FINALLY a Wireless MECHANICAL Gaming Keyboard! - Logitech G613

  • Published on Sep 18, 2017
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    Mechanical gaming keyboards are nothing new...wireless keyboards are as old as the why not both? Say hello to Logitech G613!
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Comments • 2 725

  • [P C]
    [P C] Day ago

    I'm using the G613 and i will tell everyone why...
    First thing is i use mac(i know it not good at gaming but wht not)
    It's so hard to fing keyboard that compatable with
    2 is price it is cheap here

  • Ghanashyam S
    Ghanashyam S 4 days ago


  • Kick Ass
    Kick Ass 5 days ago

    2019 Worth?

  • Sourabh Roddey
    Sourabh Roddey 8 days ago

    I ordered this keyboard after this video and it went bad in 3 months. Well no issue because it was replaced by logitech for free.
    Issue I faced was keys either stopped responding or caused double press. I still would recommend this keyboard. I now cannot type on regular keyboard anymore. This keyboard is just beautiful to see and use.

  • Guillermo Duck
    Guillermo Duck 12 days ago

    Clean that monitor

  • just a person
    just a person 24 days ago

    drevo does not like you linus.

  • Mr Edlund
    Mr Edlund Month ago

    This cost $79 in Sweden :) cheap cheap

  • Lord Zendar
    Lord Zendar Month ago +1

    The music in this video makes me want to worship satan

  • Pos3iD0n
    Pos3iD0n Month ago

    wireless keyboards are so useless, they just stay in the same place so never having to charge it would just be good

    • Pantha
      Pantha Month ago

      Scissors + Cable = Never ends well

  • Robin Singh
    Robin Singh Month ago

    bought it and have zero regrets

  • Raylight
    Raylight Month ago

    and oon, and on...

  • Rock&Roll
    Rock&Roll Month ago

    Lol how does it power on where is mx red no rgb no buy, romer-g is crap.

  • landofyoutube
    landofyoutube Month ago

    is it possible to detach the hand rest

  • Vaskedama
    Vaskedama Month ago

    I'd like to see some input lag testing on this keyboard.

  • Alan Walker
    Alan Walker Month ago

    without RGB

  • pvdv1985
    pvdv1985 Month ago

    I wouldve bought this keyboard if it werent for the keycaps

  • Abstract Alex
    Abstract Alex Month ago

    nO rGB

  • al i
    al i Month ago +1

    he looks like eminem

  • TheSwagGuy5000
    TheSwagGuy5000 2 months ago

    0:54 and on

  • Lusty Glaceon
    Lusty Glaceon 2 months ago

    i like the nier background music lol

  • Kushagra Karira
    Kushagra Karira 2 months ago

    Wireless mouse and PS2 Keyboard is my choice.

  • Leon Kim
    Leon Kim 2 months ago

    Linus needs restart

  • Rogerthecat
    Rogerthecat 2 months ago

    Linus, if you were waiting for a wireless keyboard for that long, than why didn’t you make one. I mean you know everything about keyboards and basically every electronic known to man. Just saying.

  • Philip242
    Philip242 2 months ago

    Oh come on, who cares about those gamers who pay attention fractions of latency.. I've played many adventure fps actions by using old wireless 2.4hz keyboard for 8 years. I had zero troubles with latency. Any moment i can move keyboard between desk and bed then use as 'remote control' for watching TV. Where those picky gamers come from.. just stop playing multiplayer fps then life get easier and less worries about damned fractions of seconds, lol.

  • Person Dude
    Person Dude 2 months ago

    The dust on the monitor base at 1:41 though

  • Volcck
    Volcck 2 months ago

    0:52 lol

  • _SwifT_
    _SwifT_ 2 months ago

    Anne pro also wireless

  • Modest Mewtwo
    Modest Mewtwo 2 months ago

    rgb when

  • N English
    N English 2 months ago

    I hate that I like your videos. You annoy the shit outta me and yet damn if I can't stop watching and have to sub for the amount of good info.

  • Estevan Rodriguez
    Estevan Rodriguez 2 months ago

    There's seriously no point in a wireless keyboard unless you won't less cables

  • Sina Madani
    Sina Madani 2 months ago

    I don't see the point. I literally just paid £20 MORE for the wired G513 because why would I sacrifice RGB for wireless? What is the point of a wireless keyboard when you have like 20+ cables in your setup anyway?

  • griptaype
    griptaype 2 months ago

    im using this for my bed gaming setup. yes im staying in my bed while gaming.

  • N2BillyBob 609
    N2BillyBob 609 2 months ago

    Actually that background music made me feel like I was walking upside down in a closing box

  • Sam Peters
    Sam Peters 2 months ago +2

    That sensitivity on CS:GO tho...

    • lucas rem
      lucas rem 2 months ago

      Sam Peters
      still CS.GO in 2019
      what Keyb u use now? any wireless G?

  • Jon Irenicus
    Jon Irenicus 2 months ago

    I bought this keyboard recently and I regretted it. The Romer-G switches feels mushy and unsatisfying. Stick with the German made Cherry MX switches.

  • Kronical
    Kronical 2 months ago

    $90 now on amazon

  • Ronnybanan
    Ronnybanan 2 months ago

    Super smooth transition to the ad there, Linus ;)

  • Klab
    Klab 2 months ago

    and on, and on, and on, and on.....

  • Haptic Exposure
    Haptic Exposure 3 months ago


  • MrBorderdown
    MrBorderdown 3 months ago

    No backlight, no buy.

  • Frank Hofman
    Frank Hofman 3 months ago

    and on XD

  • TR25
    TR25 3 months ago

    Yo linus. Drevo callibur is also a wireless mechanical keyboard

  • Dartricz
    Dartricz 3 months ago

    If they make a rbg version I'll buy one straight away

  • Kieran Chetty
    Kieran Chetty 3 months ago

    Its good for me cause you can play on ps4 on tv and just need a desk thanks Logitech

  • Mr. Zewp
    Mr. Zewp 3 months ago

    i'm typing this comment on a g613

  • guga gum
    guga gum 3 months ago

    Only reson I don’t by wireless stuff is coz I would have to charge it

  • Evan
    Evan 3 months ago

    What’s the keyboard at 4:45

  • MyWifeTookTheKids
    MyWifeTookTheKids 3 months ago

    My mom has a bunch of these keyboards and mouses for gaming and she gets them for free and they are new.

  • Goblin Slayer
    Goblin Slayer 3 months ago +1

    This is the best keyboard i’ve used so far on my Xbox One X.

  • The beast Of litness
    The beast Of litness 3 months ago +5

    I got it for 65 bucks Today

    • MrCervantesent
      MrCervantesent 3 months ago

      Same here! Got this AND the G603. They're great!

  • diegomireles
    diegomireles 3 months ago

    This is very appeling to me, but the two drawbacks i have with the keyboard are no PBT (or doubleshot/laser etched keycaps) and the wrist rest (I don't like them). I like minimalistic keyboads. I have a CM Novatouch with PBT keycaps, two DasKeyboards 3 (one in my office), a vortex Pok3r, the only RGB keyboard I have is a Overwatch BlackWidow which I bought only for collecting purposes.

  • Nalin Ranthilake
    Nalin Ranthilake 3 months ago

  • Xrick56
    Xrick56 3 months ago

    Remove the macro keys and this would have been an instant buy for me.

  • Roddy Evans
    Roddy Evans 3 months ago

    That mouse sensitivity at 4:25 is just pathetic

  • Paul J
    Paul J 4 months ago

    Is it compatible with a ps4

  • Chloe Mcholoe
    Chloe Mcholoe 4 months ago

    also mechanical keyboard are heavy if that counts

  • Keith Everson
    Keith Everson 4 months ago

    Price has dropped in the last year. Just bought it for $60, and it's the second best update to my peripherals ever. Best? G603 wireless mouse (perfect matchy-matchy look).

  • DandyMaple
    DandyMaple 4 months ago

    Welp its 65 now

  • NGClayton
    NGClayton 4 months ago +2

    BTW this keyboard is $64.99 on Amazon

  • Ta Mefe muiedx
    Ta Mefe muiedx 4 months ago

    It's simple it's Swiss so it's good

  • Latanya Cooper
    Latanya Cooper 4 months ago

    I am thinking of buying this gaming keyboard by the price, reviews and ratings it looks like its the best!

  • rmisionero
    rmisionero 4 months ago

    LINUS IS SEXY!!!!!! Now that I have your attention, I am looking for a gaming keyboard and mouse that I can use on my bed, because I like gaming on my bed. Should I go wireless, or should I buy some type of extension USB cord. I am between 10 and 15ft from the computer.

  • Tyler Savin
    Tyler Savin 4 months ago

    Is the wrist rest removable?

  • ax
    ax 4 months ago


  • Khonnazar Ergashev
    Khonnazar Ergashev 4 months ago +2

    It's about $70 right now and still really good

  • Twane 10
    Twane 10 4 months ago

    I can say Corsair has wireless mechanical keyboard too if ya want To try it.

  • biscuit
    biscuit 4 months ago


  • John Abramo
    John Abramo 4 months ago

    "H E double hockey sticks" is probably the most Canadian thing I've ever heard.

  • IzunaLoli
    IzunaLoli 4 months ago


  • Leon Brooke
    Leon Brooke 5 months ago

    I have one of these and I find it quite useful to be able to put the keyboard on the floor and have a clear desk

  • Kinectika
    Kinectika 5 months ago

    And on
    And on
    And on
    And on
    And on
    And on
    And on
    And on

  • Duc T.Q.
    Duc T.Q. 5 months ago

    add rgb plz

  • Paweł Kubiszewski
    Paweł Kubiszewski 5 months ago

    WHY U NO RGB!?!

  • Neon Wolf
    Neon Wolf 5 months ago

    “ *and the next day, and the next day, and the next day, and the next day, and the next day.* “

  • SimsForever
    SimsForever 5 months ago

    i love this keyboard. i love typing and using it. Its the best keyboard i have ever used.

  • Dog 4399
    Dog 4399 5 months ago +1

    / | \
    / \
    This is Markus,he thinks its time to stop with the "and on" comments "but text art is still cool" he says.

  • Lake Snyder
    Lake Snyder 5 months ago

    What about coraiar k63

  • Sspino
    Sspino 5 months ago

    Oh no

  • FunGi
    FunGi 5 months ago

    K 63...

  • Francisco Reyes
    Francisco Reyes 5 months ago

    Does this work with Logitech's unifying dongle? I want to use this with the same dongle as my Logitech Mx Ergo.

  • Skrap
    Skrap 5 months ago

    no rgb no buy.

  • Jørgen Gamre
    Jørgen Gamre 5 months ago

    Anyone knows what kind of keyboard Linus shows at 5:45?

  • Daemon Duskfall
    Daemon Duskfall 5 months ago

    And here I am still using the Logitech mk710 ( my fav keyboard) with the first mx anywhere

  • X7RT 77
    X7RT 77 5 months ago

    Lol I got an ad for the g613

  • Tudz
    Tudz 5 months ago +1

    RGB doesn't make you a better gamer...

  • Sourabh Roddey
    Sourabh Roddey 5 months ago

    Sold, man thats awesome.

  • Branden York
    Branden York 5 months ago

    I almost died seeing the Video playing on the phone resting against the monitor... NIGGA WHY? JUST BRING UP RU-clip ON YOUR COMPUTER AND WATCH IT THERE

  • ChaosDragon123
    ChaosDragon123 5 months ago

    I only have the 213 rip

  • Smoked Artucuno
    Smoked Artucuno 5 months ago

    Omg I can’t believe Linus frickin said the H-E-Double Hockey Sticks that’s a swear

  • One TardiSgrade Univers3

    does anyone know what the name of that wired keyboard with the aux and USB passthrough is? It peaked my interest but I can't seem to find it on amazon. Thanks

  • sosa kun
    sosa kun 6 months ago

    pc gamers are knit picky children tbh, theyll throw a fit if their frames are off by 5 frames, yet theyre still trash at what they spent so much money on, gaming.

    • Ashhar Kausar
      Ashhar Kausar 4 months ago

      In Dota, Starcraft, CSGO, high or master level play, every frame matters.

  • RobloxBoiLHY
    RobloxBoiLHY 6 months ago

    wireless keyboards were a problem back in the 80s

  • Raido Rässa
    Raido Rässa 6 months ago

    yo Linus, I have the cheap keyboard for like 1 year, whats that 10.99.its 9/10 quality for me

  • Ng Zhi Cong Nick
    Ng Zhi Cong Nick 6 months ago

    Can this keyboard using with wire?

  • Horaţiu Mlendea
    Horaţiu Mlendea 6 months ago

    I'm gonna buy one when they release one with RGB or at least static backlight.

    ZONKED BY TECH 6 months ago

    used this for 3 months now fucking stickers got destroyed. WASD looks gonorrhea

  • oh yeah yeah
    oh yeah yeah 6 months ago

    Corsair K63 wireless - amazing keyboard, aluminum made, backlit, rgb AND WIRELESS

    • R/All
      R/All 18 days ago

      oh yeah yeah not rgb

  • Aayushman Verma
    Aayushman Verma 6 months ago +1

    Wait was it add on or and on? xD

  • Fe Fus
    Fe Fus 6 months ago

    Will they improve this board with rgb?

  • Adrian Aquino
    Adrian Aquino 6 months ago

    he is awesome im from the philipines and that awesome and wonderful