Voice Teacher Reacts to Queen - Radio Gaga (Live Aid : Wembley London 1985)

  • Published on Dec 2, 2018
  • Voice teacher Sam Johnson's reaction and analysis of Queen performing Radio Gaga for Live Aid in 1985.
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    I hope this observation on how he sings helps you figure out how the voice works better, so you can learn how to make smart choices in your own voice.
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  • Sara Peterson
    Sara Peterson 21 hour ago

    You should do some hair bands lol. Like that song Angel Eyes, he goes up really high

  • Jeff Donoho
    Jeff Donoho Day ago

    Maybe listen to a little Marc Martel?

  • Paige Herrin
    Paige Herrin 2 days ago

    Love this! Wondering if he has reacted to Robert Plant in the Led Zeppelin days... his voice is definitely an instruments.

  • Dover O’neill
    Dover O’neill 4 days ago

    I loved way you were you were Staring at Freddie Mercury

  • Dani & Jenn Spaulding

    He had extra teeth and caused n over bite.. but he really felt that it made his voice and his time better, and he never wanted to change and he never cared. He was amazing, sad that we have lost such greats and don’t seem to have anyone to replace them...

  • Brad Hackett
    Brad Hackett 16 days ago

    Rock your mind with this Aussie legend. Also watch his mic placement. A person truly in control of his voice and range!

  • Cheri Noelke
    Cheri Noelke 16 days ago

    The only thing Freddie controlled better than his voice was the audience. If you remember Queen was not advertised to be on this bill, they came in late but it looks like everyone there follows everything he does and says. That is magic!

  • Marva L Stith
    Marva L Stith 17 days ago

    Freddie Mercury is my saviour these days; his unselfish being brings love to push the bad away. The greatest entertainer. Truly appreciated your diligent evaluation. Learned so much.

  • Shannon Travis
    Shannon Travis 17 days ago

    I know in the movie he says he has extra room in his mouth (i think from the overbite) and that made him able to have such a range.

  • Pink Bluff
    Pink Bluff 19 days ago

    He went through so much self shame while struggling with HIV/AID's, That I really wish he could hear all the wonderful, and beautiful thing's EVERYONE has to say about him!!

  • Apis4
    Apis4 26 days ago

    Freddie's overbite was not due to just an outlier development of the standard overbite we all have (which most are), nor Malocclusion (which if too severe to be normal, but not severe enough to be a deformity, is also often classed as an overbite), but I believe from a genetic condition which meant he had two, or four, extra teeth in his mouth, if I recall correctly.
    His issue was that to fix HIS specific 'Overbite', the simple solution was removal of those excess teeth. These were adult teeth, their loss meant a hole in his teeth line, where they'd been. This what what he feared would not just change his voice, but effect his ability to sing at all.

    I think there is definitely an issue with that. I am no singer, but I am an old fella from the Australian bush, and boy, as a kid could I whistle. Like a nice strong hard sharp loud tongue in teeth whilst, worthy of the greatest working dog, or sexual harassment charge. I spent years honing that whistle.

    Now, a middle aged man of 40 something.... I've had the middle two molars, left and right, on the bottom of my mouth, removed....

    ....and my whistle was removed with them, I've never been able to whistle THAT kind of whistle ever since. I can feel the pressure needed being lost through those holes in my tooth line, ever since.

    I'm sure it could effect someones voice the same way.

  • Christopher Cory
    Christopher Cory Month ago

    I’ve been to the old Wembley a few times and every time I went this is the first thing I thought of when I walked out and saw the sheer size of it . Second was England winning the World Cup that’s how amazing I think this performance is

  • Rachel Puckeridge
    Rachel Puckeridge Month ago

    Can you please react to the other songs from their set at Live Aid? I’d love to hear what you think about the operatic quality of Bohemion Rhapsody! Very few people have such a unique quality in their voice. I’ve had over 15 years of musical training and I haven’t ever heard a performance of his where he ever had a pitch issue!

  • Guilherme Rodrigues


  • Quinne Stoddard
    Quinne Stoddard Month ago

    I wish I can sing good 😓😓😓😓

  • Mimi Taguba
    Mimi Taguba Month ago

    You talk to much, its irritate to my ears, its nonsense talk😡

    • MagnificantLights
      MagnificantLights Month ago +1

      The whole point of the video is for him to talk about the singing?... are you lost?

  • Christina Jackson
    Christina Jackson Month ago

    You clearly get such joy watching Him sing, I loved watching your authentic reaction to that legendary performance :)

  • callyharley
    callyharley Month ago

    Remember Freddie didn't write this song he's singing/performing Rogers song, it's remarkable really how good he was at that in Queen.

  • Alexis paul
    Alexis paul Month ago

    He controls his tongue aswel his lips at a same time with breath... But i think it's useless discussions on this legendary voice. It's a gifted

  • Alexis paul
    Alexis paul Month ago

    Killer voice...

  • Thanos snap
    Thanos snap Month ago

    "Putting technique ahead of expression". Wow! I loved that. I love the emphasis on letting people sing the song, and not just sing the lyrics. A song is a message, and art form. Tons of singer just sing pretty words, but great singers sing a song. And you can really hear the difference.

  • 95KIPPIE
    95KIPPIE 2 months ago

    I think, if I’m not mistaken, Freddie had a sore throat during this event. And, he still sounds amazing! He was really amazing, and they were the best concert I’ve ever seen!

  • pbh23
    pbh23 2 months ago

    Can we get more freddy?

  • larissa
    larissa 2 months ago

    Sam, please react to alice in chains love hate love at the moore

  • charmaine dedre
    charmaine dedre 2 months ago

    Sam Johnson, thank you so much, for that excellent reaction on Radio Ga Ga... by which Queen performed at LIVE AID... FREDDY MERCURY... Mwah!!!

  • cptmiller132
    cptmiller132 2 months ago

    he was supposed to be sick before this concert as well

  • Shelli Lutz
    Shelli Lutz 2 months ago

    Can you confirm whether Roger Taylor’s high notes are falsetto or not?

  • Florencia Parisi
    Florencia Parisi 2 months ago

    He was very much aware of the way he sounded...

  • Barbara Wilson
    Barbara Wilson 2 months ago

    He has four extra molars in the back of his mouth.

  • sandra cunha
    sandra cunha 2 months ago

    Sam being like the rest of us, in absolute awe... then explaining what's going on. Kudos, Sam, your channel is amazing.

  • Diane Silverstein
    Diane Silverstein 2 months ago

    Loved your insights about Freddie's singing & voice. Thanks! Queen is the BEST!💗

  • asphy
    asphy 2 months ago

    react to roger taylor's backing vocals please, btw, this is a good reaction! 💟💟 react to more queen!

  • Kiki Zimcakova
    Kiki Zimcakova 2 months ago

    I love Queen... si much and Adam Lambert. Who is with me?? Glambert?? 😘😘😘👌👌😂😂

  • Tiddles A.
    Tiddles A. 2 months ago

    Freddy could perform so well is because he could trust the geniuses behind him.

  • Tiddles A.
    Tiddles A. 2 months ago

    @ 6:45 you said ‘gosh that’s a lot of people’. Freddy had every one of them in the palm of his hand.

  • Speak EZ
    Speak EZ 2 months ago

    He was born with several extra incisors that causes his overbite. =more range.

  • Catherine Parry
    Catherine Parry 2 months ago +4

    Anyone else’s OCD eyeballing that knot in his earphones cord?? Nope? Ok just me then 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Nicole Mikloiche
    Nicole Mikloiche 2 months ago

    Freddie Mercury is every reason to never get braces at 12. Sam, where is your weave??

  • Bernice B
    Bernice B 2 months ago

    Hi Sam Johnson, your hair looks cute short! Great video!

  • the22ndday
    the22ndday 2 months ago

    I am so sorry I didn’t pay more attention to Freddie Mercury and Queen when they were in their heyday (yes, I’m that old😛). With the evolution of RU-clip where we’re able to watch videos of concerts from iPhones and such. I had no idea what versatility he had and how fascinating he was to watch.
    :::sigh::: oh well, at least I get to watch his concerts now. He is AMAZING!

  • Molly Grace
    Molly Grace 2 months ago

    A beautiful analysis for a beautiful performance. Well done both of you 🥰

  • BloodTar
    BloodTar 2 months ago

    He had that crowd in the palm of his hand.

  • Star Dust
    Star Dust 3 months ago

    Pls react to somebody to love, live in Montreal!

  • Ana Cantarero
    Ana Cantarero 3 months ago

    Btw I'm a super fan of you sam

  • Ana Cantarero
    Ana Cantarero 3 months ago

    I think that Freddie is good👍👍👍

  • Oskney
    Oskney 3 months ago

    Freddie was is an angel a legend and a God. I’m sure he’s in heaven leading a choir waiting for his band mates when they’re ready to join him. RIP Freddie.......

  • m.angelo93
    m.angelo93 3 months ago +1

    I think the most underrated thing about Freddie is that he was so energetic on stage and his voice didn't suffer for it. He had such amazing breath support he could run around and still sounds like he just came back from resting.

  • Just Forever
    Just Forever 3 months ago

    Pls do reaction lap of the gods live at Hammerstein 75' and the studio version... And also you take my breath away

  • Mandy27081989
    Mandy27081989 3 months ago

    Freddie actually had pneumonia when performing at Live Aid. Still, he sounded so good!

  • Perry Cochran
    Perry Cochran 3 months ago

    Dude. You can't analyze Freddy. Freddy would analyze you and call you a fucking joke. Get a job

  • PearlJen86
    PearlJen86 3 months ago

    Talking about Freddie ... could you talk about confidence when it comes to singing? I assume a lot of bad singers are over confident but at the same time, many great singers a confide to their space due to lack of confidence...

  • Ken Jc.
    Ken Jc. 3 months ago +1

    sorry but I can't resist skipping the video just to keep listening to the song.

  • crystal waters
    crystal waters 3 months ago +1

    I thought this clip was going to include when Freddie invited the audience to join in on his vocal gymnastics!

  • Kerry Ward
    Kerry Ward 3 months ago

    He had extra folds in his vocal cords.. The overbite didnt have anything to do with it... Research it !!!!

  • Leo Guy
    Leo Guy 3 months ago

    Unfortunately for Freddie he had a huge appetite for everything he did in life, finally caught up to him costing him his life. A great loss to the music world.

  • Amanda Farah
    Amanda Farah 3 months ago

    I wish I could like this video a thousand times. Love Freddie. 1 in 7 billion.

  • Eva Smoot
    Eva Smoot 3 months ago

    Could you do more videos of Freddie Mercury? Like somebody to love performance in 1981 Montreal? You won’t regret it. Thanks!

  • Anonym Daim
    Anonym Daim 3 months ago

    Please react to a video like the following

  • Albtoul Abdullah
    Albtoul Abdullah 3 months ago

    Sam is adorable!

  • Ed Rouge
    Ed Rouge 3 months ago

    Please react to Cher🙏🏼