• Published on Jun 23, 2019
  • Join Click as we find answers to our burning questions - by hooking each other up to a Lie Detector!
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Comments • 13 305

  • Mr.WayNe TM
    Mr.WayNe TM Day ago +1

    *Missed opportunity to ask Lofu: does she eat Marcus's ass? & ask Marcus: does he eat Lofu's ass?*

  • IyRs_Ghosting __
    IyRs_Ghosting __ Day ago +1

    This is how much times tannar had said wholesom


  • Carnagex Gamer
    Carnagex Gamer Day ago +1


  • Serge InTheSky
    Serge InTheSky Day ago

    muselk wsars lachy mefch

  • Hyper Wolf
    Hyper Wolf Day ago +1

    lufu has kil someone cause she killed someone on fort nite XDDD please like if you agree

  • DoDaWORK
    DoDaWORK Day ago

    I like it how Lazarbeam is wearing lachlans merch

  • Egg roll Memer
    Egg roll Memer Day ago

    Tanner should be in click

  • Comfypanda 43267

    Ah tannar

  • Tony Aitken
    Tony Aitken Day ago

    Why did i just realise it was lananns sister

  • PerplexifiSenpai Gaming

    Are we all just ignoring the fact that LOSEFRUIT IS A MURDERER

  • Michael Tena
    Michael Tena Day ago

    The bot dethrun lazerbeam bich

  • Michael Tena
    Michael Tena Day ago

    Lazerbeam seals from vikstar

  • HaMMeRTiMe
    HaMMeRTiMe Day ago

    Why do you hate muselk

    Lazerbeam: he’s a dick and cringe

  • Sqeaker modz
    Sqeaker modz Day ago

    Subscribe to me if fresh should join click

  • kainat khawaja
    kainat khawaja Day ago

    why wearing lachlan merch

  • R10T_ Ezavy
    R10T_ Ezavy Day ago +1

    Everyone LANNONS GAY?
    Me O MA GOD

  • Gart Boi
    Gart Boi Day ago

    Does no one realize that polygraphs are fake they determine a lie and a truth on your heart rate and other factors so if you kept calm you could lie and get away with it as a truth.

  • Tigerpowerr
    Tigerpowerr Day ago

    Lie detectors only determine heartbeat and serial killers have told lies and got away with it

  • Grayso Maxwell
    Grayso Maxwell Day ago

    Who calls muselk mooselk

  • Seizedcarcass 84

    When Fortnite is down for server issues 18:53

  • Luke McAllister
    Luke McAllister Day ago

    Looks like loud boy is wearing power merch

  • FaithM 1
    FaithM 1 Day ago

    loser killed people on fortnite

  • Phoenix_King _06

    7:55 they spelt steroids wrong

  • S B
    S B Day ago

    Tannar: have you killed someone
    Kath: no
    Tannar: lie
    Muselk: FBI
    Bazz: get em
    A few seconds later
    Knock knock
    Lannan: FBI!
    Weird thing is lannan has no guns

  • Mario Jeter 2
    Mario Jeter 2 Day ago

    If i ever found myself here i kill my self

  • Alvin Gamer
    Alvin Gamer Day ago

    I can’t believe it click has more then loser fruit on subs maybe that’s why loserfuirt has loser

  • TheGalaxy_ gamer07

    Does anyone realize lannen and Elliot are wearing Lachlan’s merch power?

  • Laura Doan
    Laura Doan Day ago

    So I think what happened with Lufu and "have you murdered anyone" was something along the lines of her heartrate spiking simply because the question was so out of left field. I'm sure a lot of people would have a moment of stress if randomly asked if they're a murderer while hooked up to a lie detector.

  • Michael PANTALEO
    Michael PANTALEO Day ago +1

    I cringed so hard

  • Laura Doan
    Laura Doan Day ago

    Lufu is /the/ Alpha. There is no "male" Alpha.

  • Hydra
    Hydra Day ago


  • Rob Naese
    Rob Naese Day ago

    I like it how click stole all of the z houses videos

  • DeadTriggerツ
    DeadTriggerツ Day ago

    Omg who keeps getting that crawl movie ad?

  • Muhammad Ahmad
    Muhammad Ahmad Day ago

    I just unsubed to lazar beam

  • Kim Karras
    Kim Karras Day ago

    I have a question

    Why is Lannon wearing lachys mercy in the thumbnail

  • Vaughn Miller
    Vaughn Miller Day ago

    What if she did tho

  • heartlesscat_87 gacha

    Lufu killed someone in Fortnite!

  • Leia Beyerl
    Leia Beyerl Day ago

    2 out of the 6 r wearing Lachlan merch guess who

  • Colin Duijn
    Colin Duijn Day ago +1

    Can someone make a counter how many times she took off her glasses

  • SlinixTheTryhard

    did loserfruit acctually kill somebody!!!??

  • Tman13
    Tman13 Day ago +1

    They live in Australia right? Lannon runs down stairs scream FBI open up

  • Tobias Nilsen
    Tobias Nilsen Day ago

    8 midrolls? Pog

  • Connar Miles
    Connar Miles Day ago

    Cray is a girl lover

  • Garrett Brabham
    Garrett Brabham 2 days ago


  • Muzic Drops
    Muzic Drops 2 days ago

    why are her eyes so red for fruity??????

  • Xxepiccarly201xx Carly Foster

    I really want them to do a part 2 😊

  • Water Sheep
    Water Sheep 2 days ago

    Basically the Aussie team 10 , accept Aussies are actually cool

  • xD3bdullahxD
    xD3bdullahxD 2 days ago

    I hate that girl with the bois

  • 0 videos 10k subs
    0 videos 10k subs 2 days ago

    Louser fruit only killed someone in fortnite

  • Gaming and Vlogs
    Gaming and Vlogs 2 days ago +1

    Theory: Elliott is Elon Musk’s son

  • Titanium 2019
    Titanium 2019 2 days ago

    Lannan - that's my sister

  • Lyra Sharma
    Lyra Sharma 2 days ago

    I love how the aussies are calling the FBI

  • Kate the Great
    Kate the Great 2 days ago +1

    Can anyone just stop and realize that lannan and Elliot are wearing Lachlan’s merch.

  • Blendi Halili
    Blendi Halili 2 days ago


  • Nate Bond
    Nate Bond 2 days ago

    We just gonna ignore that she killed someone?

  • Free Bleach
    Free Bleach 2 days ago

    Most said word in the video is holsome

  • Free Bleach
    Free Bleach 2 days ago

    I'm eating ice cream

  • TheMobile Beast
    TheMobile Beast 2 days ago

    Your right math is a murderer she murdered my cupcake

  • BZing
    BZing 2 days ago +1

    aight triggered americans

  • Nikhil Patil
    Nikhil Patil 2 days ago

    at 15.30 every1 was emotional ........ little bit of eye watering .... true frnds i guess

  • yg roling
    yg roling 2 days ago


  • Not a Wizard
    Not a Wizard 2 days ago

    Does anyone think that Cray and Tanner are going out behind the scenes without telling anyone cause them have chemistry

  • Cannoli 356
    Cannoli 356 2 days ago

    These don't work

  • Red Hood
    Red Hood 2 days ago +2

    I agree with Bazza on the Fortnite should die thing as well

  • Roman Noodle
    Roman Noodle 2 days ago

    13:57 FBI OPEN UP!

  • King Dragon
    King Dragon 2 days ago +3

    Hey Tannar dont be sad. at the question if lannanhas a problem paying ur rent, he said "absolutely" and it came out as a lie so he doesnt he loves to pay ur rent

  • jlord0516
    jlord0516 2 days ago +1

    How do woman work they work in the kitchen

  • tiafao
    tiafao 2 days ago +1

    this stuff is bad

  • Nadeem Mohammed
    Nadeem Mohammed 2 days ago

    Try playing it in 1.25x speed it's fast paces