BTS (방탄소년단) 화양연화 on stage : prologue

  • Опубликовано: 2 окт 2015
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  • Xuyến Trần
    Xuyến Trần День назад


    SUGA COOL HYUNG День назад

    yup I'm comin back to this every year.

  • Ashanta Snow Flinn
    Ashanta Snow Flinn День назад

    Whose here after realizing many things from Webtoon 'Save Me'?

  • joe rahman
    joe rahman День назад

    New group will be debut...but still remember when our boy a long time ago...

  • Ne Ca
    Ne Ca День назад

    My feeling tells me all of this have something to do with Taehyung!!

  • Faqihah Zzzhr
    Faqihah Zzzhr День назад

    Why BTS too great to me
    Who's agree?

  • Faqihah Zzzhr
    Faqihah Zzzhr День назад

    This make me cry

  • Shadistic Mari
    Shadistic Mari День назад

    Why did you kill you're father, V?

  • *see's bts* 'oh my hearteu'
    *see's bts* 'oh my hearteu' День назад

    2:24 Jin takes as much memories before he sacrifices himself for they happiness

  • *see's bts* 'oh my hearteu'
    *see's bts* 'oh my hearteu' День назад +1

    The butterfly affect....

  • Камила Кайчубекова

    After releasing webtoon, I'm here 😅

  • Della Cahyaningrum
    Della Cahyaningrum День назад +2

    Who's here after reading webtoon SAVE ME??

  • Young
    Young День назад

    Relive the memories

  • BigHit’s BTS & TXT stan
    BigHit’s BTS & TXT stan День назад +1

    Seriously everyone are back in here because of the webtoon series. We were having throwback. We miss this era. The best BTS’s era. The most beautiful moment in life.

  • イルボンarmy
    イルボンarmy День назад


  • John Paul Pasco
    John Paul Pasco День назад

    All of these MVs makes sense because of Save Me webtoon
    edit: Spoiler alert- Jungkook and Yoongi is dead

  • Inggri Dwi Syaputri
    Inggri Dwi Syaputri День назад


  • Trixie Gautam
    Trixie Gautam День назад

    I came here after reading webtoon save me 2019🤓

  • B to the T to the S to the BTS
    B to the T to the S to the BTS День назад

    Everyone came back after reading save me webtoon drama here lol 💕💜

  • Kim Massytae
    Kim Massytae День назад


  • Arisa Kookies .-.
    Arisa Kookies .-. День назад

    Came here after reading the SAVE ME webtoon ☺️

  • Arisa Kookies .-.
    Arisa Kookies .-. День назад

    2019... still can’t believe bighit made this storyline into a manga on webtoons

  • bangtan is my life's happiness
    bangtan is my life's happiness День назад

    The cinematography and the storyline itself just inspires me in so many ways

  • Sinviana Meliani
    Sinviana Meliani День назад

    this video has always been touching especially with butterfly as the bgm, but after reading the webtoon i could not see this video the same way ever again :”)

  • 0309/
    0309/ День назад

    하 화양연화 몆년째계속 돌려봐도 하나 이해돼지 않는다

  • Randy D Ramos
    Randy D Ramos День назад +1

    Who came here after reading save me in webtoons?

  • Nadire Ibraimova
    Nadire Ibraimova День назад

    Me going back to all the Videos to understand what the fuck is going on #save_me

  • I need quần
    I need quần День назад

  • Worldwide Handsome'
    Worldwide Handsome' День назад +1

    Desde aquí veo momentos Yoonkook.

  • nalinya jumpalek
    nalinya jumpalek День назад +1

    it's beautiful and sad at the same time.

  • yehwon choi_
    yehwon choi_ День назад

    BU의 세계관을 이해하고 나니 소름이면서도 뭉클하네...

  • Vanessa Vo
    Vanessa Vo День назад

    Webtoon SAVE ME take me to here 😂

  • Athena luvs 1D and descendants
    Athena luvs 1D and descendants День назад +2

    Who came here after reading save me in webtoons?

  • Annida H.
    Annida H. День назад +3

    Mampir gara² webtoon save me😂

  • sugasuga min
    sugasuga min День назад

    Why i never know about this vid

  • Equisolstice Aqua
    Equisolstice Aqua День назад

    Namjoon is wearing that Nirvana shirt.. in another video I think butterfly Taehyung is wearing that shirt.. There is some connection.. Theory army plz help

  • Phuong Lan
    Phuong Lan День назад

    Hi..and i'm here..

  • Neema Limbu
    Neema Limbu День назад


  • kuki kiut 03
    kuki kiut 03 День назад

    yoongi mira si le quemas el pelo al chico TENE MAS CUIDADO CARAJO

  • blurry dexrfren
    blurry dexrfren День назад

    4:56 yoongi's obsession with fire and later Jungkook turning the fire off

  • Natsumi I.
    Natsumi I. День назад

    3:22 어때? What do you think?

  • Shesha Song
    Shesha Song День назад


  • Natsumi I.
    Natsumi I. День назад


  • Claudia Garciaz
    Claudia Garciaz День назад

    Alguien que aya regresado después de ver el comic?

  • fer ɡm
    fer ɡm День назад

    Denle un pinche Oscar a Bang PD-nim pero ya carajo 👏

  • Naya D
    Naya D День назад

    We're finally getting answers, fam. Go check Save Me webtoon😥

  • Gabriela Molina
    Gabriela Molina День назад

    Estos sirve para anaalizar el webton de save me 😭😭

  • I Highkey Love Bangtan
    I Highkey Love Bangtan День назад +4

    After reading the webtoon SAVE ME and watching this afterwards, who's got their hearts more broken than it has?

  • pluto 52
    pluto 52 День назад +2

    So, namjoon can't receive phone call from taehyung because he is in jail?? #after reading webtoon

  • ivonne torres
    ivonne torres День назад

    Ahora ya comprendemos mas

  • Michelle
    Michelle День назад +1


  • Kalpana Rai
    Kalpana Rai День назад +2

    2019 Anyone?

  • Mina Felix
    Mina Felix День назад +1

    Here after webtoon??

  • Christian ChimChim's wife
    Christian ChimChim's wife День назад +1

    Wait, is it run in a diferent time line than i need you??

    • Christian ChimChim's wife
      Christian ChimChim's wife День назад

      +pluto 52 yeah that is what i thought before, but after the webtoon seems like it may happen in a diferent time line, since bighit realize run after i need u

    • pluto 52
      pluto 52 День назад

      Maybe. When they are together, it's just memory. And then, in 'i need u' the tragedy happened

  • Umasari Dewi
    Umasari Dewi День назад +1

    My tears won’t stop

  • Nazifa Tasnim
    Nazifa Tasnim День назад +1

    Someone add Subtitle please ..... How Can we New International A.R.M.Y understand these without sub ?

    • pluto 52
      pluto 52 День назад +1

      There video with subtitle. Just look for it

  • sara principal
    sara principal День назад +2

    Hoy volví a ver este video y me puse a pensar... ¿Que sería de mi vida sin BTS?
    Tal vez se escuche tonto, pero es verdad. Desde que me levanto por la mañana hasta que me voy a acostar le dedico mi día completamente a ellos, ya sea Viendo videos, fotos o memes de ellos, y sinceramente no sabría qué hacer con mi vida si algún día despierto y me llega la noticia de que deciden separarse. No sé qué voy a hacer... Sería, algo así como sentarme en la cama y decir: "Y... ¿Ahora que?" :(
    Me va a doler demasiado su partida, por eso a partir de este momento voy a disfrutarlos al máximo ❤️😭

  • Dian Timbalo
    Dian Timbalo День назад +2

    since they drop Save Me webtoon i keep re-playing BTS MV that has BU content on it to figure out what is happening there and how to connect them. But still… my head hurts so bad… :(((

  • MinSugar 03
    MinSugar 03 День назад +4

    anyone here after reading webtoon 'SAVE ME'

    Only for BANGTAN SEONYEONDAN День назад +1


  • Sephy Min
    Sephy Min День назад +2

    Who's here after reading Save me webtoon?

  • leli agustin
    leli agustin День назад +1

    This video in webtoon😢😢😢💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Haneul Park Sik
    Haneul Park Sik День назад +1

    ahora con el comic en webtoon y al ver este video de nuevo me emociona mas

  • Yajaira Vargas
    Yajaira Vargas День назад

    What did RM write in the mirror?

    • pluto 52
      pluto 52 День назад

      We need to survive

  • GirL MusiC bANGTAn
    GirL MusiC bANGTAn День назад +1

    ¿Quién más está aquí después de enterarse que BTS tiene un webtoon y que todas las teorías que nos hemos formado casi casi son ciertas?✋🤭 💜🎉

  • 이로아
    이로아 День назад

    영상에 초반에나오는 곡은 드뷔시의 달빛인가요?

  • Affectaed Jungkookie
    Affectaed Jungkookie День назад +1

    I came here for the theories

  • eric ngun
    eric ngun День назад

    Bts is the best

  • Gisele
    Gisele День назад +1

    3:41 parece familiar???

    POLOLA День назад +1

    Can someone translate me what are they telling?

  • Snowy Snowy
    Snowy Snowy День назад

    Show all your anti friends

  • Anh Tran
    Anh Tran День назад +1

    Webtoon comic “ Save Me” helps a lot👍

  • 21st century girl
    21st century girl День назад

    it's 2019 m here after reading the webtoon and m crying

  • Julie Dale
    Julie Dale День назад

    It's crazy how much you can love a bunch of boys so much 💜💜💜

  • jeonicide
    jeonicide День назад

    wtf i cried

  • Infires -
    Infires - 2 дня назад +1

    LMAO here after reading the webtoon

  • Itzel Mora
    Itzel Mora 2 дня назад

    Al final la canción es house of cards(oct) y en el que fue publicado primero era butterfly(sept)
    sigo sin superar esto desde el año pasado xd
    me das miedo big hit

  • eryn adrielle
    eryn adrielle 2 дня назад +2

    who’s here from the save me webtoon?

  • Sienna Parsons
    Sienna Parsons 2 дня назад +1

    Who's here after reading the webtoon?

  • Brianna Martinez
    Brianna Martinez 2 дня назад

    Everytime I see the butterfly, I think: "You knew all along, didn't you? >.> " 😭😭😭😭

    • pluto 52
      pluto 52 День назад +1

      It remind me about butterfly in korean drama 'goblin'. Butterfly represent God

  • Robroy Lambert
    Robroy Lambert 2 дня назад +1

    Who's else here after reading the webtoon

  • 1 2
    1 2 2 дня назад +1

    I hope this is the happy ending to save me not the memories, that's might sound stupid but I really don't want a story with bts characters in it with a tragic end, that might give me a serious depression.

  • Selee Ss
    Selee Ss 2 дня назад

    So in a scene jhope is sleeping and now we know that is for his illness

  • Abita Feliciano
    Abita Feliciano 2 дня назад +2

    Quien está volviendo a ver todos los mvs por las teorías que son confirmadas

  • NME NH
    NME NH 2 дня назад +6

    Who's here because of Save me from Webtoon and Smeraldo books?

  • Ana Kim
    Ana Kim 2 дня назад +1

    in the BU Yoonkook are boyfriedns, you can't change my mind, just look carefully

  • Nathaly vv
    Nathaly vv 2 дня назад +2

    Alguien buscando respuestas

  • _ Cyansims
    _ Cyansims 2 дня назад

    I have so much emotions after three years loving bts 😭

  • Yumshang
    Yumshang 2 дня назад +1

    Back again and I am so #proudofyouBTS
    2019/17/01 1:43am, India, Manipur.

  • Ana Kim
    Ana Kim 2 дня назад +1

    Who is here to cry more after having read the webtoon?

  • Cindy Rojas
    Cindy Rojas 2 дня назад


  • Ana  García
    Ana García 2 дня назад

    Siempre lloro al verlo :'((

  • sara sekai
    sara sekai 2 дня назад +2

    2019...i'm here after the webtoon save me....and yes u can understand it more but it hurts even more

  • AlexaJK
    AlexaJK 2 дня назад +1

    i came back to watch this again after reading #saveme .. i cried. idk anymore.

  • Cata Przok
    Cata Przok 2 дня назад


  • Cata Przok
    Cata Przok 2 дня назад +2


  • sofia❤
    sofia❤ 2 дня назад

    Estoy aquí viendo mi vida pasar, y no corriedo por lo que realmente quiero, voy a cambiar de lado el juego va a cambiar, estoy con medio los sentimientos revuetos ya que quiero que los chicos de txt sean conocidos poro prefiero que florescan solos , en un canal aparte no en que ya tienen todo asegurado en el canal de bts , (me refiero que este canal tiene millones de suscriptores y suguro pasen el millón de viws y que tan solo un video de presentación de llos supero casi los 2 millones de likes y eso es wow el video dura segundos) y este canal fue ocupado por mas bandas antes que bts y bts le dio vida a este canal , no tenia muchos suscriptores ya que no tenía una banda fija, tenian muchas bandas y desde que aparece bts todo subio y le llovieron miles y miles de fans y bueno y yo digo que txt si comienza en un canal aparte me pareceria genial ya que si llego a casi 2 millones una presentación imagina un video musical booom!! Pd: no odio txt~ , son lindos solo quiero igualdad de comienzos ,

  • HoangNgocAnh Nguyen
    HoangNgocAnh Nguyen 2 дня назад +1

    Save me webtoon

  • Andreja Kauneckaite
    Andreja Kauneckaite 2 дня назад

    Back here after the webtoon was realesed...

  • Bhawana Chauhan
    Bhawana Chauhan 2 дня назад

    I am here right after webtoon save me