Try Not To Eat Challenge - Simpsons Food | People Vs. Food

  • Опубликовано: 10 янв 2019
  • Simpsons food tried by Adults.
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    Try Not To Eat Challenge - Simpsons Food | People Vs. Food
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    • Marcos Gallardo
      Marcos Gallardo 8 дней назад

      love your show will forsure subscribe :) will you plz do a dragonball super try not to eat challenge pleaseeeeeeee & thank you 🎂👊😎👐😆😆

    • Edgar Hernandez
      Edgar Hernandez 10 дней назад

      You guys should do one on regular show foods

    • Andythe Animator
      Andythe Animator 10 дней назад

      Even mine

  • Zayflux
    Zayflux День назад

    Nachohat Luffy, King of the Pirates! Wait..

  • Kpopfan 101
    Kpopfan 101 День назад

    React to my kings day6 you won't regret it

  • Nixo Gamer
    Nixo Gamer День назад

    Watch : howtobasics pls.if you did I will sub to u just write a comment so I can do that

  • Michelle Li
    Michelle Li День назад +1

    lajsflasdf Ary "this is kinda cute, liek it's totally my aesthetic" lmao

  • Morgan Jones
    Morgan Jones День назад +4

    Try not to eat spongebob edition

  • Michael JS Scoville
    Michael JS Scoville День назад +1

    Try not to eat sponge bob !!!

  • Jazzy !
    Jazzy ! День назад +2

    I would have to pass on all of then because I’m allergic to dairy/ can’t have gluten

  • Karina Villaester
    Karina Villaester День назад +3

    Try not to eat spongebob pleaseeeeeeeee

  • potter_weasley_granger 22071
    potter_weasley_granger 22071 День назад +4

    Harry Potter food!!!

  • Big J Legit
    Big J Legit День назад

    i am also not a styrio type!

    • Stacky Line
      Stacky Line День назад

      Big J Legit stereotype* and a person can be stereotypical, not a stereotype.

  • tayah h
    tayah h День назад +1

    was jim on the netflix show nailed it

  • adventures with L
    adventures with L День назад

    I love the Mc Rib!

  • wendy bonnici
    wendy bonnici День назад +2

    Can I be in one of your videos

  • MsNewNooby
    MsNewNooby День назад +9

    Try not to eat Charlie and the chocolate factory new one, imagine that red apple that violet grabs or the chocolate river!

  • Hannah Magdalena
    Hannah Magdalena День назад +2

    Please do "Try not to eat "Lord of the Rings" edition"!!!! ❤

  • Edgar Trevino
    Edgar Trevino День назад +2

    You can get a huge simpsons doughnut at universal studios

  • Greg Maddox
    Greg Maddox День назад +1

    Homer:oooooh you brought me a nacho hat
    Me: hey thats nacho hat XD lol >:3

  • Innocent Child
    Innocent Child День назад +4

    They guy could of ate the donut for crying out loud some of us didn't even know that he was a police Office... Bruuuuhhhh

  • H T
    H T День назад +8

    Emo chick is digging that punishment burger 😂😂😂😂

  • Destanie Trosclair
    Destanie Trosclair День назад +6

    That food didn’t even look that good.

  • Ava Mostran
    Ava Mostran 2 дня назад +20

    They didn't do the hot chocolate that Flanders makes for Bart in the movie... so this was basically a waste of a video lol

  • Blue Bloop
    Blue Bloop 2 дня назад +12

    Who else is eating while watching this?😏

  • Kashoot Me
    Kashoot Me 2 дня назад +7

    I’m sorry but with the doughnut they could’ve gone to a store and been like can I get a doughnut with strawberry frosting

  • Let'sGetGlam !
    Let'sGetGlam ! 2 дня назад +9

    I want to try the food from kim possible

  • ExoPulse
    ExoPulse 2 дня назад +13

    Am I the only one not compelled to eat any of these? They just don't look all that good.

  • ce buu
    ce buu 2 дня назад +2

    Ary my spirit animal

    • Kpop for life
      Kpop for life День назад

      ce buu ce buu have left the chat

  • Anne Marie
    Anne Marie 2 дня назад +5

    when i saw the waffle i started smelling waffles and caramel and uGH this video messed with my mind 😵

  • Anne Marie
    Anne Marie 2 дня назад +3

    "as a police officer, I will not be seen on camera eating a donut." you're loss, Jim.

  • Austin tex Thomas
    Austin tex Thomas 2 дня назад +2

    Hospital please XD

  • Mikayla Lemons
    Mikayla Lemons 2 дня назад +14


  • Memelody
    Memelody 2 дня назад +2

    The rib sandwich reminds me of the seasonal McRib from McDonalds..

  • Lyvi Innes
    Lyvi Innes 2 дня назад +7

    Spongebob - crabby patty !!

  • Sarah Elizabeth
    Sarah Elizabeth 2 дня назад +26

    You should do a willie wonka episode!!

  • thesweetienicole
    thesweetienicole 2 дня назад +8

    this series makes me so hungry and i would LOVE TO DO THIS 😭💞

  • Sweet Potatowo Pie
    Sweet Potatowo Pie 2 дня назад +8

    I just wished they added that hot cocoa seen in the simpsons movie

  • Bill Bort
    Bill Bort 2 дня назад +2

    That’s not queso

  • ペイジ
    ペイジ 3 дня назад +3


  • Jenna Francis
    Jenna Francis 3 дня назад +6

    The donut 🍩 one my teacher be like *eats of all the donut* my teacher loves donuts

  • Rahsheda Perine
    Rahsheda Perine 3 дня назад +10

    At Universal Studios In California there's a Simpsons restaurant. I went there and they had a lot of the food shown in the video. These foods were so good.💖😍♥️👍

  • Cristy Rosario
    Cristy Rosario 3 дня назад +18

    Make them try not to eat Garfield’s Lasagna

  • Zaloze chan
    Zaloze chan 3 дня назад +2

    I'm don't want to eat all of them because I'm already full drinking CocaCola.`)

  • Dayna Carbente
    Dayna Carbente 3 дня назад +2


  • Fani Adji
    Fani Adji 3 дня назад +5

    from korean dramaa pleaseee 😍😍😍

  • ItsJust Alat
    ItsJust Alat 3 дня назад +20

    Do spongebob next

  • Iris Clark
    Iris Clark 3 дня назад +22

    All these foods looked disgusting

    • Zahra Haddou
      Zahra Haddou 3 дня назад +2

      Iris Clark except the 🍩

    ASMR MUA 3 дня назад +1


  • RayRayofCali
    RayRayofCali 3 дня назад +19


  • kenna luvs you
    kenna luvs you 3 дня назад +18


  • crazy cat lady
    crazy cat lady 3 дня назад +4

    I'm hungry now ;-;

  • Jasmines Dulce Channel
    Jasmines Dulce Channel 3 дня назад +3

    Do spongebob

  • Destiny Lopez
    Destiny Lopez 3 дня назад +4


  • Colleen Dean
    Colleen Dean 3 дня назад +2

    Harry Potter please!

    • RayRayofCali
      RayRayofCali 3 дня назад

      They already did harry potter

  • L M Ramirez Limon
    L M Ramirez Limon 3 дня назад


  • Athena Gikas
    Athena Gikas 3 дня назад

    I love these vids sooo cool and funny

  • Anthony Samaniego
    Anthony Samaniego 3 дня назад

    Omg I loved it

  • Yolanda Rios
    Yolanda Rios 3 дня назад +5

    do adventure time

  • Swanscrossingfan
    Swanscrossingfan 4 дня назад +2

    Didn’t Marge find that sandwich behind the radiator? Lol🤢🤮

  • Gabriela
    Gabriela 4 дня назад +7

    Due to my allergies, I think I have a chance of winning this specific challenge

    • Gabriela
      Gabriela 3 дня назад

      +oOxPookyxOo as good as it looks, probably not Dx

    • oOxPookyxOo
      oOxPookyxOo 3 дня назад +1

      Ya and probably also not even being able to eat the winning dish 😏

  • Alexandria Brown
    Alexandria Brown 4 дня назад +3

    Someone make a pun of Shant’s name bc he didn’t eat any of the food

  • Eagle High Gamer
    Eagle High Gamer 4 дня назад +6

    Oh no..But I'm eating now...

  • smol bean
    smol bean 4 дня назад +27

    You guys should do a Nickelodeon version. With food like Spaghetti tacos (icarly) or Krabby Patty’s

  • AgentDipsy
    AgentDipsy 4 дня назад +3


  • Reshma Sawant
    Reshma Sawant 4 дня назад +13

    Try not to eat friends food challenge 😂😂 you guys can use Rachel's beef truffle as punishment food and the cheesecake as winning

  • Charm
    Charm 4 дня назад +20

    Try Not To Eat Challenge - Coraline Food

  • Corbyn’s Spouse
    Corbyn’s Spouse 4 дня назад +9

    i don’t really like the new people...

  • destinee winter
    destinee winter 4 дня назад +14

    can u guys please do a try not to eat spongebob version

  • Agus Supriatna
    Agus Supriatna 4 дня назад +3

    Please don't invite the same person... just PICK ME UPPPPPPPPP

  • kacey rose
    kacey rose 4 дня назад +2

    Doesn’t it make more sense to eat all of them and just take the challenge over one good one because I mean like they’re all good

  • Valentina Isabeau
    Valentina Isabeau 4 дня назад +11

    The spaghetti bar looked disgusting

  • SuShI yUm YuM
    SuShI yUm YuM 4 дня назад +7

    Sponge bob food

  • AllSeeingEye20
    AllSeeingEye20 4 дня назад +1

    I say its a win-win situation. That punishment is still a food from "The Simpsons".

  • Marlys Fransen
    Marlys Fransen 4 дня назад +8

    Can they give us the recipe for all of these

  • Jahvonni Robinson
    Jahvonni Robinson 4 дня назад


  • Wendy Gonzalez
    Wendy Gonzalez 4 дня назад +5

    Who else related to Johnathan when he took a "sensible bite" of the moon waffle bcz same

  • Nooria Ainy
    Nooria Ainy 4 дня назад +3

    That ribwich though🤤🤤🤤🤤

  • Isaac Vivar
    Isaac Vivar 4 дня назад +9

    you could've bought the donut at dunkin donuts

  • Tania lopez
    Tania lopez 5 дней назад +9

    Somebody toucha mah spaget!

    PUMPKINIII 5 дней назад +8

    If you're resisting food to try to win a challenge it's not a win at all because it's a loss for your stomach

  • y0u D0n'T Kn0w mE
    y0u D0n'T Kn0w mE 5 дней назад +25

    Who else thinks the sauce on the spagetti bar looks grose?

  • jame Am Flash AM BABY
    jame Am Flash AM BABY 5 дней назад


  • Whitesiberianhusky .d
    Whitesiberianhusky .d 5 дней назад +1

    Oh cool

  • D M
    D M 5 дней назад +6

    People vs Mr. Beans foods

  • Emily McDonald
    Emily McDonald 5 дней назад +7

    People vs Christmas movie foods

  • Emma Thibeault
    Emma Thibeault 5 дней назад +5

    people vs food family guy food!

  • Sergio Ramirez Ramirez
    Sergio Ramirez Ramirez 5 дней назад +4

    I loved this show as a kid and rethink what i was doing when i was a child

  • Izzy S
    Izzy S 5 дней назад +6

    You guys mean business when you say punishment. 😬

  • nicole jeannotte
    nicole jeannotte 5 дней назад

    Ary eats everyone on everyone one of these videos 😂

  • gabriel gaming
    gabriel gaming 5 дней назад

    This is one where its good to win

  • Frannchelle Official
    Frannchelle Official 5 дней назад +1

    I’ll eat all of them 😂 also the punishment idc👌🏽👌🏽

  • بكر كيمز
    بكر كيمز 6 дней назад +8

    TOM and JERRY foods

  • hiphop4427
    hiphop4427 6 дней назад +3

    People vs Food - Family Guy Food!!!! PLZ!!!!

  • cmndrkool321
    cmndrkool321 6 дней назад +20

    I would have done Flanders' hot cocoa or a tall glass of official Duff beer.

  • Kayla Contreras
    Kayla Contreras 6 дней назад +3

    Is that Jim on here also on Nailed it!?!🤯🤯🤯

  • Farah Hussin
    Farah Hussin 6 дней назад +2

    Best show!

  • Nikolai Dacapias
    Nikolai Dacapias 6 дней назад +11

    Why do I feel like the staff of this channel and boss is really rich

  • Favu Perez
    Favu Perez 6 дней назад +1

    Shant is gorgeous ! 😍

  • Abril Gameplays
    Abril Gameplays 6 дней назад +13

    I just want the Krabby Patty and I'm satisfied

  • Erica Sunly
    Erica Sunly 6 дней назад +11

    I always wanted to try the 90s cartoon hot dogs

  • JD_smoOvE_305
    JD_smoOvE_305 6 дней назад +3

    Now I’m hungry