Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel | Monday Motivation: The Physical Journey

  • Published on Feb 25, 2019
  • Discipline. Strength. Dedication. #MondayMotivation
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Comments • 487

  • Tia Aaron
    Tia Aaron Month ago

    You're no Tom Cruise.

  • Marvel/DC Woman
    Marvel/DC Woman 6 months ago

    crazy awesome!

  • Siva Kumar
    Siva Kumar 6 months ago

    Wowwwwww 😘😘😘

  • Shane Blade Media
    Shane Blade Media 6 months ago +2

    Look out! Here comes the onslaught of offended men in the comments. Haha. Buckle up folks.
    Can't wait for the film personally, it's gonna be epic!

  • A. Shivaphiriyan
    A. Shivaphiriyan 6 months ago

    Kolla waiting 🤩🤩🤩

  • Severino
    Severino 6 months ago

    Brie Larson is badass!

  • YUSS k
    YUSS k 6 months ago

    No thanks...

  • Hazy Naoki
    Hazy Naoki 6 months ago

    No matter what you try sweetheart you still need buttdouble.

  • Luka Kurdgelia
    Luka Kurdgelia 6 months ago


  • Philipe Roberto
    Philipe Roberto 6 months ago

    SÓ VEM!!!

  • Allan Gomez
    Allan Gomez 6 months ago

    Capitán feminazi, solo en cines..

  • jr dm
    jr dm 6 months ago

    Ready to beat white males across the galaxy

  • Ezequiel Rondó
    Ezequiel Rondó 6 months ago

    Adam Warlock

  • the missing link
    the missing link 6 months ago

    9 months? I'm not an expert but with all the money and Hollywood training experts, shouldn't she be a but more built?
    What was she doing for nine months?

  • Earthling117
    Earthling117 6 months ago

    Wonder Woman

  • pupolozano
    pupolozano 6 months ago

    GOOOOOO CAPTAIIIN! caant wait :(

  • Cookie Man
    Cookie Man 6 months ago

    Im white dude soo... she dont like my opinion

  • Megha
    Megha 6 months ago

    0:32 like bat man

  • Antonio Rezik
    Antonio Rezik 6 months ago


  • Josh Aguilar
    Josh Aguilar 6 months ago

    This movie got a 27% on Rotten Tomatoes lmfao I knew this movie was gonna flop I knew once they announced they were going to make this movie

  • Felipe Reyes
    Felipe Reyes 6 months ago

    Not Interested

  • Falken Vir
    Falken Vir 6 months ago

    Man : Hey Whats Up?
    CM : Wanna Fight?
    Man : Do you know where's the toilet?
    CM : Wanna Fight?
    Man : Are you alright?
    CM : wanna Fight?
    Man : alright then i'll leave you be...

    ENERGY ELAYA 6 months ago

    Nothing looks impressive than Rt 😌😌

    • RETRO
      RETRO 6 months ago

      What is Rt?

  • SPIDERMAN ,U.k. 2
    SPIDERMAN ,U.k. 2 6 months ago

    Fake superhero..i just love tony stark...

  • joperhop
    joperhop 6 months ago

    trailer looks boring, then she opened her mouth and now im branded a sexiest for not liking her clear sexiest and racist comments, as a white male i refuse to watch her film. Should have given us a black widow movie ages ago!
    Oh well, i shall watch Alita again, thats a cracking movie with a female lead! or Wonder women. But if Brie is leading Marvil films now... marvels is going to flop like star wars did.

    BLT4LIFE 6 months ago +2

    *Fanboys in a nutshell*
    SuperMAN "Great. 😀"
    BatMAN "Awesome. 😀"
    IronMAN "Badass. 😀"
    SpiderMAN "Wow. 😀"
    Captain Marvel "I'm sick of identity politics.😭"

    • sharpuslf
      sharpuslf 6 months ago

      @BLT4LIFE 14..just from what I listed

    • sharpuslf
      sharpuslf 6 months ago

      SuperGIRL, PowerGIRL, BatGIRL, BatWOMAN,Huntress,Scarlett Witch, Black Widow, Tigra, Wonder WOMAN, Black Cat, Dagger, Fire and Ice, Phoenix, Kitty Pride, Rogue, SHE-Hulk,Wasp,Storm,Invisible WOMAN,Pepper Potts,Gamora, Mystique,Silver Sable, Jubilee, Electra.... Quite simply YOU ARE AN IDIOT!

  • christo james
    christo james 6 months ago +1

    I hope the movie is good and does well but brie larsson is an idiot to bring politics into a superhero movie..bad marketing stratergy...hope it does well since shes not the only one who put effort into making this movie

  • Kyle Lamb
    Kyle Lamb 6 months ago

    Rotten tomatoes silence white male voice !!! Marvel is cancer

  • Kyle Lamb
    Kyle Lamb 6 months ago

    She should have thought about all that hard work before demonizing men and now silencing the the great white voice oppression at its finest

  • Rahul Sharma
    Rahul Sharma 6 months ago

    Nice and beautiful Captain Marvel

  • GOOD FOOD by Dietitian MALA

    She is trying to say tell thanos that I am coming

  • Random Person
    Random Person 6 months ago

    I will rewatch Alita the day this comes out

  • Radiatun Zidnee
    Radiatun Zidnee 6 months ago +1

    Enough with Captain Marvel. Give us something from Endgame.

  • movies cut
    movies cut 6 months ago +3

    This movie rating will be 2.5 out of 10

  • Get Israel out of Palestine

    when an entire website needs to change its rating system...

  • Get Israel out of Palestine

    Never heard of her or the character she plays.
    # the avengers already have a captain

    • BLT4LIFE
      BLT4LIFE 6 months ago

      You mean that guy who bowed to a woman the other day? I don't think he'll mind taking a back seat. He had his chance with Thanos.

  • Hunter Stover
    Hunter Stover 6 months ago +2

    Stop trying to push Brie Larson on me I don’t like her

  • Hunter Stover
    Hunter Stover 6 months ago +2

    Gal gadot is a lot better looking.

  • crush it
    crush it 6 months ago +2

    They took off her Rotten tomatoes lolllll

  • Dmitry Stein
    Dmitry Stein 6 months ago +1

    I can`t wait for captain feminazi to kill Thanos.

  • Rae Lynn
    Rae Lynn 6 months ago

    Love Maria too!

  • Meena Kumari
    Meena Kumari 6 months ago

    Oh and one more how does everyone know that peter is spiderman in 'missing' shot

  • Legacy Comics
    Legacy Comics 6 months ago +1

    I don't have enough money to go to endgame, Shazam and Captain Marvel. Why did they all have to be so close to each other

    • Tia Aaron
      Tia Aaron 6 months ago +1

      You can watch them in a cheap cinema.

  • Duh Dumb boy
    Duh Dumb boy 6 months ago +4

    It’s gonna be pretty awkward when she joins a cast of a bunch of white males in end game. 😂

  • The Econ Production
    The Econ Production 6 months ago

    She's Awesome ❤

  • Henry Thoreau
    Henry Thoreau 6 months ago +1

    She has now proven to be the most powerful character in the MCU.
    She destroyed the entire Marvel Universe with just her mouth.

    • Henry Thoreau
      Henry Thoreau 6 months ago

      @BLT4LIFE That's not what she said.

    • BLT4LIFE
      BLT4LIFE 6 months ago

      You people are so petty, and tiny.

  • Amanda Christy
    Amanda Christy 6 months ago +2

    She's so badass & a dedicated actress! Love her! Can't wait for next week!!!

    • Abdul Haseeb
      Abdul Haseeb 6 months ago +1

      @Amanda Christy stfu she trained so hard because she was paid btw she is racist and sexist with a square looking face with terrible acting the movie looks boring af.

    • Amanda Christy
      Amanda Christy 6 months ago

      @Duh Dumb boy She spent 9 months trained & worked hard for this role, if that's not dedicated Idk what is. And what did you do? Accused her of being selfish on what ground? You just spread hate on the internet, while she was actually doing something to achieve her dream, and look where she is now. She won Oscar, Golden Globes, and become one of the highest paid actor in MCU

    • Duh Dumb boy
      Duh Dumb boy 6 months ago +2

      How?? She seems like a horrible selfish person.

  • L K
    L K 6 months ago

    They put this movie before Endgame for a reason, they know people will see it mainly for the end credit scene. But a ticket is a ticket
    Disney is not stupid.

  • Sem T. Borja
    Sem T. Borja 6 months ago

    So this is the Marvel's Batman😏..

  • Thanos The mad titan
    Thanos The mad titan 6 months ago +2

    What a failed attempt by Marvel. And here we go again with everybody blaming this movies low rotten Tomato scores on men and trolls... how pathetic ppl on this earth have gotten

  • Capitán Deathpool
    Capitán Deathpool 6 months ago

    Captain botox

  • steve the steve
    steve the steve 6 months ago +1

    Woo! Go brie! U rlly worked hard for this part in the mcu! I bet its going to be amazing!!!!

    • Marian Of Cintra
      Marian Of Cintra 6 months ago

      Suuuuurrrreeee I'm sure a racist and sexist person like herself is gonna save the world

  • Shawn Evans
    Shawn Evans 6 months ago +3

    Looking forward to this movie!!

  • David
    David 6 months ago +7

    Captain Feminazism

  • Asad Akhtar
    Asad Akhtar 6 months ago +4

    Why is Marvel Studios marketing Brie so much... seems like they have the idea of many ppl not liking her... they never had to market RDJ, Evans or Hemsworth before launching their movies .... :D

    • Falken Vir
      Falken Vir 6 months ago

      @L K the actress herself is overrated

    • Asad Akhtar
      Asad Akhtar 6 months ago

      @Yahsun Domt if she has is the lead then .... bye bye MCU

    • Yahsun Domt
      Yahsun Domt 6 months ago +1

      probably because she will be the next 'leader' of the MCU after RDJ get retired

    • L K
      L K 6 months ago +1

      They're trying too hard to sell the actress as the character and not the character herself

  • Spike V1
    Spike V1 6 months ago +3

    Captain Racist - feel the motivation to try not to be born a white man........

  • Lee?
    Lee? 6 months ago +2

    baby 😏

  • Spider_Gamer841 *Lasagna overlord.*


  • Gappies
    Gappies 6 months ago

    Llike this comment if you want to see the Avengers: Endgame 2nd trailer in March

  • Gappies
    Gappies 6 months ago +1

    Go higher,
    Go further,
    Go faster,