Toxic culture of education: Joshua Katz at TEDxUniversityofAkron

  • Опубликовано: 2 май 2014
  • Joshua Katz is a high school math teacher in Orange County, FL.
    Joshua's Talk:
    In the mid 1800's, Horace Mann captured the potential impact of education on society. We have yet to realize the potential he saw, and in fact, we are missing the mark by a wider and wider margin. We have created a "Toxic Culture of Education" in our country that is damaging students, impacting our economy, and threatening our future. Since the passage of No Child Left Behind, we have embraced a culture of high stakes testing and are perpetuating a false sense of failure in our schools. We have ignored research and data on effective policy making practices in order to serve the interest of private industries that have monetized our students. The impact is being felt in communities, on college campuses, and in our economy. The solution lies in a common sense approach to student development, curriculum choice, career exploration, and relevant data analysis. This talk will present a vision of an education system that allows us to embrace our full potential if we only had the courage to ask "Why Not"?
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  • RunreadteachShannon Clark
    RunreadteachShannon Clark 5 дней назад

    Preach. It. 🙌🏼

  • Chase Rivers
    Chase Rivers 6 дней назад

    someone has to make my big mac

  • A Guy
    A Guy 7 дней назад

    Off topic but at my school the water is literally orange and filled with iron, and they thought flint Michigan was bad

  • William Sherman
    William Sherman 9 дней назад

    Unless the fish becomes an amphibian. :)

    • Tommy Hilfigurine
      Tommy Hilfigurine 9 дней назад

      William Sherman that would take many generations for it to even evolve into an amphibian

  • David Z
    David Z 10 дней назад

    Moral of this video: school isn't enough, there are more things you need to learn on your own.

  • mafost
    mafost 10 дней назад

    That's a big leap between the private education industry and the woes of school toxicity. Your points on testing culture are more to the point...yet private companies surely aren't to blame. It's a lack of focus and clarity within the local school systems.

  • Madelynn Miske
    Madelynn Miske 11 дней назад

    I am a straight A student. I understood every lesson I could answer questions easily with time. Yet this trimester I got a C on the "easiest final" of the year. How? Even some of my other friends who are really smart didn't do well. It was horrible. As my brother always says "common core has no common sense"

  • Parth Datar
    Parth Datar 12 дней назад

    More catering to the lowest denominator

  • Hayden Nagele
    Hayden Nagele 12 дней назад

    When I was in public school. I did not read or spell very well. My mom took me out and started to home school me, after 2nd grade. By the time I got in to 5th grade, on my state testing that I HAVE TO TAKE. I was at 6th grade reading and 8th grade math. 3rd grade she deschooled me, then reschooled me. I am more confident about my reading, spelling, etc.

  • Omega Man
    Omega Man 12 дней назад

    This guy came all guns firing huh?

  • The Centurion
    The Centurion 12 дней назад

    In high school I was asked by a teacher what I was thinking of doing after high school. I made the mistake of answering that question honestly and I said I wanted to some dat become a doctor in emergency medicine. She looked at me straight in the eye and said dear I think that may be too hard for you, maybe you’d like to try to think of something else. This stuck with me for years. I was then forever second guessing myself. I will one day prove her wrong.this teacher hit me hard with that load of doubt and I hated her for it.

  • Nosy Rosie
    Nosy Rosie 13 дней назад

    When the student shows you how things work from what they learned after college or higher education.

  • Star is Trash ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
    Star is Trash ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 13 дней назад

    I’m a Natalie, in its whole definition.

  • Himani Singh
    Himani Singh 13 дней назад

    I can totally relate.

  • that person
    that person 14 дней назад

    I agree with him but nothing has changed and it won't change any time soon

  • Wililjam
    Wililjam 14 дней назад

    Joshua Katz > Betsy DeVos

  • Decroded Art
    Decroded Art 14 дней назад

    This guy's just making excuses for being a bad teacher.
    Off the top of my head, two simple ways to do 2x9:
    1) Draw 2 rows of 9 dots and count them
    2) 10-1 = 9, so 20-2 = 18 (count backwards)
    Just trolling by the way :-P
    Learn history, this is intentional social engineering through the implementation of the Prussian "education" (schooling) system which extends childhood (invention of "adolescent") to produce generations of worker-consumers to mitigate overproduction.
    These are fundamental requirements of the US economy.

    • Jonathan Hamilton
      Jonathan Hamilton 12 дней назад +1

      You where playing with a lot of fire here mate. You probably got a lot of people until they clicked the read more button and saw this.

  • Dave Cloes
    Dave Cloes 14 дней назад

    I love his passion, but I don't believe his description of the root cause. Sure, Washington corruption is prevalent and destroys much of that which it intends on fixing, but if every teacher knows what the problem is, why don't THEY fix it? Are they really that powerless to address the problem?
    I know with certainty, there are some horrible teachers. My son had one in 8th grade and my daughter had one in high school.
    IMO, it certainly isn't a money problem. $10,000+ per student and students that can't multiply 2x9?. Get rid of top heavy administration and increase teacher's wages would be a good start.

  • Jason de Rijk
    Jason de Rijk 15 дней назад

    This is such a bad opening that I won't even watch it further the purest form of Nationalism from a delusional person (IMO).

  • Hollis Barels
    Hollis Barels 15 дней назад

    The education we have today feels useless and completely unapplicable. It's really quite disappointing. The highschool i once went to did this, and forced me to leave to do online classes. The took away the budgets for the classes students cared about, learned from, and enjoyed. Others were shut down entirely. Rather than have home ec, they replaced it for things like art history, and did not care to help those who struggled. "no child left behind" is a complete lie. The students I knew still struggle to succeed, and the teachers who would actually give life lessons or taught things that could help us in life were replaced for being inefficient for the curriuculum and were filled by teachers who stuck to the text books. rather than give the answers, ask the questions

  • Philip Buckley
    Philip Buckley 15 дней назад

    if schools are not doing its job...shut them down and go back to a community based educational system...almost a return to the one room schools...

  • Yummy Cupcakes
    Yummy Cupcakes 16 дней назад

    Some of these have been implemented in VA, but not big enough to make a big impact. Only a few, "wealthy" counties do this. I am already dead inside with how much work I get and the amount of tests we get a day. We should fight this toxic education system. I'm going to make this the new topic for my school essay

  • Marianne
    Marianne 16 дней назад

    He is ahead of his time!

  • Citizen Jim
    Citizen Jim 16 дней назад

    gives me hope to hear a logical argument every now and then!

  • roomy bhone
    roomy bhone 16 дней назад +1

    He is right. These super villains are the worst

  • Polarwhisper6
    Polarwhisper6 16 дней назад

    I had such bad anxiety of falling asleep growing up that I would not be able to sleep early, I would always sleep at some time between 1-3 am and would be screamed awake and shoved out of bed by 6 am, everyday from 1st grade all through to 3rd year highschool. And I still managed to pass my tests by the skin of my teeth just by listening to the classroom lectures. Didn’t open my textbook or take notes. If I ever did, it was because The teacher ordered the class to do it during class. Never did homework. Just got a high enough score from the quizes, quarterly exams and quarterly projects to make it. I don’t know how I did it. Once my relationship with those people I considered my best friends started to fal apart, I went down like a B-17 that just got its wing shot off.

  • Polarwhisper6
    Polarwhisper6 16 дней назад

    The education-industrial complex lol

  • marisa martinez
    marisa martinez 16 дней назад


  • That One
    That One 17 дней назад

    That Natalie girl in the beginning is probably legitimately not very intelligent. I mean, I’m not discrediting the possibility of her being great in other areas, but she’s, for lack of a better word, slow. I mean, what kind of 16 year old brain can’t count by two’s?

  • Dreamerluv
    Dreamerluv 17 дней назад

    this needs more views. this needs to be addressed. i agree with him 100%

  • Dreamerluv
    Dreamerluv 17 дней назад


  • diamond wolf
    diamond wolf 18 дней назад

    I agree. I feel less motivated with each passing day I go to school like it's no longer exciting and is so boring that I would rather sleep than listen. There is at least one teacher which motivates me in class and I love his subject which is Personal Development. And plus if everyone is different then why do they use one type of teaching tactic to a bunch of different kids and expect them to get same results.

  • Owari Netsu 熱
    Owari Netsu 熱 18 дней назад

    Bard bird would be proud XD

  • Julia Radu
    Julia Radu 20 дней назад


  • Ivan Buljan Van Boelken
    Ivan Buljan Van Boelken 20 дней назад

    Math! Again? Just stop it you math maniacs.

  • Marquez Productions
    Marquez Productions 21 день назад

    The only useful thing I learned in math was how to use a checkbook😂

  • Jayden KOROUA
    Jayden KOROUA 21 день назад

    Here is another things to about teachers and the schooling schedules...(So long story short)

    Ok so i come from a (Supposedly Fun school)Strict school and we are always told to be number #1 always try our best.
    Now its pretty hard for me,Always being the one that stuffs up and makes mistakes.I'm always behind schedule on my school work, and i always try my best to finish it, but then heres the thing.
    Our schedules are too fast we only have an hour to complete our work and we have to write paragraphs including our research,And i struggle.Because i'm not fast at doing my work,And if i was to forget anything from my paragraph i'd have to go research it back up.
    And its just a complete mess for me, because i am not going to lie, i am very talkative,But i cannot help it,No matter how many times i try i cannot help it.
    Ok so this is where my teachers come in,They always tell me "Your always behind schedule" or "Why haven't you completed work from Tuesday"
    "Umm i dont know because maybe i do not get as much time as i am needed"
    If i am gonna keep going to this school i at least need my time that i need to have work finished.And most of the stuff i learn doesn't even help me with todays generation (Not to say my teacher only likes the ones that are Active) and i feel like,Me being weird is not okay,That i have to wear a mask to fit in.I ALWAYS TRY TO HAVE FUN WHILE WORKING,I TRY TO MAKE MY FRIENDS HAPPY WHILE DOING WORK.But the teachers are just going to say "Be quite and do your work,You dont have much time left"
    EDIT:This is just my thoughts and this is just how i feel with schooling in todays year,
    If you have anything to say please reply...

  • Austin Bangs
    Austin Bangs 22 дня назад

    No one has ever changed the world by doing what the world has told them to do

  • Dylan Quintal
    Dylan Quintal 23 дня назад

    sir, don't call me fish.

  • PixelPomegranate
    PixelPomegranate 23 дня назад


  • Robby King
    Robby King 24 дня назад

    No child left behind was the worst thing to ever happen to our education system, the schools in my state doesn't teach history, social studies or science and they don't grade by the a,b,c,d,f system anymore its unsatisfactory , satisfactory, extremely satisfied and that's how my state grades and you can pass with all unsatisfactory's for the whole year

  • Diondre Holston
    Diondre Holston 24 дня назад

    When is TED gonna come out to talk. He needs to stop hiding behind other people.

  • Totally Unfocused
    Totally Unfocused 24 дня назад

    *the one tedtalks episode schools dont want you to see*

  • arris karis
    arris karis 24 дня назад

    this made me cry

  • Daan Barr
    Daan Barr 25 дней назад +1

    I couldn't agree with this more. I'm an AP/Honors student so my classes are predominantly with higher achieving students, and it seems as if everyone is more worried about GPA and SAT scores than actually learning.

  • Valentino Lara
    Valentino Lara 27 дней назад +1

    Anyone who hasn't been in school since that time will think he's crazy but this is true

    USAHATMAN 99 27 дней назад

    Prince EA quotes tjis guy in his " i sued the school system"

  • Jason Stone
    Jason Stone 27 дней назад

    I watched it once a year ago, and I watched it again today. I have a stronger agreeable feeling about every point and the execution, with one small exception. I think Bill Gates may be guilty of siding with the wrong crowd by proxy, but he's quite intelligent and has a strong moral foundation. I think the public education problem has resisted definition for decades and we've all been looking for a target, for a long while. Minus an attack on Gates, I stand with every point he's put fourth and appreciate the seamless narative, and would be ready to add more to the crazy train, like the teachers unions. There was a moment he suggested, "defund public education". And, though he didn't articulate that path, I am in the camp to explore that route as a total 'reinvention' of public education.

  • Zainab Al Soofi
    Zainab Al Soofi 27 дней назад

    Meanwhile the teachers at my school:
    Don't make friends, you came to school to study not to chat and have fun . Study and GO home.
    Oh you got under 90% what a failure study harder.
    And the worst one is :
    Don't study the next year's material, because you'll write a more advanced answers than the person who'll correct your paper will understand, they won't be mentioned in the book they check to correct your answers.
    Well lovely. But if they don't major in that subject why let them correct its papers?

  • SportStacker97
    SportStacker97 27 дней назад

    I wish I had this teacher

  • I_haz_no_comments
    I_haz_no_comments 27 дней назад +3

    Thanks to education i brought books of up to $100 and did not even finish a entire book i brought instead i keep it aside

  • I_haz_no_comments
    I_haz_no_comments 27 дней назад +4

    When i am in school...i feel like
    *i am not living i am existing*

  • baba babo
    baba babo Месяц назад

    I'm Asian, so i don't know what "No Child Levt Behind" politic is. Can anyone explain it to me?

  • Syahirah Nazri
    Syahirah Nazri Месяц назад

    This is so true. I'm taking the last exam in high school in Malaysia called SPM this year and they introduced this new format of questions called HOTS or High Order Thinking Skills a few years ago. It was said to induce critical thinking but even the answers to these questions have formulas. Even if your own answer makes sense or is based on your general knowledge, you won't get full marks on the questions because it doesn't fulfil the criteria

  • Richard Burns
    Richard Burns Месяц назад

    A constant stream of Stressful situations are present in the lives of many in and out of school. If school directly taught ways to deal with stress, that would be one of the most valuable bits of knowledge school can offer in my book. What do you think

  • Palm Tree
    Palm Tree Месяц назад

    I seroiusly wish he was my teacher. I would love his class.

    "These are human beings!"

  • hyper
    hyper Месяц назад

    It's damn simple. Remove money from politics. Why is this still a partisan issue?

  • Yash Malushte
    Yash Malushte Месяц назад

    Another problem with Education in the US. They think that the education system is successful and is strong. They don't want to CHANGE.

  • Yash Malushte
    Yash Malushte Месяц назад

    I think another problem is that teachers have to follow a certain curriculum and not teach what they deem important.

  • griffen9
    griffen9 Месяц назад

    He sounds so angry

  • Kuwayway Logic
    Kuwayway Logic Месяц назад

    cant wait to pay 100$ to take a 3 hour long ap test just so i can anxiously wait for my score for months just to recieve one digit and then i have to pay to send my ap score to colleges which i also have to pay for.

  • Tigali
    Tigali Месяц назад

    Though French, I can relate to some of those things. Things are a wee bit different, but overall, you guys in the USA ain't alone.

  • Loosecat 56
    Loosecat 56 Месяц назад

    My _English_ teacher taught me about credit and taxes.

  • John Shepard
    John Shepard Месяц назад +5

    I'm surprise he still has a job. A teacher speaks like that now a days and he gets..."pull in for questioning" and ostracized by peers and administration.

  • Tori I. Post
    Tori I. Post Месяц назад

    My science teacher puts aside time every Friday for "genius hour"
    We decide on a topic WE want to learn, such as medicine, cooking, design, etc. We have a few months to make what we want and show it to people. The students get a choice in the matter as long as the topic isn't too ennapropriate.
    We get to learn about the world in our own way, in a few high schools, it's an elective. But it's still kind of rare these days.

  • Oscar Stomberg
    Oscar Stomberg Месяц назад +1

    As a middle school student, I generally score pretty high on those standardized tests, so they don't really concern me much. However, the amount of time and energy spent preparing and taking those tests instead of actually learning is such a waste! And although I am good at math and science and I can write a good enough essay, it is a constant struggle for me to be organized and do homework, which is incredibly important for kids like me to master, and it is just not shown in those tests. The education system and the corruption involved in how it's run needs to change!

  • Randy Sheckler
    Randy Sheckler Месяц назад +2

    Everybody who points out that its been four years since this was posted and nothing has improved, I would like to point out that John Holt wrote in the mid 60s that we needed much less standardized testing and that students rarely remembered or could apply what little they may have learned. These problems are much older than 4 years.

  • becajoy
    becajoy Месяц назад

    Bravo. Good stuff.

  • Mellissa Cross
    Mellissa Cross Месяц назад

    It drives me nuts that none of these guys credit Howard Gardner.

  • Lisa Elsner
    Lisa Elsner Месяц назад

    Preach it, brother!
    Funny story: I worked at a library for years. One day, a mom came in asking about supplemental math books for her 5th grade aged son. All we had at the time were a couple of old textbooks from the 80s and 90s. She took one out and returned it a week later, complaining that it was missing several pages. I apologized and said that I'd let the director know that we needed new math materials. She said "Please don't get rid of this book! It's much easier to understand than the new math books." Even though that library has since been awarded a grant to replace outdated nonfiction materials, those two old math books remain in the collection. They go out a lot during the school year. I've met many teachers with decades of experience, and they all say the same thing- the old books were better!

  • Zodayn
    Zodayn Месяц назад

    I have a story that makes me feel kind of conflicted about standardized tests. My school and teacher were completely conviced that I had a severe learning disability and had no hope for me to ever go to a regular highschool. As a ten year old I would often burst into tears, yell and leave questions open out of frustration. So my teachers withheld standard studying material from me as they felt it wasn't suited for my special needs. Instead they opted for easier material that would provide less challange but also less oportunity for me down the line. However to put a student in this special program they needed me to do the so called threshold test, to see if I met the threshold for standard education. I excelled at the test. In fact I was in the top percentage and definitely the type of student to be able to go to college without much worrying. They mistook a 10 year old with ADD who didn't fill in all the questions because he wasn't interested in the easy studying material, for a student that couldn't do it. This problem was caused by standardized education as the programs they tried didn't fit me as a student with ADD. But handing over more control to the poor judgement of teachers would have meant I wouldn't be able to go to a regular high school, let alone college where I am now. The high stakes of the threshold test made sure I wasn't distracted so I managed to prove myself. And the undisputable reputation of the standardized test overruled poor judgement. So for me standardized tests have been a double edged sword. But I certainly do know that my middleschool years were close to traumatic as teachers tried to box me in a variety of programs that I believed to ruin my opportunities in life rather than aid me.

  • Marine lab
    Marine lab Месяц назад

    I want to highlight the most important sentence of the speech: " we have to teach them how to think, how to learn and how to innovate! putting crosses on a test is not how you build someone's reflection. Learning dates, facts or names that they will forget 2 weeks after the test, doesn't make any sense if they don't understand the purpose of these datas. Everything can be interesting to learn if it is with a concrete perspective. We don't need more narcissistic leaders that serve only their personal interests, we need more quality, deepness and heart. (Why does USA teaches that quantity is better than quality for example?) Forget my English, I'm French...

  • Larry Maggard
    Larry Maggard Месяц назад

    Every single day some situation will end with me saying or thinking, "I am sooooo grateful for having been lucky enough to have been EDUCATED in the Oak Ridge City Schools, in Oak Ridge, Tennessee."

  • Ghostly
    Ghostly Месяц назад

    I learned lots

  • Matthew Reichlin
    Matthew Reichlin Месяц назад

    What a bunch of BS. We have some serious problems in this countries education, but to blame it all on greedy corporations is ridiculous. As if we would be doing so much better if not for these companies. We have been in decline since the 60s or longer. people have no respect for education anymore and that is the problem.

  • drayson200taco official rap channel and live

    I only wanna be a youtuber with sponsors

  • Luq's Dan's
    Luq's Dan's Месяц назад

    Because of this, i want to build my own public school to earn the easiest money. Hahaha. Sory next generation

  • ollielife1
    ollielife1 Месяц назад

    soooo government is better at teaching?

  • suga is my bias army
    suga is my bias army Месяц назад

    when i watched this it reminded of south koreas school education because kids go to school for more than 8 hours go home and go to more classes. if you look at koreas suicide rate it is number one why because kids and teens are expected to get 100% and this needs to stop and this is coming from a person who investing there life in korean culture

  • kairi99roxas
    kairi99roxas Месяц назад

    SO WHAT CAN WE DO!?!?!

  • caio oliveira
    caio oliveira Месяц назад

    i thought the toxic education was only in brazil and latin america, however, now i realize it´s seems to be all around the world =/, thanks for u lecture Joshua!

  • Zapper Zapped
    Zapper Zapped Месяц назад

    By the time I was 2 times 9, I was already an Einstein.

  • JG Alegria
    JG Alegria Месяц назад

    what about trades? surely they can get an apprenticeship &/or go to trade school - or don't you have those in the US?!!!!

  • Colton Adams
    Colton Adams Месяц назад

    Wolf it is likely correct, but that doubt in your mind is what is toxic to others.

  • Colton Adams
    Colton Adams Месяц назад

    Wolf you it is likely that you are correct. But my life correlates directly to this kid. No I'm not a math addict but my cousins are and no I am not in a gang but rather I've hidden what I really feel for so long that I never go of it and it's almost like I'm always not me. Always playing an act rather. I never understood why that well until I saw this talk and realized that it is because in my past life experience I've been hardened by the same sort of thing. I'm hiding from what I want because I dont think it can actually happen for me. Also I've been searching for so long to find a way to reach it but I finally realized life is just life. There are no real goals and no real material value in anything other than the things you can't get back. Since then, I learned that every moment is a good moment and everything just is, there is nothing I can do to change the world but there is something I can do to change my world and the people around me, their world. Live like every day is a borrowed day that you could never return snd you'll reach your desired destination.

  • Aaryan Singh
    Aaryan Singh Месяц назад

    Nice words Mr. Katz.

  • Brian Wurch
    Brian Wurch Месяц назад

    Blow up college. Employers should be allowed to discriminate. Hire any one for any reason. Sitting 5 years absorbing SJW politics warps. Has to be better way to teach, evaluate disciples.

  • Unia l
    Unia l Месяц назад

    I feel like we should be able to choose which subjects to take after 6th grade or at least before it involves things only specific jobs require. It’s just my idea though

  • Kristaps Gailis
    Kristaps Gailis Месяц назад

    A germen cough, scientists cough! 4:00

  • Vasudevan Subramani
    Vasudevan Subramani Месяц назад +7

    Exams just test a students memory and his willingness to learn a subject. And on this basis he is given a worthless piece of paper defining his/her intelligence. We need a more diversified schooling system for overall assessment. Let's make behavior a subject or creativity or management and grade students on the basis of these real and necessary skills

  • Millez
    Millez 2 месяца назад

    I watched a TED Talk about a cult and now I'm watching one about the school system, wait no this is still the same talk lol oops

  • Andrew Colvin
    Andrew Colvin 2 месяца назад

    Best TedTalk I’ve seen. I wish things would change. But it seems to be getting worse. :(

  • BisharpBlade
    BisharpBlade 2 месяца назад

    factoring trinomials just left the chat...
    but why don't we just teach kids how to factorize matrices instead??? dIagoNaliZation, OrthOgOnal DiaGonlizatIon, SinGular ValuEE DecOMpoSITIONnn

  • James Ray
    James Ray 2 месяца назад

    After 14 minutes of saying the same things over and over again "education businesses are bad and they have ruined the public education system" his solutions where "stop funding public schools" or "double down on public schools".
    The point of there being other things to judge someone on than test scores is a fair point, but simply claiming we need to get rid of standardised tests isn't going to solve that.
    "Hi I'm here for my job interview"
    "Oh great, well how so we know your better for the job than this other candidate?"
    "Well I have no way to prove my skills are better than theirs but at least standardised tests are gone."
    You cannot get children to decide their future in school. We need standardised testing to prove why we should get the college position the uni position, even the job in comparison to another student as we have shown better in testing. Rather than saying we should get rid of tests would it not just be better to change what we test for? Should we not see what all businesses try and loon for?
    Social skills, simple economics (because virtually any career will need you to add numbers together, and it's important to know you are capable of that), ethics and morals are the sort of things that are necessary. So what about we test for those. It doesn't matter if your like me and your bad in social situations as the pint should be to get the best grade in everything. There is no best grade. You just need to get the grades you'll need later in life. You can still take options such as computing or business or art, but the central lessons need to be skills all people will find useful in later life.
    A store worker my need a 2/5 for social skills since taking with other staff is useful but not required outside of work., they would need a 4/5 in basic mathematics so they can handle currency, they'd need a 3/5 in ethics and morals so they will understand how to handle customers without inciting anger or sadness.
    An engineer may need a 1/5 social, a 5/5 basic maths with a maths and science option with a high grade, and a 1/5 ethics and morals.
    I've disliked this video because he's missed the point in a good ted talk: explain the issues, then explain how to fix them. And I just feel his solutions would work.

  • Hannah Herschke
    Hannah Herschke 2 месяца назад

    it is like he is speaking through my heart! amazing speech really! Love it.

  • Timothy Vandenberg
    Timothy Vandenberg 2 месяца назад


  • ninjaga1
    ninjaga1 2 месяца назад

    well said

  • Olehenry1
    Olehenry1 2 месяца назад

    @13:02 Joshua K offers two hypotheses.
    Why only investigate one of them?
    Ignoring the other hypothesis is perhaps why we'll be seeing more of the same in the future...

    • Olehenry1
      Olehenry1 2 месяца назад

      @14:00 Revealed! This is not merely a bias -- he is a believer!
      Mythology of "...potential greatness of a public education system ... done right!"

  • Katie Scobbie
    Katie Scobbie 2 месяца назад

    my friend judges me for not revising... it’s a waste of time why should i go to school for 7+ hours working hard, “learning” things to then come home and work for longer and have no sleep no food no friends just to get 1 good mark on a test to please people! i have no interests in academics so why should it matter what i get in the end if it’s not going to help me with my job however i only have the choice to take academic subjects the closest i get to a non academic subject is food tech a practical crammed into 50 minutes at the most once every 2 months! i’m scared to leave school i have no clue how to do life. how do you get a job?

  • aaronlim2ofxii
    aaronlim2ofxii 2 месяца назад