James Charles turning me into my Facetune

  • Published on Jan 18, 2019
  • James Charles turns me into my Facetuned selfie!
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Comments • 10 101

  • Lilly Acually Videos

    zane looks like the twins

  • MaryE
    MaryE 11 days ago +2

    Zane is so handsome!!

  • Danielle Danielle
    Danielle Danielle 12 days ago

    I am able to support myself and my family.... Sister goals!! Love it!!!!

  • Evan Luna
    Evan Luna 17 days ago +2

    Zane your nos e is fucking perfect i love it dont ever change it please

  • nerdyboi 97
    nerdyboi 97 26 days ago


  • Josie Zeck
    Josie Zeck Month ago

    i think you should be aloud to be spanish after taken 10 years of it

  • Thorelazcha p.
    Thorelazcha p. Month ago

    Zane voice is like porn

  • Mark
    Mark Month ago


  • : Blitz :
    : Blitz : Month ago +5


  • Yasmine Saadi
    Yasmine Saadi Month ago


  • Vanessa Coronado
    Vanessa Coronado Month ago +1

    3:30 this was too funny 😂

  • Orlaith Mcauley
    Orlaith Mcauley Month ago +16

    “i think my career just dissipated in front of my eyes”
    little did we know james was a fortune teller

  • LaughingSpy
    LaughingSpy Month ago +1

    rip james

  • Marco Herrera
    Marco Herrera Month ago

    I wonder how many members of the vlog squad had sec with James

  • Marco Herrera
    Marco Herrera Month ago

    Dam I wonder if knew what James did in his private time...

  • Hannah E.
    Hannah E. Month ago +3

    16:35 Yikes

  • Laura B
    Laura B Month ago +7

    We don’t Stan anymore 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Randomness Sub to pewdiepie

    I love Scott’s music and your channel them together is the best

  • Shannon MJ McCluskey

    Zane sure is coked up huh? He's on that good 🐟 scale shiznit 👀👀😊😍

  • Noor Mahmood
    Noor Mahmood Month ago

    Zane’s Scorpio vibes was exuding through this video

  • Timea Spörli
    Timea Spörli Month ago

    Zane: „you know I sing too?“
    James: „oh“

  • Mirancodo Quesadilla

    Zane: guys, This is my bad side I'm sorry okay-
    James: Do you wanna switch?
    Zane: No
    James: Okay
    Zane: Can We?
    James: Yes

  • ashley enveeno
    ashley enveeno Month ago +1

    You going to try make this straight guy like u too James ?

  • Grace Monaghan
    Grace Monaghan Month ago +3

    20:12 shows Heath
    James- pass, he’s wearing a cowboy hat... search james Coachella outfit 2019

  • susan nichols
    susan nichols Month ago

    Zane: Pretends to punch James James: Flinches like Zane is a murderer about to snatch his freshly glued down wig

  • susan nichols
    susan nichols Month ago

    Who woulda thought that Zane and James would collab #sistershook🤔🤨🤣

  • Amanda Smith
    Amanda Smith Month ago

    lol, i love Matt

  • Aunt Becky
    Aunt Becky Month ago

    James is so calm in this

  • Leone
    Leone Month ago

    Sometimes I forget how fricking SMART Matt is!!! I mean think about it ....

  • Allegra Ndaya X
    Allegra Ndaya X Month ago

    Zane can really keep a conversation goinggg❤️‼️ lovinggg it
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  • Dani Matt
    Dani Matt Month ago +1


  • Sarah Widick
    Sarah Widick Month ago

    Why is no one talking about those hickey looking marks on the side of Zane’s neck lol

  • SteinyV Chicoine
    SteinyV Chicoine Month ago

    The show a series of unfortunate events is way better than the movie, I’m with James in this one

  • maria arevalo
    maria arevalo Month ago +2

    we need more zane + matt + james

  • H h
    H h Month ago

    Is zain Muslim ?

  • Sarah Rozuan
    Sarah Rozuan Month ago

    I'm sorry james but my subtitles can't pick up what you were saying xoxo

  • Rachael Zabel
    Rachael Zabel 2 months ago

    When I was in highschool it was trendy for guys to wear makeup, because that's when the goth and scene vibe was really huge so everyone wore eyeliner and nail polish.
    Like, true they all kind of rocked the same look, but it was still "okay" to wear makeup

  • Jack Frost
    Jack Frost 2 months ago

    Believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ

  • Gacha Alicia
    Gacha Alicia 2 months ago +1

    I liked the series of unfortunate events series I hated the movies they were horrible but I want them to do a 4th series

  • joshua angeles
    joshua angeles 2 months ago


  • Madison Eva
    Madison Eva 2 months ago +1

    Everybody saying Zane looks like Ethan as if Ethan and Grayson aren’t twins lol

  • Birdy's a Bunny
    Birdy's a Bunny 2 months ago

    Zane touching his face constantly gives me anxiety

  • Rebecca Wharton
    Rebecca Wharton 2 months ago

    U look like ethan dolan with a good beard

  • PB Isanan
    PB Isanan 2 months ago

    wait i went to a catholic school in albany, JAMES WAIT

  • Lily Sophia
    Lily Sophia 2 months ago

    Is it Just Me or is The Room There in Look Foggy 🌫

  • TRBL
    TRBL 2 months ago

    "two bottoms don't make a top" JAMES

  • Mickey Miller
    Mickey Miller 2 months ago

    i prefer zanes oh hell noOoOoOOOO

  • Sister Alexa
    Sister Alexa 2 months ago


  • Giuliana Simone
    Giuliana Simone 2 months ago

    u and the vlog sad should go in an escape room together!!!!!!!!! like this comment if u think so

  • YaGirl16
    YaGirl16 2 months ago +2

    James switching sides so zane could have his good side to the camera so it was more comfortable is so cute. We stan!!

  • Claire Koone
    Claire Koone 2 months ago

    is he a morph from mars ummm ofc he is get it he’s partnered w MORPHIEEEEE

  • Eva Herrera
    Eva Herrera 2 months ago

    literally i am so agreeing with zane rn!!!! i HATED the series and the movie is the best

  • tayla collins
    tayla collins 2 months ago

    UMMM does Zane have hickeys

  • Sabah Shaikh
    Sabah Shaikh 2 months ago

    I felt so bad when James flinched at Zane's fake punch. I wanna hug this boi

  • Sandhya
    Sandhya 2 months ago

    james charles doing hidayas makeup

  • lilianna torpey
    lilianna torpey 2 months ago


  • Ananya GK
    Ananya GK 2 months ago

    Zane should be the officially the best comedy channel.

  • RealJoe
    RealJoe 2 months ago +1

    You Know he want's jeff not you LOL

  • Paulette Garces
    Paulette Garces 2 months ago +2


  • itsamemorgio
    itsamemorgio 2 months ago

    Matt's 6'3" wut

  • Nani_ Van Gogh
    Nani_ Van Gogh 2 months ago

    My eyes are sensitive and I have allergies so my eyes always itch or burn tear up or my vision goes blurry so I'm afraid to try contact but I would prefer contacts over my glasses
    Saw is my favorite movie series I haven't seen the last one yet though but I love Horror and Chiller
    I feel like James is a power bottom

  • phresh
    phresh 2 months ago

    moslems are notorious homophobes

  • Gizelle Garcia
    Gizelle Garcia 2 months ago

    OK no in Spanish and Mexican or Hispanic

  • Fleek Boy
    Fleek Boy 2 months ago +1

    James Charles wants to be a girl so baddd!!!!

  • Jordan Pople
    Jordan Pople 2 months ago

    James saying that none of his close girl friends are single..... hmmmmm EMMA......... ETHMA???

  • Janetzy V. Altamirano M.
    Janetzy V. Altamirano M. 2 months ago +1

    James and Matt is my thing 😍

  • Tyrra van Leur
    Tyrra van Leur 2 months ago

    When he talked about the sister squad I got sad because the sister squad is dead😞😔

  • lina
    lina 2 months ago

    i just adore how comfortable zane is w james.

  • Kira Aisling
    Kira Aisling 2 months ago

    I read this as FaceTime and got real confused

  • Sarah Chabluk
    Sarah Chabluk 2 months ago

    zane looks like a dolan

  • Lonnie Gonzalez
    Lonnie Gonzalez 2 months ago +25

    Matt: “James, can you do my eyebrows after this?”
    James: “Are you gonna smash me?”
    Matt: “I can’t talk about this on camera”

  • Nathan Blais
    Nathan Blais 2 months ago

    Omg sinister is one of the best horror movies DONT @ me

  • taleenie weenie
    taleenie weenie 2 months ago

    I'd probably smash everyone in the vlog squad twice. Zane maybe like 10 more times for sure tho

  • maggie casper
    maggie casper 2 months ago

    omg yay sister squad

  • Seth Esco
    Seth Esco 2 months ago

    I literally think about this video so often 😂

  • Ariana Rodriguez
    Ariana Rodriguez 2 months ago

    paaassss on Alex?? Allleeeexxx 😭 thats a hard smash.

  • Jodi Taylor卌
    Jodi Taylor卌 2 months ago

    zane is fucking beautiful

  • Victorio Chacon
    Victorio Chacon 2 months ago +1

    Zane: Your getting powder on me SIS
    Me: 💀

  • Victorio Chacon
    Victorio Chacon 2 months ago

    Instantly fell for Zane cz of his interaction wit James!!! 🥰

  • lizzy treon
    lizzy treon 2 months ago

    james matt and zane are actually all me when i’m trying to put my contacts in

  • Danielle White
    Danielle White 2 months ago

    I liked this video because of James

    ASMR SALON NUMAN TV 2 months ago +1

    Hi guys. I’m a youtuber and my viewers said that I look like Zane Hijazi. Do you see the resemblance?😎subscribe channnel 🙏🏻😉👍

  • J Siegrist
    J Siegrist 2 months ago

    Zane! Shame on you for not doing more! This was A+. You and Matt should be trying a show like Views. You guys click in a great way. You’re wasting both your talents. This 2-on-1 interviewing went great, so smooth, funny, Matt calm, you leading a little more....perfect combo. You’re wasting a chance at true stardom....why? I couldn’t be more serious. Interview Brandon, Jason.....not a joke fest, just like here.....real questions that area bit personal, funny too.....that we truly want to know. Ask the day before what we want asked?

  • Kaylee Clark
    Kaylee Clark 3 months ago +1

    zane: ya i started out on vine
    james: i also have vines

  • Mio Si
    Mio Si 3 months ago

    Kylie’s first collab was with gigi not with james!

  • MaryHem
    MaryHem 3 months ago

    zane 👏🏽 is 👏🏽 my 👏🏽 religion 👏🏽

  • Tensae Potthoff
    Tensae Potthoff 3 months ago

    They seem like they're best friends and have known each other for a hella long time & zane is so good at making things not awkward and I love how he was so excited to meet james!! They are both just so pure

  • Cara Wolf
    Cara Wolf 3 months ago

    Sister James can you donate to an epilepsy foundation/ charity because i have epilepsy and i feel like we are underrepresented in the media and i think that if you talked about it more people would be interested in knowing more about it. Thanks! Love you the most sister! ❤

  • Klarah Niemela
    Klarah Niemela 3 months ago

    James you too 😍❤️💛👌💄😁😭

  • Klarah Niemela
    Klarah Niemela 3 months ago +1

    Zane you lookin sister snatched 💛😇😍

  • olivia moon
    olivia moon 3 months ago

    he looked really close to the facetune

  • Ash K
    Ash K 3 months ago

    Kylie has had collaborations with other youtubers before James though. Gigi, Jenna Marbles, etc.? Doesn’t anyone remember that or just me?

  • The Rachet Show
    The Rachet Show 3 months ago

    Oddly enough, I think Zane would be a switch lol DON'T ASK ME WHY

  • Maja Lisowska
    Maja Lisowska 3 months ago

    I can't belive james passed on alex fucking ernst

  • Samira Myers
    Samira Myers 3 months ago

    You kinda look like the Dolan twins older brother 😱😂

  • alessandra luna
    alessandra luna 3 months ago

    the quality really DROPPED on this one

  • Chip
    Chip 3 months ago

    the bit where they talked about guys wearing make up and having insecurities... make up doesn't fix insecurities. Go to a psych therapist to fix your issues. Makeup doesn't work for the personality dumbasses.

  • Mary Kaye
    Mary Kaye 3 months ago

    Re: A series of unfortunate events, Zane you are 100% right.

  • Nurazianie Abdullah
    Nurazianie Abdullah 3 months ago

    You've already have perfect nose.. there's no need for the shades. 😎

  • lie
    lie 3 months ago

    why does zanes laugh low key sounds like graysons laugh?