Mohamed Ramadan & Saad Lamjarred - Ensay / محمد رمضان وسعد المجرد - إنساي || RUSSIAN REACTION

  • Published on Jul 20, 2019
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 33

  • Rema Nemrawi
    Rema Nemrawi 2 days ago

    Well the Indians always trying to dance like us... Like Arabs... We are an Arabs

  • Hamza Rafia
    Hamza Rafia 10 days ago +1

    They are not indians idiot! They are arabs the black man is from Egypt and the other guy is from morocco from north africa!! Do they look they are from india!!? I don't think so 🤔🤔😒😒

  • sam arous
    sam arous Month ago

    Try to do bet of searches...., before you reaction!!! India have noting to do with the video!! what so ever, good like in the future.

  • Ahmad Gho
    Ahmad Gho Month ago

    هندي مين ياغبي صدق روسي حمار بصحيح😂😂

  • Ahmed Gomaa
    Ahmed Gomaa Month ago

    Montage is very bad

  • Bilal Bataineh
    Bilal Bataineh Month ago +2

    это АРАБСКАЯ песня, а ни Индия

  • Emy Hares
    Emy Hares Month ago

    Muhammad is an Egyptian actor and Saad is a Moroccan singer and this is an arabic song

  • najma najma
    najma najma Month ago +6

    سعد احسن صوت عربي عالمي😍

  • Yassine Oud
    Yassine Oud Month ago +1

    They are not indians maan🙄

  • Safa ELBarbary
    Safa ELBarbary Month ago +1


  • soon videos
    soon videos Month ago +2

    This is Arabic Egyptian and Arabic Moroccan

  • Hanan Fassi
    Hanan Fassi Month ago +3

    Is not indian 😒😒 👎🏻

  • ربي غايتي رضاك

    مغاربة فهموني اش كيقول هاذا الي كيمضغ الهدرة

  • Meriem Wafaa
    Meriem Wafaa 2 months ago +3

    It's not indian's arabic

  • Sara Lee
    Sara Lee 2 months ago

    there is nothing about indians in this clip idk why u thought they r indians! 😂 ...they r arabs

  • Nadia El-mansy
    Nadia El-mansy 2 months ago +40

    This is Arabic Egyptian and Arabic Moroccan language, not Indian language, ياحمار😜😍

    • Fahad Tariq
      Fahad Tariq 11 days ago

      ههه حمار😂🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️😁

    • Emy Hares
      Emy Hares Month ago

      يا حمار وقلب بتثبتيه يعني😂😂😂

    • Safa ELBarbary
      Safa ELBarbary Month ago


    • klinken fatiha
      klinken fatiha Month ago


    • Nada gürel
      Nada gürel 2 months ago

      أحلا أشي" يا حمار"😂😂

  • Alaa Ashraf
    Alaa Ashraf 2 months ago +15

    They are not Indian 😂😂 Mohamed Ramadan is Egyptian & Saad Lemjarad is Morocian 😏

  • Wow Reacts
    Wow Reacts  2 months ago

    Help me! Thank you in advance! You need to watch the video, at least 5 seconds