Antworks ant habitat - Timelapse of ants creating tunnels

  • Published on Oct 2, 2008
  • We recently bought one of those cool, gel-filled space-age Antworks ant habitats. And I recently bought a copy of iStopMotion stop animation software. Naturally, these two things go very well together.

    This is about seven days worth of footage compressed to less than a minute.
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  • FredderHoskin
    FredderHoskin 3 years ago +1

    aliens music fuck ya!

  • Capt Eric Bergeron
    Capt Eric Bergeron 3 years ago

    Great video, thumbs up. Cheers from sunny Sint Maarten in the Caribbean.

  • KidFox
    KidFox 3 years ago

    Great ant farm! Check out ours and subscribe back please!

  • Jackthekilla 3D
    Jackthekilla 3D 3 years ago

    LOL the music is funny

  • Jonathan torres
    Jonathan torres 3 years ago +1

    I love dramatic stuff like this. Even if its the most random things you can find like ants

  • llama with a hat
    llama with a hat 4 years ago +1

    the music is so stupid i mean like come on its just ants

    • llama with a hat
      llama with a hat 3 years ago


    • Cisco
      Cisco 3 years ago

      +Ardi Munguia You obviously care , because you replied.

    • llama with a hat
      llama with a hat 4 years ago

      @IloveJell0w You literally just stated the obvious i'm a commentor so what .-.

    • IloveJell0
      IloveJell0 4 years ago

      @Ardi Munguia I find it funny when people say they don't care lol. if you think about it doesn't it seem kinda opposite to your point ?

    • llama with a hat
      llama with a hat 4 years ago

      @IloveJell0w i don't care o,o

  • Jacno77
    Jacno77 5 years ago

    alien soundtrack

  • taquenos
    taquenos 5 years ago

    cool video!

  • Darren Donahue
    Darren Donahue 5 years ago +4

    So the ants are stuck in this self-contained container? With no outside contact to the natural world? So...think about it. Give it another second or two. Ok: they'll all die. NOT a cool gift. NOT for real nature lovers.

    • AGuyNamedJacob
      AGuyNamedJacob 3 years ago +1

      You're basically denied every pet ever.

    • Ernest
      Ernest 3 years ago +1

      +Darren Donahue

      Ugh. These type of people again...

    • mrlemongrapeful
      mrlemongrapeful 5 years ago

      the ants die the same way in a colony

    • ink Can
      ink Can 5 years ago

      @Darren Donahue is you're house filled with ants

    • robert karas
      robert karas 5 years ago +1

      yes so?, ants are literally built to help for only for the colony, they will do ANYTHING and not waste ANY resources for the colony, even the male after mating dies off because that he has no use anymore

  • True Anbu
    True Anbu 5 years ago +1

    that music tho lol

  • thegreattotemaster
    thegreattotemaster 5 years ago +2

    The Aliens music makes it perfect. :P

  • AzureArrow
    AzureArrow 5 years ago

    I have one of these,their alright but they dont breed

    • Andy Wilderness
      Andy Wilderness 4 years ago

      Well of course they don't breed you need a queen for that.

    • mrlemongrapeful
      mrlemongrapeful 5 years ago

      you need a queen and with a queen comes a huge habitat

    • okay
      okay 5 years ago +1

      only the ant queen can breed.

  • tomaf
    tomaf 5 years ago

    no idea, ask the company that makes it

  • ShadeyBladey
    ShadeyBladey 5 years ago

    Seriously, though, is that gel a type of nutrient? I used to have a normal formicarium (with soil) when i was a kid that I built from some wood and two sheets of glass.

  • tomaf
    tomaf 6 years ago

    you'll be hearing from my lawyers ;-P

  • ShadeyBladey
    ShadeyBladey 6 years ago

    Oh, about ten years. I stole your idea.

  • Colonel Dick Faggotson

    i bet they could build a death star.

  • Monsalve
    Monsalve 6 years ago

    Im just gonna put these chips away

  • MAIE FAY PA DAY NooshNoosh DARBELYMAirhehe

    How do you feed them.

  • Nicholas Rinaldi
    Nicholas Rinaldi 6 years ago


  • rhonda canter
    rhonda canter 6 years ago


  • GeneseChannel
    GeneseChannel 6 years ago

    You can actually see comments that are deleted by clicking the time stamp (the 8-10-etc months ago thing) it will show you the whole comment chain. :3

  • tomaf
    tomaf 6 years ago

    how long have these gel habitats been available? I actually had this idea about 10 years ago, but no way to make it happen, and i also thought it would be cool to make some with all the nutrients needed for plants and grow plants to see their root systems growing.

  • Rachael Brown
    Rachael Brown 6 years ago

    Dat music

  • Victor Roman
    Victor Roman 6 years ago

    7 months later im curious as hell

  • irma villa-molina
    irma villa-molina 6 years ago

    I tried this.. but they just ended up eating each other i think it's because i didn't get them from the same aunt families

  • Marcin M.
    Marcin M. 6 years ago

    Haha, aliens. Where is Ripley? :-D

  • Fegelein
    Fegelein 6 years ago

    So dramatic XD

  • MrTsiolkovsky
    MrTsiolkovsky 6 years ago

    Aliens music!

  • Kimi N
    Kimi N 6 years ago

    love the dramatic music and angles

  • ladyspeed123
    ladyspeed123 6 years ago

    The red gel makes them look like a horror film :O

  • Jarl Bastard
    Jarl Bastard 6 years ago

    I hate it when that happens

  • izovlog
    izovlog 6 years ago

    Oh George, I think I just shat myself!

  • WaterWafer
    WaterWafer 6 years ago

    Well they can actually have a huge impact on nature.

  • N8Merelo
    N8Merelo 6 years ago

    ... in 7 nights (according to the window and daytime ) :P

  • TheAyamIsGosong
    TheAyamIsGosong 6 years ago

    i like how you put in aliens music

  • Jenosisjonez
    Jenosisjonez 6 years ago

    the material

  • Sisi f
    Sisi f 6 years ago

    The music makes me scared XD

  • Christopher Gray
    Christopher Gray 6 years ago

    Ants do not deserve to be on this planet.

  • SilverSugarwings
    SilverSugarwings 6 years ago

    How did I get from Imagine Dragons videos to ants making tunnels?

  • Amtuman
    Amtuman 6 years ago

    i like this "we are all going to die" music

  • Cayden
    Cayden 6 years ago

    Futile Escape - Aliens Soundtrack.

  • hennyj69
    hennyj69 6 years ago

    the one in the beginning is still kickin it at the same place at the end of the video

  • Leon Smith
    Leon Smith 6 years ago

    now imagine ants were our size.......... all hale flick! haha

  • colosalblack
    colosalblack 6 years ago

    lol, the music and the editing is pure genius

  • Conker The Cat
    Conker The Cat 6 years ago

    what is that stuff? some kind of gel?

  • Zess Crosszeria
    Zess Crosszeria 6 years ago

    dig a tunnel dig dig a tunnel

  • marco ohara
    marco ohara 6 years ago

    wat ant is that

  • itis121
    itis121 6 years ago

    is that the song from aliens

  • Kepala Bana
    Kepala Bana 6 years ago

    that is ant works from vat 19,right?

  • MinnesotaChevy454
    MinnesotaChevy454 6 years ago

    I should probably do my homework now...

  • joey Creamer
    joey Creamer 6 years ago

    what's the song

  • theblindsniper1
    theblindsniper1 6 years ago

    Throw a queen into one of those before the workers hatch and you have your own destruction in your room

  • Grendor
    Grendor 6 years ago

    What is great about that farm is that you can have the lights on as bright as you want, because ants can't see red light! Its nice and dark in there for them...

  • IsmailAli123
    IsmailAli123 6 years ago

    Why the fuck does the color matter?

  • Keetonman
    Keetonman 6 years ago

    It was probably the guy correcting me. I've been told by about 5 people in the past 10 months. I get it by now, I made a mistake. I just wasn't paying attention and if they had an edit feature, I'd fix it.

  • TheLetsPlayGuy98
    TheLetsPlayGuy98 6 years ago

    ''This comment no longer exists''
    Now i got curious as hell

  • Dragon Lord 6
    Dragon Lord 6 6 years ago

    The ants will conquer the world!! Ant domination is their plan!!

  • Keetonman
    Keetonman 6 years ago

    I made that comment 10 months ago. Why did you reply?

  • ivancurtis
    ivancurtis 6 years ago

    I can be helpful in rounding up others to toil in their underground sugar caves