Nicki Minaj - MEGATRON

  • Published on Jun 21, 2019
  • Music video by Nicki Minaj performing “MEGATRON”
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  • sosna a'la swarógg

    Oh my God! What a body!

  • Mariurka Winnyfred Griffith de Espinoza

    a mi me encanto

  • Dhruv Srivastava
    Dhruv Srivastava 2 hours ago +1


  • Shashi Singh
    Shashi Singh 3 hours ago

    Objectifying bodies. Bad sexual lyrics. Repetitive cliche weird noises. I’m happy that I stopped this song in the middle. Saved myself from watching something dreadful.
    Why watch this if we have songs from so many awesome people(one d, fgl, mayday parade, Breaking Benjamin, name a few) This video is so empty on creativity. I feel bad for the viewers. Nicki should feel bad too, to let this crap out to people who deserve so much better.

    • A R
      A R 33 minutes ago +1

      Shashi Singh thanksssssss for the view ☺️☺️☺️

    DADDY RB 3 hours ago

    Algum BR?

  • God Kungfufith
    God Kungfufith 3 hours ago

    You 🇯🇲

  • Genna Sebastiaan
    Genna Sebastiaan 3 hours ago +2

    Who is better
    Nicki Minaj (like)
    Cardi b ( comment)

  • Netflix Castellano
    Netflix Castellano 3 hours ago +1

    Yassss 👑👑💕💕!!

  • Abigail Opoku gyamfi
    Abigail Opoku gyamfi 4 hours ago +1

    Go on girl I love you nicki and I want to be like you

  • MsTriplethreat89 RogueGoddess

    this hoe lame thank god she's retiring she's trash

  • Ninja93456
    Ninja93456 4 hours ago


  • ella fanomezantsoa
    ella fanomezantsoa 4 hours ago +1


  • olin olin
    olin olin 5 hours ago


  • Sorrowful. Deviner
    Sorrowful. Deviner 5 hours ago

    Shot shot am drinking they call her nick m 😍😍😍 u got it queen

  • RedRedMCmusic
    RedRedMCmusic 5 hours ago

    Heads highhhh kill em wit it noooooo

  • kyron tyson
    kyron tyson 7 hours ago +1

    Ik im late but im sorry but I subscribed today but ive been watchin and hearing since the start 💯❤️

  • Bribri BriBri
    Bribri BriBri 7 hours ago


    • RandomCommentator
      RandomCommentator 3 hours ago

      Cardi b is *raping the men

    • ylco
      ylco 5 hours ago

      Bribri BriBri retardi b is killing herself with illegal ass shots leaking to her blood cells 🤢

    • A R
      A R 6 hours ago +3

      Bribri BriBri Cardi B is killing herself 😕

  • Kevin James
    Kevin James 8 hours ago


  • wiskey_nel
    wiskey_nel 8 hours ago

    luv reading the comments #when am bored try it

  • Geefam lord
    Geefam lord 9 hours ago

    i just wanna say the guy who keeps touching nicki is blessed

  • Re ve
    Re ve 9 hours ago +1

    I now see why she retired =D

    • Re ve
      Re ve 9 hours ago

      @Pam Darling yesterday maybe sun in but not sure 😾😽😾🧑😸👹🤖👻👿

    • Pam Darling
      Pam Darling 9 hours ago

      Re ve oh now I see why you stupid thanks for the view👑🦄

  • Anna D
    Anna D 10 hours ago +1

    u aint lit honey, and why now u so fat lol u fake everywhere anyways

    • Anna D
      Anna D 9 hours ago

      haha 🖕you are welcome go fuck yourselve my dear

    • Pam Darling
      Pam Darling 9 hours ago

      Anna Doro ok crackhead thanks for the view slow mo.👑🦄

  • Minh Quân
    Minh Quân 10 hours ago


  • Minh Quân
    Minh Quân 10 hours ago


  • Minh Quân
    Minh Quân 10 hours ago

  • Nyemeck Lena
    Nyemeck Lena 10 hours ago +3

    Nicki queen of rap

  • Hương Trần Thị Thu


  • Lil Pump
    Lil Pump 13 hours ago


  • Аню Точка.
    Аню Точка. 13 hours ago

    Русские вы где хаха((

  • Kingzylo
    Kingzylo 13 hours ago

    This shit assaults my ear waves at work every day, thanks for ruining the sanctity and silence of my thoughts gah!

  • Bi Bé
    Bi Bé 14 hours ago +1

    1:43 I thought his head was the mic🤣

  • Kyuubi
    Kyuubi 15 hours ago +3

    *MEGATRON* - *Nicki Minaj*
    00:00 ●━━━━━━─────── 3:24

  • Keyshia Floyd
    Keyshia Floyd 16 hours ago


  • Andreaonah Wilkes
    Andreaonah Wilkes 16 hours ago +5

    This the best song they played at the club this year AND THATS A FENDI FACT

    TRINETTA BLACK 16 hours ago

    Shots shots shots I’m drinking WATER, it’s better when in drinking WATER, I tune up when I’m drinking WATER rum rum when I

  • María Eugenia
    María Eugenia 16 hours ago +1

    Guys on September 27 premieres the FENDI song of Pnb Rock with Nicki Minaj and Murda Beatz

  • Sherry Basdeo
    Sherry Basdeo 16 hours ago


  • Zeeshan Mehar
    Zeeshan Mehar 17 hours ago +9

    Beautiful, talented, hardworking, an icon in her own right and has a special knack in creating catchy songs. Is there anything this woman can't do? Lol….. many new singers are getting fame by using Authentic VIEWS u all the time

  • Patrick393
    Patrick393 17 hours ago +1

    That looks like the same forest from the Anaconda Video

  • Victoria Guerrero
    Victoria Guerrero 17 hours ago

    she might be a queen but i rather hear a legend barti gang

  • B's Rave
    B's Rave 17 hours ago

    Nice album hunny !

  • Isabela De León
    Isabela De León 19 hours ago +4

    Nicki Minaj is the rap of the Queen💜💜💜

  • waar
    waar 19 hours ago

    nobody :

    my brain while i sleep : BRATATATA !

  • coulibaly malamini
    coulibaly malamini 20 hours ago +1

    Merci de m,accueille au you tube

  • Vanessa Sandoval
    Vanessa Sandoval 20 hours ago

    I miss her😢😭

  • Pierre Charaudie
    Pierre Charaudie 20 hours ago


  • Assunção CLIPS
    Assunção CLIPS 21 hour ago

    Caralho, tava atrás de um mandelao e vim parar aqui

  • Tradeil Pureifoy
    Tradeil Pureifoy 21 hour ago

    69,319,216 views WHEN I WAS HERE OF 9/22/2019


    • Stephen Davis
      Stephen Davis 17 hours ago

      Tradeil Pureifoy 69,379,000. Same day

  • algiodan daniel
    algiodan daniel 21 hour ago +1

    70 M, fighting

  • A R
    A R 22 hours ago

    Roman’s holidays are over and he’s about to break some careers again 🤫😈 #NM5

  • LaTeasha Bass
    LaTeasha Bass 22 hours ago +1

    I grew up to this queen, and she killed this song, sick ass beat! This nicki I remember 🥰

  • Chandra Hill
    Chandra Hill 23 hours ago +1


  • gourbabu sinha
    gourbabu sinha 23 hours ago

    i like your ass nicki😚😚

  • Toa Gojira Prime
    Toa Gojira Prime 23 hours ago

    You call yoursell megatron this is bad comedy

  • Sasha James
    Sasha James Day ago

    Watch this video a million times n can get over it

  • Wode Dagawd
    Wode Dagawd Day ago

    How TF did i end up here

  • Ariel Johnson
    Ariel Johnson Day ago


  • Feoo Javier
    Feoo Javier Day ago +1

    It's my birthday and I love listening to Nicki Minaj it makes it even better. ❤️🙊

  • Marcel-Kun
    Marcel-Kun Day ago +2

    69 million views
    That's a sign..

  • Nora Silverkite
    Nora Silverkite Day ago +2