I Wore Thigh-High Uggs For A Week

  • Published on Dec 1, 2018
  • So a few months ago I saw these headlines about the Y/Project Thigh-High Uggs - and I vowed that when they were released I would acquire them and add them to our questionable fashion arsenal. So I finally got these giant ugg mashups and wore them for a week to figure them out and try and style them! What do you think? Would you wear these? Or do you think they are positively UGG-ly?
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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  8 months ago +10143

    HELLO FRIENDS!! yes, these were for a video... what did you guys think?? would u rock these? or perhaps less expensive dupes, lol?? also, happy friday! xoxo, saf

    • Robin Bousel
      Robin Bousel 15 hours ago

      You are gorgeous. These boots are hideous.

    • Mary P.
      Mary P. 20 days ago

      do you still have those shoes in your closet

    • Kusuwar dev Majhi
      Kusuwar dev Majhi Month ago

      I replied to this comment because this is going to have 500 replies

    • Kusuwar dev Majhi
      Kusuwar dev Majhi Month ago


    • Just Me
      Just Me Month ago

      Once you had on those horrible leggings, I forgot what you were reviewing....... (Uggs are horrible)

  • Ollie
    Ollie 4 hours ago

    lmao the australia jokes always get me

  • Laura Croft
    Laura Croft 8 hours ago +1


  • Meg Vanveen
    Meg Vanveen Day ago

    Honestly I think if they werent so wrinkly and puffy I think they would be okay, dont like uggs in general tho lol

  • Ephie Kingston
    Ephie Kingston Day ago

    Hello from Australia 佞 (no I am not in an ugg boot)

  • knots nchains
    knots nchains Day ago

    you needed something like suspenders or garters

  • Karissa Romero
    Karissa Romero Day ago

    "YoU aTe mY cAt!"

  • Elizabeth Gacek
    Elizabeth Gacek 2 days ago

    I live in Chicago and it gets very cold in the winter I want them

  • jayasri avula
    jayasri avula 2 days ago

    U r awesome Safiya taking the fashion world to the next level by playing different outfits good job,,,, love u baby

  • Lonely Child
    Lonely Child 3 days ago

    8:59 Im getting Addams family vibes from this

  • EF kitten The best way

    The UGGS look pretty cozy I want to have those on my thighs

  • Dance Moms Clover
    Dance Moms Clover 4 days ago

    They are probably the size of me (Im 48)

  • King Chelsea Da Potato
    King Chelsea Da Potato 4 days ago +1

    This is definitely my style

  • Amelie Tero
    Amelie Tero 5 days ago

    3:50 I'm weeding omg XD

  • tina
    tina 5 days ago

    You should try the reformation crotch to butt zipper jeans next!!!! You unzip them into two pant legs lol

  • Johanna Ashwood
    Johanna Ashwood 5 days ago

    lol when i first started this vid.

    I...HaTe this ....

    by the end......

    Huh... ya know, (goes to Amazon to get a normal pair of uggs.

  • maclord tanguilig
    maclord tanguilig 6 days ago

    Can we talk about how cute Taz is??

  • Uraraka Ochako
    Uraraka Ochako 6 days ago

    Hey would look MUCH BETTER without all the wrinkles

  • sydney_ lived
    sydney_ lived 7 days ago

    *But why do these exist-*

  • Parkie Bear
    Parkie Bear 7 days ago +1

    The vid before she gets married!

  • Miranda Naden
    Miranda Naden 8 days ago

    What is your shoe size? I will totally have them

  • O W O
    O W O 8 days ago

    Anybody else think that they actually look nice and cozy and would be super comfortable to use as slippers.

  • ngoc tran
    ngoc tran 8 days ago +1

    16:53 Whos gonna talk about that very determined man in the background? 仁

  • Ajuka Music
    Ajuka Music 8 days ago

    second outfit , she looks so much like raven from teen titans, love the outfits she styled herself.

  • NighteFlakes
    NighteFlakes 9 days ago +1

    every time a shot of the hairy leggings were shown, I died

  • Ellenmarie000
    Ellenmarie000 9 days ago

    They make you look like you have Lymphodema. Lol!

  • Jackson Antt
    Jackson Antt 9 days ago +3

    Safiya: Thigh high ugs!
    Ariana stans: YUH!

  • XxRuby XxRey
    XxRuby XxRey 9 days ago

    I live by Philadelphia 6hrs 19mins away from me

  • Olivia Murphy
    Olivia Murphy 11 days ago

    I still have some uggs under my bed, I should whack them out some time

  • Thomas hicks
    Thomas hicks 12 days ago

    I dont know what this says about me but Im taller than the uggs and I just left 3rd grade....

  • S Byrne
    S Byrne 12 days ago +7

    Saf: It's like a sexy shar pei look.
    Tyler: Oh, like from High School Musical?
    Saf: No like the wrinkle dogs

  • Anaya Joshi
    Anaya Joshi 12 days ago +1

    They should make ugg pants!

  • % o n e y
    % o n e y 13 days ago

    Arianna grande would wear it

  • Liorah David
    Liorah David 13 days ago

    *庣 庢玼 庣 c 郇s庰 s郇庰s. 玼 c郕 郇庰邾 s帢*

  • mia squade
    mia squade 14 days ago

    These are not uggs these are ugglies

    {BASIC BITCH} 14 days ago

    I dont know why..but I literally LOVE the boots

  • Scorched Courier
    Scorched Courier 14 days ago

    I feel like they kind of look like part of the hazard suit from Metro Last Light

  • Anna Mars
    Anna Mars 14 days ago

    I'm not even gonna lie I really like them...

  • Paige Black
    Paige Black 14 days ago

    Its like you cut the legs off one of those huge teddy bears and wore them

  • Elise Harrell
    Elise Harrell 15 days ago +1

    Wawa is so popular where i am, we have like 3 different ones all like 5 to 10 minutes from my house, everyone loves wawa

  • Avanti Animation
    Avanti Animation 16 days ago

    16:53 I like how the man in the background is doing the same thing

  • Skull Skills
    Skull Skills 16 days ago

    Saf and i share a favorite founding father!!!

  • Gacha Fairy Queen
    Gacha Fairy Queen 16 days ago

    If you love ben franklin so much and you were in philadelphia you should've went to the franklin musuem

  • A Kinky Salad
    A Kinky Salad 17 days ago

    Plz let Balenciaga do thigh high crocs

  • Sammys Make Up Vlog
    Sammys Make Up Vlog 18 days ago

    It looks like Ariana grande went snowboarding

  • Baeleigh Orkwis
    Baeleigh Orkwis 18 days ago +1

    Omg I live in Pennsylvania!!! I never thought youd go there.

  • Rainbowk4t
    Rainbowk4t 18 days ago

    You mean UGGly clothes

  • Cheyenne Young
    Cheyenne Young 19 days ago

    You should make thigh high uggs and platform crocs fight to the death in the thunderdome

  • Cheyenne Young
    Cheyenne Young 19 days ago

    It looks like you are wearing jabba the huts tentacle things as legs

  • Ashley Benson
    Ashley Benson 19 days ago

    Safiya these were horrible.

  • Skylar S
    Skylar S 19 days ago

    Here is a thigh high ugg, and its about the size of a third grader

  • Summayyah Goni
    Summayyah Goni 19 days ago

    I liked the second outfit

  • Caroline Oberg
    Caroline Oberg 19 days ago

    Honestly the slender jacket and band ruffle tee really work well together.

  • Donna Carleton
    Donna Carleton 19 days ago

    She uses Dexter theme music haha

  • Princess Peach
    Princess Peach 19 days ago

    Non of you bishes non of you bishes got these exclusive thigh high ugggs what popin aaaaaaeeeeeeoooow aaaaaaaeeeeeeoooow look at my ugggs hahahaaahahahahahaahah

  • jojo kennedy
    jojo kennedy 20 days ago

    Now try cruggs

  • Rainbow KitCat
    Rainbow KitCat 20 days ago

    I love them because I LOVE uggs

  • Die Gr羹nm羹tze - R I Z E

    I dont know what it is...
    But I cant stop watching your Videos!
    Their amazing!

    LEIGH OFFICIAL 20 days ago

    Those are something.

  • Majestical Moonicorn
    Majestical Moonicorn 21 day ago +1


  • Matthew Smith
    Matthew Smith 21 day ago

    i think the full body ugg one could be better if you turned the tops down

  • Anime And Loneliness

    I actually really want these shoes. Like Ive never had a single pair of fancy shoes but I seriously adore the idea of thigh high shoes!

  • a▁erry▆ood▆irl *
    a▁erry▆ood▆irl * 21 day ago +1

    I love safs hair this length

  • Maya World
    Maya World 21 day ago

    I love this video you are so awesome

  • cvdmrc not a hater
    cvdmrc not a hater 21 day ago

    I mean Sharpei

  • cvdmrc not a hater
    cvdmrc not a hater 21 day ago

    I own a sharper named Mister

  • Hannah Deanus
    Hannah Deanus 21 day ago

    If you had a long sweatshirt in the same material and a pair of ears, you would look like an adorable teddy bear.

  • Stixy
    Stixy 22 days ago

    Imagine getting something stuck in those

  • Illusive[Brick]
    Illusive[Brick] 22 days ago

    ....I like them.... a lot....

  • Ava Austin
    Ava Austin 22 days ago

    they look like the globglogabgalab

  • Lilli Franklin
    Lilli Franklin 22 days ago

    Why did I just watch a 25 minute video on thigh high uggs...

  • Liorah David
    Liorah David 22 days ago

    those remind me of the blue boots that Lisa from black pink wore during her first verse of du ddu du ddu

  • Tom Eddsworld
    Tom Eddsworld 22 days ago

    Honestly, those Uggs are so cute! I love them!

  • Shawn Resor
    Shawn Resor 22 days ago

    These shouldn't be a thing either! Lol

  • Anna Fra Norup
    Anna Fra Norup 22 days ago

    *Billie Eilish has entered the chat*