Kyoto Japan Street Food Tour! Nishiki Market

  • Published on Jan 24, 2017
  • I'm in Kyoto Japan exploring the popular Nishiki Market for some delicious street food.
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Comments • 978

  • cLam
    cLam 22 hours ago

    @Strictly Dumpling where did you get these personalized chopsticks? I'm visiting Japan Kyoto in October and want to get one of these. Please help :3

  • Pepe- chan
    Pepe- chan 10 days ago

    8:41 this remembers of shin chan

  • Yuma Mays
    Yuma Mays 11 days ago

    As a Japanese person, you’re pissing me off.

  • Dustin Atkinson
    Dustin Atkinson 12 days ago

    Assasination classroom

  • colourmycosplay
    colourmycosplay 16 days ago

    You mentioned assclass, yassssssss

  • Myaachi 141805
    Myaachi 141805 20 days ago

    I love all the harry potter references throughout his videos

  • godtrekYT Jason
    godtrekYT Jason 24 days ago

    *_Realizing that Mikey has been everywhere you've been_*

  • Lukas Nelson
    Lukas Nelson 25 days ago

    Who else likes watching the people behind him try to walk behind him

  • LemonStrike111
    LemonStrike111 Month ago

    1:15 Assassination Classroom

  • Allen Tao
    Allen Tao Month ago

    where is the exactly address in Kyoto in your this video ?

  • Mel Catley
    Mel Catley Month ago +1

    Just came back from spending way too much time in Kyoto. I came here nearly every day. It gets so crowded at times.
    I had the octopus balls but found them a bit sickly.

  • Adelina Graichen
    Adelina Graichen Month ago +1

    Haters complaining he was walking and eating at the same time: yes, he was. But where the hell could he have sat down to eat the food??? too many people😅

  • cole lyricle lemonade


  • cole lyricle lemonade


  • cole lyricle lemonade

    Omg this is the best channel ever.

  • cole lyricle lemonade


  • Danesha Harney
    Danesha Harney Month ago

    That tiny octopus on a stick is adorable lol

  • Calvin Vu
    Calvin Vu Month ago +1

    I didn’t know Mike watch anime.

  • Sheriane Wallace
    Sheriane Wallace Month ago

    Assassination classroom

  • Amber Losacano
    Amber Losacano Month ago

    At the end of the animated said

  • Rich Tan
    Rich Tan Month ago

    After watching his different videos about his food, it's getting hard to distinguish between what is so good. Because all his reviews are over exaggerated to the point where all his reviews are the same.

  • Anastasia Alpatskaya

    Walking and eating at the same time! Thug lyff# 😂

  • Jane Nakayama Vblog
    Jane Nakayama Vblog 2 months ago

    I’m going to Kyoto. I hope I can try some of the food you tried there.

  • Jon Mcintire
    Jon Mcintire 2 months ago

    MDMA and THC drinks , to replace alcohol😁😎😎

  • Jon Mcintire
    Jon Mcintire 2 months ago

    The food looks excellent😎😍

  • Jon Mcintire
    Jon Mcintire 2 months ago

    You are Jackie's brother , we need this reality on TV , raised in Toronto😁

  • Jon Mcintire
    Jon Mcintire 2 months ago

    Wear the pinkie ring , it works in Japan😎😀😀

  • Rockstar Eater
    Rockstar Eater 2 months ago

    2:38 I actually got food poisoning eating street beef in Seoul. Better luck next time in Kyoto.

  • fufufuaru
    fufufuaru 2 months ago

    korosensei! i wish i can like this video twice just for that lol

  • DeFoxXa
    DeFoxXa 2 months ago

    7:42 Yoooooo, that's Nihongo Mantappu(left) XD

  • d M
    d M 3 months ago +1

    Time to make the doughnuts🙊🙉😂😁

  • Ivan Liao
    Ivan Liao 3 months ago

    How is the Wagyu so cheap...

  • orom
    orom 3 months ago

    "I can eat 50 of these and still be healthy!" then proceeds to *drench it all in caramel sauce*

  • Kaitlyn Valencia
    Kaitlyn Valencia 3 months ago

    O.M.G its koro-sensei!!!! Eeeeeeeekkkkkkk i love that anime

  • Courtney Z
    Courtney Z 3 months ago

    I literally held back gags when you bit into the octopus head, then you found an egg... brain blown.

  • PaytonThinks
    PaytonThinks 3 months ago

    Assasination classroom! One of my favs!

  • Sparky Mahoney
    Sparky Mahoney 3 months ago +1

    Eating that octopus? *shudder* You're a braver man than I Gunga-din.

  • Randominator
    Randominator 3 months ago

    Vlogging in public is extremely rude

  • Natsuki
    Natsuki 3 months ago +2

    Well I know why others are looking so weirdly at him. It's because he's eating while walking and in Japan, you don't eat or drink while walking. Well there are some specific areas mentioned where you can eat and drink while walking but not all the places XD. It's just a bad manner for us Japanese.

  • Thakshila Jayasundara
    Thakshila Jayasundara 3 months ago

    why did u eat kuro sensei? :(

  • Joseph Farrell
    Joseph Farrell 3 months ago

    Mike loves assassination classroom! One of the best shows ever!

  • Eduardo Aguirre
    Eduardo Aguirre 3 months ago

    Koro Sensei 👍🏼

  • Kawaii chan /potato
    Kawaii chan /potato 3 months ago

    You watch the same anime as me

  • Jess Wong
    Jess Wong 3 months ago

    Appreciate the honest reviews

  • James Gleave
    James Gleave 3 months ago

    You went to Nishiki ichiba and you didn't mention the oyster bar? The Oyster bar is right at the end of the market and well worth a visit, fresh raw oysters. The best ones come from Hokkaido.

  • Gaming Cassi
    Gaming Cassi 3 months ago

    why does everyone have the same jacket? lol

  • Euglycemic Wood
    Euglycemic Wood 3 months ago

    Why do everyone think that soy is healthy?

  • bnza10
    bnza10 3 months ago

    3:06 ORGASMIC!!!

  • 二口アン
    二口アン 4 months ago

    But the question is.. who's filming you?

  • aztec999999
    aztec999999 4 months ago

    You rule dude. I watch your videos when I'm eating my retail pay job dinner

  • hai nguyen
    hai nguyen 4 months ago

    6:30 you can hear the laugh of the camera girl

  • kawaiirnee
    kawaiirnee 4 months ago +2


  • gawis 2016
    gawis 2016 4 months ago

    Now that I'm watching this... let me bring out my special biscocho.. huhuhu... so much distance to cover's all I have :)

  • Michelle Zhang
    Michelle Zhang 4 months ago

    When he said if this RU-clip thing never works out... I immediately smashed that like button lol. This channel needs to keep growing 🤗 sorry but you can’t go sell mochi anytime soon.

  • Wim Koster
    Wim Koster 4 months ago


  • Dayla
    Dayla 4 months ago

    Kobe is a city Hyogo.

  • Harith The mage
    Harith The mage 4 months ago +2

    When you buy something that looks good
    But when you taste it, its not that good

  • Hamo Black
    Hamo Black 4 months ago

    6:14 that donut thicc

  • Rei Ge
    Rei Ge 4 months ago

    Lol sorry Korro sensei

  • Jojo_baaa
    Jojo_baaa 5 months ago

    I went to have a mochi once I saw you eat one, your videos make me hungry 🤣

  • BeyonD IN
    BeyonD IN 5 months ago

    The anime you talked about is Assassination Classroom (Ansatsu Kyoushitsu) :)

  • JPachu16
    JPachu16 5 months ago

    The grill your own mochi looked too small for $4.5

  • JPachu16
    JPachu16 5 months ago

    Those donuts looked amazing

  • Azrael
    Azrael 5 months ago

    I love seeing everyone in the background reacting to you recording

  • jovialjinx
    jovialjinx 5 months ago

    Gosh you are so handsome! 😍

  • Golden taco104
    Golden taco104 5 months ago

    The anime thing you talk about i believe is called assasinnation class room

  • Rome Dela Rosa
    Rome Dela Rosa 5 months ago

    Mike you're not supposed to walk around while eating your food. That's considered rude. lol

  • Ashley Studios
    Ashley Studios 5 months ago +1


    DROKSTER 5 months ago +1

    Assassination classroom😻

  • Unwanted Guest
    Unwanted Guest 5 months ago

    what an egghead

    ROYALITY SISTERS 5 months ago +2

    you should collab with miss mina

  • 500 Niles
    500 Niles 5 months ago +6

    Assassination Classroom, heck yeah!

  • Kecia Iron
    Kecia Iron 5 months ago

    that giggle at 6:39 that's how you know he loves his food! lol

  • Arcadia Glens
    Arcadia Glens 5 months ago +1

    "Theres an egg in here......! Whaaat??"