How To Bullet Journal for Beginners! 2019 Setup & DIY Easy Ideas for Maximum Productivity!

  • Published on Jan 19, 2019
  • My first bullet journal ever! ✨📓Welcome to this how to DIY bullet journal for beginners! I'll be showing you my 2019 setup & easy ideas for your notebook spreads to help you stay productive this year📝
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    ☆ Materials Used:
    ★ Polaroid Zip Wireless Mobile Photo Mini Printer -
    ★Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pens - 4 Black India Ink Pen Wallet Set - -
    ★60 Dual Tip Brush Pens Art Tanmit Markers -
    ★Sakura Pigma Manga Set -
    ★Essentials Habit Tracker Planner Stickers -
    ☆ Account inspiration:
    @amandarachlee (she also has a youtube channel, love her!!)
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    If you see this comment: bullet journal goals! ✏️


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    Gaming Like a Girl 2 hours ago

    the dislikes are 666......

  • HazyDaiizy
    HazyDaiizy 2 hours ago

    When I bullet journal I do it to make myself happy and put my goals in it

  • Charley Alicorn
    Charley Alicorn 5 hours ago

    can u make a video on how to change your handwriting or make it neater! if i had nice hand writing then i would totally bullet journey 😢

  • Charley Alicorn
    Charley Alicorn 5 hours ago

    yay! a religious sister :D

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  • Debi Malo
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    kw wong 2 days ago

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    ( AFTER A While)
    ME: I give up...

  • Paula Cee
    Paula Cee 2 days ago

    Omg yes, I thought I was the only one that buys planners literally every month 😩 I’m obsessed ♥️😍

  • Jessie Dunn
    Jessie Dunn 2 days ago

    I want to go to America this year

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  • Dida Didica
    Dida Didica 2 days ago

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  • BloxyGurly
    BloxyGurly 3 days ago

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    2019 sucks for me on December 30th I was in a crash and broke my leg and arm and fractured my foot and eye then after I sprained my ankle and lost my stepdad

    MORIGAN HAHAHA 7 days ago

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    Love it! I like to keep a review list of birthday and Christmas gifts, to keep gifts varied with no repeats.☺

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  • I suck At bang dream

    Don’t worry,, I spelt Buddha like u as well hahaha ,, I’m dyslexic Soo yea

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    Akira Moon 10 days ago

    I’m actually joking to put that quote you did at the end for mine lol


    I made a ton of mistakes

  • Alexa Miller
    Alexa Miller 11 days ago

    I love you because you are not perfect and you make mistakes with your bullet journal.

  • Tory Disturnal
    Tory Disturnal 11 days ago

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    Christina Hudman 11 days ago

    I have always used a simple planner you get from the office store but always find myself wanting more customization, though every time i've attempted a bullet journal i get overwhelmed and run the other way

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    I’m getting the impression that more time is spent making this journal cute than being productive and planning. I’m more up for a diary, writing clear tasks and goals ... looks nice though

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