Sci-Fi Short Film "White Lily" presented by DUST

  • Published on Jul 14, 2018
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    "White Lily" by Tristan Ofield
    A tense spaceship captain and co-pilot set out to investigate a comet, when a technical fault cuts to the core of their relationship problem…
    Leon and Isobel are nearing the critical point of a long space journey. Leon relaxes, watching a hologram of blue skies and recalling a holiday he and Isobel had - but doesn’t remember one of the features she draws attention to, a vase with a white lily. The purpose of their expedition is to investigate a comet. Perhaps because of his fractiousness, Leon sets a flight path that Isobel considers dangerous, and the ship is damaged in the process of its exploration. Buoyed by the success of their trip, Leon and Isobel discuss what they’ll do when they return to Earth. Isobel gets a word wrong, and it becomes apparent there’s something is amiss - she is a holographic companion for Leon, based on the persona of a former lover, and is suffering from the same fault as the ship’s other systems. Isobel insists that Leon reboot her, but he is reluctant to do so since it will wipe her out.
    Their relationship is what’s keeping him together, and for Isobel it’s one that’s based on someone else’s memories. Isobel insists on the reboot, and Leon reminisces about the ‘real’ Isobel, for once addressing the hologram as if it’s her. These are their last moments together. Then the reboot is completed and the holographic companion that was Isobel asks Leon in a blank computerized voice what he wants to call her. Leon prepares for a very long and very lonely trip back to Earth.
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Comments • 811

  • Trek Fan
    Trek Fan 6 hours ago

    2 stars. Nothing good EVER comes from being alone in space and having your A.I. malfunction. A little screwy, but ok.

  • Damir S.
    Damir S. 2 days ago

    what is written in Arabic on the ship?

  • bagus translate
    bagus translate 3 days ago

    Where do you guys got money from? No ads, nothing

  • LePireDiable
    LePireDiable 5 days ago

    The ship's name is in arabic!

  • Domundt Gregor
    Domundt Gregor 6 days ago

    Even if she is only a hologram : what a stupid idea to wear high heels inside a spaceship !

  • Rubble Johnstone
    Rubble Johnstone 7 days ago

    Time after time Dust produce these stunning shorts, intelligent scripts, flawless acting and A1 effects, when can we expect a full length movie??

  • mlouwagie
    mlouwagie 7 days ago

    so he could have chose other girls or guys...he chose same old halogram that he doesnt like...its a slap in the face for men on men ...this channel is whacko anti human plots

  • Tuva
    Tuva 8 days ago

    açıklama kısmını okumasam hiç bir şey anlamayacaktım

  • Dura Saxon
    Dura Saxon 10 days ago

    This must be a futuristic way not to lose your mind on a long deep space voyage to god-knows-where.
    May I call you "Lily"?

  • Christopher Brunson
    Christopher Brunson 10 days ago

    The tragedy is that he fell in love before the long road rose up to catch his feet upon the path.

  • Volatile Sky
    Volatile Sky 10 days ago

    With Nord VPN Cloud Storage, you never have to worry about your holographic companion losing their memory again due to unexpected system failure or rampant data corruption. With minute by minute automatic backup storage, you can roll back instances prior to any point of corruption, fully restoring your companion to their former self in just a few easy steps. Don't be Leon, trapped on a years long cosmic voyage with a factory defaulted hologram.

  • lw216316
    lw216316 11 days ago

    oh come on, you can't hold hands with a hologram - she needs to be Ai / robot who gets a reboot. Anyway, you only need to get burned one time to remember to do a backup.

  • Hector Heathcote
    Hector Heathcote 12 days ago

    Hate to be "that guy", but why the arabic inscriptions on the hull of the ship? Foreshadowing the muslim destruction of the world?

  • Alexandria Renard
    Alexandria Renard 17 days ago +1

    Maaaaan, these are ALL so well made!!!

  • King Frank Records
    King Frank Records 24 days ago

    good story

  • MJW
    MJW 29 days ago

    That ship has a lot of trail rash, need to hit the body shop when they get back to the house.

  • TheWereparadox
    TheWereparadox Month ago

    There's no rear view mirrors in space but a lot of time look at one. She's right even here on earth. Looking mostly at what use-to-be will only lead to your stagnation and death. Don't be a U-sta-be, be a now. Now is what matters. The past is only there to learn from.

  • MrFrostpower
    MrFrostpower Month ago

    the boobs make it a great sci-fi short)

  • Thomas Camilleri
    Thomas Camilleri Month ago +2

    Excellent acting. Packs some poignancy for such a short film. Scale of the ship was ambiguous until explained by the ending.

  • james
    james Month ago

    How sad. He couldn't get a real girlfriend for the trip.

  • SV Sparklemuffin
    SV Sparklemuffin Month ago


  • Mopantsu
    Mopantsu Month ago

    Someone encoded this at the wrong frame rate I see. Jerk. Jerk. Jerk. Jerk...

  • Cary Coller
    Cary Coller Month ago

    That would suck.

  • Tyrone Taylor
    Tyrone Taylor Month ago +1

    I miss the Earth so much, I miss my wife...
    So lonely, out in space.

  • haydar alobaydy
    haydar alobaydy Month ago

    The ship name is (اتحاد الامم العربيه) it means United arabic nations

  • Schatten2712
    Schatten2712 Month ago

    I should really go to sleep... but... just... one more, and then I swear!

  • j v
    j v Month ago +1

    wow. *that* was writing. and acting. and production.
    hats off to the cast & crew & creators.

  • Oratu The Gold
    Oratu The Gold Month ago

    Awesome, and full of feels.

  • Meta Patriot
    Meta Patriot Month ago

    The blue face of death.

  • Mrs Hashmi Safdar
    Mrs Hashmi Safdar Month ago

    Don’t worry human end is written in this earth we will not get out from this earth 🌍 until we die

  • joseph hill
    joseph hill Month ago

    Wanting more. Good short film

  • Frank Wells
    Frank Wells Month ago +1

    If it were only that easy with every woman. Reboot and you got a new one.

  • cdenver
    cdenver Month ago

    Eve-Online inspired?

  • D2daK87
    D2daK87 Month ago

    3:55 Sephiroth has summoned meteor

  • Just Petrusion
    Just Petrusion Month ago

    OK so I guess she's his AI lover, but I don't get why is he forgeting his life(?) and why is it so important? Someone care to explain?

  • Bobby A
    Bobby A Month ago

    That was excellent

  • jaja juju
    jaja juju Month ago

    she was kind, that hit home

  • David Bruin
    David Bruin Month ago

    Being in that situation would totally SUCK! I think I would have changed the hologram to someone different, and then fixed what can be fixed on the ship.

  • Sky_stider223
    Sky_stider223 Month ago

    Lol could’ve had better direction for the guy looking at the hologram girl... he’s looking above her like she’s taller but she’s short...he probably didn’t know

  • Mark Davis
    Mark Davis 2 months ago

    These are full length programs without the commercials.

  • James Stevens
    James Stevens 2 months ago

    I could sit and watch these Dust short films for hours! They have so much that’s been lost in big screen productions: brilliant screenplays and excellent performances by talented actors.
    And the best part - they haven’t been dumbed down for lowest common denominator audiences that need to have the endings explained to them.

  • Jack Handy
    Jack Handy 2 months ago

    Somebody screwed up the frame rate along the way, you've got constant, rhythmic frame skips. Watch the starfield in one of the slow ship shots.

    • Mark Davis
      Mark Davis 2 months ago

      Jack Handy hey which sci fi short have you produced? I’d like to see it because it must be perfect in every aspect.

  • Androth
    Androth 2 months ago

    the worst part about these shorts is just that.

  • Bruno Ramos
    Bruno Ramos 2 months ago +1

    Tem em portugues🤔👍

  • Andrew Jones
    Andrew Jones 2 months ago


  • Ali Asreco
    Ali Asreco 2 months ago

    Morals: love your wife and stay with her all your life.

  • mikec64
    mikec64 2 months ago

    I knew she was a holo from the first mention of the Lily, but no matter what angle I look at it from -- Was she gaining real feelings? Was she just mimicing more of what he wanted? It's endearing and bittersweet. **terrific acting** made this story great. @tristan ofield, thanks!

  • SNP1999
    SNP1999 2 months ago

    I really love these short SciFi films, often adapted from short stories - their morals are often wonderfully sublime and deep, thoughtful and meaningful, far more so at times than full length cinema productions that have to keep the viewers attention fixed with violence and sex. Short films do not need such diversions, they are far more honest and down to earth. Thank you all so much for producing and uploading these fantastic films !😘😘😘

  • l2azor07
    l2azor07 2 months ago

    can someone explaing the deeper meaning of this movie?

  • Reason077
    Reason077 2 months ago

    With such advanced AI, why send a manned mission just to gather comet data? Surely this would be much easier with an unmanned probe?

  • Darcy de Joux
    Darcy de Joux 2 months ago

    I enjoyed this ,the ship looked cool too.

  • denver bevins
    denver bevins 2 months ago

    2:10 fly-by says "United Arab States" - interesting

  • Lone_Puppy
    Lone_Puppy 2 months ago +2

    This is so one of my favorites.

  • Tracy Keyes
    Tracy Keyes 2 months ago +1

    What a sad existence. Very well done as usual!

  • cy2087
    cy2087 2 months ago +3

    Don't you DARE tell us that this 9:44 piece is the last we'll see of that awesome ship and story. DON'T YOU DARE!!!

  • Parth Shah
    Parth Shah 2 months ago

    Nice visuals. I am not sure about the story though. A good collbration between this studio and good story writers can bring nice movies or series for viewers.🤗

  • Seraph X2
    Seraph X2 2 months ago +1

    I wonder who got what she meant when she said:
    [Subject] [Verb] [Object]

  • tim kenney
    tim kenney 2 months ago +2

    Why is this film jumping forward every second or so?

    • Seraph X2
      Seraph X2 2 months ago +1

      extremely easy to notice on the scene where the ship is crossing from one end of the screen to the other.

  • AREclipse
    AREclipse 2 months ago

    Arabians still believe that they will be Arabian United States one ☝️ day🤪

  • Simon Knibbs
    Simon Knibbs 2 months ago

    I liked it. Wasn't quite sure why he needed to plot the crazy dangerous path through the comet, but the acting and action was good.

  • Charles Otwell
    Charles Otwell 2 months ago

    excellent, do you have more.

  • LeadingEdge 777
    LeadingEdge 777 2 months ago

    I'm sure there are a few fellas out there that wish they could reboot their girlfriend.

  • McAmber
    McAmber 2 months ago

    Wow, this short sci-fi looks amazing!

  • mohammad ismaile
    mohammad ismaile 3 months ago

    on the ship is written Arabic what does that mean n why

  • Leo Samer
    Leo Samer 3 months ago +9

    The funny (Subject) was (Arabian United states ) ( إتحاد الولايات العربيه ) which it typed on side of spaceship ... " your future is dust "

    • deavman
      deavman 9 days ago

      Well yeah...If Islamists take over the US, the future will be indeed dust.

  • Aaron Holder
    Aaron Holder 3 months ago

    oh she's clean, moving on

  • Lauren Waksman
    Lauren Waksman 3 months ago

    Also how does DUST have the money to make such GORGEOUS films? I want to know the secret.

    • Lauren Waksman
      Lauren Waksman 21 day ago

      @Adrian Reynolds that makes a lot more sense!

    • Adrian Reynolds
      Adrian Reynolds 22 days ago

      White Lily was funded by a Kickstarter. Dust curates films, doesn't make them.

  • Lauren Waksman
    Lauren Waksman 3 months ago

    Why do they only send one person to space I can never understand it

  • Devan Bailey
    Devan Bailey 3 months ago

    Mushy peas

  • Creepy Stares
    Creepy Stares 3 months ago +1

    I may not love every video, but the ones I do, I don't wish to stop.

  • HailToNietzsche
    HailToNietzsche 3 months ago

    Psychologically (isolation in space), scientifically (I so much miss blast doors in today's sci-fi) and technically (CGI) executed very well. Still not too short to build up empathy. Great short!

  • Robert Lane
    Robert Lane 3 months ago


  • My Old Sled
    My Old Sled 3 months ago +99

    You should leave the credits full size and speed, a lot of people worked hard on this,

  • Ashraf Kottb
    Ashraf Kottb 3 months ago

    United Arab stat this written in Arabic over the ship ??

  • Mr MJKB
    Mr MJKB 3 months ago

    Please make a science fiction movie.
    We want from dust

  • cobaltace62
    cobaltace62 3 months ago


  • Robi Ahmad
    Robi Ahmad 3 months ago

    I like that ship

  • Vaibhav Tripathi
    Vaibhav Tripathi 3 months ago +1

    Can't understand it.

  • Paul H Fleming
    Paul H Fleming 3 months ago

    Why would they risk seriously damage to White Lily? Just could launched a probe.

  • Stefano Aguila
    Stefano Aguila 3 months ago

    love the ship sort of Star Wars and Star Trek hybrid...

  • hyip lux
    hyip lux 3 months ago

    britain accent

  • Ian Rand
    Ian Rand 3 months ago +1

    The logo in the ship is written in classic Arabic. It means: Federation of Arab Nations!

  • Aayush Gautam
    Aayush Gautam 3 months ago

    How can he even touch her hand if she is a hologram? By the way...;subject ; verb ; object; can be I love you😘

  • Andris Fisenko
    Andris Fisenko 3 months ago

    How can a hologram leave a footprint on the pillow?

    • Rod Whittington
      Rod Whittington 2 months ago

      There are many things which will occur in the future of which we can't imagine or foesee.

  • syco katz
    syco katz 3 months ago

    What does the writing say on the side of the ship ?

  • AR05 test
    AR05 test 3 months ago

    2:05 This looks like a Volkswagen T2, with a lot of garbage stuck around

  • Phuoc Thanh
    Phuoc Thanh 3 months ago

    I need vietsub
    I need .

  • D'Jack Chocoa Van Berg
    D'Jack Chocoa Van Berg 3 months ago +1

    Di pesawat luar angkasa ada anime nya dong min.. Biar gak boring, kalau pengen santai ada variasi hiburannya. Observasi planet" di system bintang itu cukup memakan waktu.. Walaupun urusan serius harus selalu dibawa santai.. #-#

  • Wayne G
    Wayne G 3 months ago

    Very well done right up to the comet run. Physics is physics the first rock impact would have totally destroyed the ship which caused the film to lose all credibility. The acting was solid, good characters, good script. The girl Isobel was stunningly done. The CGI was well done. Just cant get past the rocks and only an idiot would fly so close to a comet, ever heard of PROBES?

  • TheTattybogle
    TheTattybogle 3 months ago +5

    Haven't read all the comments (who does?), but most talk is about the pilot's reactions. It was the hologram who was crying before reboot. The pilot used It to keep his feelings of a past relationship alive. As his picture of her personality formed, the It became She. The hologram became a living entity and in the end understood, just as he, that it is memories which make us more than mere machines. A telling point is the small sour comment, near the beginning, about his being tired with her as he walks out to fix something. Who has not thought of how it would be to "reboot" a relationship? In this case he actually could. He was sad, but still had the time and possibility to start again. The final tears were from the hologram who knew exactly what she was losing.

    Dan LAUWERS 3 months ago +2

    PERFECT STORY, REALISM, PSYCHOLOGY AND RENDERING OF IT ALL (like the technology details, space travel, etc.) THANKS!

  • Freeasabird
    Freeasabird 3 months ago

    They couldn't of picked a prettier chick? her eyes are just, to damn close together.

  • Cornelious Stradivarius

    Lovely story. I acutaly thought she was an android after he said "I'm sick of you" and when she says "you're no fun...but I love you anyway and his response is "ISABELLE!" as if to say "stop saying that because you're not real and it could never be. I love the subtle nuances of both isolation and relationships that have been shown here. Very intelligent, superb acting, directing, writing, direction of photography...I love every facet of this film. Great work peepz

  • Dean Ban Yahawadah
    Dean Ban Yahawadah 3 months ago +1

    Isobel (Isabel).

  • Dean Ban Yahawadah
    Dean Ban Yahawadah 3 months ago

    Airing instead of erring for example.

  • Dean Ban Yahawadah
    Dean Ban Yahawadah 3 months ago +1

    They are terrible at translating the caption. MANY ERRORS!

  • Eduard Hagiu
    Eduard Hagiu 3 months ago

    uhm... you could have worked a bit better that '' comet'' and this isn't short movie this is just a clip ;))

    KEVIN TRIBE 4 months ago

    Ok so she’s rebooted as someone new? I get the feeling of loss right at the end.. is that right??

  • Bob Martin
    Bob Martin 4 months ago

    It seems that she had one of those unwanted SO updates.

  • Haytamo crazy
    Haytamo crazy 4 months ago

    4:31 its an Arabic spaceship !
    look at the name of the ship !!