Film Theory: Black Panther's Economic CRISIS!

  • Published on Feb 20, 2018
  • 2:35 - 2:44: Special shout out to OnlyLeigh ( for the use of her avatar!
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    Wakanda's choke hold on Vibranium will be it's downfall! The country refuses to communicate and trade with the the rest of the world and history shows that is a BAD IDEA. How can T'Challa save his people from economic destruction? Well, loyal Theorists, that's what I'm here to solve.
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  • Vane B
    Vane B Year ago +18073

    Hey! Venezuelan here. This made me cry for multiple reasons: 1.- The fact that someone is actually factually reporting on what happens to us and in some ways, this has been more through-rough than a lot of journalist.
    2.- Because it reminded me of exactly how bad this is, with no end on sight. :(
    Just to fact-check/expand on context: Venezuela did have a real, albeit imperfect democratic system from 58-98... The year we elected that asshole Hugo Chávez. And to be fair, plenty of people-both local and immigrants- profited: there was more social mobility and the opportunity to study, get good jobs, make a living, take care of your family, etc. Venezuela was much like the US, a migration magnet.
    And food scarcity started in 2007: milk was one of the first things to go. The thing is that because of the high oil prices is like they could keep cooking in spite of a gas leak, but eventually you rub out of gas.
    The thing about controlling of the 1 resource=control of the population is true. Is like how abusive partners will try to prevent their victims from having their own money or take away any income they generate so as to keep them subdued.
    The Venezuelan government is responsible for people not finding food, but they will SELL you boxes of government selected food for you. So, also Maslow’s pyramid: you keep people from being able to protest because they’re relying on that food box you sell them. And government officials are the ones who import that food and make money off of it.

    • Golden
      Golden Day ago

      Socialism; not even once.

    • satanicglobalistilluminati
      satanicglobalistilluminati 2 days ago


    • yahwehsonren
      yahwehsonren 7 days ago

      @Mezmerizer 9 not work,only work with blood for narrow period

    • dirtydan69
      dirtydan69 7 days ago

      It's alright mate I feel it too I go to school with a lot of Venezualans and I feel their pain cause my dad's from Cuba

    • yahwehsonren
      yahwehsonren 13 days ago

      @zinedine partipilo that very true

  • Rishabh Chatterjee
    Rishabh Chatterjee 5 hours ago

    wakanda doesn't need to care about the rest of the cities. People don't deserve such resources.

  • Rishabh Chatterjee
    Rishabh Chatterjee 5 hours ago

    tchalla fought for the throne, and in the comics, wakandans are incorruptible, . wakanda isn't only producing vibranium, they are using it in other forms of products, they even sew it into their clothes, they even grow their own crops, they even found a way o genarate their own energy.

  • Arcticz -
    Arcticz - 17 hours ago

    2:32 explain!

  • Ruxberg Studios
    Ruxberg Studios 2 days ago +1

    0:23 things get worse before they get better, matpat.

  • Caleb Humphrey
    Caleb Humphrey 3 days ago

    “Oh government we need some pants”
    (blurred image shows)🤢🤮😖

  • Caleb Humphrey
    Caleb Humphrey 3 days ago

    No this come is written before the actual video started. Since Locanda doesn’t share that means it can’t export or import, that means that the money is going down.(sorry if this is worded weirdly I just took a bath and I feel really weak.)

  • Varun Madhavan
    Varun Madhavan 3 days ago


  • Skyrim and Skulduggery Pleasant

    ‘And not in that cutesy meaningless way like the Brits do.’
    We are not amused Matthew.

  • Cece Ferro
    Cece Ferro 4 days ago

    I love thanos' little cameo at the beginning
    So what did I miss?

  • Josie And the gamers

    But what about TAZERFACE!!!!! That is what I think the worst bad guy name is.

  • hellrazor117
    hellrazor117 5 days ago

    This guy's voice is unbearable. Could they not get someone normal?

  • XII- Astro
    XII- Astro 5 days ago

    530 dollars equals into 2120 Riyals Saudi Arabia currency

  • Ren
    Ren 5 days ago

    With disney owning fox now they can say some one made a better material and it turns out to adamantiom

  • Rainier Cantos
    Rainier Cantos 6 days ago

    Guess tony stark can no longer replicate vibranium

  • dirtydan69
    dirtydan69 7 days ago

    Hey T'Challa this isn't stonks

  • Sienna Hendricks
    Sienna Hendricks 7 days ago

    Why couldn't they just use/make there own currency???(🤔) why do they even need a currency, they could just trade

  • SERGEANT rig
    SERGEANT rig 9 days ago

    The picture you showed of Saudis it's not right there is no one in Saudi Arabia get 530$ and below per month if you're a Saudi you gonna get at least 650$ and above were ever you're working at it's a role so get your information right and also the picture you've shown off Saudis it's not right 3:08 I'm not saying there is no poor people in Saudi Arabia but you have too wrong information

  • Gustavs Kavacs
    Gustavs Kavacs 9 days ago

    Not true, check out the history of Norway.

  • powerist
    powerist 10 days ago

    Well, here's some points I want to raise.
    - Wakanda also keeps tabs on other countries through spies and many Wakandans are also educated in Western Universities. Will it be enough to bring outside ideas, I mean Soviet got nuclear technology through espionage (though not nuclear safety, see Lake Mayak since 1950s)?
    - There's Jabari who are "rebels" who would ignore King's isolationist edict and probably trade with outsiders. In contrast to the comic's traditionalist faction who wants to keep Wakanda isolated (though not above asking aid from a foreigner) with T'Challa being an open-minded king.
    - Multiple tribes are generally allowed to do their things, so there might be some tribes who aren't as introverted as Wakanda and Border Tribe.

  • zeyes afk
    zeyes afk 13 days ago

    Not stonks

  • Zarak KHN
    Zarak KHN 13 days ago +2

    Hey pat thats doha, Qatar
    Its ok we all make mistakes

  • yahwehsonren
    yahwehsonren 13 days ago

    Hemp is oil killer if not illegal

  • yahwehsonren
    yahwehsonren 13 days ago

    Botox case

  • yahwehsonren
    yahwehsonren 13 days ago

    Well utopia gun free zone

  • Darkfox Bill
    Darkfox Bill 13 days ago

    Considering the fact that voting is nothing more than a verbal waterfall fist fight...

    • powerist
      powerist 10 days ago

      Well, not voting...only people of Royal Blood (not sure if the Wakandans are polygamous, like many African kingship of both traditional and Islamic varieties) are allowed to challenge the king (they did say that T'Challa's mother was from River Tribe).

  • mattsawesome 4999
    mattsawesome 4999 13 days ago +1

    Did he really not even meaning to, do what Thanos did?!?!?!?!?!? P.S: Sorry, I know I am super SUPER late, lol.

  • Leo Angelo Montalvo
    Leo Angelo Montalvo 13 days ago

    You have to consider that wakanda isnt really relying on the sale of vibranium. They use that resource to improve their tech to improve efficiency of deliver of service hence they are actually self sufficient. In addition they have consistent research with tech even more advance than that of any in the world.

  • Eli Goebelbecker
    Eli Goebelbecker 14 days ago

    @thefilmtheorists vibranium is not a normal resource and it can not be made any better by outsiders. people from Wakanda use it for many different reasons including for clothing and weapons. Wakanda is basically 25-50 years ahead of the rest of the world because of it and you're telling me that some random man is going to mass-produce the most scarce resource on earth and sell it for cheap. you tripping dog. maybe go and watch the movie because most of the things can be answered there. you basically made this video just for clout and to get free views using the best movie to come out that year without doing your research. I love your chanel but this is very wrong and upsetting.

  • susanne westlund
    susanne westlund 14 days ago

    Hello at 3:13 your showing the city Dubai wich is in the UEA and not in Saudi Arabia. Maybe somebody already sead this But i havens read the rest of the comments yet.

  • Felixland Kalle Studios

    6:34 D*** Spinner

  • notworthit
    notworthit 15 days ago

    Well tony is now dead.

  • Rayan Molla
    Rayan Molla 15 days ago

    Saudi arabia has never had movie theaters...

  • The Train Of Pain
    The Train Of Pain 15 days ago

    A theory that if thanks or gala is goes to earth tony stark and black wido die

  • Evelyn Raccoan
    Evelyn Raccoan 16 days ago

    Anyone else thinking about Dr. Seus’ The Lorax?

  • Kowsik Reigns
    Kowsik Reigns 17 days ago +1

    6:21 why.😂the spinning thing

  • Bendy the Little Devil Darlin

    what about country with no natural resources

  • Austin Simmons
    Austin Simmons 17 days ago

    I'm really confused wakanda even black panther does not sell vibranium outside wakanda they only sell it inside wakanda kind of like the miners sell it to a business or something or the people that mine it sell it to people that use it to make stuff for the citizens and then the citizens have jobs but I watch the movie and I'm pretty sure none of them ever leave a conda they don't need to buy food or anything like that they just stay in their little force field and pretend not to exist do the rest of the world

  • andrew gibson
    andrew gibson 17 days ago

    isn't Wakanda supposed to isolated. you know like not contact with the rest of the world, aka self sustaining.

  • xXRayRay_GachaXx
    xXRayRay_GachaXx 17 days ago

    I live in Saudi arabia and you dont know how excited we were when all of these restrictions were removed

  • KingOfGames
    KingOfGames 18 days ago +1

    That's Dubai not Saudi Arabia

  • TheFTPchannel
    TheFTPchannel 18 days ago +3

    there is actually a shortage of sand

    • powerist
      powerist 10 days ago

      More specifically, a certain type of sand.
      Something with enough grain size and rock-types to make concrete.
      People usually laugh when Kuwait, a desert country, buys Austrailian sands due to a lack of knowledge about concrete making.

  • Pooper McScooper
    Pooper McScooper 18 days ago +1

    Wakanda is just a fantasy. Thats how it was meant to be. A fantasy land of an african nation that was never touched by white colonialism or imperialism. In reality, wakanda would be at best, a major trade hub with enough strength to hold back european imperialism through smart trade policies and diplomacy.
    For wakanda to succeed in the real world, as soon as Europeans arrived they should have bought guns, hired European officers and retired generals to train their forces and sent thousands of their people to european universities. They would need to advance and industrialize FAST.
    If they pursued an isolationist policy, even if the europeans ignored them, they'd be destroyed by the post-colonial warlords and dictators of the region.

  • Wibhash Singh Singh
    Wibhash Singh Singh 18 days ago

    Hey their technology is way above ordinary level

  • Wibhash Singh Singh
    Wibhash Singh Singh 18 days ago +1

    Tchalla can have an issue with other tribes if he does something like that

  • Your Boy Richie
    Your Boy Richie 18 days ago

    Actually, this issue in the Wakandan economy is adresssed in "The Amazing Spider-Man: Vibranium Vendetta PART 1" book, where T'challa mentions that if corporations were to create a cheap copy of vibranium it would bring Wakanda to poverty.

  • TheReal MacBen
    TheReal MacBen 19 days ago

    Well, the thing is Wakanda is not a part of the economic system though....

    The seen part of Wakanda is poor so I guess your right?

  • Jaw Awly,
    Jaw Awly, 20 days ago

    Hey I'm from Saudi Arabia

  • Corvo Attano
    Corvo Attano 20 days ago

    Lol dishonored reference

  • Mete Cebeci
    Mete Cebeci 20 days ago

    I live ın Saudı Arabıa

  • LobsterRoast
    LobsterRoast 22 days ago +6

    ''We see Tony Stark in his lab trying to replicate vibranium!''
    *1 Avengers Endgame later*
    Welp there goes that fantasy.

  • Joe Madden
    Joe Madden 22 days ago

    Just got to say but you shud know Americans destroyed and still stealing from those you name

  • Gavin Steele
    Gavin Steele 22 days ago

    we need more pants

  • NooblyHunter 203
    NooblyHunter 203 23 days ago

    *W A K A N D A F O R E V A H*

    On a serious note, learning Economy never been this easy for me.

  • Ziad Nader
    Ziad Nader 23 days ago

    11:22 no joke I'm Egyptian and that happened with nutella and they had to lower nutella prices in Egypt cuz no one was buying nutella

  • naerial
    naerial 23 days ago

    Wakanda has to be self sustaining. They're not depending on imports or exports. The world thinks they have nothing, and they aren't exporting much Vibranium since it's their big secret resource they used for ALL of their innovation. They're making everything themselves.

  • ShortManJon
    ShortManJon 24 days ago

    8:38 he calls wakanda wakando

  • Corrin is the best character on SSBU

    This Video Is A Whole Lesson On Civics

  • Tiny Dinoplayz
    Tiny Dinoplayz 25 days ago

    So like hitler

  • S. Minor
    S. Minor 25 days ago

    Meh wakanda for life still? Yes I am