iPhone XR vs iPhone 11 - Which Should You Choose?

  • Published on Oct 20, 2019
  • iPhone XR and iPhone 11 have some differences, but also have a lot more similarities than you might think. I help you decide if you should buy the iPhone XR or buy the new iPhone 11. I compare the price, the display, do a camera and video comparison and much more. #iPhoneXR #iphone11 #apple
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    ***Time Codes***
    00:00 - Start
    00:33 - XR Price and Storage
    00:44 - XR Colors
    00:55 - 11 Prices
    01:07 - 11 Colors
    01:25 - Design, Size and build
    01:56 - Weight
    02:15 - Displays
    02:53 - 1080P video
    03:20 - Brightness
    03:40 - Haptic Touch
    04:08 - Specs
    04:45 - Speed and Performance
    05:18 - Exporting 4K video comparison
    07:17 - Camera Comparison
    09:00 - Photo Comparison
    09:50 - Video recording comparison
    10:27 - Front vide camera
    10:40 - Battery and charger
    11:42 - Speakers
    12:05 - Conclusion
    13:00 - Outro
    13:20 - End
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  • Tammy Walker
    Tammy Walker 3 hours ago

    I want a iphone

  • Nat Terrazas
    Nat Terrazas 4 hours ago

    I'm sorry they look the same to me 😣

  • Nat Terrazas
    Nat Terrazas 4 hours ago

    I'm confused there was xr but is there an xr for the 11 or nah

  • One Million
    One Million 4 hours ago

    Android 😌

  • Gwendolyn Olson
    Gwendolyn Olson 5 hours ago +1

    like if you got the iphone 7/7plus

  • Austin Palmer
    Austin Palmer 7 hours ago

    Guys help me out I'm used to Samsung. I have the s7 edge. Was thinking of upgrading to the iphone xr. Is it any good?

  • park zopi
    park zopi 9 hours ago

    im wondering if i should get iphone 11 or xr ? ://

  • Emilie Tornero
    Emilie Tornero 11 hours ago

    I would chose the iPhone 11 just because the camera is better and I love the color option. That is my opinion.😘

  • Louis Cierpiot
    Louis Cierpiot 12 hours ago

    you cant actually watch a 1080p youtube video on the 11 or xr. Its impossible to watch a 1080p video on an 828p display. Just as it is impossible to watch a 4k video on a 1440p phone.

  • Ze Leopard Fox
    Ze Leopard Fox 13 hours ago

    Ha losers. I got a complete new sealed XR for 300 dollars

  • Kaitlyn Connolly
    Kaitlyn Connolly 15 hours ago

    i might be getting the xr in a few days, yet idk

  • Victoria Crawford
    Victoria Crawford 15 hours ago

    So I recently just brought a iPhone XR and I haven’t got it in the mail yet but I was thinking did I make good choice I think I did cause I’m on installment plan and there’s no telling how much I would have to pay with the iPhone 11 I’m paying 20 now

  • Zyd Hader
    Zyd Hader 16 hours ago

    "budget" cost $1.2k in my country.

  • Nina M
    Nina M 21 hour ago

    1:29 wait.. what?

  • OrkanenN
    OrkanenN 21 hour ago

    Iphone xr or oneplus 7t pro?

  • CoolingXxxJACKxxX YT
    CoolingXxxJACKxxX YT 23 hours ago

    11 pro max gang

  • Aqua Mist
    Aqua Mist Day ago


  • Alberta D'Elia
    Alberta D'Elia Day ago

    iphone xr gang.

  • shawn faison
    shawn faison Day ago

    Great comparison

  • Joker Jackgaming

    It’s not a 10r it’s an Xr dumbass


    Iphone x gang

  • Алина Малина

    Watching this on my iPhone 4s 😭😭

  • Allen noronha
    Allen noronha Day ago

    Xr front cam is a 7MP shooter, not a 8mp cam!

  • 500 subs with no vids

    Ok, here’s what you need to know:
    Get iPhone 11 if you want the cheapest yet latest lineup in the iPhone series
    Get iPhone Xr if you want to experience the latest iPhone design at it’s cheapest

  • ayonna toyin
    ayonna toyin Day ago

    i did a comparison between my xr and my dad’s girlfriend’s 11 max and my camera is wayy better

  • Fathimath Nuher
    Fathimath Nuher Day ago

    Can we portrait things on iPhone 11 ... xr can portrait only person

    • Fathimath Nuher
      Fathimath Nuher Day ago

      zollotech how far we can portrait in 11

    • zollotech
      zollotech  Day ago

      yes, I do cover that as well in the video

  • Elliot The bun
    Elliot The bun Day ago +1

    iphone 8 gang

  • Barbara Alison
    Barbara Alison Day ago

    I just bought an xr

  • TheBeautyOv
    TheBeautyOv Day ago

    iphone 5s gang

  • Mirte
    Mirte Day ago

    In the netherlands is the XR i think 900 dollars

  • Games Change
    Games Change 2 days ago

    Xr because I will save more money

    BIG POPA PUM 2 days ago +1

    We have to pay 33% extra on iphones
    So i bought I phone 11
    But on installment of 6 months
    M sattisfied

  • II II
    II II 2 days ago

    Am I the only one here with an 8 plus?😂

  • Biyoncca Frazer
    Biyoncca Frazer 2 days ago

    Now i can finally get the XR 😊

  • Léa Francoeur
    Léa Francoeur 2 days ago

    beautiful video wow, so much effort put into this!

  • Lui Perez Gaming and Toys

    I would pick the xr because its is cheaper

  • Geo Rodriguez Ponce
    Geo Rodriguez Ponce 2 days ago

    I've had my Iphone 6 plus since 2015 and after a 3 meter freefall last week, I'm forced to change it because it shattered to pieces. Thanks for your video, I've decided to go for the XR, as I'm not a photo enthusiast and I actually find the XR more aesthetically pleasing, there's still something I don't completely like about the 11/11 pro cameras position, it doesn't look that good IMO (Lowkey triggers trypophobia in me).

  • peyton
    peyton 2 days ago +2

    iPhone 17 be like

  • Zekeboy43
    Zekeboy43 2 days ago +4

    Like if you have the iPhone8

  • Hyuana_ Boy
    Hyuana_ Boy 2 days ago +1

    XR is literally the king of iPhone like its next level

  • Leyahbeah112 Roblox gamer

    Xr gang

  • DJfighter 360
    DJfighter 360 2 days ago

    I have a 2 g ipof

  • Dakota Johnson
    Dakota Johnson 2 days ago

    I got the xr

  • Im Banana
    Im Banana 2 days ago

    Wait.............. there both the same iphone?

  • Deine Mama
    Deine Mama 2 days ago +1

    who's still going with the iPhone SE? ,':D

  • kawai_gaming
    kawai_gaming 2 days ago

    Guys I’m trying to decide whether to get a green iPhone 11 and a purple please tell me in the comment🤡

    • Funny Valentine
      Funny Valentine 4 hours ago

      You should go for the purple and btw its not necessary to use clown emojis this is not IG

  • Random Person
    Random Person 3 days ago

    It'll be a camera with a phone soon...

  • Rayzz Steezyy
    Rayzz Steezyy 3 days ago


  • astroflush 10
    astroflush 10 3 days ago


  • 500 subscribers with no videos

    iPhone 6 pro gold gang

  • Don’t Know
    Don’t Know 3 days ago

    Watching this on my red iPhone 11🥰

  • Sir Acha
    Sir Acha 3 days ago

    This was an excellent and very informative video.

  • Charlie Nguyen
    Charlie Nguyen 3 days ago

    I have a 7....

  • Freshta Hs
    Freshta Hs 3 days ago

    60 degrees omg it must be hot as hell :0

  • Kriptum
    Kriptum 3 days ago

    Watching it on my iPhone 7 matte black :)

  • Knockoff James Charles

    Get an xr. They changed nothing except the camera and that's really it except for minor changes. Whilst Samsung actually tries to make it better. Their is no need for a iPhone 11 at all.

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader 3 days ago

    I think the Phone anybody who’s not an addict the XR is the best option. The phones are almost identical in the positioning besides small details like the Apple logo and the cameras. It’s weird how the X is better then the newer one 11. I will probably wait until the next best one comes out, because the XR and 11 are quite similar for a cheaper price. Until they actually make a change actually worth it, I’ll stay right here :)

  • Amber van Broekhuizen

    I have an iPhone 7, should I go for the iPhone Xr or iPhone 11? (is it just me or am I the only who hates it when people write Iphone instead of iPhone haha?)

  • Mae Clarife Abiera
    Mae Clarife Abiera 3 days ago

    Iphone 5c to iphone XR

  • Asholbynatur
    Asholbynatur 3 days ago

    XR GANG👇!