15 Amazing Coincidences You Won't Believe Happened

  • Published on Jul 16, 2016
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  • MSG
    MSG 5 days ago +1

    I’m gonna name my kid Hugh Williams then drop him into Area 51.

  • Alfonso Contreras
    Alfonso Contreras 7 days ago

    James Dean's car was obviously built very very badly. As far as the King and his double goes, they were probably twins or brothers that were separated at first. Bruce Lee and his sons death was not by accident. I believe his family was targeted...by who? Who knows.

  • Youngsta Sosa
    Youngsta Sosa 7 days ago

    Im left handed who else

  • XxOMGItsBunnyxX
    XxOMGItsBunnyxX 7 days ago

    Ok will have a friend, we have the same birthday, same hospital, same NURSE, and we were next to each other in the hospital, we are 3 minutes apart. I'm older though, even our MOM'S look alike, sometimes my gramma says "you sure you take the wrong one?"

  • Cazzabear14 x
    Cazzabear14 x 8 days ago

    If Hugh williams was on the titanic he could've saved them 🤔

  • Mr Dubz120
    Mr Dubz120 8 days ago

    This might be fake because your mother cant tell u to fall u mother is responsible for u shes the rooftop over your head this is fake

  • Casey's Channel
    Casey's Channel 8 days ago

    Im gonna marry guy with his last name williams and have a kid and name the kid hugh williams

  • kkk Rebelion
    kkk Rebelion 9 days ago

    Wait wait wait
    If the planes on 9/11 hit the top part of the tower, how could it have collaps without explosions on the bottom?
    Pls explain

  • gordon wilson
    gordon wilson 10 days ago

    Shug(hugh) is a jinx...

  • Juan Galvan
    Juan Galvan 10 days ago

    so the bullet that grazed his head later on in life killed him? sounds like a camp fire story to me

  • Ranz Uyad
    Ranz Uyad 10 days ago


  • Saleh GoldberG
    Saleh GoldberG 10 days ago

    This will still happening until America banned canabiss

  • StSubZero
    StSubZero 11 days ago

    The twin tower one isn't so much a coincidence as much as predictive programming: The idea of presenting what seems impossible except in fiction to the masses to make it even less believable (and thus more shocking) when it does. Teaches us falsely nothing can happen if it's just a movie book or game, when that's not the case at all.

  • jason miller
    jason miller 11 days ago

    these stories are absolutley incredible , great vid . ecellent narration .

    TheSUPREMEHd 12 days ago


  • luhvv carol
    luhvv carol 12 days ago


  • Jessica Deaton
    Jessica Deaton 13 days ago

    love this kennedy threat

  • Bryson Vargas
    Bryson Vargas 13 days ago

    My name is Bryson and you said bryson

  • Radzik Lvp
    Radzik Lvp 13 days ago +1

    There should be a Hugh Williams on every boat this would eliminate shipwrecks.
    Now gotta find out

  • Joannot Fampionona
    Joannot Fampionona 14 days ago +1

    James dean's car is more badass than John Wick.

  • Rhodora Enaje
    Rhodora Enaje 16 days ago

    *People running to Hugh Williams on a sinking boat*
    Hugh Williams : Ah shit here we go again

  • kanika Johnson
    kanika Johnson 16 days ago

    Actually I might change my name to hugh Williams. I'm a woman but it's all good get away with anything these days 🤪

  • kanika Johnson
    kanika Johnson 16 days ago

    The next hugh Williams in a dangerous situation will say .hey I'll survive I'm hugh Williams init

  • Akira and Rabu
    Akira and Rabu 16 days ago

    Soo if I go to America i can be the president

  • D Author
    D Author 17 days ago

    Hm....left handed presidents...under mind control?

  • Zx12rpitbull
    Zx12rpitbull 17 days ago +1

    This is how many times he said “ooh what a spooky c??????” I can’t spell it

    • Logix Indie
      Logix Indie 13 days ago +1

      It is literally on the title...

  • dis is nothing
    dis is nothing 18 days ago

    My friend from primary looks like virgil exner

  • Mercedes Walker
    Mercedes Walker 21 day ago

    How do you accidentally drop your baby over the balcony 🙄🤔

  • cyndi white
    cyndi white 21 day ago

    I love these ! Makes a nice change from the crap I usually watch !😁😁😁

  • mwims Mulenga
    mwims Mulenga 21 day ago

    The voice!

  • Ryanne Barlow
    Ryanne Barlow 22 days ago

    Well that basically proves that Barak Obama wasn't a Muslim in disguise.. He wouldn't have used his left hand to eat, greet, sign documents,............. Unless using the left hand was a trick, which I don't believe..

  • Free Lunch
    Free Lunch 22 days ago

    How can you not believe in coincidences? They are real and proven. Now not believing it's a coincidence and believing a conspiracy is involved is pretty unbelievable.

  • tlkthatsh1t
    tlkthatsh1t 22 days ago +1

    Omg I’m from Louisville, Kentucky! Lol

  • Nurhayat Leon Guerrero

    Yes that happened to me I am left handed and was punished severely at school with a thick long wood and had to put my hand on a table and was struck 10 times THILL my hand was purple or bleeding. For day's I had to deal with the pain. The last time my teacher struck my hand. 3 of my finger broke. I had to go to the hospital. With my teacher. She started to lie and said I fell down the stairs. But the doctor was a American. And started to scream at her. SO WHAT IF SHE IS LEFT HANDED. YOU STUPID, UGLY, RETARDED, MORON BITCH. GET THE HELL OUT OF MY OFFICE. BEFORE I BREAK YOUR FACE AND HAND. HE WAS 6,2. AND MUSCULAR..I GO TO SCHOOL IN TURKEY. WAS ONLY 8 YEARS OLD. AND MY MOM CAME FROM GERMANY AND TOOK ME WITH HER TO GERMANY. I WAS SAVED. AND SOOOO HAPPY. I LOVE GERMANY AND GERMANS. THEY ARE JUST WONDERFULL PEOPLE.

  • Peace Key Artistry
    Peace Key Artistry 23 days ago +2

    Oh my gosh I watched this today on July 29th

    • Bully
      Bully 23 days ago

      Peace Key Artistry today is July 30th not 29th

  • Lilly Morales
    Lilly Morales 24 days ago

    0:24 to 0:28

  • Migue N.
    Migue N. 24 days ago +1

    Kennedy died around Thanksgiving and Lincoln around Easter. Crazy

  • Gaby del cristo
    Gaby del cristo 24 days ago

    There's an abundance of the accidentally dropping a baby out of a window and Hue William comments 😂😂

  • Nikki Law
    Nikki Law 25 days ago

    Hugh Williams is a powerful name

  • roberta lee
    roberta lee 25 days ago

    I never should watch spooky stories alone after dark ! I find myself unable to relax unless the doors and windows are locked! Jus satin I get creeped out easy!

  • I started a joke !!!!!!
    I started a joke !!!!!! 25 days ago +4

    Sounds like Hugh Williams was trying to find Bruce Willis..

  • Alex Amani
    Alex Amani 26 days ago

    who accidentally drops their baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • K Mariam K
    K Mariam K 26 days ago

    Twin towers one🤯

  • luxurious asmr
    luxurious asmr 26 days ago +1

    Click NOW for New kicks! alive shoes.com/american-riviera-2 👡 #HURRY

  • Sabrina Marie Wagner
    Sabrina Marie Wagner 26 days ago

    Maybe the car was pissed it was named 'little bastard' LOL

  • Sabrina Marie Wagner
    Sabrina Marie Wagner 26 days ago +2

    Those babies hanging out the windows! I can't believe that was normal!!!

  • Zach B
    Zach B 27 days ago

    Wow, some of these are just too fantastic to believe! Just more proof that all of reality, as we know it, is in fact a simulation, and we've been created by higher dimensional beings for their amusement. What other explanation could there be that would explain these coincidences? And BTW, there are way more similarities between Kennedy & Lincoln. I can't remember any additional ones at the moment except for something having to do with their secretaries. Kennedy's was named Lincoln and Lincoln's was named Kennedy. . . or something like that, as well as a lot more. You should dig a lil further and add the m in


    The story with James dean car starting at 7:25 was creepy as it gets bro😯😱

    GAMER GURL XmimiX 27 days ago

    Life scares me

  • Roxanne crissup
    Roxanne crissup 28 days ago +1


  • Winfield Pipher
    Winfield Pipher 28 days ago

    The Bruce Lee Movie wasn't Enter the Dragon It was Game of Death

  • C A R L I T A
    C A R L I T A 28 days ago

    How the hell did I end up here lmao

  • Arlene Garcia
    Arlene Garcia 28 days ago

    Alright everyone let’s just settle down and allow this to process

  • Tara McCarthy
    Tara McCarthy 29 days ago +6

    When you wait for the last clip because that's the cover of the video and you get bumbarded with the thumbnails.

  • Anne B.
    Anne B. 29 days ago

    When I started school I was left-handed and my 1st-grade teacher tied my left arm behind me so I couldn't use it to write. I was forced to relearn how to write with my right hand. Every time I went to use my left hand I got whacked with a yardstick in my left hand. Eventually, I stopped trying to use my left hand and succumb to using my right. To this very day, I do most everything else left-handed except write.

  • Phyr Sales
    Phyr Sales 29 days ago

    The Bruce Lee reference is totally wrong, Bruce did not die from a prop gun and his last movie was The Game of Death, Bruce died of cerebral edema.

  • Rabia Israr
    Rabia Israr 29 days ago

    The twin tower case was NOT a coincidence.. Mark my words!

  • Jeff Fothergill
    Jeff Fothergill 29 days ago

    Hugh Williams is an immortal

  • Eliza Dolittle
    Eliza Dolittle 29 days ago +3

    Both Lincoln and Kennedy's assassins were known by their three names: John WIlkes Booth and Lee Harvey Oswald and both names add up to 15 letters each.

  • Patrick  Falcone
    Patrick Falcone Month ago

    Im changing my name to Hugh Williams

  • Well, hellø there, felløw human!

    I wish my parents named me Hugh Williams

  • Well, hellø there, felløw human!

    That's it, every time I go on a boat, I'm going to make sure I travel with Hugh Williams

  • Well, hellø there, felløw human!

    This video was posted on July *16th, 2016*

    cOInciDenCE? i tHinK noT!

  • Bill Fletcher
    Bill Fletcher Month ago

    I call bullshit on the moped, same taxi, same driver, same passenger? nah, I don't think so

  • chedoobie Do-wha
    chedoobie Do-wha Month ago

    I'm calling BS on #5

  • Linda Connelly
    Linda Connelly Month ago

    is it just me or dose he think everything is creepy cause most of the shit he said was creepy was not creepy what so ever he has to use words properly

  • Maya Thomas
    Maya Thomas Month ago

    The guy who wanted to go back to the place he almost died is soo dumb!

  • Top 10
    Top 10 Month ago +1

    its finally my birthday

  • Jazira loves unique
    Jazira loves unique Month ago +1

    OK but how do you “ACCIDENTALLY” drop your baby???

  • Teisa Topui
    Teisa Topui Month ago

    You know what’s funny the click bait picture says died 1988 but the other one says born 1988 but on the picture he’s a teenager

  • Emiliano Dean
    Emiliano Dean Month ago +1

    Who the hell cares if someone did something 100 years after someone else. jesus fucking christ i was born 1989, so fuckin what that is EXACTLY 300 years after the whatever the hell day of independence of 1789...WOW omg it's a sign that Aliens actually throw orgies in uFos

  • Jorge Velazquez
    Jorge Velazquez Month ago

    7,26 pewdiepie "whaaat"

  • whatever happens
    whatever happens Month ago

    Facts my ASS👎

  • supergaytor
    supergaytor Month ago

    How about Osama bin laden Vs Obama Joe Biden