Best Instant Ramen? Testing 🍜from Iron Chef Morimoto || Life After College: Ep. 628

  • Published on Feb 15, 2019
  • Trying Michelin Star Iron Chef Morimoto's New Instant Momosan #Ramen (Tonkotsu and Tokyo Chicken Ramen). The Best Instant Ramen Noodles? ALSO: Asian Market Grocery Haul, Corgi Morning Routine, Hide & Seek, New Apartment, Corgi Bottle Maze, Apartment House Plant Tour, and More!
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    - Trying Sapporo Ichiban's new Chef Morimoto Momosan Instant Ramen
    - Asian Market Grocery Haul
    - Corgi Hide & Seek in New Apartment
    - Morning Routine: Old Fashioned Oats Breakfast and Raw food for Dog, Shipping Merchandise
    - Double Rainbow & Rose Bubble Tip Anemone in Saltwater Reef Aquarium Update
    - Gym Workout Routine
    - Corgi Halloween Maze:
    - Corgi Bottle Maze with Amiibos instead
    - New Wall Art in my bedroom & House Plant Tour (Fiddle Leaf Fig, ZZ Plant, Dragon Plant, and more from Ikea, Trader Joes, Costco, and Plant Outlet)
    - Guess the Ukulele Song (Meant to be)
    - Opening Fan Mail for the Corgi
    - Corgi Ice Skating Sliding across the apartment floor
    - Smash as Peach on the Switch

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    E McClanathan 7 days ago

    YOU MAKE THE BEST VIDEOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • David Lee
    David Lee 9 days ago

    Song is meant to me

  • Envision King Envision King

    You are playing ment to be

  • app
    app 15 days ago

    i cannot stand eating cold ramen. Why do you leave ramen like that? You should cook other ingredients like eggs first and then cook ramen so you can eat it while it's nice and hot

  • ItsAndrewPlays
    ItsAndrewPlays 17 days ago

    12:40 the song is meant to be

  • Basil Walter
    Basil Walter Month ago

    Number 2

  • Yi-Hsin Liu
    Yi-Hsin Liu Month ago

    1 next to his bed

  • Detective_Phantom
    Detective_Phantom Month ago

    Meant to be by Bebe Rexha ft. Florida Georgia Line :D XD

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    Cuphead Garcia Month ago

    for Gaspe

  • Cuphead Garcia
    Cuphead Garcia Month ago

    do a corgi treat

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    Jensen Tan Month ago

    You are playing meant to be

  • Gigi Phuah
    Gigi Phuah Month ago

    Thank you for your effort of making these vlogs, they're super addictive, fills with positivity (and also cuteness of Gatsby), brightens up my day. You're such a cool person, and please don't stop making these videos!!

  • Lee Byon
    Lee Byon Month ago

    Ryen ... or anyone? have you done a video of SPAM recipes? hmmmmm SPAM!

  • poop poop
    poop poop 2 months ago

    This house is impeccable

  • Galaxy Unicorn Cassandra Lara

    Song : It was meant to be. Love that corgi bum.🤣❤️

  • minigamer 3324
    minigamer 3324 2 months ago

    I loved this bit lol

  • Isabelle Wu
    Isabelle Wu 2 months ago

    1. Behind his bed
    2. By his food bowls
    3. Behind the doorway
    4. On the table
    5. On the couch (you can see his ears)

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    Jenn Harris 2 months ago

    Ummm oatmeal with salt and chocolate've changed my life🥰
    I will be having this daily❣❣❣

  • SibelVibeke
    SibelVibeke 2 months ago

    What is that plant 9:33 (on the right)? I can't hear properly

    • Lila Fair
      Lila Fair 2 months ago

      They are called succulents

  • Quyen Nguyen
    Quyen Nguyen 2 months ago

    Meant to be

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    If its meant to be

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    Zoe Chen 2 months ago

    I know that song but I forgot what the song is called

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    BANGWOOL to the ARMY 2 months ago

    Happy belated Valentine's Day, Ryen and Gatsby.

  • mo mo
    mo mo 2 months ago

    I'm Japanese and would love to strongly recommend you to try Kurume ramen. You will definitely love tonkotsu soup with garlic chips.

  • Super Sam The awesome man

    1 behind dog bed

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    Ariana MC 3 months ago

    The song was want to be

  • Vanessa Jones
    Vanessa Jones 3 months ago

    1 Behind his bed
    2 Behind wall in kitchen
    3 Next to the UP poster
    4 On your desk
    5 Behind the big couch

  • PikachuPlays
    PikachuPlays 3 months ago

    Meant to be for the song on ukulele oWo

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  • Basil Jabri
    Basil Jabri 3 months ago

    I like how this guy is very practical in life... so many good ideas I’ve got from this video alone. Cheers man !

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    Noah Hinshelwood 3 months ago

    5 behind the couch

  • Xx_Wolfie Studios_xX
    Xx_Wolfie Studios_xX 3 months ago

    You try a lot of things when I don’t even try to eat a pickle lel

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    Ment to be i havent heard that song in a wuile nicley proformed

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    1:next to his bed and office entrance
    2:at his eating place
    3:at the office entrance
    4:on the office table
    5: behind the couch near the window

  • Yi Xin
    Yi Xin 3 months ago

    Meant to be is the songs

  • Jessica Hill
    Jessica Hill 3 months ago

    You are playing Meant to be

  • LINUS Lie Holtren Extra

    Ment to be: the song in the start of the video

  • Valencia Vina
    Valencia Vina 3 months ago

    Whyy Gatsby neverr barking????

  • Obelisk Gamer
    Obelisk Gamer 3 months ago

    It actually Wood ear mushroom not konbu seaweed

  • zifang chen
    zifang chen 3 months ago

    Meant to be

    EPIC DC CLAN 3 months ago

    In the Hallway

    EPIC DC CLAN 3 months ago

    By the Fridge

    EPIC DC CLAN 3 months ago


  • Max Suffin
    Max Suffin 4 months ago

    Meant to be

  • Magger Wagger
    Magger Wagger 4 months ago +1

    For the song it's called ' meant to be '

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    blakes fishing 4 months ago

    Bebe rexa if its ment to be

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    Leonel Vevo 4 months ago

    It is meant to be

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    Antony Wei 4 months ago

    #5 He’s at. Window

  • Antony Wei
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    4# He’s On. The. Dest

  • Antony Wei
    Antony Wei 4 months ago

    3# He at. The. Door.

  • Antony Wei
    Antony Wei 4 months ago

    2#. He is at. Food Mat

  • beth seck
    beth seck 4 months ago

    next to his bed his food bowls the doorway ON the desk and behind the couch

    MRCKICKEN KFC 4 months ago

    I know this song but I forgot the name

  • A little bit of everything!

    Then, I know there are some videos with this content, but you should make a Smash Bros tutorial 😅

  • Neith See
    Neith See 4 months ago

    The black thing is black bracket fungus (sliced)/black wood ear fungus

  • cookie lim
    cookie lim 4 months ago

    Ryen r u gonna get the new amibos cause the new smash ultimate ones are coming out
    Some r out already

  • Elizabeth Middleton
    Elizabeth Middleton 4 months ago

    1. behind the doggo couch 2.Beside Gastby's bowl behind the wall 3.Behind the wall below the Up poster 4.on the desk 5. behind the couch

  • Jayplaysgames _50
    Jayplaysgames _50 4 months ago

    Let it be let it be

  • Jared James Ramos
    Jared James Ramos 4 months ago

    1.Behind his Bed🤣
    2.Behind the wall and right next to his food bowl you can tell that he wants da ramen! 🍜🍜
    3.Behind the wall again right next to his bed again 🙄👌
    4. On top of the table lookin' like Vlogaftercollege Merch himself!
    5. Gatsby is WAYYYYYY on to the left showing his ears :3
    Too easy but a little bit tricky..!

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    Christine Sarabillo 4 months ago

    Were did you buy that

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    Bebe rexha-summthinn

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    Behind wall

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    The black thingy you said was black fungus

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    let it be