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Derby: Man with knife dies after being shot by armed officers

  • Published on Oct 6, 2022
  • A man with a knife has been shot dead by armed officers after being spotted in the car park of a police station in Derby.
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Comments • 626

  • THPark
    THPark Month ago +69

    Suddenly the race of the individual is confirmed immediately.

    • TheGT73
      TheGT73 Month ago

      No mental health issues either, funny that.

    • Nefertari Meritmut
      Nefertari Meritmut Month ago +6


    • Mark Kelly
      Mark Kelly Month ago +22

      Don't worry, I cancelled the riot as soon as she said he was white.

  • J H
    J H Month ago +112

    Amazing how they say he was white but are always slow to say if they are not.

    • jack mccluskey
      jack mccluskey Month ago

      That’s so BLM doesn’t destroy a town or something of the sort

    • KING
      KING Month ago

      Other way around mate if they black brown asian they say it right away

    • rizla 99
      rizla 99 Month ago +2

      Always a head shot with us white men too ! it is time to start payback !

    • Oliver YT
      Oliver YT Month ago +2

      Same here in Germany..

    • Alvin Teskey
      Alvin Teskey Month ago

      It's getting way beyond a joke at this point.

  • Thomas Moore
    Thomas Moore Month ago +81

    A white man lol that info came out nice and easy didn't it

  • mike baretta
    mike baretta Month ago +69

    Thank goodness he was white , Derby can rest easy tonight.

    • Just Chilling
      Just Chilling Month ago +1

      Imagine if he was called George Floyd 😂😂😂😂

  • Enoch Powel
    Enoch Powel Month ago +24

    Your not so quick to mention the colour of the offenders skin when it's a black person.

    • croikey, australian beta males
      croikey, australian beta males Month ago

      @Yes then yeah, because their family is out looting the nearest jd sports for a pair of trainers

    • Yes then
      Yes then Month ago

      We always hear when a blsck person gets shot by the police , always

  • Nefertari Meritmut
    Nefertari Meritmut Month ago +15

    How fast his skin colour came out a white man 😂😂

    • Trickshot77
      Trickshot77 Month ago +1

      She was probably just as shocked as the rest of us.

    • Bobby Crush
      Bobby Crush Month ago

      Still be a foreigner though.

  • del boy69
    del boy69 Month ago +22

    Sky are a disgrace
    “It’s a white man”
    It suits them to say this

  • Jonathan Pork-Sausage
    Jonathan Pork-Sausage Month ago +28

    Thanks for the racial update.

  • The Cooper Tech Kid
    The Cooper Tech Kid Month ago +58

    He was a white man. Aka we're not racist.

    • Michael
      Michael Month ago

      Probably a far right extremist of sound mind.

    • Farmer Dave
      Farmer Dave Month ago

      Makes up for the other 99% of crimes that non Whites commit then.

  • Blondie
    Blondie Month ago +18

    She seemed very nervous, wonder why

    • Blondie
      Blondie Month ago +1

      @Manifold she knows what really happened

    • Manifold
      Manifold Month ago

      Probably because she has multiple cameras pointing at her all looking for answers and if she says one wrong word about an on going investigation the IOPC will have her job

    • Genrich Yagoda
      Genrich Yagoda Month ago +1

      @stringer 2295
      Lol I thought so too.

    • stringer 2295
      stringer 2295 Month ago +3

      She's a lesbian.

  • Sebastian Acuna
    Sebastian Acuna Month ago +88

    Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight

    • JoolzThePirate
      JoolzThePirate Month ago

      @Alvin Teskey if he didn’t that’s even better, time to make the move to Rwanda seem like a great idea

    • Alvin Teskey
      Alvin Teskey Month ago +2

      He didn't have any weapons. They're lying.

    • Shaun
      Shaun Month ago +2

      Technically, the gun was brought to the knife but never mind 👌

    • Stephen Rowland
      Stephen Rowland Month ago +1

      @Lance Boyle It was funny though.

    • James Adams
      James Adams Month ago

      @COBRA gaming would u feel the same if he was mentally ill ?

  • mark macthree
    mark macthree Month ago +9

    Has the CCTV gone missing yet?

  • Our-days-are-short
    Our-days-are-short Month ago +49

    Sad that a man has died, but he put himself there doing that. He could've killed someone.
    Whilst I'm here, I will say that anyone who does kill someone with a knife and proven to not be self defense, and regardless of the offenders age, should be given a full life term. A clear message about killing with knives needs to be seen put in action, also guns. We can't go on like this.

    • Genki Sudo
      Genki Sudo Month ago

      Absolutely nothing wrong with this. He was white and shot by white cops - I don’t have a problem with this

    • Trevor Pepper
      Trevor Pepper Month ago

      @Manifold fair enough, it was just clear to me that using the word ‘reported’ was a way of them not confirming there was a knife

    • Trevor Pepper
      Trevor Pepper Month ago

      @Manifold the IOPC are hardly independent, seeing as they are mostly ex police officers

    • HonestBarsteward
      HonestBarsteward Month ago

      Thanks for reply. Any chance of your sources?

    • Manifold
      Manifold Month ago +1

      ​@HonestBarsteward yes because it was at a police station, witness (not being police) also reported hearing a window break and officers giving verbal commands to "Stop! Drop it now!" before 4-6 shots were fired. IOPC which are completely independent from Derbyshire constabulary and who's sole responsibility is for investigating police corruption, complaints and use of force have confirmed a knofe was recovered.

  • Brawn GP
    Brawn GP Month ago +22

    Jesus, not exactly filled with confidence from her

    • Paul Doherty
      Paul Doherty Month ago

      @Alvin Teskey Remember the first statement made when Jean Charles De Menezes was killed? The officer looked right at the camera and said that Jean Charles had ran from police and vaulted the barrier. It turned out to be complete LIES.

    • Meehawl Collins
      Meehawl Collins Month ago

      @Alvin Teskey even if he had a knife wby not taser him? Disgraceful

    • Alvin Teskey
      Alvin Teskey Month ago +5

      Because She's lying about the knife.

  • Sweeney Tod
    Sweeney Tod Month ago +59

    The best bit is "no member of the public was injured" Just one dead no mark.

    • mjb1957uk
      mjb1957uk Month ago

      she actually said (according to the sub-titles) 'other member of the public'

    • ScottyLand 🔵
      ScottyLand 🔵 Month ago

      @John Brooks it’s sad the world came to this conclusion.

    • Xzlemin
      Xzlemin Month ago

      To be fair he's not really part of the general public since ya know... He was violent and did criminal acts.

    • Bella
      Bella Month ago

      GOLUM ru-clip.com/video/g7PBxBMCxfg/video.html

    • John Brooks
      John Brooks Month ago +18

      A white man too so it is cool. No riots

  • del boy69
    del boy69 Month ago +38

    There were 3 people stabbed in London yesterday and it’s kept quiet when it was obvious there colour

  • Nicola Jacobs
    Nicola Jacobs Month ago +2

    Hopefully no police got hurt. Sad 😢.

  • Killerbee
    Killerbee Month ago +7

    I’m not sure about this one. Derbyshire police don’t have the best track record. And I can’t help thinking a police station should be able to stop a man without killing him. Who knows the circumstances though, maybe he grabbed someone using the knife.

    • Ben
      Ben Month ago

      Derby police probably got their training from America

    • Alvin Teskey
      Alvin Teskey Month ago

      Otherwise it would be reprehensible, cowardly, excessive.

  • elaine & neil HUTCHINSON
    elaine & neil HUTCHINSON Month ago +103

    Not quite sure his ethnicity is of any relevance? However, as an Assistant Chief Constable, she needs to get some media training. She sounds absolutely terrified speaking to the cameras. I only hope she doesn’t get asked any questions otherwise I think she will start to cry.

    • The Thrawn Scotsman
      The Thrawn Scotsman Month ago

      @chindit If they are running about in public and not caught yet, I agree...What colour is the guy that was running around in public after stabbing Thomas O’Halloran? I still don't know!

    • paul whittaker
      paul whittaker Month ago +1

      Is this PC educated because she's obviously having difficulties in reading

    • james mellows
      james mellows Month ago

      @Frank McNally nothing like jumping to conclusions eh Frank?
      Got an agenda with the police or something? Scummy criminal?

    • MarketOracleTV
      MarketOracleTV Month ago

      cos of cnts like u

    • Simon Sez
      Simon Sez Month ago

      @Frank McNally oh do be quiet Frank

  • Chris Holding
    Chris Holding Month ago +4

    It might have been an accident they did this to a guy with a walking stick in my area its fine

  • Mike Hart
    Mike Hart Month ago +4

    No-one hurt by this "knife", and no mention of any innocent person in close proximity or being threatened, so basically the guy was shot for a broken window? Either facts are being withheld or this was very poorly managed. No wonder she looks and sounds beleaguered.

    • Manifold
      Manifold Month ago

      Facts are withheld because the IOPC are still investigating

    • Trevor Pepper
      Trevor Pepper Month ago +2

      I got the impression that they are not confirming he actually had a knife. Just there were reports of one being seen - surely they would have just said ‘a man with a knife was shot’, which they didn’t

  • Mark Shrimpton
    Mark Shrimpton Month ago +8

    A white man - quote. If he had been of any other ethnicity we would not have been informed.

  • Paul Doherty
    Paul Doherty Month ago +2

    Looking at the aerial view of the scene, it seems odd that the window of the station door is shot out and body is at the gate about 50 yards away. Almost as if the guy was running away when shot six times.

    • Danielle Brookes
      Danielle Brookes Month ago

      Where is the aerial view please

    • jack mccluskey
      jack mccluskey Month ago

      Who cares he’s a white man, noticed she couldn’t identify him, but he’s white so no need for BLM to screech racism

  • Charlie Bruce
    Charlie Bruce Month ago +1

    a video has now come light he was only giving seconds to put the knife down before being shot 5/6 time’s then shot again a few seconds later and when the film footage was offered they refused it and said it wouldn’t help themselves. all sounds suspicious.

  • J bear
    J bear Month ago +22

    she sounds like she’s about to cry

    • Sir Klopp
      Sir Klopp Month ago

      Women struggle with their emotions especially about death. That's why historically they were never on the frontlines in army or police

    • Alvin Teskey
      Alvin Teskey Month ago +1

      Because she's fronting a lie.

    • DL M (Sarge)
      DL M (Sarge) Month ago +2

      It's very strange

    • Barry Scroggins
      Barry Scroggins Month ago +3

      Will be sent on media training next week.

  • kingdaleclarke
    kingdaleclarke Month ago

    well done lads.

  • allmerry people
    allmerry people Month ago +2

    Hope the officer gets help after this traumatic occurrence. Life lost is a life lost but world is a safer place.

  • Nicola Jacobs
    Nicola Jacobs Month ago +1

    Keep police save because they have one of the toughest jobs ever projecting United Kingdom 🇬🇧.

  • Debra Rufini
    Debra Rufini Month ago +1

    Something makes me think that this one wouldn't pass a lie detector!

    WRETCHED MUSIC Month ago +1

    Let me quess:
    The attacker is just a suspected attacker.
    The police officer(s) involved will be thoroughly investigated.

  • Young Gunner
    Young Gunner Month ago +8

    They had to say “he’s a white man” 😅

  • rob hughes
    rob hughes Month ago +5

    Awfully quick to point out his ethnicity!

  • Adam Desmonde
    Adam Desmonde Month ago +46

    A fair and sensible end. Well done English police. One complaint, why the hell is his colour relevant?

    • JoolzThePirate
      JoolzThePirate Month ago

      It’s relevant because diversity is our strength

    • Kevin B
      Kevin B Month ago

      @mr man Because many people have been brainwashed into believing the narrative that everything bad that happens to a black person is not deserved. The victimhood narrative.

    • mr man
      mr man Month ago

      @Kevin B why's that?

    • GoddessOfAbundance
      GoddessOfAbundance Month ago

      @Kevin B *Unarmed*

    • Kevin B
      Kevin B Month ago +6

      They know they would be in trouble if he were a black man. Today's society.

  • old timer
    old timer Month ago

    Well done the Police. We won't have to keep that bugger in jail or nut house.

  • Nicola Jacobs
    Nicola Jacobs Month ago +1

    The Parson with a knife near a police station window. Oh yes that's why the parson died lol 🤣. Silly parson. Good job police.

  • joshclayg
    joshclayg Month ago

    Could of left it at identity unknown.

  • -Soap on a rope-
    -Soap on a rope- Month ago +5

    Strange there happy to give description of skin colour when it's a white man..🤷‍♂️

  • Marco Soares
    Marco Soares Month ago

    glad that I don't have to pay taxes for him to be in jail living for free...

  • 622PSS
    622PSS Month ago +9

    0:27 Guess every one is relieved and no one listens any more.

  • Nicola Jacobs
    Nicola Jacobs Month ago +1

    I think the man should of gone to prison first a stead of being killed doesn't sound right after hearing and reading. Prison first. Ugh 😩. What a man with a knife well he shows violence so it's ok because the evil man is dead and can't cause anymore trouble.

  • kid moe
    kid moe Month ago

    It's amazing how they say he was white but keep schtum if it's another ethnicity particularly one group of people

  • N.Roberts
    N.Roberts Month ago +1

    Good shooting 👍

  • Peter Bergman
    Peter Bergman Month ago +1

    A gun usually beats a knife

  • KKushOfficial
    KKushOfficial Month ago +1

    Oh this is only just getting reported on since the other case of the ex grime artist. How many times does this happen. Would be interested to see statistics on police shootings. 1 in 60 shootings a year are reported on

    • Manifold
      Manifold Month ago

      UK police rarely discharge their firearms

  • Richard Sanders
    Richard Sanders Month ago +5

    Excellent...! Well Done Police, Was it a trouble making Auditor..? 😉👍

  • Chris Can't Play...
    Chris Can't Play... Month ago +1

    That’s the first time in years that I’ve heard the colour of a criminal mentioned maybe it’s ok as long as they are white?

  • Adan Jobek
    Adan Jobek Month ago

    Was this another man, those men.

  • 462904
    462904 Month ago +15

    He was a local lad knife still had butter on it.

  • Hari Dhar
    Hari Dhar Month ago +8

    Was it necessary to say the skin colour?

    • Michael Tunnicliffe
      Michael Tunnicliffe Month ago

      Of course it's important. BLM need to decide if it was police brutality worthy of rioting in the streets of Derby tonight, or if it was only police brutality so lets get an early night. Because liberals are the worst for judging the severity of a crime based on which race is involved.

    • Marc E
      Marc E Month ago +6

      @Will Scarlett Why don't they ever say blk or Asian tho

    • Will Scarlett
      Will Scarlett Month ago +2

      If they didn't, you'd be saying it was a non-White individual 🙄

    • carol flower
      carol flower Month ago

      Only if hes white

  • Katethesecretary
    Katethesecretary Month ago

    They should not mention the fact he was from a minority community in Derby.

  • Im not a Troll , I just Troll a lot

    Omg this is so sad ! Anyway what is everyone having for dinner tonight ?

  • Brenda Sg1
    Brenda Sg1 Month ago +8

    It'll turn out he just had a meme.

  • Anonymous One
    Anonymous One Month ago

    whysa everyone seem to be roaming with knives these days

  • Sally Gunn
    Sally Gunn Month ago

    would they have mentioned skin colour if it was any other race? Also pity officers don't respond this quick when it's northern European colours that are the victims of other races. the British police are not worth a toss.

  • ray myers
    ray myers Month ago

    Drove somebody to distraction i bet.

  • Neville Walker
    Neville Walker Month ago +4

    Pathetic and she has to read a simple outline of what happened. At least good work by the staff at the sharp end.

    • Doom Monger
      Doom Monger Month ago +1

      Another promoted cause she ticks the right gender box.

    CC MOGS Month ago +3

    She had to make a point he was white 😉

  • VioLaTor
    VioLaTor Month ago +4

    Lol. Can confirm he is a white man.

  • DaveyDoo82
    DaveyDoo82 Month ago +4

    Great work! Would love to see more against knife crime.

  • Dagoth Ur
    Dagoth Ur Month ago +2

    Play silly games, win silly prizes.

  • Jerry West
    Jerry West Month ago +50

    Hooray. A heartwarming conclusion for a change.

    • Gary Williams
      Gary Williams Month ago

      first class clown

    • Bella
      Bella Month ago

      GOLUM ru-clip.com/video/g7PBxBMCxfg/video.html

  • Linda J Bodicoat
    Linda J Bodicoat Month ago

    Is it no longer possible for well trained police officers to disarm, talk them down or bring someone under control in a safe manner, at a police station, without resorting to shooting them?

    • Manifold
      Manifold Month ago

      It is possible but extremely dangerous, I am sure they attempted to talk with the suspect but when push comes to shove if that person poses a threat to me or anyone else and has ignored all previous attempts to talk I too would take the shot. We dont know the circumstances around the shooting yet so I will wait before I immediately assume the police immediately jumped to lethal force. but just remember this isnt a movie

  • Claude Bylion
    Claude Bylion Month ago +1

    Why did they need to shoot a man with a knife multiple times when a taser could have incapacitated him just as surely leading to being handcuffed. This offence needs to be dealt with very seriously. England is not America !!!

    • Manifold
      Manifold Month ago

      We dont know the circumstances yet as IOPC are still conducting an independent investigation it is plausible less lethal was attempted. Tasers are not always effective in fact they are known to fail just because of baggy clothing

    • Im not a Troll , I just Troll a lot
      Im not a Troll , I just Troll a lot Month ago

      they done very well

  • Jimbobaloobob name
    Jimbobaloobob name Month ago +7

    Christ she's trebling...

    • Jimbobaloobob name
      Jimbobaloobob name Month ago

      @ShakaOnline yup i can relate....tho i dont have a tasty heavy bump before dancing Macarena so carnt relate...i feel so uncultured

    • Bill Jones
      Bill Jones Month ago

      @ShakaOnline lol

    • ShakaOnline
      ShakaOnline Month ago +2

      @Bill Jones must have just come back from a rave, come down is strong with this one

    • small feet
      small feet Month ago +1

      It was an attack on the police station , it's not everyone's cup of tea or ideal shift

    • Bill Jones
      Bill Jones Month ago +2


  • WhiteChocolateMocha
    WhiteChocolateMocha Month ago +5

    If he was brown, we’d listen to his biography now

    • Martin OConnor
      Martin OConnor Month ago +2

      A statue would have been put up before the ambulance arrived

    • CC MOGS
      CC MOGS Month ago +2

      ...........while watching the riots on TV

  • Ben
    Ben Month ago +1

    Hopefully he was a forest fan

  • Abdul Alhazred
    Abdul Alhazred Month ago +1

    Maybe he was slicing a loaf of bread 🤔

  • Labz Ali
    Labz Ali Month ago +1

    It's called legal murder

  • jay horsley
    jay horsley Month ago +1

    In prison they have people with knifes in small cells , and when they threaten to use them on staff they get restrained with plastic shields no ones dies , lol where’s the rubber bullets at from the guys in stabproof clothing

    • Manifold
      Manifold Month ago

      Stab resistant not stab proof, stab proof doesnt exist and two completely different set of circumstances how about wait until all the facts are released from the IOPC's independant investigation.

  • Nicola Jacobs
    Nicola Jacobs Month ago +1

    Maybe the Parson with the knife could of went to prison first to explain but no just dead I guess lol 🤣. WTF wow 😮

    • Manifold
      Manifold Month ago

      In an ideal world he would have dropped the knife when told too, but we dont live in an ideal world and his actions lead to him being shot that day, its sad but the police are not to blame

  • M-M-Alexander
    M-M-Alexander Month ago +5

    Why mention the race now lol

  • 462904
    462904 Month ago +1

    What will be done , answer Nothing totally unaccountable war is upon us.

  • Paul Doherty
    Paul Doherty Month ago +3

    Another reason i suspect this is an auditor is that they say they don't know his identity. Auditors deliberately carry nothing that will give their identity if the police search them.

    • Manifold
      Manifold Month ago

      Criminals dont usually identify themselves to police either, though it is plausible they know his name but have not been authorized by the IOPC to share his name at the point of this interview.

    • Paul Doherty
      Paul Doherty Month ago

      What is really worrying as well is that this occurred at 10am and it is now 13 hours later and they still aren't saying who it is. They are clearly covering something up. It doesn't take this long to inform the next of kin. Someone has made a major cock up and killed an unarmed man I reckon.

    • Alvin Teskey
      Alvin Teskey Month ago +1

      @Paul Doherty I reckon we're short of an Auditor tonight.

    • Paul Doherty
      Paul Doherty Month ago +1

      @Alvin Teskey Absolutely. But according to the Daily Mail it has now been upgraded to a "Samurai Sword". One thing is for sure, any CCTV will have been mysteriously malfunctioning at the time.

    • Alvin Teskey
      Alvin Teskey Month ago

      I think the knife part is a lie.

  • voltarol
    voltarol Month ago +4

    She would never have said: "it was a black man."

  • Mr11ESSE111
    Mr11ESSE111 Month ago +1

    conclusion of story: dont go in fight with knife vs fire weapons

    • Jackster
      Jackster Month ago

      @Mr11ESSE111 no one says that

    • Mr11ESSE111
      Mr11ESSE111 Month ago

      @Jackster I see somewhere fire weapons ,maybe americans or australians say that

    • Jackster
      Jackster Month ago

      @Mr11ESSE111 yeah firearm is, fire weapon not so much.

    • Mr11ESSE111
      Mr11ESSE111 Month ago

      @Jackster guns,firearms,isn't that official english word for weapons on bullets

    • Jackster
      Jackster Month ago

      Wtf is a "fire weapon"?

  • Peter Gurney
    Peter Gurney Month ago +8

    The knife turned out to be a phone, so they quickly planted a knife in his hand.

    • JoolzThePirate
      JoolzThePirate Month ago

      Turns out he was just trying to return the knife he wanted to stab someone with

    • avarmauk
      avarmauk Month ago

      Turns out he was a chef in his kitchen when shot at

  • Martin Rogers
    Martin Rogers Month ago

    How funny that they describe him as a "white man2....and yet when its a black man no colour description is given ??? hmmmm sumfin aint right bro innit .

  • danny sstart
    danny sstart Month ago +1

    oh the difference...

  • MattyBoy.
    MattyBoy. Month ago +1

    Well done Police keep it coming 👍.

  • landscaping guys
    landscaping guys Month ago +5

    Im surprised she didn't start crying.. womans ☕️

  • Stacey
    Stacey Month ago +3

    2 months free for what?

  • rrrrrrr
    rrrrrrr Month ago


  • David Edbrooke
    David Edbrooke Month ago +3


  • Simon Sez
    Simon Sez Month ago +8

    Hilarious that they couldn’t wait to get the ethnicity in there

  • patar daniel
    patar daniel Month ago +1

    so sad

  • Star Star
    Star Star Month ago +18

    Good protect people from dangerous people well done to the police!!!!

  • Lyn Harrison
    Lyn Harrison Month ago +10

    Strange how she stipulates a white man but it's rarely mentioned if its a different ethnicity 🤷‍♀️

  • BattonFive
    BattonFive Month ago

    The only surpise is that the guy got an ambulance. Sod all beds and ambulances.

  • Gary Killington
    Gary Killington Month ago +10

    This country is sooo depressing to much doom and gloom how has our country got this soo low

    • Im not a Troll , I just Troll a lot
    • Martin OConnor
      Martin OConnor Month ago

      @Ansi Lumens So people only started to get stabby because we left the EU? 🤣🤣🤣

    • Klaus
      Klaus Month ago

      @Ansi Lumens 😂delusional

    • Curtis Whyte
      Curtis Whyte Month ago +4

      @Ansi Lumens Correction - it started to go wrong the moment we opened are borders for all to come. Crime has sky rocketed since joining the EU and has only increased further after Blaire opened the floodgates in the 90s.

    • Quasimofo
      Quasimofo Month ago

      It's legit a cess pit. Few nice places in the countryside still left, but the weather is bad so can't really enjoy it.

  • Bobby Crush
    Bobby Crush Month ago +4

    Well done to the police. The police officer who shot the man dead deserves a medal and a gold clock.

    • Im not a Troll , I just Troll a lot
      Im not a Troll , I just Troll a lot Month ago

      Silver Clock

    • Christina Edwards
      Christina Edwards Month ago +4

      He was in the car park of the police station.
      Clearly his grievance is for the police, not the general public.
      There’s more to this story!
      My bet, is the police “no further action” him for something he feels they should have or have not done.

  • Breaking news on social media Tv

    What about a taser less lethal weapon smh…

    • Manifold
      Manifold Month ago

      We dont know the circumstances yet as IOPC are still conduction an independent investigation it is plausible less lethal was attempted

    • Im not a Troll , I just Troll a lot
      Im not a Troll , I just Troll a lot Month ago

      no a real gun is always better

      I RATE U HATE Month ago

      Would u taser a man with a knife heading to kill one of your family members nope

  • olden grumps
    olden grumps Month ago

    No need to riot peeps, It was only a white dude! (How crazy to put that in her their statement!)

  • A azy
    A azy Month ago

    Good glad that

  • James
    James Month ago +28

    Well done officers.

    • Im not a Troll , I just Troll a lot
      Im not a Troll , I just Troll a lot Month ago

      @James Adams he he he

    • James Adams
      James Adams Month ago +1

      @Im not a Troll , I just Troll a lot 😂🤣😂 ur name should be "I don't make sense, I just try"

    • Im not a Troll , I just Troll a lot
      Im not a Troll , I just Troll a lot Month ago

      @James Adams yep that right now what ?

    • James Adams
      James Adams Month ago

      @James ur a mug.. u talk like u have knowledge of the case. He may of had mental health issues or been having a breakdown. Even a criminal with a knife doesn't deserve death. Arrest and trial have always been enough.. by the way I've been stabbed and nearly died by a criminal but wouldn't his mother to Bury him coz of a sick fantasy karma.

    • James
      James Month ago +5

      @James Adams An evil person taken down - win in my book. We need to stop this wave of protecting criminals over the general public and police officers.

  • Ian Robert
    Ian Robert Month ago +3

    good news for a change

  • dio rocks
    dio rocks Month ago +1

    wow the police have been effective for once

    • Nick W
      Nick W Month ago +1

      Yeah because it was a white chap….

  • benny walsh
    benny walsh Month ago

    Good shot.

  • Lauren dilario
    Lauren dilario Month ago

    Police 🚔 don't shoot

  • Glyn Sayer
    Glyn Sayer Month ago +1

    What’s didn’t they use a taser

    • Manifold
      Manifold Month ago

      We dont know the circumstances yet as IOPC are still conduction an independent investigation it is plausible less lethal was attempted

  • Woo Cow
    Woo Cow Month ago

    Race and colour within first 4 days !?, good, shoot more who have knifes ?