Crazy Things You Thought Were Illegal, But Aren’t

  • Published on Mar 8, 2019
  • Here are 10 crazy things you thought would break the law but are in fact completely legal.
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Comments • 2 507

  • Flare -lou
    Flare -lou 2 days ago

    Here In uk you can buy alcohol at the age of 18 :)

  • Faggot Hunter69
    Faggot Hunter69 5 days ago

    Is there any legal shit I can do in Sweden?
    Own a flamethrower?

  • Juleah Cephus
    Juleah Cephus 5 days ago

    Texas have gay or LGBT married

  • Haroon Awan
    Haroon Awan 7 days ago

    Hey `
    Corporal punishment should be banned world wide. Ameen to that.

  • John Carver
    John Carver 8 days ago

    I used to subscribe to this channel, but I'm unsubscribing because of all the anti 2nd amendment jibes the creator likes to add in. The law wasnt made specifically for the british. It was made for any situation where a civilian would have to defend themselves from unlawful or immoral acts. Maybe if you live on an island where you've never technically been a citizen and always been a subject, it makes sense to just willing give up your means of defense and hope you never need it, but the statistics show that responsible gun ownership actually lowers crime rates. 14.2 people killed by shooters on average when police stop the shooter... less than 3 killed on average when a civilian stops the shooter. Keep your politics to yourself.

  • Ashley Lake
    Ashley Lake 10 days ago

    OMFG Texas is backwards! So you can't have sex with the same sex but you can have sex with an animal??? What in the flying fuck???? Texas is seriously fucked up! Remind me never to go to Texas people there probably have aids. .

  • Ashley Lake
    Ashley Lake 10 days ago

    Ok time to fire a missile. :)

  • Ashley Lake
    Ashley Lake 10 days ago

    Did thus guy just agree with first cousin marriages? Time to unsub. That's truly disgusting!

  • Benjamin Pieper
    Benjamin Pieper 10 days ago

    Lolol lying to the police and it shows a picture of 3 airmen. Lol

  • Workday LA
    Workday LA 11 days ago

    Apparently from the picture exploding isn’t illegal… Honey pack your bags!

  • Ann Brown
    Ann Brown 13 days ago

    Oh Officer. My cousin and I are only going on our honeymoon in this cool tank AND we are only using this cool flamethrower to clear a campsite.

  • luv2bevl
    luv2bevl 14 days ago

    Singer Jerry Lee Lewis married his 3rd cousin, & America was in a rage.
    I'd agree with the general disgust of the situation.
    Though I'd honestly state I don't personally know many of my 3rd or beyond cousins.
    I know in somewhere in my State.
    My dads family was fairly large!
    His father was his Mom & Dad were both 1 of 6 kids!
    My dad had 8 cousins from his Fathers side, & 13 cousins from his Mothers side.
    Not including him & his Sister!
    Possibly in my State I have 15 plus 3rd cousins & maybe more than 30 4th cousins,
    Beyond my State there may be another 10 3rd cousins & another 20 possible 4th Cousins?
    My Moms Mom (my Grams) had a cousin who lived about 2 hours away from us, I remember a picture she sent showing her having 5+ Grandchildren my age & younger.
    They would be my 5th cousins but I wouldn't know who they were if I ever saw them?
    Illinois allows or allowed you to Marry your 1st cousin, after the age of 50, maybe a bit older?
    Only reason I mention this is my friend & her soon to be hubby went for their Marriage Lic.
    They were asked if they knew they might be related. & of course they weren't.
    But my friend had to ask out of curiosity...
    Do people ever actually try to marry a relative?
    Has anyone ever answered yes?
    Why would you want to?
    The woman helping them , said she'd never been told yes, but after a certain age (possibly 50 as I mentioned) you can legally marry your 1st cousin.
    Obviously she was grossed out by the notion, but had to share the statement on Facebook.
    As to why it would ever be allowed to marry your 1st cousin.
    My assumption that maybe they allow it because you're less likely to procreate, so less likely to have a child with a malformation due to inbreeding?
    Sick, sad, awkward, but as of about 8 years ago it was partly legal as long as you were the right age!🤢

  • Alex in The Middle
    Alex in The Middle 14 days ago

    Hey cuz, want to get married?

  • Alex in The Middle
    Alex in The Middle 15 days ago

    If beastiality is legal in Texas, why is it coloured Orange on the map suggesting a misdemenour or felony?

  • Alex in The Middle
    Alex in The Middle 15 days ago

    Dont tell me honesty is always best in regards to lying to police! If it was best i would probably have been in prison by now!

  • testo
    testo 15 days ago

    We need more guns and less liberals

  • Yavocado_
    Yavocado_ 17 days ago

    _clears throat_


  • Dan the meme man
    Dan the meme man 17 days ago

    Fuck yeah I know What Ima buy a missle a tank a flamethrower

  • Stephen Sellers
    Stephen Sellers 17 days ago

    Lying to the police is illegal. Providing false information is a crime

  • daniel ninja
    daniel ninja 17 days ago +1

    Me dad is a cop and most of these are illegall

  • Turtle Master
    Turtle Master 18 days ago

    Lego on the floor

  • Genuine Sanity
    Genuine Sanity 18 days ago

    No , THE LAW FOR FIRING Missles should not be updated. The 2nd amendment is there to protect the people from TYRANNY . Whatever the Government has the the people have the right to have it too. 30 round clips are not for if the deer rise up , it is for Government agents coming FOR YOUR life and Liberty. History shows again and again that Psychopaths always work their way into positions of power and the Founding Fathers were well aware of it. Our liberties are being taken away and a micro chipped , cashless society is planned, neo feudalism is on the way. Scoff all you want.
    Western Society is being dismantled because it is the only real threat , with it's human rights , disdain of usury to a One Word Government. Natural Law is the only legitimate to engage in any activity or ingest any substance as long as you do no harm to anyone else. Freedom is your birthright , anything else is Man trying to be God. Check out Mark Passio's work on Natural Law and you will see how we are being cheated. Thank you.


    I’m 10 and I don’t like alcohol 🍷 🍺


    I live in Texas and corporal punishments are legal here!?!?




    *or making fire during BBQ grilling*

  • foreverkurome
    foreverkurome 19 days ago

    i'd actually want to fake my own death because i'm curious to know what people would have to say about me. and because nobody gets to attend their own funeral and that might be fun

  • anderson lopez
    anderson lopez 21 day ago

    Alabama going wild on #10

  • Spy 924
    Spy 924 21 day ago

    I drank wine on my 14th birthday.

  • Gabriel Paulino
    Gabriel Paulino 22 days ago

    9:20 the start of hentai (to my knowledge). 🤣

  • Cheese poofs8
    Cheese poofs8 24 days ago

    In Indiana or maybe America you can own about anything with proper permits

  • Lominoth Productions
    Lominoth Productions 26 days ago

    actually in most states in the US (Minnesota included ) you are legally allowed to give your children alchohol as long as you are in a private place and there is adult supervision

  • Ray Jr. Estrada
    Ray Jr. Estrada 29 days ago

    Hahahahahhahhaha every one in Texas are fucking sheep and dogs

  • Aaron Silva
    Aaron Silva Month ago

    Did the narrator just tell us viewers to "go and have kids with [our cousins]?" 😬

  • Disconnected X
    Disconnected X Month ago Since when is Texas shaped like this? Genuinely curious.

  • Sylvain Piche
    Sylvain Piche Month ago

    conspirationist will certainly jump on that cannibalism thing!...cannot really blame them either...

  • K P
    K P Month ago

    Eating another human is actually more nutritious than eating a cow. The more similar your food is to you the more nutrition your body absorbs from it. Just don't eat the brains that can give you motor neurons disease.

  • TymP321
    TymP321 Month ago

    Srsly... A surplus APC is cheaper and gets better milage. You can get quad 50 machine guns or even SAM mounts too. I think FLIR is standard and you're safe from anything below 14 mm armor piercing rounds

  • A Huddleston
    A Huddleston Month ago

    So that kinky cannibal German dude. Wouldn't be in trouble if it happened in the USA.? Weird

  • Nicole Nicole
    Nicole Nicole Month ago

    Schools should bring back spankings but let the parents do it

  • Richard Luydens
    Richard Luydens Month ago

    Shut it down damn it

  • Just a Yt channel
    Just a Yt channel Month ago

    **whispers** fireworks are missiles

  • [ R B L X ] Sneaqq
    [ R B L X ] Sneaqq Month ago +1

    Time to launch a missile to North Pole cause Santa didn’t give me crap in the 2018 Christmas

  • AnOldPath _
    AnOldPath _ Month ago

    at 2:50 no just no the second amendment wasnt to defend from the british the war with them had ended twat it was to defend against our OWN government how do you get it that wrong

  • Dom the Bomb
    Dom the Bomb Month ago

    Sorrow tv? Is that you?

  • Mach2 Legend
    Mach2 Legend Month ago +1

    Updating the 2nd amendment is unconstitutional


    American female soldier vomiting

  • Smart kids
    Smart kids Month ago

    I drank a miniature bottle of Baileys when I was 3 I have a sip of my parents alcohol every time they have some and am 11

  • Epic! Forest Destine

    Funny. Yeah all mammals eat the placenta and a thousands years ago all this was still adapted

  • Ŧ Ɍ Ⱥ Ȼ Ɇ Ɍ Ł Ø S Ŧ Ƀ Ø Ɨ

    i live in Florida

  • Ian Kammerman
    Ian Kammerman Month ago


  • Alex Gutierrez
    Alex Gutierrez Month ago

    Marrying cousins! So gross

  • Dyin Hope
    Dyin Hope Month ago

    Certain counties in Texas kids can be served at restaurants and bars if their parent is with them and give permission. Same state that also has alot of dry counties and lets you fuck animals. Weird ass place.

  • Eric Sesock
    Eric Sesock Month ago

    Everyone knows about that first fact. Adolf Hitlers parents were cousins.

  • Auntiecdv V
    Auntiecdv V Month ago

    I'm unsubscribing. The info in this video is Grossly inaccurate.

  • Vertical Refrigerator

    I can’t believe to wasn’t illegal to literally blow up

  • Slay all day I suck

    Thats not how Texas looks

  • watermeon plays 28
    watermeon plays 28 Month ago +1

    The right to bare arms is not for the British or robbers it is for if the government tryed to take over

  • Jovan Petroski
    Jovan Petroski Month ago

    Wen I was a baby I was drinking wine

  • Noobie G
    Noobie G Month ago

    Hmm not firearms

  • Clarissa Grobler
    Clarissa Grobler Month ago

    South Africa no -16 durikng