Terence Crawford: Beating Amir Khan would make me the best pound-for-pound boxer | First Take

  • Published on Jan 17, 2019
  • Terence Crawford joins First Take to say that if he's able to beat Amir Khan, he will be considered the best pound-for-pound boxer over Vasyl Lomachenko.
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Comments • 3 182

  • Mike Cruz
    Mike Cruz 16 days ago

    The fact that Deontay Wilder isn’t on the p4p list is dumb. He’s one of the lightest dominant heavyweights ever. His record is 41-0 with 40 KO. They got guys with 3 losses in there. As a true boxing fan there should be two heavyweights in the top 5.

  • Nano Reyes
    Nano Reyes 28 days ago

    I'll hype you up,if you beat you're sister or you're grandma...you're p4p.men ,Amir Khan you're bigger than him.go up in weight if you ko GGG and Conelo,maybe I'll give you p4p.you bussiness men...don't fool me

  • Fekix
    Fekix Month ago


  • Aleks Martini
    Aleks Martini Month ago

    Glassy chin falls as usual

  • Sai Sai
    Sai Sai Month ago

    Crawford says if he beats Khan he becomes pound-for-pound champion. I don't think so... what happened with Keith Thurman, Shawn Porter, Errol Spence, Danny Garcia? How does beating Khan makes you pound-for-pound champion?

  • Darcseid27
    Darcseid27 Month ago

    This quitter just ROBBED $70 from boxing fans

  • Mike Lowry
    Mike Lowry Month ago +1

    Terence Crawford all the way, Amir Kan is a PUSSY .. Trash !!!!!!

  • venom 0121
    venom 0121 Month ago

    You can see Stephen A is a biased c&*t

  • Arsalan Sunny
    Arsalan Sunny 2 months ago

    Why is Stephen so annoying.

  • glovesLife
    glovesLife 2 months ago

    Loma will come up and shut you up

  • n11ono
    n11ono 2 months ago

    Bear disrespectful...Man said
    'I sense a knock out coming'
    And someone in the back laughed
    That's fucked up. Its funny hell but it's wrong.

  • Jay D
    Jay D 2 months ago

    SAS I love you to death
    Man with a lot of class
    Impeccable resume
    Great guy

  • Dave N
    Dave N 2 months ago

    No Crawford. Beating Pacquiao, Thurman, Spence, porter, khan, Garcia then maybe you’d be p4p. Loma ain’t even close bc he isn’t moving up to fight these bigger guys. That’s my opinion

  • Ziad Khan
    Ziad Khan 2 months ago

    Crawford aint much of a talker guess he does it in the ring wish he was a bit bigger so he could fight canelo or ggg.

  • Adam Robinson
    Adam Robinson 2 months ago

    Nodatall nodatall .... crawford No1 most boring boxer ever ! Khan will ko the bull shit yank in 6

  • Dylon Abubo
    Dylon Abubo 2 months ago

    major sneak diss at the end lol. the way hey circled his finger too smh haha

  • Bassman 1000
    Bassman 1000 2 months ago

    This fight will be like Khan v Maidana, difference being Crawford will hunt down Khan after the first three rounds, with precision and accuracy and will win on points or spectacular KO. Will be a great fight. Good luck Khan.

  • david jones
    david jones 2 months ago

    Khan has balls. Fast as fuck and willing to fight the best and capable of beating the best. Much respect

  • ReplayTheBeatz
    ReplayTheBeatz 2 months ago

    Khan will definitely win. Remember this comment

  • Adnan Khan
    Adnan Khan 2 months ago

    In the end Khan will be the winner❤

  • Jhon Ruiz
    Jhon Ruiz 2 months ago +1

    por que no enfrenta al canelo es el único oponente que le puede ganar y ni siquiera sele ocurre hablar de eso

  • Nuril Ahmed
    Nuril Ahmed 2 months ago

    Lamont Peterson would have defeated Crawford.

  • James Walsh
    James Walsh 2 months ago

    Beating Kahn makes you nothing. What decent fighter hasn't knocked out Kahn?

  • jeddii mar
    jeddii mar 2 months ago

    Why is fighting khan making him the best pfp fighters ? Dude hasn’t really fought any real names and he fights a glass chin that’s fought bigger names and lost to those big names which makes him any bit of relevant, Errol Spence is better than Crawford

  • GameWith Tony
    GameWith Tony 2 months ago

    I believe Amir khan will win. But will be close

  • amnio mohammed
    amnio mohammed 2 months ago

    my lord help amir

  • Mark Heywood
    Mark Heywood 2 months ago

    This is so disrespectful to Khan. His loss to Peterson was a huge con, a) he won that fight - very dodgy decision b) Peterson was proven to be on PEDs. Prescott was a fluke result cos he was a bit cocky. The only relevant losses are Garcia and Canelo (two weight classes up), no disgrace there. Khan is technically one of the top five boxers on the planet. If Crawford is looking past him he may regret it. If you really believe Khan is chinny watch the war he won with Maidana, then watch him embarrass Devon Alexander in an absolute clinic. This is a close fight, I hope Crawford knows it.

  • jd1625
    jd1625 2 months ago +1

    Khan has a much better resume than Crawford, stepped up to very hard opponents so should be a good test for Crawford

  • aghahowa11
    aghahowa11 2 months ago +1

    wtf is all this bullshit, amir khan is gonna clearly win, lol

  • Making Waves
    Making Waves 2 months ago

    This fight ... THIS fight everything will be different ... and I promise I will put my glass jaw in the locker room ...

  • rayhan
    rayhan 2 months ago

    why is Stephen.a.smith such an kiss ass ….. the best of the best lose in their careers, al the greats did....so stop hating on khan for no reason..... but it smiths calling card of unilateral D.S

    SBMBOXING 2 months ago

    Beat Spence first

  • master cobra
    master cobra 2 months ago

    Crawford needs to relax and Talk he was having a great time trash talking errol when they saw each other but now he's a mute. I don't mean be a dick and all that but speak loud I know you have a mans voice I know you can be confident.

  • truth warrior
    truth warrior 2 months ago

    Strawberry Jaw

  • CJ king
    CJ king 2 months ago

    Lomachenko all the way

  • Sulayman Touray
    Sulayman Touray 2 months ago

    knockout, no sense is watching this, i love khan but crawford is out of his league.

  • Zeekeal G
    Zeekeal G 2 months ago +1

    Stephen A is completely disrespecting Khan, he should jus be quiet and let Max do all the talking

  • khagen bhattarai
    khagen bhattarai 2 months ago

    Amir Khan is better in all aspects except his chin

  • Rex Rex
    Rex Rex 2 months ago

    I looked at all the boxers of this division around the world and I rated this guy Terrence Crawford the best of them all. Defence ,speed and timing ,smart and also power. One of my favourate man, bring it on

  • Alex Meza
    Alex Meza 2 months ago

    Bitchass khan jacking off kn camera lmao

  • ruthless soul
    ruthless soul 2 months ago

    they forgot maidana..

  • Real-H
    Real-H 2 months ago

    Beating Khan won’t even make you the best welterweight..smh

  • Khayam TV
    Khayam TV 2 months ago

    SPEED VS SPEED! but whose faster?! Can't wait!!

  • bam bam
    bam bam 2 months ago

    Khan will win this

  • mohamed shoaib
    mohamed shoaib 2 months ago

    Crawford is just too strong.

  • Diazzy Dave
    Diazzy Dave 2 months ago

    Hope u do Crawford .. Kahn is another slippery wobbly head

    WE BE JAMMIN 2 months ago


  • Chris Williams
    Chris Williams 2 months ago

    You what ? He was barking at people? He must be confused. He is the calmest person ever

  • Doctor Green
    Doctor Green 2 months ago +1


  • Channing Ali
    Channing Ali 2 months ago

    SAS just get out the way bro lol

  • John McQ
    John McQ 2 months ago

    How about beating Spence?

  • heavenly body
    heavenly body 2 months ago

    crawford is my fav boxer but he has to beat spence to claim that title

  • Adrian
    Adrian 2 months ago

    Its still amazing how canelo beat a steroid user like golovkin on the back foot and on the front foot in both fights.

  • Ali in south
    Ali in south 2 months ago

    is the the same guy who Mike Tyson gunned on live TV

  • R M
    R M 2 months ago +7

    Win, lose or draw, King 👑 Khan is never boring and brings the fight. Khan a fearless fighter!!! Love seeing him fight. Good luck boys!

  • Arbaaz Nawaaz
    Arbaaz Nawaaz 2 months ago

    Not a big Khan fan, but they are seriously underestimating him. If his handspeed is still up there like it used to be, this could be an upset, providing he doesn’t leave himself unbalanced.

  • VanMedia
    VanMedia 2 months ago

    How would beating Khan make you #1 lb4lb? Khan's not even a top 7 Welterweight and hasn't done shit the last 5 years in WW. Had no belt in WW.
    But if khan beats you, he moves up to top 10 lb4lb ranking though, since crawford is considered #1 or #2 lb4lb

  • I'm the alpha
    I'm the alpha 2 months ago

    Khan got this ine

  • kick kitchen
    kick kitchen 2 months ago

    The only way Terrence will beat Amir is in his ability to weather the storm and breakthrough. Hand speed is a huge factor in this fight.

  • mike colley
    mike colley 2 months ago

    1.21 the presenter just cuts Crawford off. Any thoughts?

  • Veriloyly
    Veriloyly 2 months ago


  • tns pyer
    tns pyer 2 months ago

    Personally i think his record speaks for itself...i know people see losses but theres only 4!...he doesnt have a glass chin (i know its only an expression)..and he has taken many punches in the past that would have floored many...its a relativly poor defense mixed with not the best chin and maybe hes a bit too much fighting with heart not head. Crawford is amazing and may well win but amir defo has a chance with such pedigree u cant just write him off as a glass chin.

  • Pogi Ako
    Pogi Ako 2 months ago

    somebodys owe had got to go. crawford win by the power of bob arum lol.

  • Eric Olvera
    Eric Olvera 2 months ago

    Terrence.. you’re wrong . Canelo beat him and then beat triple G and he’s number 3 so what’s your point man

  • Mark Farrimond
    Mark Farrimond 2 months ago

    just keep ya jaw out of reach and ya legs won't wobble.

    • RayzYTs Gaming
      RayzYTs Gaming 2 months ago

      Mark Farrimond he’s a good boxer be proud u bitch

  • Damagedone56
    Damagedone56 2 months ago

    April 20th has two great fights this and Danny vs Adrian what a great day for boxing

  • Henry
    Henry 2 months ago

    Didn't the muslims claim that Terence was a muslim? lol

  • riddley39
    riddley39 2 months ago

    I like Khan but I fear for him in this fight. That man Crawford is very dangerous!

  • Alex Carrillo
    Alex Carrillo 2 months ago

    Don’t sleep on Khan

  • Abu Taslim Shabbir
    Abu Taslim Shabbir 2 months ago

    Lomo 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Abs D
    Abs D 2 months ago

    Love how fast they move away from talking to Crawford.
    He has the personality of a celery

  • Anthony Helm
    Anthony Helm 2 months ago

    No it wouldn't beating Errol Spence might ? Khan hasn't had a title in 5 or 6 years

  • hardee county savage 863
    hardee county savage 863 2 months ago +3

    R.I.P Crawford....Khan gonna show him a real fight

  • lewis Taylor
    lewis Taylor 2 months ago

    Stop fueling khans ego saying he’s one of best in the welterweight division

  • Twsuf1
    Twsuf1 2 months ago

    Ridiculous! No it wouldn't

  • Lewis
    Lewis 2 months ago

    Are they for real, why this man? Khans resume is loads better than Crawfords. Like to see Crawford fight canelo he’d get fucked up

  • Emerald Justice
    Emerald Justice 2 months ago

    Pound a broken glass? Any other fight??

  • Anish अनिश्
    Anish अनिश् 2 months ago

    Amir for the win!

  • Icyhot Cuts
    Icyhot Cuts 2 months ago

    Khan has no chance lol everyone who thinks khan has him you smoke out

  • carlos velasquez
    carlos velasquez 2 months ago +1

    When is Crawford going to step up in class

  • TheNextChapter
    TheNextChapter 2 months ago

    If the shoes were on the other foot and a brown or white interviewer were disrespecting a black fighter the way Steven a Smith is - the world would be in uproar and crying out racism. Steven A Smith is a black supremacist.

  • aaron pryor
    aaron pryor 2 months ago

    Brits gonna be dreaming again just like they did with all their bums...who remember the double penetration from Tank and Spence? LAMOOOO

  • A causey
    A causey 2 months ago

    How is beating a glass jaw fighter who has had no meaningful fights for 2 years making Terence pound for pound king 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Rowel Manaloto
    Rowel Manaloto 2 months ago

    First defeat for crawford

  • Wally Birch
    Wally Birch 2 months ago

    I can imagine Floyd coming back again to fight Crawford and losing just like a lot of great fighters did in the past like Leonard and Camacho it will be another big payday and what the Mayweather haters want to see

  • Jeffrey Paul
    Jeffrey Paul 2 months ago

    You know maxx was hyped for this interview lol

  • 1 Million Subs With No Videos

    People gonna remember khan is not a pillow puncher either

  • Ahmad Giles
    Ahmad Giles 2 months ago

    Khan is one of the fastest punchers ever but he dont have the chin and crawford does. Once you been knocked out a few times its jus easier to get knocked out. Should be a good fight but crawford wins.

  • Sheedy
    Sheedy 2 months ago

    Khan gna prove all the haters wrong!!!

  • Papito
    Papito 2 months ago +4

    Prime maidana vs prime Crawford .
    Maidana wins all day .

    • Abs D
      Abs D 2 months ago

      Lmao this comment needs to be reported from the amount of bullshit in it.

    • Anthony Helm
      Anthony Helm 2 months ago


    • rateyellow3
      rateyellow3 2 months ago

      Haha nice one dude

  • Future Legend
    Future Legend 2 months ago

    Until Crawford beats Spence he will not be considered best pound for pound boxer.

  • The Riveras
    The Riveras 2 months ago

    Stephen A. was saying Crawford is going to knock out Amir! Lol I know Amir knew it was abt him & his glass chin😂

  • Ryan Salt
    Ryan Salt 2 months ago

    Not sure if it is just perspective but Khan looks massive compared to Crawford here. I think people are way too keen to write Khan off. He took some big shots from Canelo early on and Canelo hits a lot harder than Bud. I don't think Bud has that one shot to instant KO Khan.
    Once it becomes a strict boxing match Khan is one of the best in the world. Crawford might be able to beat him with volune punches buy if it goes to points then Khan is going to shock the world.

  • Mario Perez
    Mario Perez 2 months ago

    Time for Khan to hit the canvas. Crawford#uno. Not question about it. To the haters.💪💪💪💪💪

  • Shahriar Siddiqui
    Shahriar Siddiqui 2 months ago

    Make it happen. Both such likeable dudes.

  • venyl ralph obsiana
    venyl ralph obsiana 2 months ago

    crawford alot of pressure

  • antonio montano
    antonio montano 2 months ago

    Is he amirkhan? I thought he was from England!!!

  • tim Roberts
    tim Roberts 2 months ago

    Lmfao at the title.

  • Arkhzeus
    Arkhzeus 2 months ago

    Wow Spence is a boring cunt to listen to. Hopefully Khan can redeem himsel here, although unlikely.

  • Thomas Lytle
    Thomas Lytle 2 months ago

    Cool! we’re gonna get to see Kahn get ragdolled again! Guess Amir enjoys getting knocked the fuck out! And hopefully, FINALLY retired!!!!