10 Worst Things Homer Simpson Has Ever Done

  • Published on May 5, 2018
  • For such a universally loved character, Home Simpson is a pretty despicable person! Subscribe to our channel: goo.gl/ho3Hg6

    Even though he has made us laugh for over two decades now, Homer Simpson is not the greatest human being. Over the years he has caused all types of chaos, neglected his children, and even been involved with multiple deaths on the show. While some of his terrible acts are unintentional, others are done on purpose and some are even downright cruel.
    When Homer’s daughter entered the school talent show, she needed a reed for her saxophone but Homer could not pull through with the easy task. One of the more surprising deaths in the history of The Simpsons was Maude Flanders. Not only was she killed unceremoniously, but the whole death was pretty much Homer’s fault. Homer also caused his father’s kidney to fail, but refused to give him his own matching kidney. In a Treehouse of Horror episode, Homer proves he would do anything for money. In one of his most selfish and horrific acts, Homer gets into a drunk driving accident and blames the whole thing on Marge. Early in the season, we got to see how far Homer would go as a parent when he “shockingly” brought the whole family to shock therapy. In the episode Trash of the Titans, Homer becomes the city’s garbage man only to create an even bigger mess than anyone realized. Homer took Ned on a trip to Las Vegas and ended up marrying another woman. Multiple years later, the woman come back to cause trouble for Homer and his family. Homer has always despised Ned Flanders, but he may have taken things too far by trying to get his new business to fail. Watch to see all of the worst things Homer has done!
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Comments • 802

  • Jessica Spall
    Jessica Spall 5 days ago +1


  • OriginalRocketJock
    OriginalRocketJock 6 days ago

    The blurry framing on the left and right is not distracting. At all.

  • Jay Time
    Jay Time 20 days ago

    Homer doesn't deserve to be a father

  • kevinxiao0
    kevinxiao0 22 days ago

    Actually as i understand it abe simpson strangled homer in his childhood so maybe homer just doesn't realize how bad it is since the behavior was imprinted on him through abuse.

  • Ethan Powlus
    Ethan Powlus 29 days ago

    That theme trap tree van veegan wax we wheezy yak Yee zebra a Abby ace Ade age ahead air ale any another ape aq area a song ate a underwere a vanpire a walk a x,ray bake blaze brave cape chain Clay crazy day drain face gate glay grave hate James Avery late mate Nate rate say scare shAve slave smake snake spray stay tape train vapor wave above

  • Kieran Reed
    Kieran Reed 29 days ago

    ☝️☝️Lisa did not need me

  • David Marsden
    David Marsden Month ago

    The shock therapy episode is now considered a classic - and when it aired it got a lot of new people into the show. It cemented the show as a mega-hit!

  • Lil Trump
    Lil Trump Month ago

    Marrying another woman is not a bad thing

  • Ellen Hage
    Ellen Hage Month ago

    I never found Homer strangling Bart funny.

  • Escher Nadeau
    Escher Nadeau Month ago

    Hey watch mojo

  • wuffymcwuff
    wuffymcwuff Month ago

    I don't know why so many cartoons like the simpsons after the golden age insist on making their main characters so unlikable. for me, the main reason the later seasons of the simpsons suck so much is because I can't stand watching the characters. it's not worth permanently ruining a character for the sake of some cheap laughs

  • raido Shack
    raido Shack Month ago

    Omg I fell the struggle of breaking your read and it sound like your blowing a plastic tinwisil 😡😬🇨🇮🤓

  • Gun shooter I
    Gun shooter I Month ago +1

    It’s just a show your just trying to get content your sad

  • Michael Sargent
    Michael Sargent Month ago

    3:50 isn’t stealing his kidney illegal without Homer’s willing consent

  • Fairletics 22
    Fairletics 22 2 months ago


  • Steve And friends
    Steve And friends 2 months ago

    Can you actually blame the father one his father hated him when he was young

  • Kefkaownsall
    Kefkaownsall 2 months ago

    3:50 Hibbert is an organ legger you really think Homer was the first unwilling person he got an organ from

  • Anthony Cassidy
    Anthony Cassidy 2 months ago

    You have too many from the first season (leftorium, electroshock therapy, and choking bart) - and they are mild, only the choking would be a small misdemeanor. The tshirt gun incident isn't a crime either. I would have put all the law breaking ones first. Affair with lurleen lumpkin. Drink driving all the time is bad - and encourages it in society.

  • Anthony Cassidy
    Anthony Cassidy 2 months ago

    In the first season, the shock therapy episode didn't create any outrage. Watching maggie and homer do tit for tat shocks to each other, isn't bad - its kind of cute.

  • haylestormable
    haylestormable 2 months ago

    At least he gets what he deserves or redeems himself in the end, unlike peter Griffin who has no conscience or empathy and only cares about himself

  • Cole Bechtel
    Cole Bechtel 2 months ago +1

    That’s true

    BRUGAR 4 months ago

    am I the only one that laughed my ass off of how maude died?

  • Chucky 257
    Chucky 257 4 months ago

    8:16 gotchagotchagotchagotchagotchagotcha

  • Erja Rinta-aho
    Erja Rinta-aho 4 months ago

    Homer and marge need to be jail

  • Sagan Davison
    Sagan Davison 4 months ago +2

    I think Frank Grimes would like a word.

  • jax the wolf
    jax the wolf 4 months ago

    Homer is still nowhere near as bad as Peter

  • cain marsh
    cain marsh 4 months ago

    "oooh hello sweet cheeks"

  • Vincent Frisario
    Vincent Frisario 4 months ago

    how was he supposed to catch all those shirts? looked like a hit to me aha

  • Liliana Via
    Liliana Via 4 months ago

    Funny enough I’m watching Simpsons right now!
    Also It was ‘t Homer’s fault (almost) you see it was grandpa’s parenting that cause Homer to act this way seriously because well he didn’t treat Homer like his own mom did like letting him get -kidnapped-

  • Nick Kang
    Nick Kang 4 months ago

    In terms of whether or not Homer would actually murder celebrities if offered enough money, I feel that "Golden Age" Homer (Seasons 3-8) might be tempted but would ultimately know there are certain lines that can't be crossed, whereas post-Season 8 Homer (in which the Simpsons constantly find themselves in increasingly zany plots) would have done it, at least to an extent.

  • DragonBoy RW
    DragonBoy RW 4 months ago

    Well in defense to homer treating his dad horribly, his dad didn’t do him many favors when he was a kid.

  • IndianKanye BroccoliRothlessburgerCrackerofshame

    well he diddnot comeing to inida!!!

  • Lexine Glover
    Lexine Glover 5 months ago +1

    what about when homer told his class about all of marge's secrets in Secrets of a Successful Marriage- S5 Ep22


  • Adam Bartlett
    Adam Bartlett 5 months ago

    Is that really in question? Marge hugging Lisa & Maggie, while Homer brutally strangles Bart! That's not f'ed up enough?

  • MagicFool64
    MagicFool64 5 months ago +1

    Still a better husband/father than Peter Griffin :P

  • Sierra Symone
    Sierra Symone 5 months ago

    That first one was gut wrenching, even if it's just a cartoon it's still hard to see kids cry 😩

  • The real jazzy J
    The real jazzy J 5 months ago

    Chill it’s just a show

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  • LA's Totally Awesome Bleach

    You forgot the episode when Homer buys a gun and joins the nra

  • eddzetarabbit
    eddzetarabbit 5 months ago +1

    Homer did something worse in the episode Lisa on Ice. He goads and pressure both Bart and Lisa into a sibling rivalry during a hockey game.

  • ToonReel001
    ToonReel001 5 months ago

    Well shock therapy was a group effort (which Bart started in fact). Bart is a hellion that torments Homer endlessly, Abe was abusive to Homer as a child, and at least one episode had Marge RAPE Homer.

  • Tye Noonan
    Tye Noonan 5 months ago

    But Homer always comes through for his friends and family he walked through a blizzard and went through door to door saying his final goodbyes to his family and works at the plant for cash to feed and look after his kids

  • MinecraftGamerLR
    MinecraftGamerLR 5 months ago

    1:53 - Actually, it has been claimed that Dr. Marvin Monroe _is not dead!_ He was actually extremely ill. After the people in Springfield found him as he was ill, he was claimed dead, and then got buried alive. No one knows how he escaped his own grave, but he recovered after many years of disappearance.

  • Marcell Toing
    Marcell Toing 5 months ago

    Homer never sabotaged Flanders. Ned is just a shitty businessman who was doomed to fail

  • KodeyTheNeko
    KodeyTheNeko 5 months ago

    The tshirts is definitely not Homer’s fault.

  • Zac Spongberg
    Zac Spongberg 5 months ago +1

    He abandoned Bart for a robot boy.

    Dont worry, he gets what he deserves in the end.

  • 367 F
    367 F 5 months ago

    2:50 goddamnit I laughed

  • Clarissa Alexander
    Clarissa Alexander 5 months ago

    Didn't maude kind of deserve what she got she was kind of a sociopath

  • Ryan and reece A team
    Ryan and reece A team 6 months ago

    I would choose beer over lisa any day

  • PanicTDM
    PanicTDM 6 months ago

    I always knew family guy was better

  • nydwarf1
    nydwarf1 6 months ago

    One could make the argument that this is just a cartoon...

  • FakedBranch 4422
    FakedBranch 4422 6 months ago

    It's a animated show that's for 13 and older where people know it's a joke and it's all for laupgjs

  • Chaseelliott RacingFan9

    He might have tortured people but at the same time he was a Savage 😂

  • Petal Blossom
    Petal Blossom 6 months ago

    Poor Bart. I'm surprised he's not dead yet!

  • the Devil's blog
    the Devil's blog 6 months ago

    Question would you rather have ned as a neighbor or Sheldon as your roommate

  • userdetails1
    userdetails1 6 months ago

    it's funny to see lisa cry because she's an annoying feminist

  • James Durnford
    James Durnford 6 months ago

    What did homer bend down to pick up?

  • WeAreNumber15
    WeAreNumber15 6 months ago +1

    Ned Flanders looks like Stalin.

  • Oswald Mussolini
    Oswald Mussolini 6 months ago

    What about locking his coworkers in the power plant during a surprise fire drill?
    This is especially bad considering he is (somehow) the safety inspector.

  • Alexander Tellez
    Alexander Tellez 6 months ago

    Homer actually sticked a pencil in his brain and know that's why he's not smart

  • Sackboy
    Sackboy 6 months ago

    11. He was born

  • Shawn Phillips
    Shawn Phillips 6 months ago +1


    REZA7XZ 6 months ago


  • Philip Maximuse
    Philip Maximuse 6 months ago

    Fact, Homer has strangled Bart a total of 187 times during the show life.

  • Growing Public
    Growing Public 6 months ago

    U can't really blame homer his mother leave him and his father neglect him as a child. and now his father expect homer to take care of him as a old man so that's why homer put his father in a elder folks home despite Marge being a good wife that doesn't make up the cause & tragedies that he have been through. And plus he started drinking at a really young age he didn't have a good child hood growing up he was just doing what he thinks he's suppose to be doing just following what his friends and what TV expected from him so he doesn't really know right from wrong because his ways r not accounted for expect the anger from his wife Marge and plus don't let me get started on the police system so that's y homers action isn't accounted for

  • Wølftheslayer1
    Wølftheslayer1 6 months ago

    Eat my shorts!

  • Joni Tiainen
    Joni Tiainen 6 months ago

    He choked Bart! "You little #%€&€%#!!..."

  • Eric Maltbia
    Eric Maltbia 6 months ago

    For number 9, the way the stadium was built was more to blame than Homer.

  • Zach Boland
    Zach Boland 7 months ago

    You act like Abe Simpson has no blame. Abe Simpson was an even worse father than Homer.

  • Väeski
    Väeski 7 months ago

    Is it weird that Homer isn't a very good at parenting and also despises his father? Those two are easily linked since Abe was horrible to Homer his entire childhood. So in the end, I'd say it was all Abe's fault.

  • cary bary
    cary bary 7 months ago

    Hasn’t Homer got diabetes yet?

  • Jed Young
    Jed Young 7 months ago

    For me it was the strangling. Seriously, WHERE IS THE CPS?!?!?!?!

  • DJ KaNeck
    DJ KaNeck 7 months ago

    Ok, but this is where you register as a sex offender...lol!

  • Nate W
    Nate W 7 months ago

    Still nowhere near as bad as the things Peter Griffin has done.

  • Slightly unCultured Swine: Bob

    Strangling Bart is not thaaat bad