• Published on Nov 10, 2017
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  • Brad Mondo
    Brad Mondo  Year ago +2324


    • Kerry Berry
      Kerry Berry 10 days ago

      @Brad Mondo, can we just stop... Watched a number of your videos and have not seen you with this beautiful hair. Bring it back 2019! Looking gorgeous 😍

    • Renee Regnier
      Renee Regnier 13 days ago

      Later on in the season they fix his beard

    • Emme Snarf
      Emme Snarf Month ago +1

      Looks like fabric you can buy at Jo Anns

    • Whitney Bryant
      Whitney Bryant Month ago


    • Jayme Ann
      Jayme Ann Month ago

      Hell nah, it was fake looking to the extreme

  • Bloof the Poof
    Bloof the Poof 22 hours ago

    Wait, isn’t the guy with the shitty beard wave the homophobe who got roasted by Tyra?

  • Bellethiele
    Bellethiele 4 days ago

    This video was only a year and a half ago and you look so much more mature now! :o

  • E- K-
    E- K- 4 days ago

    2:47 How hooot is the right boy!? Holy Shit🙈

  • Jenice Smith
    Jenice Smith 5 days ago

    Omg I lovvvveee the hairrrr purrrrrrppppllleee

  • Me
    Me 7 days ago

    Nooo it was ugly

  • CeltycSparrow
    CeltycSparrow 8 days ago

    For what its worth, I do believe you are the first man I've ever seen who can pull off purple hair and still look hot. Your eyebrows are better than mine and I'm a woman. lol And your eyes are just insanely GORGEOUS. You outshine every model on this show.

  • Chronicles Of A Lass

    I would so let you take control of my hair and not look till you were done :) would be so fun to bad I live to far away :(

  • Noelle Marie
    Noelle Marie 10 days ago

    The day he published this vid was my birthday!!!!!

  • Ralyn Asher-Titterness

    ralyn461 -insta (follow me🙃)

  • Francesca Casar
    Francesca Casar 21 day ago

    I want half black half white hair but then i wouldnt be able to change it for sooooo long (bc of the black)

  • iM nOt fAt iM tHiCc
    iM nOt fAt iM tHiCc 23 days ago

    That last girl would look better if they didn’t color her eyebrows

  • Bella Desroisers
    Bella Desroisers 23 days ago +1

    IT 2019 YAYA no one

  • Kirsty Macleod
    Kirsty Macleod 26 days ago

    How is Brad this good looking? He's gorgeous! I love the purple too omg. He literally has the most beautiful eyes in the universe. Also that girl at the end looked dreadful, it might have looked a bit better if you could see her eyebrows?

  • Every day Life with me

    0:08 😂😂😂💀

  • ellereneee
    ellereneee 27 days ago

    omg you're so different now you snapped babe

  • BSienk Art
    BSienk Art 27 days ago


  • Nadia Wallace
    Nadia Wallace 28 days ago

    I never knew Travis from Tyler Perry's: If Loving You Is Wrong ...was on America's Next Top Model😱😱❤

  • Trash Bin
    Trash Bin Month ago

    They did that last girl so dirty

  • Lily’s Life
    Lily’s Life Month ago +1

    The last girl so it did not look like her four head was that big so I think it would look better with bangs

  • April Carlberg
    April Carlberg Month ago

    Ok gorgeous one. I love loooovvvveeee you platinum blonde. But this color on you is hot AF. GO queen. You know you look good!!! 💕❤️

  • Ashhmel
    Ashhmel Month ago

    Have you reacted to season 19 yet?

  • Julie Boolie
    Julie Boolie Month ago

    Brad having a 10 minute orgasm with all them hottie guys 😂😁😂

  • •moody •
    •moody • Month ago

    The blond girl didn’t need to dye her eyebrows tho

  • V.A. D-R
    V.A. D-R Month ago

    I loved Brad already b/c he was funny, gave great tips, comments & just all around great. I came to adore him, even more, when I realized he was into interracial relationships; ie he likes black men. I'll be honest, it's not that common. Pansexual woman here w/o a type and I'm even more of a unicorn w/in the community. There's just a lot of interpersonal racism in the LGBT+ community of (stay w/ your kind) some people wouldn't believe.

  • Gigi Hadid
    Gigi Hadid Month ago

    Where is your jacket from?

  • Priyanka Bose
    Priyanka Bose Month ago

    Your hair is giving me life❤️

  • Amelie Todd
    Amelie Todd Month ago

    I feel like this season had one of the best makeover episodes except Kari and Denzel....

  • Alex. H
    Alex. H Month ago

    Do sponsorships make anyone else cringe

  • Ella H
    Ella H Month ago

    If ya girl thinks kari’s hair is plantinum blonde then you should se my hair it is BLOND AF💁🏼lol It all natural to

  • Jayme Ann
    Jayme Ann Month ago

    I hated most of the makeovers, they were boring

  • Jaylynn Estrada
    Jaylynn Estrada Month ago

    Not to be rude but when u talk can you please pause the video cause I can’t listen to either the video or you when both of you guys or talking but I still love you cause you give great tips but that was just kinda bothering me during the video

  • Shenee Sigler
    Shenee Sigler Month ago

    Ohhmaaagawdddd! Your hair color is everythaaaaaang in this video! Yaaasss Brad! You’re sooo damn gorgeous!!! 😱💜

  • Nubian Luv
    Nubian Luv 2 months ago +6

    Don’t worry y’all, they re-did Denzel’s look 😂😂

  • Madeleine Blenkush
    Madeleine Blenkush 2 months ago +1

    anyone watching in 2019?!

  • Jax Rabbit
    Jax Rabbit 2 months ago

    I currently have the black and blonde split dye and I love it 😭❤️

  • Rhiannon Sikand
    Rhiannon Sikand 2 months ago

    anyone else think the blond eyebrows/hair girl looked amazing with dark hair and eyebrows? tbh she was way prettier before.

  • Ada K
    Ada K 2 months ago

    As much as I love the antm reaction videos, I can’t deal with the way they’re edited. Like I can’t understand what they’re saying, I can’t understand what he’s saying, if I turn up the volume to hear one thing, the other one gets too loud. It’s just too much talking at the same time. This video for some reason is the worst. I literally couldn’t enjoy it because of the bad sound editing and not being able to fully understand what he’s saying

  • Lacy Love
    Lacy Love 2 months ago

    Why am I still awake!!! You keep me up all night!!!!

  • Mel Michelle
    Mel Michelle 2 months ago +26

    *turns out I’m getting nothing*
    *is bald*.

  • Ella Bolman
    Ella Bolman 2 months ago

    Your hair is so good looking

  • killjoyprince
    killjoyprince 2 months ago

    i need to see this hair look on him again, bc wow

  • Shannon
    Shannon 2 months ago +1

    Tyra has definitely gotten more beautiful with age, she's stunning

  • GabbyRenee88
    GabbyRenee88 2 months ago +5

    "Does anybody actually do that (beard weave)" yes.... Jenna Marbles

  • Jai Jasmyn Marie Gallagher

    Homework due tomorrow...?? Or watching Brad Mondo react to America’s Next Top Model...??

  • Avaneet Dhillon
    Avaneet Dhillon 2 months ago

    Brad is literally the mix of Chris pine and Liam Hemsworth... So hot 🔥

  • Klara Walter
    Klara Walter 2 months ago

    7:18 is my hair colour really on ANTM? I feel so much better about being different right now.. like now i can say that Tyra has approved my hait xd

  • Mercedes Anastasia
    Mercedes Anastasia 2 months ago

    Kari easily could won that season, but that stupid "ice princess" weave and brows just ruined her confidence and her look.

  • S H O O T I E
    S H O O T I E 2 months ago

    OK Winnie Harlow is here, best season ever

  • Rachel Ingram
    Rachel Ingram 2 months ago

    Omg love ur hair so much

  • littlean24
    littlean24 2 months ago

    Stick on beard...hmmmmm

  • Miss.Nicola Dearlove
    Miss.Nicola Dearlove 2 months ago

    The last girl damn but at least she can fill in her brows with colour

  • Julie Monk
    Julie Monk 2 months ago

    Wow he looks so different in 2019

  • Madelyn
    Madelyn 2 months ago

    The last girl got screwed. The platinum blonde didn’t match her skin tone and could have been so much better.

  • The truth Haha
    The truth Haha 3 months ago

    Slugsss huh ? Lmk

  • Jordan Weljkovic
    Jordan Weljkovic 3 months ago

    roses are red
    violets are blue
    the video starts at 1:32

  • Łunar Søuł
    Łunar Søuł 3 months ago


  • imogen mattel
    imogen mattel 3 months ago

    k but kari looked so good

  • imogen mattel
    imogen mattel 3 months ago

    romeo is hot as hell.

  • jazminelovenicki
    jazminelovenicki 3 months ago

    The girl crying was being a baby, i could understand if they dyed and ruined her actual hair, but they put in a weave, she could literally take it out in a month. I’ve seen girls on the show that had to shave thier entire haid off AND dye it have a better reaction than that

  • Avin Unicorn
    Avin Unicorn 3 months ago

    It actually starts at 1:30

  • Kann Kamiko
    Kann Kamiko 3 months ago +2

    im hungry. I want BASKIN ROBIN's COTTON CANDY ice cream :3

  • Tara Gunning
    Tara Gunning 3 months ago

    myman with the fake beard should fight someone

  • Yordana V
    Yordana V 3 months ago

    I'm still mad that Adam didn't win

  • Élodie Brunelle
    Élodie Brunelle 3 months ago

    Omg this galaxy hair’s amazingg

  • Chris Williams
    Chris Williams 3 months ago

    How can you grow a goatee, but not be able to grow a beard?

  • sandramorrison99
    sandramorrison99 3 months ago +2

    I'm LOVING the HAIR!!!

  • Cadence Bailey
    Cadence Bailey 3 months ago

    Please excuse me but he hot as FUCK!!!!! Lol sorry

  • Britterally
    Britterally 3 months ago

    I hate that lacefront beard so much it looks so unnatural 😂
    I loved the half black half blonde look on Shei though, she really works it. I don't mind Kari's but she really was beautiful as a brunette.