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  • Published on Dec 9, 2018
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  • Captain Fuzz
    Captain Fuzz 9 hours ago

    Also another reason is because even if that would work it would make everyone rich and the price of everything would have to go up

  • ArentTjao
    ArentTjao 10 hours ago

    0:44 well it can mean like right path as not an direction but right as the one you chose

  • Gear dreemurr
    Gear dreemurr 2 days ago

    | |
    _/ \_
    This is confused Colby. If you want him to be confused even more, press the like button

  • Inga Dis
    Inga Dis 3 days ago

    The song in your videos is the Wii Shop Channel song
    So while I started to watch this video I realized my brother was on the Wii Shop Channel:)

  • Tyson Leon
    Tyson Leon 4 days ago +1

    0:45 Well crud we need to call naruto again.

  • a man of many parts
    a man of many parts 4 days ago

    "aren't the same guy?" No. In the episodes 3-5 it was David Prowse inside the suit. I have no idea or interest who later took over; he's the original.

  • Isaac Moffit
    Isaac Moffit 5 days ago +1

    How the heck did they come up with "dense cabbage"?
    Its official. I'm naming my future child dense cabbage.

  • Lefty’s Stuff
    Lefty’s Stuff 5 days ago


  • ay ok
    ay ok 6 days ago

    *D e n s e c a b b a g e*

  • Hero Jellyz9
    Hero Jellyz9 6 days ago

    People without wifi, how is it affecting your life?

  • Taylor Crutchfield
    Taylor Crutchfield 6 days ago

    My name is Taylor

  • 間違い別の
    間違い別の 7 days ago


  • Gray Matter
    Gray Matter 7 days ago

    Down below in the comment

  • Jason Swim
    Jason Swim 8 days ago


  • Phoebe Criswell
    Phoebe Criswell 9 days ago


  • Potoot
    Potoot 9 days ago

    dang gio got wooshed 2 times today

  • Dory Go
    Dory Go 10 days ago

    1:23 i don't care what you say jean yu suc

  • Josie Shardy
    Josie Shardy 11 days ago

    7:54 am i asian???

  • ThatAwesome Landon
    ThatAwesome Landon 12 days ago +1

    Y O U D E N S E C A B B A G E

  • Agatha
    Agatha 12 days ago

    900m divided by 300m is 3.

  • JohnnyPlayzGamez -ALL GAMEZ-

    what is the intro music?
    i wanna know

  • Pepe Priest
    Pepe Priest 13 days ago

    At least this demonstrates woman are just as dense as men...

  • Solomon Slade
    Solomon Slade 14 days ago

    The super bowl/US presidents one could just as easily gone on

  • Mr. quality Vids
    Mr. quality Vids 14 days ago

    for the first one it is actually three dollers each lol

  • Vince Playz
    Vince Playz 14 days ago

    Who knows if he is 3 he’s 21 in dog years

  • Zack 2.0
    Zack 2.0 15 days ago

    Just One Quick Phot-FU-

  • Will The Awesome
    Will The Awesome 16 days ago

    R ice
    I ce
    C arrot
    E at or wait to melt

  • Battle-Brother Rogard of The Space Wolfs

    3:20 i tugth only anime protagenists van be that danse

  • Kasen Ratliff
    Kasen Ratliff 18 days ago

    you are now my favorite youtuber

  • Bonnie Ferguson
    Bonnie Ferguson 18 days ago

    I love being a genus

    CHEESEBURGER 19 days ago

    I am on youtube comment “I am too” if you are

  • Hibiird :D
    Hibiird :D 19 days ago

    4:31 r/wooooooosh

  • Hibiird :D
    Hibiird :D 19 days ago

    0:10 r/wooooosh

  • Christian Wilson
    Christian Wilson 21 day ago +2

    4:35 woah I never even had a GF I didn’t know I was getting married this quick😳

  • Luna Gaming
    Luna Gaming 21 day ago


  • WooperCooper
    WooperCooper 22 days ago

    7:49 NO IT’S A GIRAFFE!!!

  • Asian man
    Asian man 22 days ago

    *D E N S E C A B A G E*

  • Lukas Holm-Sørensen
    Lukas Holm-Sørensen 22 days ago

    well Technically though they share the same body Darth vader and Anakin are Technical two different personaleties

  • rayan kozah
    rayan kozah 26 days ago

    Gio is da best

  • Jordan Young
    Jordan Young 28 days ago +1

    1:37 Any one casually have 41 times the us national debt to give 300 million people 3 million dollars?

  • - Softii -
    - Softii - 29 days ago


  • Clover Demas
    Clover Demas 29 days ago

    My favorite part of the video "you dense cabbage "

  • SuperJumpBros Mario
    SuperJumpBros Mario 29 days ago

    Comment if you like potatos

  • Puffle Puffle
    Puffle Puffle 29 days ago +8

    This is how many ppl sub to geo films

  • Parker Green
    Parker Green 29 days ago

    These people are total idiots

  • Potty The Parrot 2
    Potty The Parrot 2 Month ago

    Ella sobrepeso en absoluto.

  • slidejawb
    slidejawb Month ago +1

    Who’s the “celebrity”

  • Alex McComb
    Alex McComb Month ago +1

    If you’re over the age of 18 you shouldn’t be talking to anyone under the age of 40
    edit:oh wait I’m stupid

  • juju man
    juju man Month ago +1

    Sooo the dog is 147 yrs old in dog years

  • Funnycoolguy
    Funnycoolguy Month ago

    6:22 gio got wooshed, look at his username

  • im traps
    im traps Month ago

    I laughed too hard at dense cabbage

  • Sans Bad Time
    Sans Bad Time Month ago

    If u subscribe to me your a 🥓 bacon

  • MBtoBC
    MBtoBC Month ago +1


  • Pika Gabe
    Pika Gabe Month ago

    Good doggy

  • Caleb Fejfar
    Caleb Fejfar Month ago +1

    5:50 well his parents spelled lion incorrectly as well

  • unknown_beast yt
    unknown_beast yt Month ago

    Lol that ps4 messages app one was funny lol

  • Eugene Aberg
    Eugene Aberg Month ago

    6:16 for anyone wondering they used aircraft carriers to get close to Hawaii then went on from there

  • UranicString748
    UranicString748 Month ago

    Yes I think other people are listening to the same song as me on the same lyric..... While their in the same room as me.

  • Sage Francis
    Sage Francis Month ago

    Y🅾️u l🅾️🅾️ked s🅾️ y🅾️u h🅰️ve t🅾️ like...

  • Aaron Obyonek
    Aaron Obyonek Month ago

    1:31 you dense cabbage