How To Bullet Journal for Beginners! 2019 Setup & DIY Easy Ideas for Maximum Productivity!


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    Your the best RU-clipr I’ve ever seen 😍

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    I really need to start this! I need to find ways to DESTRESS!!

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    Where is the calender

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    Cynthia C. День назад

    Thank you soooo much for making this video it really helped especially the print out which if anyone needs the password since it asks you for a password to access the print out the password is: SecretsocietyENG

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    Madison Weeks День назад

    Bullet journal goals!

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    i love your videos so so so so much !!!!

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    i hope u do monthlyyy spreaddd

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    I LOVE the writing out your perfect routine technique!

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    And you’re nearly 25?! OMG you look so nice and young! I can almost promise that when you’re 50, you’ll still look 20!❤️

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    Viento Viper 2 дня назад

    Hey Natalie, love the video, I am in LOVE with these hacks and diys, I love notebooks, I have like 7 of them... anyway, great video! #Natificationsquad

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    Kaitlin W 2 дня назад

    I promised myself not to buy a new note book, but as soon as the video ended, I went out and bought a new one. Im mad at myself

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    Did you recognize 2:24

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    Natalie plz do another one for feb! Ily❤️🦋

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    Can you make another way to do it #Natificationsquad

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    #natafacationsquad I watch these to get entertained

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    Really simple

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    You should be an artist

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    5:25 who is also confused here?

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    Isn’t that polaroid printer very expensive in the ling run with inks and pages?

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    #Natifacation squad

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    Hey Natalie you should check out Ed Mylett he does videos about self love, motivation and he did a video where he talks about it if you procrastinate a lot (like me) what ya do is you split your day up into sections such as 6am to 12pm and 12pm to 6pm and 6pm to 12am and that counts as 4 days. And it helps you get more things done and let’s you get more done in your “days” #Natifactionsquad

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    Yes! You REALLY should do a “Bullet Journal” series on your channel! You’re great at it! I’m going to start bullet journaling when I’m in 6th grade just so I can get a fresh start of the journal :)

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    So it’s basically a planner right?

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    # Natificationsquad :)

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    Just started my new bullet journal for k-pop

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    So far it's me and Natalie. C'mon!

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    #natificationsquad !!i love you natalie! you have been such an inspiring person!

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    #NatificationSquad U NEED to post more bullet journaling videos. I loved this one

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    This is so inspiring! ✨
    Like if you made your own bullet journal!

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    Hey Natalie, will you please let me know where I can order the journey you used?

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    lol am I the only one that is doing this in febuary? ye? ...ok

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    This video is satisfying

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    i really want to go to Polynesia

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    Pretty Petal Vlogs 7 дней назад

    I've just bought a new bullet journal and i needed something to help me and you have just nailed it Natalie!

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    I love watching you so much! I stan #Natificationsquad

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    what kind of person dislikes a video like this? LOL

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    I wanna go to my old hometown Florida, I miss my family/friends

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    This is so adorable but it would stress me out soooo much

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    5:21 white out is your best friend for big mistakes like this cause that would bother me or i would somehow turn the nine into an eight😂

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    I wanna go everywhere but I have no money, wish I could be you :( soretty, having a puppy, great husband...

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    Yeaa I have the watercolor blue one bujo ^_^

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    Wow this made me want to have a. Journal

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    This looks just like the ones you buy in book shops!👍🏻❤️😃😘love it .

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    ur videos are so entertaining!

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    I’m going to Florida and Jamaica this year. The Jamaica trip is a missions trip and I’m so excited.

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    Can't wait for your Saturday video..... wuuuuh......😁😇

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    Yesssssss february journal vid please

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    (This is not a joke, I'm 100% serious.)

    I never set any goals for the next year, because I always end up heartbroken, when I don't achieve them right away. Why am I like this...

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    We love you Natalie 🥳💜

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    could you make a type of series of bullet journaling PLEASE!

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    #NatificationSquad I find you so inspiring, please keep doing what you're doing! April-13

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    My goal is to be more adventurous, creative,healthy, organized, and and not to be sad anymore 😌😊😁

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    Thankyou so much Natalie for your old calligraphy video that has helped me so much I actually just got a bullet journal and this version will help me out so much thanks so so much!! Much love 😘😀😀😀

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