Grammy Producer Ken Ehrlich Talks Ariana Grande Controversy

  • Published on Feb 8, 2019
  • A controversy involving Grammy producers and Ariana Grande continued today, and “Extra” spoke to Grammy Executive Producer Ken Ehrlich and Recording Academy President Neil Portnow to find out more.
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  • Sam Miller
    Sam Miller 26 days ago

    Why should these Santa looking ass motherfuckers have any say on today’s music...

  • KingKalebDash
    KingKalebDash 2 months ago

    These are the guys in charge of whose getting Grammys?
    The old white dude who probably go home and blast 70s rock.?

  • Miguel Calderon
    Miguel Calderon 2 months ago

    Fuck this old fuck. RESPECT NICKI

  • saad14.8 Ig
    saad14.8 Ig 2 months ago +2

    Son of a bitch. We don’t need youuuu #NickiMinaj👑👑👑👑👑

  • ddchil01
    ddchil01 3 months ago +1

    So this Billy Bob is the reason people are being snubbed

  • Sashayy
    Sashayy 7 months ago +1

    What is he wearing lmao

    KING COCO 7 months ago +1

    U all liars

  • L Haokip
    L Haokip 7 months ago +3

    She should be allowed to sing whatever her heart desires

  • Larrecia Shealey
    Larrecia Shealey 7 months ago

    He needs to mske the Grammy's more presentable IG he did he wouldn't had this problem

  • Versatil Titan
    Versatil Titan 7 months ago

    Fuck ariana..Backstreet boys deserved that grammy over lady gaga!!!! 😠😠😠😠😠😠

  • hmeadb
    hmeadb 7 months ago +1

    Looks like a cunt!

  • RainingFries
    RainingFries 7 months ago

    Fucking LIAR

  • Daniel Reis
    Daniel Reis 7 months ago

    Shut the fuck. U dont get to not let nicki get her grammy.

  • Ted Vang
    Ted Vang 7 months ago +1


  • evolutionofwords
    evolutionofwords 7 months ago +3

    Thank u, next

  • lola b
    lola b 7 months ago +3

    Really Ken? I read your rebuttal to Ariana Grande in Rolling Stone and it was abundantly clear you are in the wrong. Basically, you stated you have always been an artist collaborator and your evidence was several instances where you picked the artist’s song and it turned out well during the Grammy telecast. That is not collaboration.

    • Lukas Sprehn
      Lukas Sprehn 4 months ago

      He also said that he will casually ask if the artist think an idea is good and then say that they could find something in the middle. THAT is collaboration. You're taking what he said out of context.

  • feigi chick
    feigi chick 7 months ago +11

    Nice acting old dudes

  • Rocky Jeter Webb
    Rocky Jeter Webb 7 months ago +7

    I'm with Ariana Grande. The producers are lying. They wanted to try to control her performance so she turned it down and took the high road. I'm still going to be watching the Grammys to see my other favorite artists.

  • Jeon Jungkook
    Jeon Jungkook 7 months ago +8

    I really wanted to see ARIANA in Grammy 2019 ......

  • Maryfer Martínez
    Maryfer Martínez 7 months ago +5

    Only BTS, is all I want from the Grammys 🤗 I really wanted to see Ariana but maybe next time

  • Jefs Den
    Jefs Den 7 months ago +4


  • Cathy Boyd
    Cathy Boyd 7 months ago +10

    Look at this old ass white man have they ever heard of the word retirement

  • OOF
    OOF 7 months ago +34

    The Grammy’s is really horrible this year with the snubs and the drama...

  • James Fabiano
    James Fabiano 7 months ago +3

    He didn't supply her dressing room with enough donuts to lick, eh?

    • Dante Whitley
      Dante Whitley 7 months ago

      Koujoung That happens all the time. It’s called peaks and valleys but the Grammys and Oscars will always be here. Cardi will draw in a large crowd anyway

    • James Fabiano
      James Fabiano 7 months ago

      Yeah but it's more fun to say the other thing. (make a dumb video, of course we won't let you live it down)

    • Koujoung
      Koujoung 7 months ago +5

      Nah, he just tried to control one of the most popular and successful popstars at the moment and it backfired on his crusty old face. Grammys are donezo. There's a reason they're losing viewership each year, nobody gives a shit about them anymore. The Oscars are headed in the same direction.

    • James Fabiano
      James Fabiano 7 months ago +1

      Maybe, but I make a point not to act it.

    • Matthew
      Matthew 7 months ago +4

      You must be old

  • B R E A K M Y B O N E S

    dudes r full of shit

  • Always Right
    Always Right 7 months ago +44

    I stand behind Ariana Grande and what she said ✊😒 that dude is lying i will not show up or sing on stage to lf he acted like that.

    • Lukas Sprehn
      Lukas Sprehn 4 months ago

      Serious accusation without any ounce of proof.

    • Rocky Jeter Webb
      Rocky Jeter Webb 7 months ago +1

      @Always Right Yes! So happy for her! Long overdue! In your faces Grammy Producers!

    • Always Right
      Always Right 7 months ago +1

      @Rocky Jeter Webb yesss i seen it my heart is jumping up and down I'm so happy for her she deserve it. 😜😉💜 and now all long hours and hard work has been worth it.

    • Rocky Jeter Webb
      Rocky Jeter Webb 7 months ago +1

      Ariana Grande won the Grammy Award for Best Pop Vocal Album for Sweetener!