Vocal Analysis of Shallow - Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper | Voice Teacher Reacts

  • Published on Jan 29, 2019
  • Voice teacher Sam Johnson's reaction to and analysis of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper singing Shallow from A Star Is Born.
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    I hope this observation on how they sing helps you figure out how the voice works better, so you can learn how to make smart choices in your own voice.
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  • Yanis Regg
    Yanis Regg 8 days ago

    Pls react to jessie j again pls i have Nothing at the singer2019 pls

  • Charla Leibrock
    Charla Leibrock 8 days ago

    The statement you made about everyone having something special inside and the potential for it to be great is probably the nicest and most positive thing I have ever heard... And that you literally believe in every single person that you come in contact with is just a statement to your personal character and your positiveness in humans as individuals. And I so much appreciate that and that comment alone makes this video greater than a lot of videos that I watched on RU-clip in areas of various different content... Just saying and by the way, I am a new subscriber I just subscribed today as a matter of fact... And this impressed me very much.

  • Jennifer H.K.
    Jennifer H.K. 9 days ago

    I just love this song! But I always imagine Kris Kristofferson in my head singing it ❤️

  • laura campbell
    laura campbell 10 days ago

    As someone who is obsessed with music theory and teaches music I have to say emotion is way more a part of music than technicality.
    I have always taught my students that we learn the rules of music so that we know exactly how to BREAK them and express whatever it is you need to express.
    I am passionate about music theory and the science behind it but I don’t think that you have to choose one or the other. I’ve heard performances from people who don’t know a lick of music theory and it’s so powerful, but I watch people who do know music theory explaining how much love they found in a piece and worked through it.
    Music IS emotion and feeling I don’t think it’s possible to unmarry the two

  • Birgit Häde
    Birgit Häde 10 days ago

    Great analysis, Sam 🤗👍

  • Athanas
    Athanas 13 days ago

    They just get fun. Gaga have taking her vocal rest. By the way both of them were in the role of the characters from the movie so that was little bit of theatro playing.

  • ferociousgumby
    ferociousgumby 16 days ago

    Gaga is the Piaf or Garland of our time.

  • burnoutberry
    burnoutberry 16 days ago

    Those touring vocalists have it rough compared to an instrumentalist. Those vocal chords can't be expected to hit those high belts night after night without risking damage. Well, maybe with perfect technique it's possible, but so many great singers have lost the upper part of their range due to the damage they caused when they were at the peak of their careers.

  • Lorraine Rotundo Steele

    One of my favourite parts in the movie was in the bar. The acting was spot on. Loved when he said thats one of the things of becoming famous.........all of a sudden they call you by your whole name as he rolls his hand along and says his name in full. Also curious when he arrived at the bar. you see the nooses hanging in background of the bar. Yet we dont see the name of what is stated across the top. GREAT MOVIE. Bradley got robbed on awards. I loved the 76 version I swore no person could ever re create that. WOW her and Barb S were both so dam good. All 4 makes of the show were great.

  • Lorraine Rotundo Steele

    I think this was credited hours before the show. I loved it all the same. But I dont feel it was that spontaneous. I am curious who he was sitting with at the concert.

  • Bernice van Niekerk
    Bernice van Niekerk 21 day ago

    Your passion makes me fall in love with music and singing all over again:)

  • codonboy
    codonboy 22 days ago

    Technique provides the framework, the launchpad, but a performer needs to be totally free to express the emotions. And that requires being totally present, in the moment, there's no room for thought, just feeling.

  • Thami Alves
    Thami Alves 28 days ago

    Ow there's such a good message in this video

  • Valerie De La Cruz
    Valerie De La Cruz Month ago +1

    14:00 -To find ease..
    me in my head “TO FIND VOCALEASE.NET”

  • Quinn Henson
    Quinn Henson Month ago

    React to Dermot Kennedy ❤️ he's my favorite. 🤗

  • Evan McDonnal
    Evan McDonnal Month ago

    To your point of "if you use perfect technique you sound the same as everyone else" - I'd be interested in seeing more analysis of non-pop artists. Don't mean to hate, everyone sounds unique to some extent, but pop music in general is extremely homogenous (both vocally and musically) as compared to music as a whole. Plus there's little to critique because the people are so good at singing that they're not doing anything that really needs to be changed.

  • Last Time
    Last Time Month ago

    It would be great if you could say not just what the singers are doing wrong but what they're doing right - and tips for recreating their sound.

  • Ashley Coupland
    Ashley Coupland Month ago

    Please do some reactions for Hayley Williams of Paramore. He vocal progression is amazing but has put a lot of work getting to where she is now and she’s incredible. I’ve seen her live 4 times now and her voice live just blows me away.

  • Jade Karini
    Jade Karini Month ago

    Would you do videos of "the voice" auditions and tell us if you would turn around and what song you would get that person to sing?

  • Brittin Meany
    Brittin Meany Month ago

    My wife and I just added this to our acoustic shows and I thought I was crazy that it felt like a difficult place to start singing but now I feel a little better thinking that after her you say so haha. 🤘🎶🤘

  • Liz Kindall
    Liz Kindall Month ago

    I love seeing that music is so much a part of you that it’s turned into almost a personal philosophy type thing. Thank you for sharing yourself with RU-clip. Happy to be subscribed for certain.

  • Deb D
    Deb D Month ago

    I would really, truly love to hear your reaction to the vocals in Rascall Flatts "My Wish." Also Jennifer Nettles from Sugarland who sang a great duet with John BonJovi which was awesome or her song "Why don't you Stay." Her voice is really unique. The same with Rascall Flatts who has a really unique quality. I really hope you choose these. Thank you for allowing us to make suggestions. You are absolutely awesome.

  • Rena Marr
    Rena Marr Month ago +1

    Hi Sam! I have been making my way through your reaction videos and just came across this one for Shallow. I would love to get your reaction to Pentatonix’s cover of Shallow. I haven’t seen a live version, but their official is pretty amazing. Have a fabulous day!

  • Summer Reed
    Summer Reed Month ago

    Love your videos! You are such an authentic person and this shines through your videos. I've learned so much more about singing well. Thank you!!

  • Ferrari 007
    Ferrari 007 Month ago

    I'm pretty sure that's at Park Theater inside Park MGM in Las Vegas

  • Charlotte Rhubottom

    Oh BTW my first time watching you and it’s enough for me to subscribe.

  • Charlotte Rhubottom
    Charlotte Rhubottom Month ago +1

    I’m just a listener (wish I could sing) and hearing imperfections like in Bradley’s voice lets me know he’s real, I’d much rather listen to that than some polished perfect artist other than possibly Pentatonix.

  • Gisela Ponce
    Gisela Ponce Month ago

    You should react/analyze Lara Fabian 🙏 to me she's one of the BEST performers alive! Any of her live performances

  • Toby Reynolds
    Toby Reynolds Month ago

    I love that you are willing to talk about how hard it is to be an artist; that self doubt or criticism that we sometimes experience. Love what you are doing =)

  • Ruby - Art as Therapy

    9:26 to 10:35 = You're so inspiring ❤️✨

  • Alfredo Sanchez
    Alfredo Sanchez Month ago

    Hi Sam. Please react to Luis Miguel "Quiero" live version 2000, here is the link...

  • asprauer83
    asprauer83 Month ago

    Subscribed 😁👍🏻

  • barbllm
    barbllm Month ago

    I am very simple. I see Sam Johnson, I click.

  • Nikki Velazquez
    Nikki Velazquez 2 months ago

    I found a polite person on the internet!!!

  • HeyMonaLisaCanI 95
    HeyMonaLisaCanI 95 2 months ago

    It was perfect because it wasn't perfect. You are wonderful mam Sam

  • Kate Kelly
    Kate Kelly 2 months ago

    Lady Gaga will pedal with her left foot so she can open her body to the audience (& changes this throughout performances to play TO everyone). It blows my mind. It comes so easily to her. She is a born entertainer. I also wish I could sing like that while sitting down AND playing piano. 🙃

  • Bartosz Koc
    Bartosz Koc 2 months ago

    Do an analysis of Robert Downey Jr together with Sting doing Driven to Tears!

  • Jack Jack
    Jack Jack 2 months ago

    So handsome 😉

  • MrNosugarcoating
    MrNosugarcoating 2 months ago

    Her tone isn’t that pleasant. It’s surprising she made it so far but I think it’s the weird stuff she does.

  • Angela _
    Angela _ 2 months ago

    here's the link: ru-clip.com/video/EN5-97eKAuA/video.html

  • Cool hive
    Cool hive 2 months ago

    I find value in imperfections too. In fact, I prefer singers that aren’t technically perfect or have huge ranges. Singers like Tina Turner can give me chills, but she can’t hit notes like Whitney. I love Madonna’s ballads because she brings so much emotion and drama to them, but she can’t hit notes like Celine. Guess what? I prefer Madonna and Tina to Whitney and Celine. It would be great if you analyzed Madonna (You’ll See) and Tina (Goldeneye). Great channel dude! Loving it!

  • Lauren Edwards
    Lauren Edwards 2 months ago

    How is it possible for two people who aren’t actually in love to have this much damn chemistry

  • yougotmail
    yougotmail 2 months ago

    i love listening to music but have the most horrible voice ever. there`s really nothing for me to see here but somehow i love watching your videos lol *thumbsup*

  • Sally Gentry
    Sally Gentry 2 months ago

    Her voice is unique and you feel her words. xox

  • Avi Oheb Shalom
    Avi Oheb Shalom 2 months ago

    No such word as " improvasitorial" , what you want to say is improvisational.

  • Aung Ko
    Aung Ko 3 months ago

    Lady Gaga wrote that,

  • Natalia Antsifirova
    Natalia Antsifirova 3 months ago

    very cool version of SHALLOW by Polina Gagarina (Russia)and 耿斯汉- singer 2019EP13- ru-clip.com/video/SNK7Py6fPjc/video.html

  • Arica Clark
    Arica Clark 3 months ago

    I find you interesting. I would love to just pick your brain. Your analysis of queens, radio gaga : live aid. You know Freddie's throat was covered in open sores?! That makes that performance that much more amazing for me! You know, I love your content. :)

  • Kaitlyn Conyers
    Kaitlyn Conyers 3 months ago

    love your analogy's.. I see in metaphors and analogy's.. its how i tell my feelings to my Dr. I can only see it in pictures and vivid imagery! You are so cool, love watching your videos! You and sara simon studio are my favorite.. Keep being awesome please.

  • Sanna Engelbrektsson
    Sanna Engelbrektsson 3 months ago

    I love your reactionvideos. Please react to Max Sheldon and Ben Platt singing Shallow. It is Amazing and i would love to hear what you think about it.

  • nick henas
    nick henas 3 months ago

    I think you are so insightful, and that bit about vulnerability in art is so true. if only all of us could share ourselves in that way. I wonder how the world would be different...

  • Adrian Salas
    Adrian Salas 3 months ago

    Could you please do a reaction video to andy black - the promise?

  • K2scuba
    K2scuba 3 months ago +3

    Your enthusiasm is contagious. I enjoyed watching you get so happy & charged-up watching them,

  • Strange Cat
    Strange Cat 3 months ago

    The truths and the feels! So many! Wow, your wisdom is just amazing. And myself, as someone who is new to the whole 'improving my singing', SO MUCH of what you say is so encouraging. I can't even mention which examples, because there are so many of them that hit home for me, have truth and truly help someone like me. I don't have confidence in my abilities, regardless of what my singing sounds like, but thanks to you, I feel that being confident in my ability and my instrument is obtainable. Keep doing your awesome videos !

  • 권승라
    권승라 3 months ago

    The ending we never had

  • Rebecca Maud
    Rebecca Maud 3 months ago

    this guy has to be the WORST vocal coach. he has no idea what he is talking about . there is no concrete terminology in any of his sentences!

  • Rebecca Maud
    Rebecca Maud 3 months ago

    lady gaga wrote the song you fucking moron

  • Rebecca Maud
    Rebecca Maud 3 months ago

    you seem to forget that Bradley cooper is an actor and this is his first time singing for a production. and he was just thrown up on stage at Vegas which he wasn't prepared for. Lady Gaga has been a singer long before she was an actress so of course she is ""more stable" and "more balanced".
    you are quite the idiot aren't you?

  • Patrícia Silva Néto
    Patrícia Silva Néto 3 months ago

    It still amazes me how she nails the first line of the chorus every single time. I'm learning this song for my piano recital next month and fuck me, that's so hard. It's not even about being able to hit the note, it's about making the switch to the bridge that's killing me. Thank god there's beauty in the imperfections :')

  • Denisse Montoya
    Denisse Montoya 3 months ago

    Please react to Roy Khan's voice from Kamelot ♥️✨

  • Idefix__
    Idefix__ 3 months ago

    Not sure if anyone in the comments have said this, but Lady Gaga made the song Sam, with Bradley in her mind :) and the pain you think she compensates for is her cronic body pain, look up the documentary about her, she is in pain 90% of the time and music is what makes it possible for her to coop with it. Love the video :)

  • Chloe Roberts
    Chloe Roberts 3 months ago

    I love how descriptive you are in your videos and how you always connect technique with performance and tell us how that relates to experience. Your analysis is always so helpful in terms of understanding how the voice functions and it is so nice to hear someone talking about the actual performance as well as the vocals and how emoting can be so much more powerful just than hitting the notes accurately.

    I was wondering if you would consider reacting to some musical theatre/Broadway pieces? I think that would be really interesting to see, especially with all of the different genres and styles that can fit under the umbrella of musical theatre again. It is also interesting how a lot of musical theatre performers choose acting and conveying the emotions of what they are singing over consistently and flawlessly hitting the notes.

  • Laurie Mayhew
    Laurie Mayhew 3 months ago

    I like what you said about emotional intent versus technical skill. It reminds me of this live performance of Every Breaking Wave by U2. Bono talks about getting lost in the songs and it's so true here. There is something thrilling about singers reaching for notes that are hard for them to reach, too. Anyway, I hope you can react and analyze this gem. ru-clip.com/video/6eT_Mucn0PM/video.html ru-clip.com/video/6eT_Mucn0PM/video.html

  • monserrat soto
    monserrat soto 3 months ago

    Anyone notice how when a artist is struggling or making a mistake, Sam will kinda nod and smile towards the screen almost as if they are in the room and he is encouraging them. He doesn't use that mistake as a way to shit on the artists and show off his knowledge. Instead he uses it as an opportunity to teach us something and also figure out why the person is singing that way.

  • Bibi Casas
    Bibi Casas 3 months ago

    Great video!! Has Sam reacted to Yebba 'My Mind' ??? Anyone???

  • E L
    E L 3 months ago

    The way I see vocal music is that our instrument has ways of resonating with our heartstrings, and not every note on that scale aligns perfectly (much like our hearts). One thing I really enjoy about your videos Sam is that you use expressive verbal and physical language to help people mirror and reflect those forms of speech as learning tools. I've never in my life considered something "hooty" before this video series, but lordy do I say it now (though infrequently in the context of the voice lol). By describing how people in professional and viral settings perform, you've given millions of people the tools to understand their voice better. I'm not really sure how I wasn't subscribed before, but half a million people at least have been brighter than me so far. Here's to millions more!

  • Anthony Plumley
    Anthony Plumley 3 months ago

    Sam is probably the most wholesome nice person since Mr Rogers.

  • Fabiel Castro
    Fabiel Castro 3 months ago

    You should sing something too.

  • Inola Smith
    Inola Smith 3 months ago

    Please react to the oscars!!

  • Hilda Alvarez-Strang
    Hilda Alvarez-Strang 3 months ago

    They were even better at the Oscars.

  • Dani Francis
    Dani Francis 3 months ago

    Your so informative 🧐

  • Unveiled by Poetry
    Unveiled by Poetry 3 months ago

    I loved your comment on imperfections and making someone have an emotional experience when they hear you. I had a voice teacher that always strived for perfections and then told me I couldn't sing, which actually stopped me from singing for 6 years (not even alone in my car or in the shower). With your videos and practice, I started singing live again and feeling comfortable with mistakes but also happy with progress :)

  • Michelle Balderrama
    Michelle Balderrama 3 months ago

    I love your videos! And as my dad use to say: you can be a really good singer but not an interpreter. (I don't know if "Interpreter" is the right traduction)
    Regards from Mexico!!

  • brent mckenzie
    brent mckenzie 3 months ago

    Dammn boy waffle much..

  • Cami Maxwell
    Cami Maxwell 3 months ago

    I just realized...Sam, you are the Bob Ross of voice coaching. You are always positive, even-keeled, and complimentary...embracing mistakes as wonderful things to be celebrated, not shunned.
    When I sing now, I don't beat myself up for a voice crack, I embrace it and continue to enjoy the song! Thank you for that!

  • Shaunna Mccardell
    Shaunna Mccardell 4 months ago

    In “A Star Is Born,” Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga fuse their considerable talents to depict the raw and passionate tale of Jack and Ally, two artistic souls working together, on stage plus life. Theirs can be a complex journey from the beauty along with the heartbreak of a relationship struggling to live.
    You can download and observe the movie at no cost from this point : easterninvestors.itsaboutseo.com/Download-and-watch-the-movie-A-star-is-97da6.html

  • wayne howell
    wayne howell 4 months ago

    If you want to hear an amazing cover of Shallow...listen to Brian Justin Crum

  • Elisa Leoncini
    Elisa Leoncini 4 months ago

    You're a really good Vocal Analyst. Love watching the videos you comment on.

  • XO XI
    XO XI 4 months ago

    You need to react to CHEN of EXO covering song called sorry!

  • penny miller
    penny miller 4 months ago

    Sam we must remember GAGA is a singer,,,this is what she does,,,I thought Bradley did well but he's an actor, so we can't compare them

  • Courtney its2simple
    Courtney its2simple 4 months ago

    “Everyone has inside them something very special...if you’re able to let that out, there is the potential to being great.” Forever encouraging. This is one of the reasons I love watching your videos.
    On another note, Cooper and Gaga sound amazing together. I get goosebumps listening to them.

  • Vanessa Santos
    Vanessa Santos 4 months ago

    This was an amazing video. One of your most valuable reactions. 💕

  • Vanessa Santos
    Vanessa Santos 4 months ago

    Lol you're so right about sounding good vs creating an emotional response. This is true for playing an instrument as well. It's actually uncomfortable to hear a person technically play right yet sound so robotic it doesn't feel like music anymore. Much better when you can feel the music playing through a person's soul not just thier fingers. I call this talent or charisma, but I've had people argue that talent doesn't exist. It's all about hard work and practice.
    E.g At a random bar one night and they had some girl singing. You could tell she was a professional singer with formal training not just a performer off the streets. Her vocals were perfect but she was absolutely boring. I felt like I should have been blown away with her skill but she had nothing special. It had personality in the sense that she wasn't just standing there but nothing that evoked an emotional reaction. It felt kinda confusing actually because I couldn't say tangibly what was wrong. I think her voice was also way too mainstream. Like there was no identification. I hope that makes sense.

  • Vanessa Santos
    Vanessa Santos 4 months ago

    Bradly Cooper sounds horrible

  • Just DanaE
    Just DanaE 4 months ago

    I agree with Jeniffer Santaguido .. loved your forgiving and even appreciative attitude towards an "actors singing" :)

  • Grant Parker
    Grant Parker 4 months ago

    Any chance I could get you to react to The Decemberists - The Mariner's Revenge??

  • Zach Nunya
    Zach Nunya 4 months ago

    We love you sam johnson

  • Jessica Tyson
    Jessica Tyson 4 months ago

    "I believe in every single person" ....how refreshing if the rest of the world thought the same way.

  • Rose Red
    Rose Red 4 months ago

    I love ur videos! Thanks for your efforts! And thank you for being so positive!!!

  • Warren Aquino
    Warren Aquino 4 months ago

    You Gaga fan! ❤

  • Warren Aquino
    Warren Aquino 4 months ago

    You Gaga fan! ❤

  • Samantha Fleming
    Samantha Fleming 4 months ago

    Would love to see you react and analyse Tom Jones and Jennifer Hudsons battle on the Voice of This is a Mans World please :)

  • Guadalupe Lopez
    Guadalupe Lopez 4 months ago

    Love love love your videos. You’re so educational lol. Would love to hear what you have to say about Chloe and Halle performances their harmonies are WILD. Thanks for making these videos for me to binge watch :-)

  • MissCaraMint
    MissCaraMint 4 months ago

    I think you are right about the expression thing. It’s one of those things that I find different about singing vs playing the flute. There are so many ways to sing. While there is objectively only one way to play. That makes epressing yourself in some way easyer when singing, but maintaining tecnique while doing so is hard, and I think manny get so caught up with tecnique that they forgett about expression. When I play, I can focus so much on how to express the song once I’ve learned the notes.

  • MissCaraMint
    MissCaraMint 4 months ago

    I loved this song I’m excited for you to anelyze it. I haven’t watched yet but I know it’ll be good.

  • Camimlez
    Camimlez 4 months ago

    Please do Michael Jackson, I adore you! ❤️

  • Estelle Freitas
    Estelle Freitas 4 months ago

    You’re stinking adorbs take my like and subscribe lol

  • MrZYON
    MrZYON 4 months ago

    came in for the review, left feeling empowered. thanks sam:') you're awesome

  • Gabriela B
    Gabriela B 4 months ago

    Please react to something by at the drive in or mars volta

  • Mark Edly
    Mark Edly 4 months ago

    Incisive critique.