5 Different WATER SLIMES From Jsh Diys TESTED! Slimeatory #562

  • Published on Mar 24, 2019
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  • moo moo club
    moo moo club Hour ago

    Love you fake nails the color of cotton candy

  • Mandi Jackson
    Mandi Jackson 4 hours ago

    You did them all wrong

  • BingLing 607090
    BingLing 607090 8 hours ago

    I think for the first one you were suppose to stick it in the fridge for one week

  • 2028.Eshal Salman
    2028.Eshal Salman 9 hours ago

    This is how much salt Ameerah used

  • XxxUnicornfireXxx
    XxxUnicornfireXxx 10 hours ago

    Not surprise that only one works

  • Kylie Smit
    Kylie Smit 11 hours ago

    I am a huge fan and I live in South Africa

  • Kylie Smit
    Kylie Smit 11 hours ago

    Only you can do they have in South Africa

  • DIY Joyee
    DIY Joyee 14 hours ago

    You are just wasting things

  • itz me loraine
    itz me loraine Day ago

    Ameerah try to not add the water

  • It’sTrin-A-tea

    No hate but...
    You sound like JoJo siwa in the intro

  • Ruby Milner
    Ruby Milner Day ago

    jsh biys is fakeing!

  • Naeul Yang
    Naeul Yang Day ago

    Ameerah added too much salt in the first two. I’m also sure she’s supposed to leave the cap off for the shampoo to dry....

  • Layna Kiana
    Layna Kiana 2 days ago

    What is cream of tar tar it is cream of tarter

  • Layna Kiana
    Layna Kiana 2 days ago

    Ameerah on the first one you added way to much 🧂 SALT

  • Itz meh __lyana
    Itz meh __lyana 2 days ago

    Put that in the freezer

  • --
    -- 2 days ago

    Stop yelling at the top of your lungs at the start of every video.

  • --
    -- 2 days ago


  • eisha’s life
    eisha’s life 2 days ago

    Ameerah expoxing jsh diy

  • Cookie Animates!
    Cookie Animates! 3 days ago

    Why are you screaming

  • Ruthie TV
    Ruthie TV 3 days ago

    I think you should put it in refrigerated it no let it chil

  • Ashleigh Aguilar
    Ashleigh Aguilar 4 days ago

    Jsh diy lied to us I used to like his videos and I used try his recipes and they still didn't work 😢

  • Suyin Chong
    Suyin Chong 4 days ago

    I think you got it wrong ameerha because you did not put it in the fringe

  • Miley Blue and family too

    You know the drill

    But do you know the hammer

    I nailed that one

    But I screwed that one up

  • Caris Whitlock
    Caris Whitlock 4 days ago

    the reason why most didn't work was because your not supposed to cover the slime, When he says," Let it dry out," he means literally dry out. :)

  • JustC ookie
    JustC ookie 4 days ago +1

    subscribing to the people that sub to me 🥰

  • PastelPolar Panda10
    PastelPolar Panda10 5 days ago

    You keep adding to much salt to most of them! :((((((((((

  • Samantha Bundoc
    Samantha Bundoc 5 days ago

    Ameerah salt also can melt hand soep

  • Paris Barahmand
    Paris Barahmand 5 days ago

    Imagine you forgot to record 😂

  • Clara Schaefer
    Clara Schaefer 5 days ago

    HEy WhaTs Up yOu GiYs

  • Slime Squad
    Slime Squad 5 days ago

    Can you stop Saing hahaahahahha

  • Kan San
    Kan San 5 days ago

    U added too much salt to the first one

  • rebeca vlog
    rebeca vlog 5 days ago

    U add to much slat

  • UNIVERSE Cheesey
    UNIVERSE Cheesey 5 days ago

    U arent supoussed to put lid on wjen u let them dey out

  • comedian gacha
    comedian gacha 5 days ago

    I love jsh diy so no hate but...my brain just says...how does all his slimes fail but yours work...Love you Ameerah and Jsh diy!!

  • Amelia Curreen
    Amelia Curreen 5 days ago +1

    Make the likes even so if u see it un even fix it lol

  • •CrisChuu•
    •CrisChuu• 6 days ago

    Too much salt :sweat:

  • Eternitee N
    Eternitee N 6 days ago

    just sayin u did all of them wrong...

  • Lynsey Hacker
    Lynsey Hacker 7 days ago +2

    1st:your channel is so cringey
    2nd:you did the recpies wrong

  • LS Videos
    LS Videos 7 days ago

    Shampoo and salt does not work I tried it many many many many times even did it like the ones in some vids. But nope

  • GachaCookiezForLife
    GachaCookiezForLife 7 days ago


  • Wolflover xxx
    Wolflover xxx 8 days ago

    She puts so much salt!!!!!!

  • LIL_ KYLE0911
    LIL_ KYLE0911 8 days ago

    You put too much salt
    You dumb bitch

  • Hollie Macal
    Hollie Macal 9 days ago

    I love water slimes but it’s so hard to get the ingredients

  • Lyn Dayame
    Lyn Dayame 12 days ago

    I'm sure other things of jsh u did fail u did something wrong thats why others aren't slime

  • pawgust
    pawgust 12 days ago

    It should be put in the fridge or freezer and let it sit for a day or minute or hour idk but after putting salt i know put it in the freezer or fridge.

  • Christa Lorfils
    Christa Lorfils 13 days ago

    A little bit is a lot for her

  • Christa Lorfils
    Christa Lorfils 13 days ago

    She adds way to much salt that’s y it dose t work🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Kevin Anthony Ala
    Kevin Anthony Ala 13 days ago

    U know why it wont work...


  • skylar Mack
    skylar Mack 14 days ago

    You was suppose to add way more cream of tartar

  • Hillary - Chan
    Hillary - Chan 14 days ago

    Added much salt lol it worked on mine soo why won't yours?

  • Mariane Lim
    Mariane Lim 14 days ago

    Uh for the pantene one u shouldn't have put water because it was a small batch

  • Slime Girl
    Slime Girl 16 days ago

    Ameerah I know why the others didn't work because u added way to much salt

  • Selina Jiang
    Selina Jiang 17 days ago

    When you leave it out don’t put the lid on

  • Mia Lopez
    Mia Lopez 18 days ago

    Lol we use the same softsoap

  • Ratha Sandy
    Ratha Sandy 19 days ago

    0:00 repeat it over and over

  • Zuneira Farooq
    Zuneira Farooq 19 days ago

    Yours one

  • Gachalife lover Wølf paychø

    You need vo5 shampoo and cream of tartar

  • Imran Saeed
    Imran Saeed 19 days ago

    You should do smappoo and dish soap and leave it for 1 week

  • Nutella
    Nutella 19 days ago

    Ameerah:If you add a lot it will melted
    Me:If you stir a lot IT WONT BE SLIME