ITZY - DALLA DALLA (달라달라) MV Reaction | Hallyu Doing

  • Published on Feb 11, 2019
  • Fully shooketh right here

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  • Noah Smith
    Noah Smith 3 months ago +1

    4:18 They're queens!

  • Tony Faxton
    Tony Faxton 7 months ago +1

    "they are going to be super young all born in 2000s...which is going to depress me' LOL YOU ARE HILARIOUS! I have to tell you, I think every single reaction video I've seen, which by the way, I've never seen that many reaction videos about KPOP maybe with the exception of BTS, about Itzy...everyone was commenting about how old we are! hahahaha
    JYP and BIGHIT are closest company in kpop industry. The founders of each company has been very close friend since 1997, both went through up and down of JYP together, even managing Wondergirl in the US together. When BTS became such a syndrome BIGHIT founder Mr. Bang often talk about JYP.
    So, I think JYP fans are happy and getting ready to support TXT just as much as ITZY.

  • ashkieee ash
    ashkieee ash 7 months ago


  • ꧁ৡılılıllılı_Mitzy Pooh_ılıllılılıৡ꧂

    love your reaction!

  • Hector Moustakis
    Hector Moustakis 7 months ago

    Itz different

  • Smol Yellow Popcorn Mochine

    1:21 her name is Ryujin. But as much as I love her, there is this girl name Nakyung of fromis_9. She has to be at least in the top 5 most iconic hair of Kpop. You should watch fromis_9 - Love Bomb and see for yourself. You don't have to react to it because I think the song is not up your alley. But definitely see them 😊

    • Hallyu Doing
      Hallyu Doing  7 months ago +1

      Thank you for all the info! I definitely need to check all the other bits they’ve all been in ☺️💖

  • 슥오
    슥오 7 months ago

    Your reaction is so adorable! Thank you 😊👍

  • Alnalin Said Juhori
    Alnalin Said Juhori 7 months ago

    wow the amazing

  • Richard Hague
    Richard Hague 7 months ago +10

    i'd say JYP is targeting the same kind of fans as Blackpink. the maknae of ITZY is only 15 (international age) and the oldest 18. very strong debut imo i anticipate great things to come.

    • jafafa M
      jafafa M 7 months ago +1

      im 15 an ive done nothing with my life....

    • Hallyu Doing
      Hallyu Doing  7 months ago

      Yeah you can definitely see that from their look. Omg she’s younger than my little sister that’s so crazy! I definitely think they have the potential to be big, fingers crossed

  • b l a c k p i n k
    b l a c k p i n k 7 months ago

    I love you😭😭❤️❤️

    • Hallyu Doing
      Hallyu Doing  7 months ago +1

      omg don’t 😭💖 thank you! 🥰

  • Hallyu Doing
    Hallyu Doing  7 months ago +11

    nah seriously how r u meant to pick a bias

    • Mrabidos 21
      Mrabidos 21 3 months ago

      I love four of 'em yeji, lia, chaeryoung and Ryujin😍❤️❤️

    • Richard Hague
      Richard Hague 7 months ago +2

      lol. i had three before they debuted bc Ryujin was on MIXNINE, Chaeryeong on SIXTEEN (with her sister from IZ*ONE) and Yeji on The Fan.