The EU's New Laws Could KILL YouTube - The WAN Show Oct 26, 2018

  • Published on Oct 27, 2018
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    Timestamps courtesy of Alexander Mustermann

    0:32 Topics
    1:39 Intro
    2:39 Does Linus have RBF?
    5:40 Razer’s branding and “Gaming” marketing
    10:09 Answering superchats
    12:13 Google mandates two years of security updates for popular phones
    15:32 ROG phone all accessories review coming, but will it get two year updates? Early adopters vs product support discussion.
    27:52 What does it actually cost Google to unbundle Google apps? Insane licensing fees.
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    37:32 Sponsors - Madrinas Coffee
    38:40 EU’s new copyright directive (Article 13) passed voting round. Possible big impact on RU-clip.
    49:50 OnePlus had to move it’s keynote because of Apple’s
    55:31 Answering more superchats
    58:40 Outro
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  • jotaroxtreme
    jotaroxtreme 3 months ago

    It's no longer RU-clip, it's the EUtube.

  • Simon Johnson
    Simon Johnson 3 months ago

    Thank god Great Britain is leaving the united states of germany... otherwise known as the EU !

  • Andrei Tache
    Andrei Tache 4 months ago +1

    L: “...and whose fault is that?”
    J: “The world’s”
    Glorious, from now on I’ll blame everything on the world!

  • permeus2nd
    permeus2nd 6 months ago

    8:35 to me all the stuff that has the word GAMING is sold at people that don’t really game, I have a stupidly expensive RBG keyboard and mouse but it been RBG isn’t for when I’m gaming as I don’t look at the keyboard when gaming, the RBG lights on it are for when I’m not gaming so it looks pritty, my mum loves her RBG keyboard because it looks nice in the table.
    Oh word of warning Corsair RBG keyboards have a massive open hole under the spacebar that’s great for dumping dirt or water into the keyboard without you knowing or thinking you got most of it, I didn’t know about this dumb design fail til I had to take one apart to fix it, I don’t know what Corsair we’re thinking leaving it open like that.
    Back on topic I think Gaming is suffering from boy racer syndrome were the main point of the car is to show it off not actually use it for its intended purpose, leading to cars with speakers so loud they can break the windows if used with the doors closed.
    38:40 I can’t believe this passed (I’m from the UK) and I didn’t hear about this till it had already passed, this is one of the dumbest things I have heard of and was clearly done by people that don’t understand what they were voting on.
    It will force me into using a VPN.

  • NvrUseYur RealName
    NvrUseYur RealName 6 months ago

    1:30 ROFL!!!!

  • panickypress
    panickypress 6 months ago

    The Eu was built on the idea that "all" of Europe would come together in the spirit of free trade, environmental laws, human rights, economics and the right to move and work freely.. problem is that 95% of the citizens in the EU have no idea, or simply doesn't give a shit about the laws that are imposed on them. The EU is a good idea, it's just run by a bunch of fucktards, governed by people who doesn't give a shit.

  • Charlike Mike Reagent
    Charlike Mike Reagent 6 months ago

    About the Copyright Reform:
    It will dramatically effect, everything. It's not only "the main platforms". That's the very beginning of AI ruled world and we definitely should not allow this to happen from the start, so early.

  • Ramon Sauls
    Ramon Sauls 6 months ago

    He does look a bit serious tho lol

  • Bobby Nicholson
    Bobby Nicholson 6 months ago

    the sound is little low on this video, my shitty nitro 5 cant pump the sound out on this video , nitro 5 gtx 1050 with 5400 rpm hdd is trash

  • Toool
    Toool 6 months ago

    Don't worry everybody, the IRA in the USA have responded,
    Now you can get a 30% cut off reporting whoever's tax evading,
    meaning if they're uploading copyrighted content, you can now steal their stolen money ;D

  • Manuel85
    Manuel85 6 months ago

    lol, im still not gonna buy what is popular, i buy what i want, ffs
    only puss*es buy what is popular...

  • Manuel85
    Manuel85 6 months ago

    i dont believe they would close down youtube for EU consumer, they simply make it behind pay wall, i could pay 1€/monthly easily, but not 10€/monthly

    KWAAAKITY 6 months ago

    i bet youtube will just block people in the eu from accessing youtube,that would be a pretty good solution to save it for the rest.

  • Geno Ivanov
    Geno Ivanov 6 months ago

    Um... you know that this means 60% less people looking at ads on the net... if they just stop us from seeing content... Just get a cheap/free VPN and watch the content you like... I mean, piracy of games and movies is still a big thing, even after 20+ years, I don't see how they will stop us from watching content from Europe unless they make all of the videos locked and you have to have an account linked to a phone number or an ID card in order to stop the majority of the people from seeing content

  • xxroyalxtigerxx
    xxroyalxtigerxx 7 months ago

    my gtx 780 has lasted me since the day it launched, i was one of those 95/5 minority, I bought the best so I had the headroom later, and even now I can still play a ton of games at decent settings. I'm disappointed SLI didn't go the way I wished or I'd have a second 780.

  • Ken
    Ken 7 months ago

    The EU's New Laws Could KILL RU-clip In EU

  • LoOsE_uNiT
    LoOsE_uNiT 7 months ago

    Regarding the EU bullshit policy, It's really a shame, it's typical in politics right now where you have people who don't really understand how this works. In principle the law is good - It will never work and do far more damage than good though, and it's a classic case of old people...

  • Joost Ribbink
    Joost Ribbink 7 months ago

    Let's come in peace with the Apple Sheep and unite! We have to prevent this from coming through. But we can only do it together. Therefore I am calling out everyone! Android or iOS, Windows or MacOs. Unite against this big threat of a law. We might not always agree, but we are all on the internet, so we better save it.

  • Hans Packer
    Hans Packer 7 months ago

    I already left. Oh, wait, I'm still typing...

  • DarkKitarist
    DarkKitarist 7 months ago

    Welp... Article 13 is gonna be accepted...

  • Tony Kowalski
    Tony Kowalski 7 months ago

    how'd they miss the op to advertise watching LTT on one screen and gaming on the other?

  • Hero Gamer
    Hero Gamer 7 months ago

    And what about us the regular people. What would we do without youtube videos??? What the hell does EU think it is? Internet does not belong to anyone.

  • Taylor Starcevic
    Taylor Starcevic 7 months ago

    I listen to the WAN show while I cable manage my computer

  • Jeremy François
    Jeremy François 7 months ago

    no shit everything is more expensive in the eu

  • Tricky
    Tricky 7 months ago

    Well, at least MY internet isn't being throttled.

  • ATK Designs
    ATK Designs 7 months ago

    about the law, i think that trying to make sure RU-clip doesen't work as a monopoly is important, making a more diverse market in tech is important and a threatening issue in my opinion :/

  • Andy Fidler
    Andy Fidler 7 months ago

    If you are not prepared to take charge of your website then you shouldn't be allowed to trade. This is nothing to do with censorship and everything to do with being adult.

  • Lenka Sevcikova
    Lenka Sevcikova 7 months ago

    Kill t series

  • Thing Nasty
    Thing Nasty 7 months ago

    this is the next step to someone making the dark web mainstream.... pushing people off something that worked fine until some just said "uhhh, no"

  • Weta
    Weta 7 months ago

    EU is a dictatorship.

  • Christopher Nugent
    Christopher Nugent 7 months ago

    42:29 Facing a similar issue, and I would love it if I could talk with you about how you solved it for your forum. As for me, I'm taking a different approach using some (at first) limited AI proactive help. On another subject, you guys get a ton of cool hardware to play with. Some of your audience members are specialists in Computer Science fields such as programming, data science, and IT. Have you ever considered doing a collab video with members of your audience to do something cool that you lack the in-house expertise to do alone?

  • DaveMac
    DaveMac 7 months ago

    If you check a number of content creators are using adult sites now!!

  • DaveMac
    DaveMac 7 months ago

    these outfits use A I therefore thay CAN but not banning the small guy.... its an uneven playing field. FB banned me for 30 days ...why?,,, because 4 years ago i mentioned on a group i was selling a target pellet rifle. 4 years ago!!! A I screwed up. and NO way to challenge tha ban.

  • Brodie Haward
    Brodie Haward 7 months ago

    LTT sandals? im sold.

  • sleveille4
    sleveille4 7 months ago

    so basically the article 13 is EU doing to google (amongst others) what google is already doing for years to smaller entity with adsense (for example). sounds fair....why they mad then? oh it's not possible? well this argument never worked when it was google who enforced this practice......

  • Vermillion
    Vermillion 7 months ago

    I'm legitimately considering leaving germany and moving to switzerland, not only because of this shit, but generally the EU is a gigantic failure. They're not governing for the people, but for oppression.

  • TheOnlyRealTapir
    TheOnlyRealTapir 7 months ago

    sadly, the whole EU Parliament is based around "common" people not thinking their legislations will go through and oops, it did, because everybody thought the same :D

  • Felipe Oropeza
    Felipe Oropeza 7 months ago

    Big yikes at blue lives matter. Immediate thumbs down.

  • ewmegoolies
    ewmegoolies 7 months ago

    Just shut down comments f it

  • ARES
    ARES 7 months ago +1

    well im living in EU- Germany , but my viewers from indonesia - XD

  • Jonathan Palmer
    Jonathan Palmer 7 months ago

    In the UK we just get ripped off on prices always.

  • Tom Hsia
    Tom Hsia 7 months ago

    16:51, No Linus, if you do that, they will find a way to split the phone in two, and maybe miraculously have both halves still work. If they are twins, then that is bound to happen (splitting it, that is). Trust me, I have siblings, and they are fraternal twins. That is basically my life.

  • Jasper Maurice Oenema
    Jasper Maurice Oenema 7 months ago

    About the eu subject: I am glad that you say what you wanted to say about the Art. 13 subject. Because the previous video talking about this was just horrendous.
    Now, about the details: I get that it is a lot of work to look at all the comments made on RU-clip en the LTT forum, but the simple fact is that the Europeans don’t care. This is due to the fact that the amount of hate speech (doesn’t matter whether that’s against Muslims, Jews, disabled, women, or any other “minority” group) is really high Europe. The EU tries to counter this by passing the bill, because specific EU countries tried to beat this by passing law but didn’t succeed. Please be aware that you guys are now describing a clash of between the United States of America 🇺🇸 (and Canada 🇨🇦) and the European Union 🇪🇺

  • Choice777
    Choice777 7 months ago

    Genius ergo 525 mouse or go home.....razer shmazer..pfff Also my barton 2500+ was automagically turned into a 3200+ and stayed that way for the rest of it's life.

  • Tim Robin
    Tim Robin 7 months ago +1

    google is evil

  • Cool
    Cool 7 months ago

    eu is a islamic state now. this is why they are anti-free speach

  • PumaAlfred
    PumaAlfred 7 months ago

    Just cut the EU off the internet lol

  • bryede
    bryede 7 months ago

    Online content consumers and creators are a huge voting bloc. We need laws that protect big IP owners, but aren't written by them.

  • xyz xyz
    xyz xyz 7 months ago

    ARE YOU SERIOUS? 4,99 for being member?

  • Economan3000
    Economan3000 7 months ago +1

    Hate speech is not a thing....

  • Rikorage
    Rikorage 7 months ago

    This whole Article 13 issue looks like a way for people who are losing their power of influence to people who are influential on platforms like RU-clip, to be completely censor them, to the point where those small individual creators won't be able to produce or be a part of something that could have an impact on a large audience anymore.

    The people of EU need to actually have a discussion with the sheltered individuals you "elected" into office, and let them understand this: If they continue to stifle the freedoms of the people, and deny their freedom of speech and expression, there will be a backlash, and it will not go well for them. It's not a threat, it's a premonition. You can only poke a wild animal so much before it turns to claw out your eyes, and the Internet and it's populace is one of the biggest animals there is, and I doubt there will be enough justification or rhetoric to prevent the inevitable backlash of dissent from those who are currently being pacified by the content on the Internet if it's damn near taken away.

    I also wanted to add, that Laser James is a crucial asset to your business, Linus, so you better not lose him for something stupid. Like money.

  • TechMantra
    TechMantra 7 months ago

    Article 13? Time to get a VPN.

  • Slimword
    Slimword 7 months ago

    Well, now I'm curious. If you don't use AdSense, who do you use?

  • Jeff Cummings
    Jeff Cummings 7 months ago

    …. when Linus forbids someone to NEVER come on Wan Show again... and then, they're already scheduled to next few months WAN SHOW ROFL!!!!!!!

  • Economan3000
    Economan3000 7 months ago +1


  • Joe Ees
    Joe Ees 7 months ago

    So how come BMW or Porsche isn't being monopolistic? I can't buy their cars without their engines or get the factory to install say a Yugo or Trabant powerplant.

  • Mike Oleksa
    Mike Oleksa 7 months ago

    It's a little interesting that bloatware is supposed to subsidize the cost of a phone for the carriers, but the difference in prices between a carrier phone and an unlocked phone is only about $100 USD in most cases.

  • A P
    A P 7 months ago

    one of the reasons there was a brixit in the uk the EU deciding laws witch we have no say in.

  • Monsieur Poirot
    Monsieur Poirot 7 months ago

    What is with that bs humming?

  • Frosty.
    Frosty. 7 months ago

    the world really is ran by short-sighted retards driven by greed..

  • Ahnilated Ahnilated
    Ahnilated Ahnilated 7 months ago

    Hahah, P4 and hyperthreading. Hyperthreading on the first P4's were more of a negative than a positive.

  • herranton1979
    herranton1979 7 months ago

    RU-clip should geofence out the EU for a few days. I guarantee that the EU will be kicking and screaming to come back. Fuck the EU. The people living there need to do something about it if they want nice things.

  • jh5kl
    jh5kl 7 months ago

    stop treating political issues like a kid to suit american and english preferences, you ll gain views, but look like an ass linus

  • billyjei
    billyjei 7 months ago

    so.. to them A$300 basically crap? seriously?

  • LordChameleon
    LordChameleon 7 months ago

    The EU is what Nazi Germany wanted to be just wrapped up in a different package...yeah, I said it.

  • Jackson Motl
    Jackson Motl 7 months ago

    If only India had a thing like this
    Cough cough
    Funk t series
    Cough cough

  • var1328
    var1328 7 months ago

    EU you are banned - sincerely RU-clip

  • Father Michael
    Father Michael 7 months ago

    But there is a reason why this is a thing now. It has been a free ride for all and anything goes. Nothing is being edited and the shit allowed is pathetic. When you don't act responsible someone will do it for you. Sadly. See how many different albums there is uploaded to YT on a daily basis. Movies, tv-shows, ect. Anything is being uploaded by roaches and companies are losing money.

  • SteelSkin667
    SteelSkin667 7 months ago

    Great. Now we'll likely get to pay even more for our smartphones, when we already pay more for technology than the rest of the world. Thanks, EU!

  • Fido Dido
    Fido Dido 7 months ago

    me 2 i want to watch wan show on floatplane

  • Jannek
    Jannek 7 months ago

    i live in germany ... and almost like everyone has send a critic to the eu. it seems like the important people in the eu dont know how the internet works

  • PIKO
    PIKO 7 months ago

    Ok I have to comment on this finally. What's going on with the light ? I know that you want the image to POP out of the screen but let's be honest here, its not very flattering guys. all best

  • Andys Games
    Andys Games 7 months ago

    You should buy rogaine rather than eye liner

  • TotalMayhem - News, Stories & mehr

    the EU's retarded

  • Lawrence whittemore
    Lawrence whittemore 7 months ago

    Your hangouts sounds are killing me...

  • Lancelot
    Lancelot 7 months ago

    I swear some people are being to sensitive and they are being a special snow flake. This needs to stop because it ruins things.

  • Louis Haas
    Louis Haas 7 months ago

    43:28 Why is he not talking about the Great Firewall of China ? It does sound relevant on this subject.

  • Bad Bob
    Bad Bob 7 months ago

    what would be nice if I could delete google pay, google store, Facebook, tweet, crome ect, the usless garbage and still get my Huawei Porsche to work?

  • Kostas Adamos
    Kostas Adamos 7 months ago +1

    We live at the age of AI. Before this low implement they will build a bot to solve this. It is on the right way! Chill! (talking about the EU *law)

  • István Szikra
    István Szikra 7 months ago

    Google like: Yeah, FU EU... we can still use your loopholes to not pay taxes, right?
    (search for Double Irish, Dutch Sandwich)
    And consumers like: FU EU for protecting consumers' rights...
    So Google is going to charge for their play store? Samsung have their store, and there is also Amazon Appstore, what if manufacturers just preinstall those? Then they loos their cut for paid apps, in app purchases...?
    I mean I understand the pressure, most users will expect the play store to be there (and probably more importantly RU-clip, Maps, Gmail), but it seems strange that "so we cannot have only our apps preinstalled - but we make money from those apps and some people might not use them - then you cannot have them at all" What?!
    I understand "If you want us to give the option for users to install other services instead of our then you have to pay money" but here it's more like "if you want to heve our service - from witch we make money - then you have to pay money" ...
    so it feels like Google is not using their Android market share to force their apps on users, but using popularity of their apps to force money out of manufacturers... Maybe I'm missing something.

  • Adyen
    Adyen 7 months ago

    Article 13 is the dumbest idea the EU had in a while. Since people can be liable for things placed on large platforms, it means that some random terrorists could tweet/fb/yt their next terror action and the platform can be liable for those terrorists' actions because they were posted on their site.
    No platform in the world would risk that.

  • David of Yorkshire
    David of Yorkshire 7 months ago

    Can't you just host and support from outside the EU. Free from its Draconian influence? The internet can easily relocate material outside the area of influence, making it irrelevant. Until the focus on access points and restrictive practices like some of the more overtly controling countries. That's going to make it hard for them to talk about freedom and peace when they are as bad as some of the most restrictive governments in the world.

  • PowWowChicken
    PowWowChicken 7 months ago


  • Oodallasoo
    Oodallasoo 7 months ago

    Linus thought it didn't pass? LOL.
    EU Is corrupt. Did you really expect ANY OTHER OUTCOME? We've raised a million voices that petitioned this crap and it did literally nothing. Politicians even claimed there are "no upload filters" involved when there clearly were....
    The worst thing is that these jerks can't even be held accountable for that crap. Here we go...

  • Jack
    Jack 7 months ago

    Fun fact E.U. it's not responsible for them idot law laws and idiotic actions that destroys nations.
    E.U. it's a bunch of old bakers who cares only at make Multinational happy, massonery at it best !

  • Ber Chill
    Ber Chill 7 months ago

    On Article 13: I wish Linus (and most people commenting) would put in a little more effort to research controversial topics like that prior to commenting on them. Finding out the following details just took about 2 minutes of reading the Wikipedia article about this.
    In this case larger for-profit companies (>50 employees or >10 miillion euro turnover) have to implement "effective and proportionate measures", act "expeditously" and "prevent [the content's] future availability". Quite vague, isn't it?
    Small businesses (LMG could grow another 150 % in employees to still be considered small) only have to act "upon notification by rightholders". It adds that "different measures may be appropriate and proportionate per type of content". So you will probably not have to watch all videos posted by your users in the forum.
    Let me add that I am still very much concerned about the implications of the possible outcome that big companies will implement measures to automatically scan all content being uploaded which can have huge implications to freedom of speech in the long run.

  • DrOrtmeyer
    DrOrtmeyer 7 months ago

    They're gonna find leafyishere videos and RU-clip is gonna cease to exist 🤣

  • Gary Marshall
    Gary Marshall 7 months ago

    "EU’s new copyright directive (Article 13) passed voting round. Possible big impact on RU-clip." Just AI will filter everything, delete posts and audit posts. Thus making it easier for people to ban certain views. If you get a chance read Bill C-75. Because that is happening in Canada.

  • wesley pratchler
    wesley pratchler 7 months ago

    Guys what if the EU is trying to stop t series

  • uchihasurvival
    uchihasurvival 7 months ago

    I would give the EU a big FU and charge an annual licence fee.

  • Khandar William
    Khandar William 7 months ago

    I blame Brexit

  • DeadGenesis518
    DeadGenesis518 7 months ago

    If the article 13 does in fact go through and the WAN show can't be streamed on Twitch they should make it free to watch on Floatplane at the same bit rate as Twitch and RU-clip and higher if you are paying.

  • AM Motorsport
    AM Motorsport 7 months ago

    Well... now we definitely know how James got his job 0:55

  • A Hettinger
    A Hettinger 7 months ago

    It's ironic that google is complaining now about the same thing they dropped your adsense for.

    The solution to all the companies doing their own show is refusing to go to any of them, including apple. If everyone in the media just announced "we are only going to multi-vendor conferences" it would stop. Even apple would stop.

  • Honk Honkler
    Honk Honkler 7 months ago

    I'm convinced those leading the EU are ignorant communists.

  • Darkphase
    Darkphase 7 months ago

    I swear my cat loves your channel, whenever I walk out she seems to somehow start your videos playing

  • Joel Cook
    Joel Cook 7 months ago

    Linus: once we have it working there is no reason it shouldn't work.

    NEDIX 7 months ago

    YES! KILL RU-clip!

  • Ezkailez Frisz
    Ezkailez Frisz 7 months ago

    27:35 chinese "high end" are very cheap
    Honor 10 is $400-500
    Mi8 is currently selling for $400

  • LaggerYT
    LaggerYT 7 months ago

    Not understanding EU legislation doesn't give the part about EU legislation a lot of weight, tbh. But great job at spreading the fear propaganda sold by Google. If ever there was a company that needs to be dealt with due to monopolies, it's Google and how they drive the narrative.