AFTER is the dumbest movie I've ever seen...

  • Published on Aug 27, 2019
  • After 2019 movie animation
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    Descendants 3 doesn't make any sense...
    H2O Just Add Water was the weirdest show...
    Twilight Breaking Dawn doesn't make any sense...
    Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 literally makes no sense
    The Perfect Date is kinda dumb...
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  • Josie Lachut
    Josie Lachut 2 hours ago


  • LowKeyMe
    LowKeyMe 3 hours ago

    "Come back Twilight, all is forgiven" 😉

  • Phoebe TonQueen
    Phoebe TonQueen 8 hours ago

    Hardin be getting “Hard”in really fast

  • Taye
    Taye 9 hours ago

    'Harden' is fucking creepy

  • emassey0418
    emassey0418 9 hours ago

    I think this guy is judging this movie a little harsh, though the movie doesn't do the books any justice. They should have stuck more to the books and added more of the story line in.

  • Ryan Jackson
    Ryan Jackson 11 hours ago

    I watched this movie with my girlfriend because it basically checks every god damn box on the cheesy movie category, so this summation was absolutely hilarious. But learning this was written as Harry Styles fanfic was a box no one needed checked....

  • JinxLove
    JinxLove 12 hours ago

    This made me dislike an accent smh I couldn’t watch the actual movie-

  • Simple Piano
    Simple Piano 12 hours ago

    Noah is way better not gonna lie

  • PasOdMater
    PasOdMater 14 hours ago

    The red flag animations are golden.

  • Angel huang
    Angel huang 14 hours ago


  • Phoebe Cruz
    Phoebe Cruz 17 hours ago

    Am I the only one who actually likes cheesy romance movies?

  • Vivian Grande
    Vivian Grande 20 hours ago

    how can u say this can go on hallmark? the smooch is supposed to go at the end... literally hallmark movies are the same (this is a joke)

  • Silly Goose
    Silly Goose Day ago

    2:04 lmao

  • Leonie Davis
    Leonie Davis 2 days ago

    Hero Fiennes is English but his accent still sounds fake 😂

  • Asue Muthui
    Asue Muthui 2 days ago +1

    But,but,but,but he talks like doctor who 😂😂

  • Riley Arment
    Riley Arment 2 days ago

    It reminds me of high school movie

  • Matthew Delgado
    Matthew Delgado 3 days ago +3

    "Because the existential nihilism hasn't set in yet"

  • skilled_ rage
    skilled_ rage 3 days ago

    Romance movies are terrible in general

  • Karolina
    Karolina 3 days ago

    Your animations are actually like the best thing I’ve seen in a while

  • Asmi Aashi
    Asmi Aashi 3 days ago

    Hi! I don't say the movie was very good......but it seems that it was good enough to win "PEOPLE CHOICE AWARD FOR THE BEST DRAMA MOVIE 2019",so this demands a little respect for the idea and the movie.But then again if you compare the book and the movie it's a disaster 'coz the movie is not even half of the book.The book is amazing and my FAVOURITE!....... because that whole series of book is amazing and it consits of a whole lot of emotions and the the first book didn't have such stupid ending........they kept maintained their distance for like days .And Hardin did learn his can't judge that stunning character with that amazing accent on what u saw in the movie.........he is a result of what he had gone through in the past,a past like his would definitely break a person into infinite pieces......that character needs appreciation and admiration and if you read that book it will come naturally.........AND AGAIN HARDIN IS HANDSOMER THAT NOAH!
    I think second movie is going to be better,more like the please watch it when it releases.
    #Afternator for life.
    Sorry if I seemed to be rude,
    but that the truth ,
    That this video was SHIT!....... funny though😂
    But again I can't tolerate non sense or criticism about After and Hardin.......which in this video is "WRONG".I do respect genuine criticism but this makes no sense to me ,and again I've read all the After books.

  • gledis kuçi
    gledis kuçi 3 days ago +1

    I like After movie, it' s my favorite film.

  • Jay Eiy Choi
    Jay Eiy Choi 3 days ago

    Ik fucking embarassed that i fuckin read this when I was high school LOL

  • Georgia Atlanta
    Georgia Atlanta 3 days ago +1

    Casually roasts Economics and English majors lol

  • Nirmiti Marathe
    Nirmiti Marathe 4 days ago +2

    Honestly, Tessa should’ve known that Harden was a living red flag when she turned around wearing nothing but a towel to see that he Apparated onto her bed. 🙄

  • muece
    muece 4 days ago

    compared to the books, where the guy treats her like crap, gets violent and robs her of all of her own decisions, the movie actually seems kinda ... less dumb

  • Alejandra Sanz Guevara

    I think that the book is much better than the movie and explains lots of things

  • Mari K
    Mari K 4 days ago +1

    Harden's analysis of Pride and Prejudice is straight up cringe

  • Phoebe TonQueen
    Phoebe TonQueen 4 days ago

    Alex version of the letter:

    *owo* h-hewoo

    *blushes uncontrollably*
    your vewy pwetty
    *takes out fidget spinner*


  • Phoebe TonQueen
    Phoebe TonQueen 4 days ago

    when u said "this is where I ceep all my bodies" the first thing I thought of was Klaus

  • Harry Gohil
    Harry Gohil 4 days ago

    I haven't seen the movie but if alex put outs the video about that trust me it's not worth even watching 😂😂😂

  • Olivia Haynes
    Olivia Haynes 4 days ago

    British guys are not like that I-

  • justarandomghost
    justarandomghost 4 days ago

    Cause the author made it in a realistic way where the relationship is toxic its not all sunshine and rainbows it shows the reality of this fucked up life

  • Veronica Marie
    Veronica Marie 5 days ago +1

    Movies like this are so shallow like oh look I'm pretty you're pretty let's do sexy times and call it love???

  • Sophbuck123
    Sophbuck123 5 days ago

    You should totally do the movie nerve

    This is who agrees

  • Sarah Considine
    Sarah Considine 5 days ago

    It's a shame cause the books were really good

  • __Moonlight __
    __Moonlight __ 5 days ago +1

    You know the producers gone done fucked up when the wattpad book is better then the movie.


    noone gunna mention how the ending just leaves us HANGING? like,,, did he apologise?? did they talk?? he just sat beside her and their back together again???


    tessa’s mom’s hairline bothers me lmao

  • Melody Laubscher
    Melody Laubscher 5 days ago

    How about you keep your opinion to yourself your probaly hella ugly

    • Alf Blue
      Alf Blue 5 days ago

      Ikr, its the greatest movie ever made which is so relatable and totally makes sense

  • Fö Fo
    Fö Fo 5 days ago

    in my opinion the books were actually kinda good. but the movie. urgh

  • Ribena Sabryna
    Ribena Sabryna 5 days ago

    yo the boy's accent is way weird

  • Jenjiwenji
    Jenjiwenji 5 days ago

    Why do ppl in movies always have there shoes on the bed it just ticks me off soo mych

  • Cyn Garcia
    Cyn Garcia 5 days ago

    The movie is completely changed from the book. I know a lot of people hate on the books but when I read them, I actually loved them all. Which is why this movie is so bad cause it fucks the whole story line up.

  • K Andrew
    K Andrew 6 days ago

    This was a Wattpad book. I couldn't read the whole thing lmao. But I do remember it being so wild and violent and graphic......
    And the dare was actually for him to take her virginity...

    ---Well, the Twilight movies were masterpieces

  • Astrea StarQueen
    Astrea StarQueen 6 days ago

    My favourite bit.
    (I'm paraphrasing btw)
    'you know it wasn't your fault' (in regards to the fact that she cheated on her boyfriend)
    'yeah I know'
    Me: Ah yes of course because hardens tongue just slipped and landed in your vagina, hardens lips just happened to land on yours...what cheating? Taking responsibility? Pfffffft noooooo can't let people think the main character is kinda wrong that would be too smart.
    My other favourite part is how despite being the bad boy who needs to change harden is actually more right than her in the movie.
    Like 'break up with your boyfriend if you're not happy but don't do it on my account'
    Okay yes.
    'Elizabeth liked that Darcy was an asshole'
    I mean, it's more complex then that for me personally but despite how she argues it she proves him right but falling in love with him like a nanosecond after they get out of that class (they kiss two scene changes later...)
    'my dad's an asshole' 'people change'
    I initially thought oh he's gonna be over reacting because he didn't want his dad to leave his mum which is fair but misdirected anger but nooope his dad let his mum get who knows what done to her by a gang he pissed off and then left the poor woman in poverty and wonders why his son doesn't like him? What a trash bandit 😂👌
    I may come back and edit this at some point cause I found so much funny about this movie it's unreal lol

  • jemima Gorrero
    jemima Gorrero 6 days ago +12

    The most disappointing character is Tessa's mom. In the book she was an absolute diva

  • jemima Gorrero
    jemima Gorrero 6 days ago

    The movie is nice, but absolute garbage when compared to the book

  • Shaelyne
    Shaelyne 6 days ago +7

    8:38 is a killer. 🤣🤣😂
    Narrator: ‘Tessa’s mom sees Tessa doing some kind of... Oh Lord!!’
    Me: *on the floor laughing*

  • maina lafontant
    maina lafontant 6 days ago

    wait thats how the movie ends ?????that's fucked up tho...that is sooooo unreal

  • Catherine S
    Catherine S 6 days ago

    There does exist amazing fanfiction. Why does the crappy stuff always end being adapted. Also of course he would have the stereotypical posh British accent (tho I guess to afford to study abroad he would have to be loaded 🤔)

  • Jason Clark
    Jason Clark 6 days ago +1

    Why would a girl worry that a boy would find her boring?
    Is she assuming that boys care about her brains?

  • Rose 9
    Rose 9 6 days ago

    I love this movie but you are to funny

  • anjali dubey
    anjali dubey 6 days ago +1

    I loved this movie no matter what anyone says

  • Maria romero
    Maria romero 7 days ago

    2:35 its innana lele pons friend

  • Cärol Ojala
    Cärol Ojala 7 days ago

    Haha this is on the tv right now and I felt like I have seen it and then I remembered I haven't actually seen it, I just have seen your video about it 😅😂

  • Reyna F.
    Reyna F. 7 days ago +3

    does anyone else think Harden has the most fake British voice ever?

  • Mary Orosco
    Mary Orosco 7 days ago

    was i the only one cringing though this entire video

  • Future Fox
    Future Fox 7 days ago

    Ah yes another meant for teen girl romance movie thats following the Beauty & The Beast trope

  • I_am Awesome
    I_am Awesome 7 days ago +5

    Hardin's accent cracked me up throughout the whole movie

  • HamsterK1977
    HamsterK1977 7 days ago

    This movie had 6 writers. Smh