll overshadow Ronaldo coz he couldn`t let go of his ego. Real shame to give your tittle as king of football and go play in a shitty team like Juventus. The Seria A and Coppa Italia have no value anymore.

    • Ngm Mngw
      Ngm Mngw 4 days ago

      +Slavic Soldier Messi is going to win the champions league what?

    • Death Hack
      Death Hack 10 days ago

      Say what now lol? Go Liverpool and Tottenham!

    • Bayzel Boswell
      Bayzel Boswell 16 days ago

      The Copa del Ray and La Liga do? He downgraded Madrid and left those twats for dead. Messi wont leave, he knows he cant play 18 shit teams besides France. The top 5 is including Liga Nos imo

    • Bayzel Boswell
      Bayzel Boswell 29 days ago

      You gay fucks know Nike gave LeBron James, hes an American basketball player and CR7 lifetime 1BILLION$ contracts. Its not about the money. Messi wont leave. Too scared. They lost to Roma. Pool gonna crush

    • Sa sori
      Sa sori Month ago

      +Steve The III no man thats not right real Madrid fans booed him and perez wanted to sell him because he was getting older and give the boots to bale who didnt do anything hes terriable

  • Sputnick Chance
    Sputnick Chance Month ago

    Coming from an American, never listen to these absolute morons. I could do their job ten times better with zero of the mental errors they make. Baffles me they are employed to do this. Fuck off espn

  • Bryson Sabun
    Bryson Sabun Month ago +16

    Gab favors Juventus-Real Madrid talks let me hear what he has to say

  • Siddharth Singh
    Siddharth Singh Month ago +7

    Drake actually was at Camp Nou in Barça colours... 😂😂😂❤

    • Aidan Shiu
      Aidan Shiu Month ago

      It’s honestly an attention thing where one team needs to lose, and the losing team is “cursed@

    • Siddharth Singh
      Siddharth Singh Month ago

      Naim :D okay, but I saw him on the story of Barça IG

    • Naim :D
      Naim :D Month ago +4

      Siddharth Singh he took many pictures with Man Utd players

  • NDC 180
    NDC 180 Month ago +30

    Madrid and Ronaldo were made for each other. And in my experience, pretty much all Madrid fans agree. Those who won't have any of that however, are the Ronaldo fanboys, the Cr7 FC- who maintain cr7 alone is responsible for Madrid European domination, that he CARRIED them to all of it, it was him and him alone - never mind that Ramos basically knocked out Bayern in 2013 and then scored in the 93rd minute vs Atletico, and then in the next Ucl against Atletico he scored again. And that Bale won the game vs Liverpool. That Ronaldo really only marked ONE final out of four- the one against Juventus, where he had an unbelievable game. The others, however, he didn't contribute much. It's not even unreasonable to say Ronaldo ''carried'' madrid for stretches in the various UCL campaigns- but Ronaldo didn't win the trophies. Without Ronaldo, Madrid wouldn't've gotten to as many finals, but without Madrid Ronaldo wouldn't've won as many. He scored a lot on the road to the final every time, but the finals themselves he only really shone once. And how's this for irony - getting knocked out by the same team that knocked out Madrid lol

    • Lindo Mthembu
      Lindo Mthembu 29 days ago

      +NDC 180 That wpould be interestesting.I pin my hopes on Ajax.But we'll need to see if they can beat a team almost as dynamic as them.Either way we need someone else to win the Champions League for once..

    • NDC 180
      NDC 180 Month ago

      +Lindo Mthembu I'd love spurs, but with Kane injured they'd probably lose if they get to the final

    • Lindo Mthembu
      Lindo Mthembu Month ago

      +NDC 180 Anyone but Barcelona. Liverpool would be cool to see. Even Ajax. Its time for a change of winner.

    • Yogesh Rao
      Yogesh Rao Month ago

      +Steve The III I said Pele and Maradona are behind Ronaldo and Messi, read again.
      1. Ronaldo
      2. Messi
      3. Maradona
      4. Pele
      Pele by many accounts had an advantage of playing with a team which would have still won the world cup in 64, however he was the best Brazilian, better than garrincha. Pele was complete bug his claim is based on world cups, Brazil had a strong team regardless of him, he was their best player undoubtedly but he was not the influence Ronaldo or Messi have on his team, I mean he had better players to play with, also modern game is harder with world wide media, following, social media, the pressure is higher. Pele played at a time when there was no offside rule. Etc never the less he will be a GOAT for many in terms of achievements he might be the greatest.
      Maradona was perhaps the greatest enigma, a mercurial playmaker, was infectious. Fought with lesser teams and had major success everywhere he went. Maradona had everything a Superstar can have to backup, he had the most leadership amongst all these players, was less of a goalscorer, but lacked discipline and ambition like other greats.
      Cristiano is as complete as Pele, has great leadership, has the technical skills to play ball.
      5. Zidane
      6. Ronaldo 9

    • Steve The III
      Steve The III Month ago

      +Yogesh Rao no soi wait if Messi is the greatest technician how are maradona and Pele superior to him? You didn't answer my question idk the fact that you rate Messi as fourth really irritates me because he's the most complete attacker I've ever seen

  • Speedy
    Speedy Month ago +128

    Lol atleast without ronaldo juve have reached atleast to semi's.. 🤣🤣🤣With ronaldo they knocked out early in many years and with ronaldo they knocked out of Copa italia for the first time too. 🤣🤣🤣

    • Bayzel Boswell
      Bayzel Boswell 29 days ago

      @Ezra Przytyk his intentions are to win u dumb fucker. That should be every players intentions. Not lets lose to Roma or claim extra CL titles as an unused sub the whole fucking KO rounds. Should have went home to United but that would mean Jose's still coaching and just wrapping up a 7 goal tie vs Pique and the midgets. Cannot believe they gave his Ballon D'or to Modric 🤦‍♂️

    • Bayzel Boswell
      Bayzel Boswell 29 days ago

      With a bicycle kick just for laughs. He also scored 2 goals on Juve to win the CL finals in 17 which was the 2nd of 3 straight, his 4th all time. Then a 5th. He was bought to win the CL. Who else is EXPECTED TO WIN THE CL EVER? LET ALONE AT 34 CUZ THEYRE SO SAVAGE?

    • Ezra Przytyk
      Ezra Przytyk 29 days ago

      +Sam Love yeah they were just bad this season..... Because of Ronaldo... Don't get me wrong he could've succeeded but his ego got in the way again. They won the league 7 times in a row this isn't random if he's the best ever than they would have no doubt got even better. You don't just get one of the best players to go to one of the best team than blame the team for doing worse. Ronaldo also plans to leave two years early if changes aren't made... Shows his true intentions in going there y'all make so many excuses for him

    • Sam Love
      Sam Love Month ago

      +Ezra Przytyk the team is not built around Ronaldo, the midfield cant even provide for ANY of the strikers in general, let alone Ronaldo... Juve's problem is that they dont know how to play attacking football, they were just bad this season it happens to all teams.

    • Sam Love
      Sam Love Month ago

      +ultimate videos if you watched the match then you would have seen that the cross was not even coming to Ronaldo, it was heading for bonucci but ronaldo ran for it, but go on😂😂😂😂

  • Sumedh Vaidya
    Sumedh Vaidya Month ago +6

    finally people are realizing that cristiano does need player like marcelo, modric, kroos to spoonfed him.

    • Sumedh Vaidya
      Sumedh Vaidya Month ago

      +The Furschlong
      1. Cristiano has more goals because he has played 100+ games more than Messi.
      2. As I said if you compare their all time goals per games you will find out Messi has better ratio. Which proves Messi is more clinical.
      3. Cristiano was in man utd, real Madrid and now in Juventus. All these teams are best or one of the best. So him winning trophies with them doesnt mean that much.
      4. Cristiano stayed in Spain for 9 years and just won 2 la liga titles. Messi won thrice the amount of titles he won. To win a league means season long consistency which I say is harder than champions league.

    • The Furschlong
      The Furschlong Month ago

      +Sumedh Vaidya also they have totally different play style and jobs. Both of which has been very successful. Ronaldo has won major titles with every club he has played with showing that he is indeed a major factor. Only reason Juve even got to the Quarterfinals was due to his hat trick.

    • The Furschlong
      The Furschlong Month ago

      +Sumedh Vaidya I'm talking about overall goals. Ronaldo has scored more overall goals. Dude everything you said is false. The fact that you think Ronaldo is just a poacher and nothing else should be a clear sign that you're biased. Both are great players with their own quality. Messi has better dribbling and control of the ball. Ronaldo is stronger and has exceptional position and is always a threat. Also Ronaldo always score keys goals. The dude is a legend and of you don't think so, then your not a fan of football. Both have great arguments on who is better. For me Messi is having a better season, but at the end of the day Ronaldo gets the job done when his team needs him. Football has a lot of great players for me Ronaldinho was probably the best player I have ever seen.

    • Lindo Mthembu
      Lindo Mthembu Month ago

      +Sumedh Vaidya Calling ROnaldo post-2014 a glorified Inzaghi is like calling Gerd Muller a glorified Inzaghi.Makes no sense.Ronaldo is more selfish than Messi.I'll admit that.Also,I said he does need to create as much, cause its not his job.Its like faulting Aguero for not creating as many chances as De Bruyne.

    • Sumedh Vaidya
      Sumedh Vaidya Month ago

      +Lindo Mthembu
      Cristiano has become the "GLORIFIED INZAGHI" after 2014. till then he was close to messi.
      Also, I disagree that Cristiano doesn't need to create. Many a times I have seen even in Madrid Cristiano used to take a shot instead of passing but he refrained from passing. Maybe he is selfish or doesn't have the vision or tactical awareness.

  • Ebune Jason
    Ebune Jason Month ago +2

    Sell Pogba but please don’t sell him to Madrid. Madrid doesn’t need Pogba

    • Skyfrost 13
      Skyfrost 13 Month ago

      +Destiny david nobody want pogba😂😂

    • Destiny david
      Destiny david Month ago +1

      Then fuck off, no one else is buying him

  • Jack Reilly
    Jack Reilly Month ago +4

    Ajax are my favourite team kicking out that scumbag team Madrid and now Ronaldo. From Liverpool fans we love you Ajax. If by any chance we meet in the final I'm confidant it will be a fair game unlike last year and would be happy for you guys if you won

    • Jack Reilly
      Jack Reilly Month ago

      +The Furschlong oh yeah totally fair ramos doing a Ufc move on our best player

    • morkujin irukandji
      morkujin irukandji Month ago

      You won't make it to the finals

    • Teufel Hunden
      Teufel Hunden Month ago +1

      Relax ur not passing barca

    • Andy Trejo
      Andy Trejo Month ago

      The Furschlong 2 shitty goals and injured salah when he was on a confident streak?

    • The Furschlong
      The Furschlong Month ago +1

      How was the Madrid game unfair? You guys got wrekt. You had a shitty goalkeeper.

  • Tigorah
    Tigorah Month ago +5

    What both Ronaldo and Real Madrid need more than each other is for VAR to go away. That way they can resume cheating and conniving their way through, scoring goals from offsides and getting opposition players sent off for fauls that never happened.

    • NDC 180
      NDC 180 Month ago +1

      begone bigot. 15 matches ago worthless shitstains like you were calling Madrid Vardrid, to emphasize how much they benefit from VAR. You just change it up all the time to suit your worthless opinion. Nobody can take you seriously- you're a joke.

  • Agamertagk
    Agamertagk Month ago +2

    lets be honest Penaldro and madrid need Refree's and offside goals more than they need each other. 1st season with VAR both of them knocked out of CL

    • Agamertagk
      Agamertagk Month ago

      +defbot detected the rapenaldo fan

    • defbot
      defbot Month ago

      Funny that you just described Barcelona perfectly

  • Agamertagk
    Agamertagk Month ago

    Now wait for penaldo fans to call Players like Pjanic Dybala Chielinni average, Allegri shit manager bla bla 😂😂😂

    1st CL with VAR and penaldo knocked out vs Ajax, got schooled by 19 year old de ligt. Biggest fraud of this generatuon. Not even Top 10 player atm. Benefits so much from his past glory and mediaplay its actually laughable. Cant wait for him to join LA Galaxy next year and call it a challenge.

  • jaz 32
    jaz 32 Month ago +10

    Ronaldo scored all of Juve’s goals in the knockout stages

    • Rodrigo Fernandes
      Rodrigo Fernandes Month ago +2

      +Agamertagk did fuck all except for the GOAL. Ronaldo is so good that one goal is not enough for his haters. 5 goals in 4 knockout games is not enough. He is head and shoulders above this Juve team.

    • Agamertagk
      Agamertagk Month ago

      +ProMaxElite seen the whole game? did fuck all except the header

    • jaz 32
      jaz 32 Month ago +1

      he scored all their goals in the knockouts, they rely on him too much this juve team is the worst i’ve seen in ages they’ve only got ronaldo that’s it. Ronaldo missed a game or two in the group stages due to the red card

    • Mr Pipo
      Mr Pipo Month ago

      Because he took too much space.No attackers can show their potential fully.

    • chrisL02
      chrisL02 Month ago +1

      only scored 1 in the group stages without his mates he wouldn't even be in the knockout stages

  • devansh tandon
    devansh tandon Month ago +7

    3:39 when my mom lectures me

  • korean byte
    korean byte Month ago

    Hahaha Shaka defending Ronaldo and real.hahaha

  • Ibiyemi Kayode
    Ibiyemi Kayode Month ago +1

    the argument between 5:10 to 5:25 is really really funny.

  • Mr. Marv
    Mr. Marv Month ago +73

    Btw why didnt the juve players gave interviews after the match.......cause there bad loserssssss

    • Joseph Ibarra
      Joseph Ibarra 5 days ago

      Why did Lucas moura rape ajax?

    • What's Your Name?
      What's Your Name? Month ago

      +Viral Videos And Ronaldo will never win 6/6 in a season. MESSI'S done that twice 🖕🖕🖕✌✌

    • What's Your Name?
      What's Your Name? Month ago

      +Viral Videos Now see Messi win his 6th Ballon d'or and Ronaldo not in the TOP THREE or if he does make it to top 3 he will not make it to the ceremony. 🖕🖕🖕👅👅

    • What's Your Name?
      What's Your Name? Month ago

      Well said

    • Ash Ver
      Ash Ver Month ago

      Cus the dit the walk of shame head down ego down juve 100mil down 😆

  • Brandon Sherwood
    Brandon Sherwood Month ago +12

    Gab is so full of bollocks... He is the one person on the show who I can never agree with. How can he argue that deligt is too young? He just banged in the winner against Juve and he's only going to get better, ajax are clearly proving the experience isn't a necessity

    • Mr. Marv
      Mr. Marv Month ago +1

      +Brandon Sherwood yess indeed he is,and who doesnt see that needs their eyes checked🤓🤓🤓

    • Brandon Sherwood
      Brandon Sherwood Month ago

      +rohan mehta exactly, the Dutch systems suffers because it loses it's talent very early, but it's development is outstanding and the national team will flourish because of this

    • Brandon Sherwood
      Brandon Sherwood Month ago

      +niladri sarkar bit nasty but I agree

    • Brandon Sherwood
      Brandon Sherwood Month ago +2

      +Mr. Marv you can't argue he's an outstanding talent, he seems clueless

    • rohan mehta
      rohan mehta Month ago +2

      Gab doesnt have anything to support his argument!!

  • Hood Hero
    Hood Hero Month ago

    Ronaldo still scored in both games , he always scores but I doesn’t take a season to win, at Madrid it took him a while to actually win his first champions league there & marcotti is just dumb , de ligt is the next big cb, you don’t always need physical attributes

    • Speedy
      Speedy Month ago +1

      So? Messi scores for Argentina too but yet they don't wins.. Ur point?

  • RND
    RND Month ago

    its rather stupid pointing fingers at ronaldo needing real madrid. he did his bet and contributed immensely to bring juve to the quarter finals . it was just a teams poor performance and not a man as was with my team relamdrid

    • Nhat Vu
      Nhat Vu Month ago

      you don't get what we mean. we mean ronaldo needs real madrid if he wants trophies and awards.

  • LordMichaelRahl
    LordMichaelRahl Month ago +2

    Both, actually, but CR more so. He's a pure striker and needs someone to create and give the ball to him.

    • Artan L
      Artan L Month ago +1

      +LordMichaelRahl Every year that passes is a failure for Ronaldo and Juventus if they don't win the UCL. The club now has a decision to make, sack Allegri, bring in a good manager who can play good football and buy a few good technical players. Or Ronaldo is going to think about leaving.
      These are the latter years of his career and if Juventus are unwilling to change, then Ronaldo has to decide whether to leave and accept failure and look like he ran away, or stay and most likely never win another UCL ever again.
      Madrid of course worked better for him because they actually play good football and turn up to win every game, not try to defend to get a draw or defend a 1 nil lead like Juve always do.

    • LordMichaelRahl
      LordMichaelRahl Month ago

      Juve's strategy seems to be only to cross to Ronaldo and maybe score from a set-piece, very unconvicing. But that why I said Real worked better. I agree that Ajax has many chances with total football and is wonderful to watch, they just need to ramp up ther efficiency.

    • Artan L
      Artan L Month ago

      +LordMichaelRahl That's because Juve are just shambles, they cannot keep the ball, they have no fluidity in their gameplay when they do have the ball, there is no creativity and vision, and to top it all off they have a defensive/fear mentality. Ronaldo literally scored every small chance he got for Juve in the UCL this season.
      Ajax play the best pure football out of any other team this season, they have a real shot at winning it, but I think they will fall because they lack someone like Ronaldo in their team. They literally could have won every game by 4/5 goals, but they stuggle to convert their chances even though the build up of the chances is just incredible.

    • LordMichaelRahl
      LordMichaelRahl Month ago

      Well apparently it didn't work with Juve. Madrid has players that obviously complement CR well. Not every team is the same in attack. I don't know if Ajax's style would work.

    • Artan L
      Artan L Month ago +1

      So why does that need to be Madrid? Essentially what you're saying is that he needs a team that plays attacking football. That could be any team. Imagine if Ronaldo was playing for Ajax this season.

  • V. Fontes
    V. Fontes Month ago +1

    Juve played like sh*t, they don't deverved CR7 in the team. Crongrat to Ajax

  • Matuidicharo
    Matuidicharo Month ago +6

    Ronaldo won with Manchester too he is bigger than any player or team, juventus doesn’t deserve him

    • Xsanther
      Xsanther Month ago

      +Matuidicharo There are two reason why Man united didn't win the Ucl after ronaldo.
      1-Barcelona, who were at that time 2008-2012 soo much better than any other team.
      2- the golden generation of man united was getting past their prime !

    • Xsanther
      Xsanther Month ago

      +Matuidicharo Are you dumb ?
      Ser alex fergusen won the ucl for Man United, not ronaldo !!
      he have done it way before ronaldo joined his team !!
      Ronaldo thrives in a specific system of play. He needs to be fed inside the box if you want him to shine 95% of the time. Otherwise he disappears !!
      All his goals for Juve in ucl this season were inside the box from perfect crosses. Without those crosses, you think he would've scored ?
      In no way i'm trying to discredit ronaldo for how much a great player he is. But Ronaldo cannot thrive without the help of his team mates. no player can !

    • Matuidicharo
      Matuidicharo Month ago

      Ronaldo scored the only goal of Manchester in that final ucl and they got it through the penalties. Stop spreading shits dumbasss and start talking facts without him they lose the final

    • Speedy
      Speedy Month ago

      +Matuidicharo naah mate. U r deluded if u thinks that. With or without Ronaldo at that time man utd would have won.

    • Matuidicharo
      Matuidicharo Month ago

      Haters always spread hate but they don’t talk facts how many champions league Manchester won since Ronaldo. If Ronaldo were at Arsenal or Liverpool of that time he would won too don’t be stupid Ronaldo was the best player ever of Manchester

  • nihal rasheed
    nihal rasheed Month ago +6

    Real Madrid literally just needs a striker to be back to 80% of what they were before. That 20% is how great Ronaldo is aboge any other striker Real can get their hands on
    Ronaldo needs Real Madrid... Or at least a team like Real Madrid where all he has to do is finish the numerous chances made my Marcelo, Modric, Kroos etc.
    Here in Juve, they were an excellent team who played nice football, a combination of play making as well as finishing crosses
    After Ronaldo came it's all gone
    Sure Ronaldo looks stunning, scoring majority of Juves goals but anyone who has seen Juve before Ronaldo came will know Juve were collectively alot better than now
    Juves best bet to make Ronaldo work is to structurally break apart and rebuild Juve
    See? Ronaldo coming to Juve is going to force them to change completely to suit him
    What pisses me off the most is how our 2nd Captain Dybala, Juves number 10 isn't getting playtime anymore
    And then the media goes on saying BS about how Ronaldo "trains Dybala and makes him better"
    Ronaldo is literally destroying Dybala's career. I really hope Dybala will leave Juve, for his own good

    • bayanda qanda
      bayanda qanda Month ago

      +Speedy they got knocked out in the quarters last year

    • Speedy
      Speedy Month ago

      Lol atleast without ronaldo juve have reached atleast to semi's.. 🤣🤣🤣With ronaldo they knocked out early in many years and with ronaldo they knocked out of Copa italia for the first time too. 🤣🤣🤣

    • Football 69
      Football 69 Month ago

      +The Knight Ronaldo still offers more at 34 than Dybala "in his prime".

    • bayanda qanda
      bayanda qanda Month ago

      It's on the coach to make it work dybala and allegri don't get along and its been like that for while now , your tell me Ronaldo up top with dybala behind and bernadeschi and Costa on the wings won't work

    • The Knight
      The Knight Month ago +1

      I think juventus should sell Ronaldo and retain dybala, Ronaldo is going to be 35 soon, dybala is 25 and in his prime, he is the future of the club not Ronaldo.

  • Dennis
    Dennis Month ago +1

    de Ligt gonna be better than Virgil van Dijk.

  • lin dan super
    lin dan super Month ago

    gab de ligt is emerging the best cb after seeing the match against ajax

  • SEBASTIAAN Schimmel
    SEBASTIAAN Schimmel Month ago +5

    Ajax has already played 16 games in te CL so that's almost halve a season.

    • Grant Kerr
      Grant Kerr Month ago

      +SEBASTIAAN Schimmel I don't think style has anything to do with the scale of the achievement. The fact that Ajax play with so much attacking flair naturally makes any eventual triumph far less of a shock. I think Greece winning the 2004 would still outstrip Ajax winning the Champions League this season in shock terms. Greece played horrible football. Ajax's potential achievement would be on a par with Porto's in, coincidentally, 2004.

    • SEBASTIAAN Schimmel
      SEBASTIAAN Schimmel Month ago

      +Grant Kerr Ajax would have 33 points after 16 games, as you said. In Leicesters championship season, that would have been enough to finish above Arsenal who came second.
      In my opinion Ajax did not have a single result which they didn't deserve (except maybe Bayern at home (draw)) that's why I rate it higher than Leicesters championship. Would have been a different story if Ajax had parked the bus every game.

    • Grant Kerr
      Grant Kerr Month ago +3

      +SEBASTIAAN Schimmel I'm Scottish. I've no vested interest in claiming achievements in the Premier League to be exceptional. But, in relative terms, I can't think of a more unlikely turnup for the books in (beyond football) sporting history than what Leicester did. There may be one...

    • SEBASTIAAN Schimmel
      SEBASTIAAN Schimmel Month ago

      But i don't think we will agree🤙

    • SEBASTIAAN Schimmel
      SEBASTIAAN Schimmel Month ago

      +Grant Kerr that's a problem of the pl. Thereby there is no reason for huntelaar to play at Ajax if there is a place where he can triple his wages

  • runfa ma
    runfa ma Month ago +12

    They both need UEFA. Just shows how they won their last 3 UCLs lol

    • NDC 180
      NDC 180 Month ago

      +runfa ma I thought as much. You're nothing more than a bigot holding views he can't back up for shit. Off you go, then

    • runfa ma
      runfa ma Month ago

      NDC 180 nah mate. Don’t wanna waste time with you

    • NDC 180
      NDC 180 Month ago

      how did they win their last 3 UCLs? by scoring a lot of goals? I can't believe all these clowns around here. Give me one instance of Madrid being helped by the referee and I'll give you one where the opposition was helped/ madrid was hurt by the referee. Come on, walk the walk.

  • Enoch Ezekiel
    Enoch Ezekiel Month ago +2

    well, cristiano don't need real madrid. atleast juventus fans show some respect to him unlike the pricks of madrid.

    • Enoch Ezekiel
      Enoch Ezekiel Month ago

      +DarkenRal90 rugani is much better than bonucci right now. he filled chiellini's boots perfectly. pjanić is good, but he didn't have enough support in the midfield. ćan made some good runs, but failed in overall performance while matuidi is nowhere to be seen. lack of quality in midfield is the reason juve lost to ajax.

    • DarkenRal90
      DarkenRal90 Month ago

      +Enoch Ezekiel their defence was so much "not destroyed" that they could'vs conceded 4 or 5 goals even through they are much more defensive than rm. say thanks to szczesny and pjanic who saved juve from such shame.

    • Enoch Ezekiel
      Enoch Ezekiel Month ago

      +DarkenRal90 no. their defense isn't destroyed. it's their midfield which was destroyed. rugani has been absolute world-class lately. the fault is with midfield.

    • DarkenRal90
      DarkenRal90 Month ago

      +Enoch Ezekiel yeah, i agree about it, defensevely juve is more solid than rm. but still, their defence got destroyed exactly the same way as madrid's one by ajax.

    • Enoch Ezekiel
      Enoch Ezekiel Month ago

      +DarkenRal90 atleast juventus has better defence compared to real madrid. rugani is one of the best defenders right now. he has been in excellent form right now replacing chiellini for the moment.

  • No Name
    No Name Month ago +5

    Madrid need Ronaldo more. But Ronaldo could have done much better had he stayed at Madrid, or joined a better Team than Juve.

    • safe
      safe Month ago

      Juventus is the best team he could of joined. He obviously isnt going to join Barca city or liverpool, where else? Really doubt Bayern of all teams would pay 100m for a guy way over 30

  • Vishaal Venugopal
    Vishaal Venugopal Month ago +3

    john terry was not an athletic freak but he's one of the best centre backs me matthias de ligt will be fine

    • Vishaal Venugopal
      Vishaal Venugopal Month ago

      dread it run from it destiny still arrives m8 I’ll say what the fuck I want yea yeh rentboy

    • Speedy
      Speedy Month ago +1

      +dread it run from it destiny still arrives rapenaldo Dickrider i guess.. Butthurt cause of penaldo out 😂 😂 😂 😂

    • Football 69
      Football 69 Month ago +1

      +dread it run from it destiny still arrives grow up.

    • dread it run from it destiny still arrives
      dread it run from it destiny still arrives Month ago

      Best ever wtf son stick to cricket u have no idea about football

  • aadi
    aadi Month ago +2

    Ronaldo doesn't need Madrid it is already proved he his still scoring goals as he use to
    Infact he his doing much better going into midfield encouraging teammates
    Everyone said Juventus is done against atletico but they got through under that pressure cr7 delivered
    He did his job against Ajax too but Juventus midfield got dominated by Ajax midfield
    This is just 1st year with juve next time they will do much better
    Ajax played beautiful football they deserve the win I hope they win this year

    • aadi
      aadi Month ago

      +Tuomas Saarinen lol quagliarella played 31 matches 22 goals 8 assist
      Ronaldo played 26 matches 19 goals and 8 assist
      Ronaldo and messi will always be best no one comes close to them
      Scoring in Seria a is more tough than in pl or laliga
      It's opposite 😂

    • safe
      safe Month ago

      +Tuomas Saarinen I never said the Serie a was stronger than the PL wtf is wrong with you. YET AGAIN changing the subject. Its 22 goals not 27. He has played over 400 minutes more than Ronaldo. (for someone who doesnt know a lot about football like you, thats well over four matches.) Again proving you've never watched a player. Quagliarella is a very good striker, one of the best finishers in the league, very good shot numbers and is great with ball to feet. The reason he has so many is because hes scored 4 or 5 braces and about 6-7 pens

    • Tuomas Saarinen
      Tuomas Saarinen Month ago

      +safe what? If a player of Quagliarella's level can get 27 goals in that league, it proves it is weak.
      He would get like 15 at La liga and 10 at the Premier league.
      Ronaldo one of the best in the world😂😂😂 maybe 2 years ago, now just no.

    • safe
      safe Month ago

      +Tuomas Saarinen what? That makes literally no sense. If 25 people had over 20 goals in the serie a then your argument would make no sense. I'd say the fact that he has more goals than one of the best players in the world just means hes having a great season? Again bringing up more irrelevant ish to try and fill your agenda

    • Tuomas Saarinen
      Tuomas Saarinen Month ago

      +safe Quagliarella is 36 and has more goals. Proves that Serie A is an easy league.

  • Dr.Hanif mk
    Dr.Hanif mk Month ago +1

    Man united without ronaldo sucks real madrid without ronaldo sucks.Lets see what happen next when barcelona without messi?

      38 YOUNGMONEY Month ago +1

      Nhat Vu great? Before Ronaldo Madrid never made it out of the round of sixteen for 7 years loool

    • Dr.Hanif mk
      Dr.Hanif mk Month ago

      +Nhat Vu and yet he is the top scorer for real madrid RM was great b4 early 80s and 90s and early 2000 and then they decline.Then mou and great ronaldo came along and they started winning trophy.Get your facts right hmmn

    • Nhat Vu
      Nhat Vu Month ago +1

      -Real Madrid was always great before Cr7 came along. Bale and Benzema scored many decisive goals that brought them the recent UCLs, while cr7 didn't do shit in some of those finals.
      -MU was still doing great until 2013, even though cr7 left since 2009.
      -Seria A has been a 1-horse race in the last 5,6 years. Usually, not even half of the season passed and they have already won the league, far ahead of the second place team. And Juvetus had reached semi-final and final of UCL many time in recent years. But this year, with cr7, they couldn't even survived quarter-final.
      So when did you started watching football?

  • purple potato chip
    purple potato chip Month ago +3

    Mctominay is better than Pogba. Dont @me

  • day dreamer
    day dreamer Month ago +11

    where are cr7 fan boys😂😂😂😂

    • Skyfrost 13
      Skyfrost 13 Month ago

      +Enoch Ezekiel no fam can take you seriously😂😂😂 cr7 fanboys are the cancer of youtube

    • Enoch Ezekiel
      Enoch Ezekiel Month ago +1

      +runfa ma i've never said cristiano is the GOAT 🐐 based on silverware. it's his challenging career that made him the best. although, i believe there are players better than cristiano. but, messi is not among them. maldini is the GOAT 🐐 if it comes to the individual position. defending is much more difficult than attacking. and maldini is surely the GOAT 🐐 in defence. beckenbauer may also be better than cristiano.

    • runfa ma
      runfa ma Month ago

      Enoch Ezekiel if you think Ronaldo is the goat based on trophies then this is necessarily true

    • Enoch Ezekiel
      Enoch Ezekiel Month ago +1

      +runfa ma well i may not be intelligent. but i have'nt said that "coentrao and pepe are the GOAT 🐐."

    • runfa ma
      runfa ma Month ago

      Enoch Ezekiel 😂😂😂 and you are the most intelligent football fan in human history

  • Dr. Dharambir Singh

    Is it just me or Hip Hop fans fucking with football a lot!

  • Jobs mine
    Jobs mine Month ago +20

    I already predicted that they have the best chance during the QF finals. and I said this because I've have been following them closely. Ajax just reminded me of the 96/97..Even am a Liverpool fan but what a game that was. 👍 the way they disrespected Madrid and Juve is just pure class. It’s like Barça 2011.. 🔥 🔥 from the lads

    • F is the bomb
      F is the bomb Month ago +2

      Looking forward to meet liverpool on semi

  • shariff ismail
    shariff ismail Month ago +61

    Madrid play more posssesion game suits Ronaldo more at his age

    • AUAPC
      AUAPC 28 days ago

      juve play possession game in italy but Ajax and Barca are the king of possession

  • iptv free iptv
    iptv free iptv Month ago +1


  • Ap11 games
    Ap11 games Month ago +15

    De ligt > Van Dijk