Beat Saber | Announce Trailer | Oculus Quest

  • Published on Mar 18, 2019
  • What's your move? Beat Saber stars Logan Theobold, QTpop, SwanVR and DJ Nicky experience all the slashing, slicing fun without wires. Available Spring 2019.
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    DJ Nicky: StealthShampoo
    Swan VR: swanvrart
    Logan Theobold: logantheobald1
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Comments • 530

  • adamkolaites
    adamkolaites 15 days ago

    You blocking custom songs saves me from having to buy my daughter her own Quest for Christmas. She doesn't want beat saber without custom tracks...congratulations.

  • IfYouReadThisYouAre Retarded

    unless it has custom songs supported, im sticking with my vive.

  • Nugget Playz G
    Nugget Playz G 2 months ago

    Love it

  • Duc Nguyen
    Duc Nguyen 2 months ago

    @Oculus how can I setup mixed reality? I try it with your setup guide, but if I wanna connect the oculus mrc plugin, the plugin doesnt connect to my quest. Calibrating camera was fine so far. Someone have an idea what could be the Problem? :D thank you.

  • Stocki VR
    Stocki VR 3 months ago

    We love the Quest and Beat Saber!

  • Black Blade Forge
    Black Blade Forge 3 months ago +1

    So you're saying I can be a real life Jedi?! TAKE MY MONEY!!

  • Dima Ferox
    Dima Ferox 3 months ago

    Beat Saber is so avaricious, like no sales -% and if you buy that game in Oculus apps you need to buy it for Quest and again buy to the rift!! The same game for 30$ and 30$!

  • Nick
    Nick 3 months ago

    whats that song aaa

  • Cameron Martinez
    Cameron Martinez 3 months ago

    me buying it

  • Cameron Martinez
    Cameron Martinez 4 months ago +2

    I’m going to get it

  • Hyper-Enforcer
    Hyper-Enforcer 4 months ago

    This is awesome and now you can use virtual desktop to play this in steam vr games through the oculus quest and go also you can use the oculus touch controllers to play normal 2d games through the virtual desktop app new update with no side loading

  • Forbizz
    Forbizz 4 months ago

    I’ve got a quest with beat saver but I dont know why I keep watching this ?

  • Askendas
    Askendas 4 months ago


  • R3APER _ 4
    R3APER _ 4 5 months ago

    Just need some vrchat

    • R3APER _ 4
      R3APER _ 4 5 months ago

      TJ Studio
      Life is good then ( ͡- ͜ʖ ͡-)

    • TJ Studio
      TJ Studio 5 months ago

      @R3APER _ 4 Yes. If you optimize it enough (To the recommended numbers they provided. Like 5K polygons or less) and if you enable cross-platform feature. (If the blue and green circles meet)

    • R3APER _ 4
      R3APER _ 4 5 months ago

      TJ Studio
      The thing is can we see / use some avatars

    • TJ Studio
      TJ Studio 5 months ago

      It's already on VRChat as a launch title.

  • VR Oasis
    VR Oasis 5 months ago

    The Quest is out today... Who is excited !?

  • Slad3
    Slad3 5 months ago

    but can it play customs?

    • TJ Studio
      TJ Studio 5 months ago

      They said no on that.

  • Damien
    Damien 5 months ago +1

    I'll be getting my Quest tomorrow and i am sooo excited to experience truly wireless VR!!!
    Especially great with such awesome games as Beat Saber and Superhot, really loving the Quest ^^!

  • James Zornes JayWay1982

    Great game but this ad does a terrible job of showing it off.

  • littlex0
    littlex0 5 months ago

    ohhh :D i want it now

    • littlex0
      littlex0 4 months ago

      I got the Quest and :) my friends are addicted now especially to beat saber haha ... plz more songs ;)

  • Beta XOX
    Beta XOX 5 months ago

    how do you dowload mods ? or custome game ?

  • TSG_ Jd0520
    TSG_ Jd0520 5 months ago +1

    OH YEAH that’s a trailer oculus is this available for the oculus rift s to ?

  • Wumby74 4
    Wumby74 4 5 months ago

    Custom songs????

  • Squashed Soup
    Squashed Soup 5 months ago

    that's hot, that's hot

  • Krispy Krep
    Krispy Krep 5 months ago

    Aight Im getting it. No compromises

  • Christian Wagner Jr
    Christian Wagner Jr 5 months ago

    will it allow more songs then the ones that come with it, like Imagine Dragons etc, shown in all the videos

  • Sl1z3r
    Sl1z3r 5 months ago

    But will we have the option to install custom songs for it?

    • Sl1z3r
      Sl1z3r 5 months ago

      @Darkex Did they mention it somewhere? Beatsaber without custom songs doesn't make much sense as the playlist isn't that big. I really want to buy Oculus Quest just for Beatsaber, I play a lot on Vive but the cables are a bit frustrating and don't give you much space freedom.

    • Darkex
      Darkex 5 months ago


  • Angultra
    Angultra 6 months ago

    Will it be cross buy with Rift?

  • Samurai Doge
    Samurai Doge 6 months ago

    Who else gets this ad all the time even tho they dont watch anything related to vr. But i do play beat saber.

  • Rydia the wolf
    Rydia the wolf 6 months ago

    Good job. If only the beat saber devs had an iq of above single digit numbers. "Hey you know how the modding community pretty much made our game fun in every single aspect we couldnt? Fuck 'em." Yeah that's how to run a game. Fuck off, i already am not interested.

    • Pedro Badelucci
      Pedro Badelucci 4 months ago

      Rydia the wolf ^

    • TJ Studio
      TJ Studio 5 months ago

      Watch your mouth! You're gonna get banned for harassing people!

  • Caleb Lubega
    Caleb Lubega 6 months ago

    Does anybody know the name of the song?

  • Amokriin Prolgiid
    Amokriin Prolgiid 6 months ago +1

    Okay, let's be honest here. Nobody looks smooth or good when they're using a VR headset and playing beat saber. That game is about hitting the notes. Ain't nobody got the time to make it look good.

  • TheAspergersGamer
    TheAspergersGamer 6 months ago

    Nice song, if only I can figure out what’s the name of said song.

    SUPAH RAD MONKEY 6 months ago

    The oculus quest is going to be my GO Two when it comes to VR I’ll be RIFTing through the virtual space in no time also I’m sorry

  • Thearin
    Thearin 6 months ago

    If someone can give me 3 really good reasons I'll get the rift S as soon as possible (after it's release)

    • Darkex
      Darkex 6 months ago

      This is a quest video....
      1.price ,it's more cheaper than another headset that has the same shit.
      2.Inside-out tracking (cameras on the headset) it helps the tracking and unlocks cool features like using AR and Guardian.
      3. Games, oculus has pretty good exclusives
      4. Rift S is better than the rift original and is at the same price

  • diamondhawk2 the wings of legends

    me in like 30 days

  • EricTGK
    EricTGK 6 months ago

    The textures for the quest version looks good :D

  • Hi Hi
    Hi Hi 6 months ago

    10000000000000000000000000000000000000 percent going to buy the quest but after this I’m 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 percent going to buy it

  • Ceiling Fan
    Ceiling Fan 6 months ago


  • Mia Dz
    Mia Dz 6 months ago

    Confirmed I’m buying the quest rip all my money 😂

  • peroxima centauri
    peroxima centauri 6 months ago

    Too good.

  • TNT Tim
    TNT Tim 6 months ago +1

    We knew it

  • Fabio Gaming
    Fabio Gaming 6 months ago

    What about modsaber will this work?

    • Fabio Gaming
      Fabio Gaming 5 months ago

      @TJ Studio sad, but the community will do this.... However.... Yeah I will wait xD

    • TJ Studio
      TJ Studio 5 months ago +1

      They said no on mods for Beat Saber on Quest.

  • Bob Smithy
    Bob Smithy 6 months ago

    I'd like to see them do one on vrchat, with its glorious 2fps... or grey people.

  • kostovlakis maik
    kostovlakis maik 6 months ago

    Great domain for hosting virtual reality contents about extreme and freestyle sports.

  • Dunkin_dude Animations
    Dunkin_dude Animations 6 months ago

    Its official, Quest is legendary

  • L0sT_Le0
    L0sT_Le0 6 months ago

    I'm probably going to get the oculus quest definitely

  • EricTGK
    EricTGK 6 months ago

    I want to be able to record videos on the quest and edit them on a pc or a tablet or where ever i’ll be able to import the clip to

  • phileas0408
    phileas0408 6 months ago

    Yeah but can we mod it ? If yes...


  • LoganTheDuck
    LoganTheDuck 6 months ago


  • Dynelegacy
    Dynelegacy 6 months ago

    As long as we can still have custom songs despite not having the PC hooked up.

  • ukWn_zacho
    ukWn_zacho 6 months ago

    I have it at home already lol

  • Lamie02
    Lamie02 7 months ago +1

    I know this seems cool and all, but why does the Oculus Quest use Beat Saber as a marketing strategy?

    Literally the whole "no wires" thing applies to songs with easy difficulty.

  • Faltix
    Faltix 7 months ago

    Oh my god now i really wana buy the quest but its sad that i cant share what i see on another screen like the oculus rift 😓

    • TJ Studio
      TJ Studio 6 months ago

      There's a feature called Casting, in which you can connect your Oculus Quest (Or Oculus Go if you have one) to your phone or your TV and so that you can have people watch you play VR games while you're in the headset.

  • haloharry97
    haloharry97 7 months ago

    Wtf RU-clip, It just sent me a notification about the video even though I've already watched it

  • Nano
    Nano 7 months ago

    But the thing is can we mod it

    • TJ Studio
      TJ Studio 5 months ago

      @Nano They already said no on that.

    • Nano
      Nano 5 months ago

      TJ Studio if we can mod beat saber we can get custom songs and if the oculus is good enough custom avatars, sabers, platforms and colours

    • TJ Studio
      TJ Studio 5 months ago

      Why do you care about modding games so much?

  • Mario24
    Mario24 7 months ago

    I really hope they ship it in Romania

  • Xxtictoc1216xX
    Xxtictoc1216xX 7 months ago

    Best company deduction ever to get beat saber on the quest

  • Dead Blue19
    Dead Blue19 7 months ago

    Custom levels?

  • Madjuri xl
    Madjuri xl 7 months ago

    I hope they support vr chat too

  • Mener Miner
    Mener Miner 7 months ago