Voice Teacher Reacts to Queen - Radio Gaga (Live Aid : Wembley London 1985)

  • Published on Dec 2, 2018
  • Voice teacher Sam Johnson's reaction and analysis of Queen performing Radio Gaga for Live Aid in 1985.
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    I hope this observation on how he sings helps you figure out how the voice works better, so you can learn how to make smart choices in your own voice.
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Comments • 2 253

  • Rachel Sirett
    Rachel Sirett Day ago

    You talk too much!!!!! Shut up!!!!

  • Margaret Howard
    Margaret Howard 3 days ago

    He had 4 extra teeth in back.

  • Ayatollah of a rock n rolla

    I enjoyed this 👍

  • София Витек

    Please watch Queen - Somebody to love (Live Montreal)! You will NOT regret, I can assure you! You will be hugely impress!!!😍👑🔥👍👌

  • Julian Wilt
    Julian Wilt 4 days ago

    I love watching your constructive criticism, very informative and very educational. Please react to The Contortionist - Return To Earth. I havent found any good teachers to react to them at all.

  • Jonathan Stercula
    Jonathan Stercula 7 days ago

    Freddie had 4 extra teeth. He believed that if he had them fixed it would take away from his range and singing ability. He didn't trust it...

  • Daniel Rönnqvist
    Daniel Rönnqvist 9 days ago +1

    Freddie was sick this day. His doctor said he shouldn't perform or it could damage his voice permanently. He actually sound much better than this.

  • Jodi Wood
    Jodi Wood 9 days ago

    Too many comments???? Are you from Utah??? Jazzzzzzzzzz? #takenote

  • Jodi Wood
    Jodi Wood 9 days ago

    Love his signature teeth! I have an overbite too so I relate to him exactly the way he covers them sometimes. 🦷🦷🦷🦷🦷🦷🦷

  • Jodi Wood
    Jodi Wood 9 days ago

    Not just live... LIVE at LIVE AID! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Thank you. I will always watch this!

  • Ratso444
    Ratso444 10 days ago

    He had just about the longest legs of anyone around, and he used them to strut!

  • thedesertroseband
    thedesertroseband 10 days ago

    From the E to the G? The song starts in F, Gm, Bb , Gm , Bb and F.

  • Jack Poontaint
    Jack Poontaint 10 days ago

    Freddie Mercury never needed a vocal coach. It happens. You cannot teach that sound, nobody can. Just like you cannot teach athleticism, you are or you are not. You can practice and get better but you can never be the best if you were never good in the first place. It's a pretty set in stone rule when going off physiology and body structure. It just happens due to genetics and people who exploit the powers will get there when they practice with determination.

  • B squared
    B squared 11 days ago

    Sam is hot af

  • Kyra B
    Kyra B 11 days ago

    I'm glad you did Queen. Even if he does nothing wrong it helps to know what Freddie did right y'know? Also at the end it seems like what you're saying is that among his many talents, one of Freddie's was an ability to tap into "flow" consistently. Which is just...*sigh* Freddie Mercury

  • natasa don
    natasa don 12 days ago

    He had a cold and throat nodules at this point too

  • DarkstarTW
    DarkstarTW 12 days ago

    Could you ever do an analysis of Matt Healy from The 1975? His love performances are pretty crazy with how much he moves but is able to project his voice so well. It’s hard to even pick one song, but their newest album has some of his best stuff!

  • Peter D
    Peter D 13 days ago +1

    Most singers use tricks to pretend they are perfect. Mercury an incredibly accomplished singer, just let himself get carried away in a moment and took everyone with him warts and all. It was very intimate and very satisfying.

  • Apathy 99
    Apathy 99 14 days ago

    Ok I’m Old (57) had My salivary glands destroyed by radiation from nasopharyngeal cancer
    Feeding tube for 5yr. With that said watching this one video has taught me how to reteach my body how to help my body function correctly without straining vocally.
    Subscribed immediately. Will share with her as soon as I can her voice is good but could use improvement since I watched 125 videos of yours since I subscribed...almost everything I taught her was wrong, she just loves to sing

  • Karen J
    Karen J 16 days ago +2

    Freddie is just one of those singers that leaves you in awe.

  • merqury5
    merqury5 16 days ago

    You read Freddie really well. His attitude. He had steroids shot into his vocal cords shortly before this show because he had such live trouble.

  • Karen D
    Karen D 16 days ago +1

    Queen was one of my favorite band when I was in high school. At the time, I bought all their records. Then when the CDs came out, I got all their greatest hits. Now that I'm over the 50 year mark, I regretted that I threw away all my records of Queen, ABBA, Air Supply, etc .. after I got all their CDs.. I don't 'understand' music. I'm a very casual listener. I've learned a lot of new stuff just watching your reaction to this video. Thank you!

  • Rose Ella-Grace
    Rose Ella-Grace 16 days ago


  • Elise Kathleen
    Elise Kathleen 17 days ago +2

    Sam sometimes when I'm having a down day I just come back to this video and u lift me right up

  • Timothy Baxter
    Timothy Baxter 18 days ago

    Another thing to remember in this performance... the crowd had already seen several hours of other people on stage. They weren't a Queen crowd, they were just there for an all day concert... 12 or 13 hrs iirc.

  • Terri Robison
    Terri Robison 19 days ago

    talking about Freddie's overbite and maybe how it COULD HAVE changed his voice tones. Barbara Streisand did not want her nose altered for the same reasons.....

  • mojopin 70
    mojopin 70 21 day ago

    God i miss Freddie.

  • mojopin 70
    mojopin 70 21 day ago

    He also had a throat infection that day too, which is incredible considering.

  • Russ Freed
    Russ Freed 23 days ago

    He was having throat issues. Doctors asked him not to preform or take it easy..

  • Russ Freed
    Russ Freed 23 days ago +1

    I believe Their last concert. Started feeling effects of AIDS. Sad . Correct on teeth

    • Colin Coakes
      Colin Coakes 19 days ago

      @Russ Freed was referring to this being their last concert.

    • Russ Freed
      Russ Freed 20 days ago

      Wasn’t. His doctor from years ago. Stated this or these issues.

    • Colin Coakes
      Colin Coakes 20 days ago

      nope, far from it. Don't believe everything you saw in the Bohemian Rhapsody Movie.

  • Zevonfan524
    Zevonfan524 25 days ago

    There was only one Freddie Mercury & there will only ever be one Freddie Mercury. The man was an anomaly. He was a glitch in the code. A human isn’t supposed to be naturally that talented. But he was.

    BOBTHEBUILDER BTW 26 days ago +4

    Freddy made queen who they are by hyping the crowd up and making people want to see him act so much

  • Mr Camel
    Mr Camel 27 days ago +1

    Scientists worked out that it was actually something in his head

  • Cheryl Masaveg
    Cheryl Masaveg 28 days ago

    You can't watch Freddie without smiling. He always makes me so happy. My son was falling asleep in his car seat a few months ago. It was beyond the point of waking him up. Then all of a sudden Under Pressure came on the radio. His eyes popped open and he just started groven to the beat. Ugh... So sweet.

  • Vickie
    Vickie 29 days ago +2

    I literally get chill bumps when I watch him perform there at that concert!...He's gorgeous too

  • Matias Pereyra
    Matias Pereyra Month ago

    While I still think the performance at Live Aid as a whole was overrated I think this performance of radio gaga examplifies all the things that Freddie was consistent with throughout his career and was indeed the bands finest hour

  • MrSpwn
    MrSpwn Month ago +2

    "He's a magician" -- This is how I feel whenever I try to sing pretty much anything Queen because it's so hard to make it sound as good as Freddie and I feel like I'm just ruining it haha

  • June
    June Month ago

    who else noticed his jaw cracking at 2:50

  • UnLuCkY 13
    UnLuCkY 13 Month ago

    Hey Sam. Why do you call yourself a Voice Teacher and not a Vocal Coach?

  • Dinosaur Hunter
    Dinosaur Hunter Month ago

    Have you ever done Jeff Buckley?

  • msawmusic
    msawmusic Month ago

    Love your observations

  • Emily Jay
    Emily Jay Month ago +2

    Sam your face and smile brings such sunshine to my soul ☀️☀️☀️☀️

  • Екатерина Брижетенкова

    Слишком много пауз...

  • Gabriel Alfaia
    Gabriel Alfaia Month ago

    8:32 He is so in love.

  • Teresa Luthye
    Teresa Luthye Month ago

    Great analysis of Freddie’s voice. Queen is my favorite band. Would performing to a crowd that size bother you? Or other singers? Freddie was really good at engaging the crowd (yes, I’m really old and attended two of their concerts - favorite concerts ever!). The vocal calling he did was fun to respond to and it felt almost personal to me. Thanks for the video.

  • The Mezorcist
    The Mezorcist Month ago

    That Utah jazz shirt tho

  • Joseph Scally
    Joseph Scally Month ago +1

    I have watched many voice teachers and coaches critique this performance. Your analysis was by far the most interesting to watch. Thanks.

  • lindabakker
    lindabakker Month ago

    I love how you love this!

  • Zena peace
    Zena peace Month ago

    He could reach every octave that's why

  • Daryl Tunwarm
    Daryl Tunwarm Month ago

    Everyone saw his teeth, but nobody felt them 😁 The world is so much worse off without Freddy

  • Misa Yoshida
    Misa Yoshida Month ago

    I miss your long hair but I still have the biggest crush on you.

  • Heidi Christensen
    Heidi Christensen Month ago

    Wonderful analysis of Freddie’s voice. He was unique.

  • Gergely Horváth
    Gergely Horváth Month ago +1

    Sam Johnson, your skin is damaged by sun.

  • Natalie Lehigh
    Natalie Lehigh Month ago

    the reason why his teeth are like that was so he could have more range so then there would be more sound that comes out that's what I got from seeing Bohemian Rhapsody the movie

  • Jolly Rancher
    Jolly Rancher Month ago

    American Idol and shows of that ilk would be more authentic and interesting if they had a guy like this as a judge rather than those dolts.

  • Serah Olivia
    Serah Olivia Month ago

    He was sick with a throat infection during this performance and was advised not to sing.

  • quicksilvertears921

    I love this review

  • Greg Kerr
    Greg Kerr Month ago

    Queen at Live Aid makes me feel so many emotions. I'm nervous, I'm Entertained, I'm Emotional. Amazing.

  • Alexandre Bis
    Alexandre Bis Month ago +2

    After watching 3 of your videos (I come right back from the Radio Gaga's analysis), my singing technique has improved a lot. I am a singer for long years, and I had singing teachers, but you must know that elements and details you reveal are some brilliant and useful advices for who can hear it.
    Thank you very much ! (sorry for my english)
    Greetings from France

  • Ильдус Фархутдинов

    ты гавно

  • Audrey Hiller
    Audrey Hiller Month ago +4

    "That's a lot of people." Getting second-hand stage fright?

  • Lyn h
    Lyn h Month ago +3

    I remember reading somewhere that he refused to get his teeth fixed because he was afraid it would change his voice.

  • Night Frost
    Night Frost Month ago

    i have a hyper active top lip which means i, unfortunately, show more gum line than most but i can sing really well and i wonder if that in part has to do with that exposed upper teeth thing

  • The Taco Channel
    The Taco Channel Month ago +1

    In the movie he said he was born with extra incisors I his mouth and it gave him more space like he could open his mouth wider or somthing like that

  • Christine Webb
    Christine Webb Month ago

    Sam would you please review George Michael & of course his tribute to Freddie Mercury. GM was amazing imo. Thank you.

  • Amandine H.
    Amandine H. Month ago

    i'd love you to react to one of the most impressive performance ever for me : Diane Dufresne singing "Les adieux d'un sex symbol" like here : ru-clip.com/video/EikgAcCt2Fg/video.html

  • Karine
    Karine Month ago

    Pls react to sam smith carpool❤️

  • Alfredo Sanchez
    Alfredo Sanchez Month ago

    Like a lot your reaction. Please react to Luis Miguel "Quiero" live version 2000, here is the link...

  • lol noob
    lol noob Month ago

    you should try somebody to love live

  • mrspg w
    mrspg w Month ago

    that's soo cool, ppl that are really good at things ie: singing, playing instruments, sports, etc make it look sooooo easy, natural & eddortless! it's a little bizarre lol makes ppl think " I can do that!, looks so easy" my 22 yr old son plays guitar & he always speaks about ppl like Randy Rhodes, Steve Vai, Gary moore, etc says man, they make it look so easy, the instrument is an extension of their arm(like a finger)and they're just gesturing w/their hand ✌🏼freddy was one of those vocalists R.I.P (edited for typos unnoticed before posting bc i'm that asshole lol)