Can We Fix It? - Server Upgrade Vlog 2019 Pt 2

  • Published on Jan 15, 2019
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    When we last left our heroes, they found that their hard work had gotten them nowhere... Now, they need to figure out what went wrong...
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Comments • 9 272

  • Heyitsme Niraj!
    Heyitsme Niraj! Day ago +2

    Linus be like
    Ahh stick it in
    My mom be like
    What the heck are you watching??

  • Mark Hesser
    Mark Hesser 3 days ago

    As a network engineer, watching them struggle over vlans and subnets is hilarious. I wish I could've been there to help them!

  • 2015corvettec7
    2015corvettec7 4 days ago

    so you can run power over ethernet cables and ethernet over power cables? why not just have 1 cable

  • António Manuel Fidalgo

    Delete.....Delete ....... Delete ........

  • ipwnreviewer
    ipwnreviewer 4 days ago

    Lol, I'm one of those security guys, and yeah the NVR's and the Comera IT stuff is a pain almost every time not to mention the POE switches.

  • T H I C C boi
    T H I C C boi 4 days ago

    jake needs to lose some weight

  • The Furry Gamer
    The Furry Gamer 5 days ago +1

    Linus, if I was there, I'd have Whonnock loaded on the rail before you did.
    Also, I hear a Bing Crosby impersonator hiding in your staff ☺

  • Peter Carlstedt
    Peter Carlstedt 5 days ago

    How much cooling do you have for that server room? From camera view it looked like a very cramped space to be a decent server room, maybe it is larger than it looked like from camera? Also why do you share the networking with the server space? Wouldn´t a separate networking rack be a good idea? I.E a 25U rack?

  • Abinash Pathak
    Abinash Pathak 5 days ago +1

    13:05 this video was uploaded.... 😂 😂 😂 Legends will get this....

  • Abinash Pathak
    Abinash Pathak 5 days ago

    Lifting part was 😂😂

  • Amaury Jacquot
    Amaury Jacquot 8 days ago

    just remove the stupid door to the rack...

  • Sl1pp1
    Sl1pp1 10 days ago

    close your eyes and listen ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Urmas
    Urmas 10 days ago

    Jake thicc

  • Antony Whatever
    Antony Whatever 12 days ago


  • MiataBoi
    MiataBoi 13 days ago

    Why don't you guys use DHCP? How was ur subnet off? Lmao whenever I fuck up I turn off all static IPs and reset them. But maybe you're using something that may need a static IP to function at all

  • ItsBrian
    ItsBrian 13 days ago

    Linus reminds me of my "boss" in HS. (The lead tech in my schools tech department) makes weird jokes, overly serious, sometimes really funny, and will cuss you out for walking past him lol. only thing different is i don't despise linus with every being in my body

  • CaptainRemixer
    CaptainRemixer 15 days ago

    The editors should have made the you know what section completely black screen just audio.

  • Kim Forbes
    Kim Forbes 16 days ago

    WELCOME TO UNIFI guys hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahaha

  • DR. Vhan
    DR. Vhan 18 days ago

    Can someone make a linus shrek tips

  • Scott's Mad Science and More


  • Jay holloway II
    Jay holloway II 19 days ago

    That is why you screw in vga shut up anothny lol

  • Jay holloway II
    Jay holloway II 19 days ago

    lol this video is like watching the three stooges I swear to god lol

  • TheOneTrueSpLiT
    TheOneTrueSpLiT 19 days ago

    Now imagine doing what you accomplished over a few weekends but for an enterprise network consisting of over 2,500 file servers/SANs across the UK while at the same time the 35,000 clients are being updated - and by updated I do of course mean binned and replaced with new desktops with *per-user* builds that are done during the evenings after said user has gone home so next morning there's new desktop waiting for them but with all their settings and software exactly as it was. Oh, also a complete audit and overhaul of your Active Directory structure as well as the ownership/permissions of *all* file shares... while part of the company you are doing this for is being segregated and bought by the Italians. And did I mention the rebranding and review of *all* content on your Intranet? Who on Earth would want to be involved in projects such as that!!! Oh, errrr hang on....

  • joseph hoffee
    joseph hoffee 20 days ago

    😆 @ 6:35

  • Sarcasm Studios
    Sarcasm Studios 21 day ago

    Another video of Linus dying inside

  • Wupasscat _
    Wupasscat _ 22 days ago +14

    Anthony: Oh %$#&!
    Jake: did you just poe your computer?
    Anthony: I think so
    Jake: *evil laughter*
    Linus: you know that's not funny right?

  • Rajesh Mehta
    Rajesh Mehta 23 days ago

    Whats going on ......i dont understand...

  • SirLach
    SirLach 23 days ago

    Linus mounts his servers the same way I do. :)

  • Survesh Bajpai
    Survesh Bajpai 26 days ago

    hahaha.. So was it a user error that you came out? hahahaha

  • James Roggy
    James Roggy 27 days ago

    learn your 6 p. preparation planning prevents piss pore performance......... :)

  • Moritz Göppl
    Moritz Göppl 27 days ago +1

    "This is not the channel where we drop stuff" - Linus Sebastian, 2017

  • Adolfo J Barreto
    Adolfo J Barreto 27 days ago

    A "friend of mine" told me it was up on xnxx. Great cross-marketing guys! It took 5 months to show up but you're all famous!

  • Resobaso
    Resobaso 29 days ago +1

    "This is awful! Who did this?"
    "A company you probably paid thousands of dollars to"

  • Hot Soup
    Hot Soup Month ago

    My VCR is still flashing 12:00. 😢

  • Tech Ev
    Tech Ev Month ago

    where is pt 1

  • Necati Bozdoğan
    Necati Bozdoğan Month ago +3

    technology porn
    *this server is deeper than the others*

  • randy havard
    randy havard Month ago

    I was just listening and not watching the video andAround 12 minutes and 45 seconds I completely forgot what I was listening to I never knew working on networking and storage equipment could be so erotic, I ran over to turn off the sound some kind of spam or something had popped up and I didn't want to be in any trouble. You better watch out though these computers get AI they'll be wanting to bring up sexual harassment charges or start blackmailing you for taking like that

  • Felix R
    Felix R Month ago +1

    5:35 Linus: Who screws in VGA?
    Linus: *S H U T U P A N T H O N Y*

    PNAKOAO Month ago

    I'm sorry Linus, but POE'ing a PC, don't matter how expensive, is pretty funny.

  • Kevin Ojala
    Kevin Ojala Month ago

    Linus, I need to work for you.

  • Cheng Zhang
    Cheng Zhang Month ago +1

    7:00 why do you have a dongle on a server, it is not an apple server

  • StonerFromThe618
    StonerFromThe618 Month ago


  • FraserLyleKerr
    FraserLyleKerr Month ago +1

    Linus, Give Anthony a raise and more screen time, hes brilliant. Fire Jake, he sucks

  • dapeon
    dapeon Month ago

    12:39 Ohh yeah!! put in there!! stick it in!! its so tigth...... :))

  • Trianglua Rat
    Trianglua Rat Month ago

    I love you APrim

  • dan kuit
    dan kuit Month ago

    i am watching humans working with magic.

  • one 86 boi
    one 86 boi Month ago

    anothony's lancaster shirt is epic.

  • one 86 boi
    one 86 boi Month ago


  • Jorge H
    Jorge H Month ago

    Diet bepis

  • KuuzGame10
    KuuzGame10 Month ago

    Why do you guys put up with the blond douchebag, can you not just fire the asshole? .... honestly? he doesn't stfu and is super annoying please don't put him back in your videos again Linus Q_Q

  • K S
    K S Month ago

    I love this video so much and everything I love about it is because of Aprime.

  • Jasson Quill
    Jasson Quill Month ago

    anybody advice me which much good router in balancing internet for 50-80pc and 50+- smarthphones? mikrotik or a Pfsense os?

    • romeoneverdies
      romeoneverdies Month ago +1

      if you have 100 to 150 users you should not be using a 80Mbps router ... ( mikrotik) you can run both on a 80x86 platform. one is a router the other a firewall ... load balancing internet connection is a lot more complicated then one might think ( you will find out that asymmetric traffic isn't a fun issue to deal with ... very early on...)

  • rwjehs
    rwjehs Month ago

    Imagine having this amount of tech and not getting rabbit ears to mount a piece of hardware.

  • Super Fresh Jank
    Super Fresh Jank Month ago

    The networking stuff was painful to watch. I really feel bad for that guy, if you don;t know the details in and out you can get caught off guard when things do';t seamlessly go together. As someone who does networking, I cringed when he said a few things... eeek.

  • TheShameWizard
    TheShameWizard Month ago


  • Gary Wharton
    Gary Wharton 2 months ago

    "this video was uploaded to xxx" hahahahhaa that fucking killed me XD only porn freaks like me got that one ;)

  • Uniloco
    Uniloco 2 months ago

    Jake, you do not work, you do not help.
    We do not need you. Change your child's attitude.

  • Curtis Nixon
    Curtis Nixon 2 months ago

    actually linus, is right. It's not funny. IT'S FUCKING HILARIOUS!!!

  • Jan Kopciuch
    Jan Kopciuch 2 months ago

    by the way, you can ssh into the aps and just advise them to inform the configured Cloudkey. it's a single line command

  • Jared F.
    Jared F. 2 months ago

    LMG needs a high availability storage cluster and backup cluster.

  • Anthony Yershov
    Anthony Yershov 2 months ago

    That thumbnail facial expression makes me cringe... don't care how much money it earns u

  • TheGingerthekid
    TheGingerthekid 2 months ago

    Jake are awesome. fuck you haters.

  • Lewis Balentine
    Lewis Balentine 2 months ago

    You need a bigger server closet of skinny IT robots.

  • Hymw
    Hymw 2 months ago

    Imagine sitting here and just watching 21 minutes of Linus and friends fix their shitty servers

  • ArtisticFreakYT
    ArtisticFreakYT 2 months ago

    andrew is a king

  • Luis Liera
    Luis Liera 2 months ago

    This 2 part series has made Anthony my favorite character

  • Mac Robeson
    Mac Robeson 2 months ago +5


  • Double-Edge
    Double-Edge 2 months ago

    RU-clip POOP YES

  • Jan-Christopher Estelmann

    anthonys user-error-joke.... so savage :D

  • jblps
    jblps 2 months ago +2

    Linus the Builder: "Can we fix it?"
    Comments: "YES WE CAN!"

  • jed jann
    jed jann 2 months ago

    i feel sad for you linus :(

  • Defender2516
    Defender2516 2 months ago

    People that think Jake is funny, ask yourself that if he broke your 3,000 dollar PC, and YOU had to pay to replace it, would it still be funny? Linus may be making lots of money to replace these things, but loosing money to things like frying a labtop isn't a fun experience. At the end of the day, these employee's get to go home and come back another day, for Linus, he's soley responsible for all of it. Its the very reason why he makes the most money, because he is the most responsible. Having employee's break your stuff isn't fun or funny.

  • Джонатан
    Джонатан 2 months ago

    Oh how I hate the process of re-adopting Ubiquiti devices. What password!

  • James Moore
    James Moore 2 months ago +6

    Man I get so anxious when they start getting snappy with each other lol

  • Charlton Berry
    Charlton Berry 2 months ago

    As a Whonnock boi, I love that you named that server Whonnock. However, Ruskin is not important enough for anything to be named after it.

  • CalypsoRaz
    CalypsoRaz 2 months ago

    16:25 lol

  • Jack Yuanwei Cheng
    Jack Yuanwei Cheng 2 months ago

    If I can find someone to watch this and laugh like a complete idiot with me then you are the one.

  • Albert Ong
    Albert Ong 2 months ago

    Is there a part 3?

    • 11 11
      11 11 Month ago

      Albert Ong no... why would they be? The were upgraded to 10GB network for there new internet connection. And that’s what they did in this video.

  • Mike Sonntag
    Mike Sonntag 3 months ago

    With how big of building you have why on earth is your server room size of misfit step child room. Good lord.

  • Jack Honey
    Jack Honey 3 months ago

    Can we fix it?
    (Bob the builder)

    DCFUKSURMOM/BENDER 3 months ago

    Cent OS, not centos, it isnt one word.

  • Tim young
    Tim young 3 months ago

    One of the things I like most about LTT is you show the no varnish reality.
    It's what you learn from group therapy, others expirence the same things that you have. You are not alone. I've lived this video multiple times, normally single handed, but with the help of the occasional phone call, and normally more time then estimated, things were working when people showed up to work. Normally when I get home, very late, my wife greets me with, "I hate computers".

  • Garry Holmberg
    Garry Holmberg 3 months ago

    This was like watching a horror film, a train wreck, I wanted to stop watching, it had me cringing! VLANs, VLANs, we don't need no stinking VLANs! Is there no subnet mask? What default gateway is that? POE port, to POE injector, is POE squared! I was amazed that everything was running by end of day. I was totally spent by the time this video ended. But then I watched it again:)!

  • NystriX
    NystriX 3 months ago

    I like how he is completely useless

  • cronic ,
    cronic , 3 months ago

    hahaha linus getting shitty is the best

  • Jeremiah Arnold
    Jeremiah Arnold 3 months ago

    Dont be a dick bc he poed his laptop. It was rough day. But, I agree u was being a dick. I think it was funny too

  • Darthmufin
    Darthmufin 3 months ago

    I assume the editor is a fan of youtube poops.

  • Rachmaniar Setya Putri
    Rachmaniar Setya Putri 3 months ago +2

    is this the "part 2" of 10 gig network switch thing ?

    • Jan (J25)
      Jan (J25) 2 months ago

      One week late reply, but yup. This is part two of actually installing this whole thing.

  • 01101001b
    01101001b 3 months ago +1

    -You didn't ask it at all.
    -I think the footage will find that I in fact did.
    (Message from editor: "Cannot substantiate") XD

  • zUltra
    zUltra 3 months ago

    *Bob intensifies*

  • Bradley Methorst
    Bradley Methorst 3 months ago +5

    "this video was uploaded to: *sensored*" ehm wuttt?

  • Robert Conde
    Robert Conde 3 months ago

    NO sandals around servers... "finger wag"

  • Max Giroux Productions
    Max Giroux Productions 3 months ago

    This reminds me of my Cisco networking class.

  • George P
    George P 3 months ago

    Jake is like having a bitch child around.

  • Wee Gee
    Wee Gee 3 months ago +6

    Server: *_Dies_*
    Linus: *P U L S E W A Y* :D

  • David Imrie
    David Imrie 3 months ago +4

    As a network engineer, this pained me :|

  • WolffeLeader
    WolffeLeader 3 months ago

    *D I N N E R*

  • Kelley Shiveley
    Kelley Shiveley 3 months ago

    Funny as hell.

  • Flerger Bergitydersh
    Flerger Bergitydersh 3 months ago

    The editing was on point with this one.

  • Alvadar65
    Alvadar65 3 months ago +2

    Man Jake is an annoying prick

    • Homer Simpson
      Homer Simpson 3 months ago

      Alvadar65 what if you were working with him?