Greta Van Fleet - Lover, Leaver (Taker, Believer) (Live)

  • Published on Oct 18, 2018
  • Lover, Leaver (Taker, Believer) live from the John Anson Ford Theater in Los Angeles on June 24, 2018.
    Anthem of a Peaceful Army available 10.19 here:
    Song available here:
    Connect with Greta Van Fleet:
    Written by Joshua Michael Kiszka
    Written by Jacob Thomas Kiszka
    Written by Samuel Francis Kiszka
    Written by Daniel Robert Wagner
    Music video by Greta Van Fleet performing Lover, Leaver (Live). © 2018 Republic Records a division of UMG Recordings Inc & Lava Music LLC

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  • Chiken
    Chiken 3 days ago

    Only time i’ve had a wank and not regretted it afterwards. My proudest wank!

  • Kasper
    Kasper 4 days ago

    It was pretty nice of Cinderella to lend Josh her favorite slippers.

  • Me2nmine me
    Me2nmine me 6 days ago


  • Dan Mingoia
    Dan Mingoia 7 days ago +1

    This young band kicks some serious ass. What a breath of fresh air!

  • Ari Lopez
    Ari Lopez 9 days ago +1

    Did I say I was going to go to sleep 26 minutes and 35 seconds ago?
    Yes, yes I did.
    Did I?
    No, no I did not :)

  • reiner schalker
    reiner schalker 9 days ago

    drums vocal bass and a b

  • reiner schalker
    reiner schalker 9 days ago

    bass at its best ... wooo....

  • reiner schalker
    reiner schalker 9 days ago

    best song/interpretation of greta van fleet`s Lover. Leaver... )

  • Robert Keenan
    Robert Keenan 9 days ago

    ROCK THE ROOF DOWN BOYZ !!!!! Damn I just love every single song I sing it in my sleep!!!!!

  • naxo fruta
    naxo fruta 10 days ago 10x more powerful

  • SCUBA Diver
    SCUBA Diver 10 days ago +1

    Who ROCKS for 26 minutes straight? These guys, that's who!

  • kevin kelsall
    kevin kelsall 13 days ago

    Zero out of 10

    • scrubub76
      scrubub76 12 days ago +1

      you are just making yourself look stupid.

  • Christofer Allen
    Christofer Allen 13 days ago

    I'm guessing this is there Dazed n Confused. Absolutely LOVE it!!

  • Helmut S.
    Helmut S. 14 days ago

    This is so awesome! I love it! A classic rock band! I really hope they will make their way!

  • Noah S
    Noah S 14 days ago +1

    stop calling it classic, let rock be reborn and let them be known!

  • Robert King
    Robert King 17 days ago +1

    Yep no need to hit snooze 3 times in the morning anymore .. this is my new alarm clock

  • Robert King
    Robert King 17 days ago

    1 big question ... when are they heading to Australia .. tickets yes plzz

    • Jim
      Jim Day ago

      @Robert King Hell, I wish they would come back home to Michigan (to play). They were here for 3 days last December, but sold out in 5 minutes (pre-sale). 8-( They are great, and getting better. Where in Australia are you? GVF has been to Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. To make up for a reschedule in Melbourne, they did a long blues jam where Danny played bass and Josh played drums. Then they did the first live version of Anthem. They seem to really like Australia, so I'm sure they'll be back soon.

    • Robert King
      Robert King 15 days ago

      Damn ive just only recently been introduced to these young fellas

    • Jim
      Jim 15 days ago

      They just came back.

  • Skede Pikken
    Skede Pikken 17 days ago

    man. They play the guitar like old women. There is NO feeling in this. This generation are focused on whats outside. couldnt care less bout these actors.

  • Tanner_ Nagrone_Official
    Tanner_ Nagrone_Official 18 days ago +1

    8:24 that’s definitely a new song

  • Edge
    Edge 19 days ago +2

    Ya know, there comes a time when you just go wow. This band did that for me. They look soft, but kickass. I mean barefioot bass is bad as hell. Geez lead guitar, he will go down as one of the greats. Drummer beating skins like a monster. And that freakin voice, live long my friends.

  • LovTheNose
    LovTheNose 19 days ago +1

    KEEP this band going! Please request their tunes on all internet apps .. Spotify, iTunes, Amazon music, RU-clip, ALL OF THEM!

  • Kyle S
    Kyle S 20 days ago +2

    Holy shit...

  • Mike’s Reef
    Mike’s Reef 20 days ago

    The definition of a hater: You don't like this band. Period.
    They sound like Zeppelin but mixed with other elements. You all should be saying thank you for keeping real Rock alive...However, the singer should give his moms shoes back. Like wtf?

  • John Tovar
    John Tovar 22 days ago +2

    Holy Moses-
    Get ready everyone, the second coming of rock n roll has arrived.

  • eternalR81
    eternalR81 22 days ago

    Robert Plants voice reincarnated in a slightly different octave.

  • A smile on my face but a Demon inside

    26 minutes of pissing off Zeppelin fan boys!! Well done!!!

  • Theresa Heyer
    Theresa Heyer 22 days ago

    again......Yeah SAM the man ...that bass Jakeys'underlying riffs....Dan ghe other are 4 each other!!!!fabulous ......4

  • Danny Huddleston
    Danny Huddleston 23 days ago

    B by y

  • diego aranda
    diego aranda 23 days ago

    Rush + Zepp .... Muy bueno igual. Influencia de la mejor

  • laurel
    laurel 23 days ago

    They should totally release a live album someday

  • Bruce Driggers
    Bruce Driggers 24 days ago +1

    I can hear a Dead influence.

  • Skodaman2
    Skodaman2 25 days ago

    Greta Van Thunberg.

  • Sergio Eugeni
    Sergio Eugeni 25 days ago


  • Richard Worden
    Richard Worden 27 days ago

    Hope in a few years they will do a cover of Love like a Man by TYA .

  • Richard Worden
    Richard Worden 27 days ago +1

    You boys are on 🔥 keep it up as Rock and roll must go on . I am in my 60,s and a fan of Good music .

    IICHAUNCEYII 28 days ago

    Damn I love towards the beginning of the studio version after the guitar solo I gets slow and josh starts getting higher and higher then Sam would would input his keyboard then Danny finishes with hitting his snare

  • David Roy
    David Roy 28 days ago

    These cats are insane.......;

  • David Roy
    David Roy 28 days ago

    Badd Fucking Ass

  • Satanis Von Jesus The 3rd

    Im 45 and fucking love these guys. Keep Rocking 👍👏🎂

  • Gentlewind Ustinov
    Gentlewind Ustinov 28 days ago

    Awesome Rock Group combination of heavy rock group of the 60s and 70s🙌

  • Randy Dotseth
    Randy Dotseth Month ago

    the boy can do plant but cannot do plant stage pressence

  • Randy Dotseth
    Randy Dotseth Month ago

    theyre close... damn close... but not zep yet

  • Lowe 2005
    Lowe 2005 Month ago

    Obviously there are bits of Brave New World and Highway Tune but is there a list of everything else they reference in this performance?

  • Hank Nelson
    Hank Nelson Month ago

    Al Kooper infusion,,, very good lick. Some
    Mike Bloomfield would be outstanding.

  • Divy Jain
    Divy Jain Month ago

    Fire the sound guy for fucks sake

  • Dhruv Kotecha
    Dhruv Kotecha Month ago

    Honestly, I love the guitar, bass and drums. It sounds unique instrument wise. I just cannot get over his voice. The other 3 are contributing fresh ideas in my opinion even if its based on classic rock, but the singer just sounds too close to plant to bring anything original to their sound. Damn shame, they could have been amazing. Just one bedroom guitar player's opinion tho keep in mind.

    • airlockengage
      airlockengage 29 days ago

      I'd say give it some time. I found Rush started off similar to Led Zep too, and they mutated over time into their own thing. We'll see though, some vocalists can grow, some can't.

  • gcjbhar
    gcjbhar Month ago +1

    Next concert within a 100 miles..............I'm THERE!!!!! By the way I'm 50 years old and been waiting for something like this for years!!!!!!!!!!

  • gcjbhar
    gcjbhar Month ago

    THANK GOD!!!!!!......ROCK HAS RETURNED!!!!!!!

  • get the fvck out
    get the fvck out Month ago

    Sammy is just great

  • get the fvck out
    get the fvck out Month ago

    I love them...

  • Diba Mo
    Diba Mo Month ago


  • songoftherushes
    songoftherushes Month ago +1

    No matter what happens in their future, they will always be able to say they did this.

    GREG POPP Month ago

    The band is too good for their drummer. Awesome though!!

  • Judy Pratt
    Judy Pratt Month ago

    When four become one

  • Ricardo Alex Cabezas Barrios

    Qué placer escucharlos.
    SDS de PERÚ!

    LORDKALHEV Month ago

    Best solo of them, both live and album versions are straight forward pure rock n roll. Sadly they don't play this a lot, instead we hear "You're the One" more often in their live performances.

  • Jonhattan
    Jonhattan Month ago

    What a nice Precision Bass.

  • immrnoidall
    immrnoidall Month ago

    exactly how much cocaine are they paying these kids anyway? holy fuck.

  • Griffin Jenks
    Griffin Jenks Month ago +2

    the 550 people that disliked this know nothing about real music. This is a masterpiece.

  • NahFamIts _E
    NahFamIts _E Month ago

    Black dog around 8:25

    • Jim
      Jim Month ago +1

      @NahFamIts _E For about 2 bars it sounds fairly close. I have to admit I have played several songs together when I swore they were the same and never find it to be so. I stopped a while back. I have come to the realization if they can sound exactly like some of these great bands they must be great, too.

    • NahFamIts _E
      NahFamIts _E Month ago

      It’s actually more around 8:25 my bad

    • Jim
      Jim Month ago +1

      Don't hear it.