Pokémon Direct - 09.01.2020

  • Watch this short presentation for new Pokémon information, including Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX and the Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield Expansion Pass!
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  • stingyboi 9000
    stingyboi 9000 Day ago

    Am i the only one who wanted pokemon trebuchet?

  • Мечтающий мечтах

    Если бы хотели бы удивить то могли бы Pokemon Shield
    и Pokemon Sword
    совместить в одну игру и добавить русский язык и выпустить на pc и действительно удивили бы

  • 오데트
    오데트 Month ago

    NOAHY Month ago +1

    RegiX and RegiY, guys believe. JUST BELIEEEEVE

  • Jourdan Honkomp
    Jourdan Honkomp Month ago

    They better bring back Tyranturm

  • Chicken Noodle Gamer

    This makes me really excited and really mad at the same time. Not for the reasons you guys probably are mad, but I think these places are gonna be awesome, but I feel like the entire isle of armor being like a wild area will ruin the magic of the original wild area, and make it even more annoying to adjust to the not free roam parts of the original galar region. I'm mad were probably not gonna be able to go to the isle and tundra with hop, and instead we need to deal with these new rivals that I dont like the looks of at all. But I'm super excited because the extra stuff seems awesome. Idk how to feel

  • Luke Noom
    Luke Noom Month ago

    the isle of armour and the crown tundra secrets

  • Fusion Bolt
    Fusion Bolt Month ago

    I think Galarian Shellder may also pop out

  • Patrick Lange
    Patrick Lange Month ago

    When is the first REAL Nintendo Direct of 2020?

  • Hydrospot 19
    Hydrospot 19 Month ago +1

    *when you thought you finished your pokedex*

  • Rain
    Rain Month ago


  • TheEpicAlpaca
    TheEpicAlpaca Month ago

    We present to you: the second fragment of the broken Pokémon game! (bringing your grand total to $100!) but thats not all, pay for features like trading and Pokémon storage that used to be infinitely free in previous titles, isn’t it great? :) how nice

    • Foxes
      Foxes Month ago

      Bank wasn't free though

  • Marc Kuhn
    Marc Kuhn 2 months ago

    Very happy about and excited for this DLC. Glad they're making 30 dollar DLC rather than releasing another 60 dollar game that's basically the same. Also, Pokémon Sword and Shield felt very linear, there's no hideouts, no caves, no ocean, however, the DLC is actually entirely themed around exploration, Sword and Shield definitely needed this

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    Sinnoh Remakes

  • Nestor Andrade
    Nestor Andrade 2 months ago

    15:32 that has to be the battle frontier

  • all of the lights by kanye west comes on***

    i swear to god half of these things, especially gmax starters are just cut content from the base game. Gamefreak are professional robbers, charging 60 bucks for a 20 hr game then immediately turning around and making it 95 for 10 more hours of content, including things which should have already been in the game. oh, and it still looks like a nintendo 64 game.

  • honeynutbrunios
    honeynutbrunios 2 months ago

    If i bred a scorbunny will it be able to gigantax?!!!

    • Animaflex
      Animaflex 2 months ago

      Probably not.
      I think it's only for your original starter.
      and even if it wasn't exclusive to your original starter, you Still can't pass on the gmax ability by breeding.

  • Maryinder Dhaliwal
    Maryinder Dhaliwal 2 months ago

    Musturds brothers name is ketchup

  • Maryinder Dhaliwal
    Maryinder Dhaliwal 2 months ago

    Whoo doc baby

  • Bill gates
    Bill gates 2 months ago +1

    The no u Pokémon

  • Wallywutsizface
    Wallywutsizface 2 months ago

    I’m tearing up over the PMD remakes

  • The Tangle Mosaic
    The Tangle Mosaic 2 months ago +1

    New Outfits for characters like Rose and stuff, *wheres my outfit for Raihan*

  • Hector David Riaño
    Hector David Riaño 2 months ago

    WHYYYY !!!!

    • Foxes
      Foxes Month ago

      They've been doing this since the beginning, just this time it's DLC instead of a third game

    • I play games
      I play games Month ago

      Kill me

  • period pooh ;p
    period pooh ;p 2 months ago


  • Gloryrush Gaming
    Gloryrush Gaming 2 months ago

    All the manx people right now who play Pokémon are super happy

  • Team Anime Lea
    Team Anime Lea 2 months ago +1

    Next month is Pokemon Home!

  • Hutheyfa Al Salih
    Hutheyfa Al Salih 2 months ago


  • Julia Ferreira
    Julia Ferreira 2 months ago

    Add me on Pokemon Go guys
    Send me presents, thanks
    3840 0254 9834

  • Matshapiri Males forever

    I was really disappointed in pokemon sword and shield from all the hype. I was hoping for so much more.. I got the switch pretty much just to play pokemon because I really love pokemon. But paying all that money for this game was not worth it. I love the graphics and camping.. but I was really hoping for more.. after watching the video like this one when it was talking about the upcoming pokemon games and it fell flat on what I was hoping for. you guys are still running the games like you dont have the 3d models the if you like breath of the wild your gonna love this was a misleading comment. I think there should be voice acting in the games by now at least. Id like a MMO open world. with other players running around with you.. kinda like eso with a big open globe.. different regions added in a bit at a time in expansion packs. all the regions and different leagues. pvp online areas. trading for items and pokemon. at the daycare, you could breed your pokemon together. jobs and quests you can do solo or as a group that you get from npcs. bring pokemon contests back.. minny games. the camping. wild pokemon running all over. make it like pikachu and eevee go with all the pokemon running around and you can ride them or have them follow you. maybe have guilds you can join for pvp groups with there own shops. have poke mart where you can buy items. the hair cutting stations like you got and clothing stores. maybe a special pokemon store where you can buy special items to boost your pokemon or something. have all the tek from all the games, maybe unlock them by getting quests. make lots and lots of jobs and quests. like a for filling the Pokedex for a professor's research. or jobs in minny games where you do different tasks with your pokemon. like a cooking one. or a construction site where your stong pokemon have to move boxes in some fun minny game way. traveling places like trains or ships like how you got in s&s. voice acting could really bring life into the games. outfits and accessories for your pokemon. maybe have a few different events. where trainers battle each other to get a rare limited edition pokemon or outfit or item. like literally build the globe of the pokemon world as a game. with expansion packs. each one bringing a new region. outfits hairstyles, new tek, mini-games, new pokemon, quests. ride pokemon, and gear useful in different ways. it be cool if how the combat was like smash bros. or like the naruto games only with fancy pokemon moves. like you play out the battles as the pokemon and your trainer characters just shout out the moves like there telling there pokemon to dodge or use an attack. build strategy into the game. and super moves. that way the combat looks how it does in the anime. it would be so epic.

  • neosaver
    neosaver 2 months ago

    15:23 : Cursor-kun, ohayo~

  • Forestblossoms AJ
    Forestblossoms AJ 2 months ago +7

    me: loudly screaming over a mystery dungeon remake

  • viney0
    viney0 2 months ago

    Nintendo!!! The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword for Switch, please!!

  • DarkraiGX Quality Videos

    When will Pikachu lick mustard?

  • Shadow Glowchu
    Shadow Glowchu 2 months ago

    Pokémon Mystery Dungeon DX is now my 3rd reason to save for a Switch. Three Houses and RF5 can both wait though.

  • francisco blanco
    francisco blanco 2 months ago

    Maestro Shifu sos bos jajajaj

  • Alek Was HeRe
    Alek Was HeRe 2 months ago

    change the triforce giraffe

  • Lois CS
    Lois CS 2 months ago

    Man, I dont really get it.. GF will make people paying more for the game.. and all users are happy!!!

  • Joken Games
    Joken Games 2 months ago

    Let’s go regidrake a new part of the regis but dragon type

  • leroidespatriotes
    leroidespatriotes 2 months ago

    In french i would say :" TOUT CA C'EST ECLATE AU SOL"

    Give us back real pokemon passion Moneytendo.

  • Beyond
    Beyond 2 months ago

    2005 Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team + 15th anniversary = remake 2020
    2006 Pokémon Diamond & Pearl + 15th anniversary = remake 2021
    LETS GO!!!

  • Sasha's Mountain Life
    Sasha's Mountain Life 2 months ago


    JDLENL 2 months ago

    15:23 mouse cursor

  • Skyy
    Skyy 2 months ago


  • Mas Son
    Mas Son 2 months ago

    Nintendo your best game right now is shiny hunting hahaha. What a joke of a console

  • EpicDweeb
    EpicDweeb 2 months ago

    Calyrex... Why does he have the triforce?

  • Kayden Yerington
    Kayden Yerington 2 months ago


  • Dark Professor Oswin
    Dark Professor Oswin 2 months ago

    Do Mystery Dungeons even sell?

  • Demonmagnos
    Demonmagnos 2 months ago +1

    I can't say I'm too hyped about Legendary Raids. I bet if you want to "solo" them offline, you'll be stuck with NPC's with level 5 G-Slowpokes holding Focus Sashes.

  • Linguine linguini
    Linguine linguini 2 months ago

    I’ll buy the DLC once i beat the main story mode

  • The Living Graveyard
    The Living Graveyard 2 months ago

    Back in my day there were fat knobs that killed you a little inside when you saw him, kids these days have it too easy

  • House of Beans
    House of Beans 2 months ago +4

    15:23 a mouse snuck onto the bag on the right

  • Archie Alderton
    Archie Alderton 2 months ago

    You got the chance to add back mega evolutions please do it as that’s what originally got me back to playing the games as it was interesting and I loved having there form change during battle

  • AmIDedYet 69
    AmIDedYet 69 2 months ago +5

    “Rapid strike style”
    Me: Ora Ora Ora Ora Ora Ora!!!

    • now gaming
      now gaming 6 days ago +1

      AmIDedYet 69 YES YES YES YES YES

  • RJ B
    RJ B 2 months ago +1

    Pokémon game died after DS Era, this isn't Pokemon anymore!!! Bring back D/P remake, thank God for Dungeon

  • caleb cancio
    caleb cancio 2 months ago

    Notice in the the Crown of Tundra when they show off all the legendaries available, the birds are all missing because they have new forms and looking at all the legendaries, where is Regigigas, Cressella, Giratina, Darkrai, and the big man himself Arceus? This is my speculation but maybe the reason they didn't show the Legendaries is because there get new Dynmax forms or even better Galarian Regional Variants. Or maybe just the Sinnoh remakes? Who knows but whatever happens I'm just so happy there bring back all theses old pokemon back in a new light.

  • Emilie Donnelly
    Emilie Donnelly 2 months ago

    New cartoon pls

  • Geo Does a Thing
    Geo Does a Thing 2 months ago

    They don't realize that people already lewded the new pokemon and characters.

  • Trex
    Trex 2 months ago

    I hope there are more male hairstyles than Mohawk, rose, and man bun

  • Fallin
    Fallin 2 months ago

    Me: i think it’s over
    GameFreak: But wait theirs more

  • joe tie
    joe tie 2 months ago +1

    I’m still hyped for Mystery Dungeon. That was my childhood

  • AppleTherapy
    AppleTherapy 2 months ago

    Awesome, but I hope they dont spam legendaries like in alpha remakes

  • Brent Wood
    Brent Wood 2 months ago

    Have over 150+ hours, always doing raids

  • Pichuscute
    Pichuscute 2 months ago

    RIP Pokemon. I hope after this they just stop making mainline Pokemon for a few years so Game Freak can learn how to make games. Sword & Shield were just some of the worst video games ever created. :/

  • Grace T!
    Grace T! 2 months ago +1

    Where tf is pokemon sleep

  • Waits Sharpe
    Waits Sharpe 2 months ago

    This should’ve been in the game from the start and should’ve been free

  • Nehemiah Nance
    Nehemiah Nance 2 months ago

    Is the music at 10:41 new or in the game. I need to know cuz it’s a bop

  • Florthy
    Florthy 2 months ago

    I always wanted to be a pokemkn

  • Bene Dev
    Bene Dev 2 months ago

    Well this is a good start. But I'm still waiting for every pokemon joining the 8th gen...

  • SuperM789
    SuperM789 2 months ago

    15:24 look on the black backpack lmao

  • Kamith
    Kamith 2 months ago

    why do am i watching this when i don't play pokemon

  • TanookiBob
    TanookiBob 2 months ago

    mustard should have a twin brother named ketchup

  • courtney Mr5u1cid3
    courtney Mr5u1cid3 2 months ago

    Every time i watch this i always question why no arceaus and mew. Also what role do these two pokemon play in the creation of pokemon.

    • Raoul D Mono
      Raoul D Mono 2 months ago +1

      Arceus created the universe that the Pokemon world is set in. Arceus made the Big Bang.
      Mew is the origin point of every Pokemon created after the Gods and Titans like Groudon and Dialga, which is why it can transform into any of them.
      The reason why they're rarely present is because they're given out as events

  • spookierguy yeet
    spookierguy yeet 2 months ago

    The game was empty and had no flair to begin with and you give us MORE garbage for 30$$$$$

  • Trapmaster Bugz
    Trapmaster Bugz 2 months ago


  • Jamzam
    Jamzam 2 months ago


  • The 1 And Owenly
    The 1 And Owenly 2 months ago

    Masuda looks so done

  • Won
    Won 2 months ago

    15:23 look at the right girls backpack

    this is like the 4th time it happened lol

  • Paranoid Heart
    Paranoid Heart 2 months ago

    This is their chance to fix the new fossil pokemons. Please get them out of their misery.

  • Tyeson Sommer
    Tyeson Sommer 2 months ago

    Pokemon: The Shivering Isles

  • Cara
    Cara 2 months ago

    I'm so stoked for these!! I've always hated how quick I go through Pokemon games lol